321 Police Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Police Research Paper Examples

  1. The Use of Force by Police
    The training of law enforcement officers involves a variety of skills, which include the use of force in particular situations to restore law and order.
  2. Mexican Drug Cartels
    The paper discusses drug trafficking in Mexico and drug cartels effect: rampant violence, heightened corruption, human rights violation, impact on public health, human trafficking.
  3. US Local, State and Federal Police Agencies
    Policing system in the United States is different from the ones applied in other countries because it includes three levels: local, state, and federal.
  4. Police Brutality Towards Protesters in USA
    Since independence, the country has witnessed a number of cases where civil rights groups take off to the streets to protest against some of the issues considered oppressive.
  5. Marijuana Legalization and Benefits for the US
    If marijuana is legalized, the police can allocate its resources towards combating more socially destructive substances like cocaine, LSD or heroin.
  6. Policing Standards and Law Enforcement in the US
    The standards of policing in the United States have been compromised by the fragmentation of law enforcement into three levels which led to various issues.
  7. Police Corruption, Motivation, and Accountability
    This paper explores the police corruption issue, the motivation behind this behavior, how it can be combated and discusses why corruption is not a necessary aspect of police work.
  8. Policeman of the World: the Way to the World Dominance
    The USA has long played the role of the world policeman successfully and contributed to the restoration of peace in many regions.
  9. Servant Leadership in Police Organizations
    This paper discusses servant leadership and its application in police organizations. Servant leadership has benefited many successful companies and could be applied in police organizations.
  10. The War in the Middle East and Iraq
    The paper will point out the major events in the Middle region that lead to U.S. war with Iraq and I will focus on the aftermath.
  11. United States Public Administration Actions Analysis
    Public administration is the process of developing and implementing government policies that enhance social justice in society.
  12. Gun Control and Proliferation in the United States
    To understand the proliferation of guns in the United States, it’s important to have a look at some facts about guns in various U.S. states.
  13. Canadian Firearms Program
    Conceiving and implementing efficient programs to minimize gun violence needs great priority at all levels of Canadian government.
  14. Ethics and Character in Criminal Justice System
    Ethics and character are very important issues especially in law enforcement because they provide standards for excellent service delivery and performance.
  15. Bilateral Relation Between Mexico and USA
    The United States has been at the forefront of assisting, Mexico by providing an alternative to drug business by encouraging other economic activities to develop Mexican economies.
  16. Ethnic and Gender Diversity Issues in Policing
    The problem of the lack of gender diversity has to be managed on a statewide level in the police departments so that the needs of vulnerable populations could be met.
  17. Criminal Justice Systems of the US and Colombia
    The Criminal Justice System includes the means for society to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community.
  18. Education for Criminal Justice and Police Socialization
    While the judicial system has a substantially long history, education and further professional training for judges and prosecutors appeared only at the start of the 20th century.
  19. The Reputation of Law Enforcement: Negative Impact of Police Violence
    The present research seeks to establish an association between police violence and the poor reputation of law enforcement.
  20. Hollywood vs. Reality Officer Involved Shootings Video
    The issue of police brutality and the use of violence by police has been discussed profusely in the media lately and condemned accordingly.
  21. The Current Policing Strategy of the New York City Police Department
    Nowadays, the necessity to discard the current policing strategy of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is becoming evident both for authorities and citizens.
  22. Police Misconduct: Factors That Lead to the Vice
    This study recognizes that the factors leading a police officer to misconduct are a complex mixture of internal and external to the police officer at any one time.
  23. Police Brutality against African Americans in America
    The situation reveals the problem of racial discrimination and the ineffectiveness of the justice system that is supposed to protect the civil rights of all.
  24. The Concept of Police Corruption
    This paper will explore the concept of police corruption, with a focus on criminal cops that engage in criminal behavior as active law enforcement officers.
  25. The Importance of Keeping Police Systems Open
    Special attention should be paid to the importance of keeping systems open in today's world. The police department must be adaptable to the changing environment.
  26. Should Local and State Peace Officers Enforce Federal Immigration Laws?
    An analysis will be made of the impact that the local enforcement officers have on the public due to their lack of willingness to enforce immigration laws.
  27. Police Patrolling Methods in the United States
    For a society to ensure that law and order are maintained among its citizens, police must show their presence among the subjects through regular patrols.
  28. Noble Cause Corruption Among Law Enforcement Officials
    The article examines the noble cause of corruption among law enforcement officials as the Achilles heel of the criminal justice system.
  29. Police Officer Training
    Policeman is a profession where constant interactions with people required, every police academy graduate should be a good psychologist and should have great communicative skills.
  30. Implications of Use-of-Force for the Future of Police Management
    For police management, it is often a case of walking a fine line between protecting victims by suppressing armed suspects or imposing limitations on officer actions.
  31. Metropolitan Police: SWOT Analysis Report
    The purpose of this report is to assess the relationships between the Metropolitan Police and community-based organizations.
  32. Police Training in the United Kingdom
    Police learning, roles, development, and training curriculum in the UK, is based on the national Learning and Development skills framework plan.
  33. Miranda Warnings: The History of Miranda Rights
    Miranda warnings defend the right of all people for liberty and protection against unlawful or enforced witnessing, questioning, etc. stipulated in the Fifth Amendment.
  34. Police Report: Robbery
    This article is a police report on the robbery of a girl that took place at a bus stop, describing the circumstances of the incident and the signs of the robber.
  35. The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board
    The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is a department that investigates or takes other actions concerning the complaints against the police officers.
  36. Crime Reduction and Prevention in Houston, Texas
    The Police Department of Houston is working vigorously and communally with the public in preventing crime in the city by enforcing the law.
  37. The Connections of the Principles to Modern Day Policing
    The policing field has its origin in England (Champion, 2005) and has developed through the ideas of Sir Robert Peel and his peers.
  38. The Exclusionary Rule: Impact on the Judicial Proceedings
    The exclusionary rule is not only affecting police officers but judges as well. These two organs affect judicial proceedings and the outcome of a court case.
  39. Racist Notions of Certain Communities in Police Subcultures
    The essay presents discussions on community policing relative to the prevalence of racist notions of certain communities in different police subcultures.
  40. Ethical Problems in Police Work
    Most of the mistakes that arise from the law enforcement sector are those concerning discretion, honesty, loyalty, and duty.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Police

  1. Police Cooperation and Administration in Europe
    This paper will highlight the importance of restructuring of policies in the European police forces to embrace new techniques among intercultural human resource management.
  2. Police Role Descriptions in the Media
    The public expects police officers to serve with courage and honor. The media criticizes them for their mistakes.
  3. Contemporary Community-Oriented Policing
    The articles included in the annotated bibliography provide a thorough study of such phenomena as community-oriented policing (COP).
  4. The Work of the Modern American Police
    The work of modern police has improved compared to the past, which speaks, in particular, about the quality of their education.
  5. Challenges Facing Police Organizations
    The aim of this paper is to analyze and discuss the new challenges that currently face police agencies as a result of corporate crimes, and hate crimes.
  6. Racism in the Criminal Justice System
    Racism is rampant throughout the criminal justice system. It starts with racial profiling and continues through the court prison and parole system.
  7. Community Policing and the Community
    Community Policing is a form of policing which focuses on the use of the community to collaborate with the police as a way of dealing with crime and criminals.
  8. Police Discretion and Discrimination
    In the police system, discretion and discrimination are two issues which are often confused and misinterpreted by the public.
  9. Sir Robert Peel’s Position on Policing
    The purpose of this article is to review Sir Robert Peel's position on policing as well as current issues in the criminal justice system.
  10. The Police Undercover Operations
    The main purpose of going undercover is to gather enough information to enable a successful prosecution of criminal.
  11. Development Project: Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods
    Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  12. Organization of Police Department: Area, Time, and Purpose
    The organization of police forces is very important in determining the effectiveness of the police, it must revolve around who is going to do what, where, and when.
  13. Police Corruption. Definition and Types
    Police corruption is a serious issue in police departments that is not always easy to measure, and it is critical to recognize the variety of its forms.
  14. Transitioning to Community Policing
    As the head of the local police department, several issues have led me to think of implementing a community policing system.
  15. Community Policing: Governmental Strategies
    Community policing is a scheme that promotes governmental strategies that help in maintaining efficient use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques.
  16. Community Policing: Impact on the Law Enforcement Agencies
    The knowledge-based and problem-oriented approaches in social security and community policing greatly improves the efficiency of law enforcement agencies and their daily tasks.
  17. Bill of Rights and Challenges for Law Enforcement Agencies
    This paper will look at the roles, and challenges of the federal, state, and local laws, and give some recommendations to the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.
  18. The Use of the Internet in Police Technology
    This essay presents thoughts on the importance of the Internet as a law enforcement tool. It includes communicating within various police departments.
  19. Canadian Police Powers
    The legal rights under the Charter of Freedoms also stipulate that citizens should not be subjected to any cruel or unfair punishment while they are under police custody.
  20. Comparison Between Germany & America’s Correctional Systems
    This study paper seeks to establish a comparative analysis between German and American correctional systems. It discusses which correctional system is more effective.
  21. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
    Federal law enforcement is defined as a structure of enforcing the law in countries that have a federal government that has control all over the country.
  22. Miranda Rights. A Content Analysis
    The Miranda rights, also known as the Miranda warning, are an iconic legal term associated with law enforcement.
  23. Police Corruption and its Causes
    Police corruption refers to the taking of bribes, illegally transferring confiscated goods, and laundering money.
  24. “Police Technology” by Raymond Foster
    This essay aims to explain the behind-the-scenes actions from the book ‘Police technology’ by Raymond Foster, which contains a description of technological tools.
  25. Evaluation of the Effectiveness Texas Death Penalty Law
    Texas is leading among states practicing capital punishment for a criminal offense. The conflicts surrounding capital punishment are numerous, with many calling for its abolition.
  26. Concepts of Community Policing
    The introduction of community-oriented policing has revolutionized the war against crime. It is because most global communities participate actively in policing initiatives.
  27. Legal Issues in the Use of Force by Law Enforcement
    Use of force by law enforcement officers to accomplish a justifiable police function such as defending self and others in making arrests.
  28. Informed Opinion on Tory Crime Plan Fails Victims
    The mismatch of financial resources and the introduction of reinforced laws will not contribute to sustain and maintain stability and order in society.
  29. Canadian System of Justice and the U. S. Justice System
    Juxtaposing Brannigan’s and Packer’s positions, it can be stated that the difference between models is based on different values taken to accuse people.
  30. A Time-Travel: Police and the Changes They Underwent
    The report is set out to outline the changes the police force in the UK underwent and suggests several promising strategies for this structure.
  31. Community Policing Approach in Combating Crime
    Community policing refers to a system whereby the community is actively involved in the maintenance of area security. This system relies on the goodwill of the community members.
  32. Culture of Policing in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Improving the health of disadvantaged children and providing social and economic stability to such families in Albuquerque would help reduce crime.
  33. Public Police as a Method of Regulating Crime
    This paper attempts to achieve a deeper understanding of the strategies, management, and implementation of community policing.
  34. Policies of Two Components of the Criminal Justice System
    The criminal justice system consists of three agencies, police, courts, and corrections. Each of these agencies operates individually, however, they all are closely interconnected.
  35. The Los Angeles Police Department Gang and Narcotics Division
    One of the main responsibilities of the Gang and Narcotics Division is to disrupt the criminal ties, their manufacture, sales connections.
  36. Proposal and Presentation for Giving Grant
    After the analysis of crime patterns within its jurisdiction, the Los Angels police department recognized that the education of its residents is very crucial in crime prevention.
  37. Community Policing and Activities
    Community policing can be used to minimize fear of crime by using various strategies such as involving the community in their police activities.
  38. Communication Climate in Los Angeles Police Department
    This paper discusses the Communication climate in Los Angeles Police Department. It also finds out the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s communication process.
  39. Police Administration: Law Enforcement
    Most important is administration staff in various departments which include the offices of captains, lieutenants sergeants because they are at the forefront of law enforcement.
  40. Egypt Protester’s Trust of the Army Over the Police
    The Egyptian population mistrusts the police and trusts the army because the police give highly uncertain arrests and punishments.

✍️ Police Essay Topics for College

  1. Differences and Similarities of Federal and State Governments
    The criminal justice system in the USA consists of three major agencies, police, courts, and corrections. These agencies are interdependent and have different histories.
  2. ERG Theory as Applied in the Police Force
    This paper examines how the motivation of employees is applied at the Los Angeles Police Department. It describes how the police department applies one of the motivation theories.
  3. “Learning From 9-11”: Changes in Police Departments
    In the article "Learning From 9/11: Organizational Change in the Police Departments " community policing is reviewed to identify changes in the organization after the 9/11 attack.
  4. How Police Department Can Increase Efficiency
    The following essay explains how to address the different challenges of the police department operations that one can face as the city's chief of police.
  5. Government Policing and Its Unique Challenges
    This paper explores government policing in the context of major challenges encountered in the police department.
  6. Tackling Police Authority Abuse in Ferguson Missouri Police Station
    This reflective treatise reviews the most appropriate police management strategies to integrate at the Ferguson Missouri Police Station to avoid police authority abuse.
  7. Police Challenges - The Formula of Success
    The success of the police departments at curbing issues of corruption and brutality will mean success to society in fighting crime.
  8. Police Officers: Hazardous Working Conditions
    The aim of the paper is to investigate the level of hazards for police officers with regard to the stress to show the necessity for rehabilitation measures for police officers.
  9. The Ferguson Missouri Incident: Ethical Dilemma
    This article is the author's reflection on the response to the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, involving the shooting of an African American by a police officer.
  10. Community vs Traditional Policing: Efficiency and Accountability
    This paper emphasizes traditional and community policing and tries to compare and contrast the two on aspects of efficiency and accountability.
  11. The Benefits and Problems That Are Associated With CompStat
    CompStat is a strategic management tool that is used in police departments to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.
  12. Sir Robert Peel's Position on Policing
    This paper studies the trials faced by the criminal justice system and whether Sir Robert Peel's principles of law enforcement can be used to bring order to the police department.
  13. The Racially Biased Policing
    Recently, the police agencies have set up internal controls with the major aim of eliminating racial profiling.
  14. Standard Police Models in Reducing Crime
    The articles included in the annotated bibliography about the effectiveness of standard police models in reducing crime.
  15. Urban Violence: A Case Study
    This paper aims to discuss various ways in which the public and the government have failed in resolving the violence in Ferguson – the shooting of a teen boy by a police officer.
  16. Skid Row Areas: Community Policing
    Police officers can adopt various approaches when they need to work in the areas what are badly affected by poverty, homelessness and crime.
  17. Becoming a Police Officer in the US
    For one to become a cop or police officer in any state within the United States of America, several qualifications must be met. This paper discusses these qualifications.
  18. Malfunction Junction Case Study
    The paper describes how might reorganize the police department to move away from its current traditional organization.
  19. Community Policing and Its Importance for Community Members
    This paper seeks to explain what community policing is all about, its relevance, and its importance for community members.
  20. “Predicting police job satisfaction...” by Brough and Frame
    This article seeks to critically evaluate the study by Brough and Frame by giving a general overview of the study, description of the research problem.
  21. Police Involvement Towards Immigration Laws Enforcement
    This paper aimed at determining the reasons underlying the disparity in police involvement towards the enforcement of national immigration laws.
  22. Warrantless Search and Seizure Memorandum
    The essay outlines the facts of the incident in the form of a formal memorandum, addressing it to Judge M. Pearson as articulated in Beckham’s The Prosecutor.
  23. Prevention of Police Misbehavior
    Prevention of police misbehavior is no simple task. Discussions can be held and penalties can be imposed to help prevent cases of excessive force and abuse of power.
  24. Researches in Supporting Decision Making: Police Field
    The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the impact of studies and research in supporting decision-making in the police field.
  25. Analyzing the Concept of Police Discretion
    Often the decisions of law-enforcement officers can give rise to controversies. This paper examines how such a concept as police discretion can be applied to this question.
  26. Computers and Technology in Law Enforcement and Investigations
    The use of technology and computers in law enforcement is particularly crucial as time for attainment of justice reduces. It has saved the costs of traveling to report crimes.
  27. Policing Evolution in the United States
    This paper discusses the main types of law enforcement agencies, police recruitment and training, functions and organization of the police, and styles of policing.
  28. Police Strategies to Curb Crime Activities
    The police are the key members of the society who enforces law and order. They apply different strategies to curb criminal activities that are committed by malicious people.
  29. History of Intelligence-Led Policing
    Intelligence-led policing focuses on risk assessment as well as risk management in crime control. In this policing paradigm, the role of intelligence is to guide security operations.
  30. Police in Action: Discussion
    In the following paper, the role of law enforcement in crisis intervention will be discussed, will be provided the plan of action for the described situation.
  31. Challenges of Law Enforcement - Policies Issues
    This research paper will discuss the role of intelligence-led policing used by security agencies in fighting major crimes across the world.
  32. Writing a Police Report: Key Points to Consider
    Every police report obviously has certain special paragraphs used to describe the unique peculiarities of a certain event and highlight the important information related to it.
  33. Activities for the Organization of Effective Protection of Public Order
    Identification of the key technical, administrative, conceptual, and personnel skills required to work effectively in the field of human resource development within policing programs.
  34. Consequences of Police Brutality on Society
    Police brutality is an issue that almost every state has to deal with, and it has dire consequences for the community.
  35. Greenfield Police Department's Hiring Process
    The police department has faced changes in its recruitment process of personnel but the Greenfield Police Department’s hiring process has not changed over the past decades.
  36. Community Policing Advantages and Success Reasons
    Community policing involves organizational strategies that utilize partnership in order to find a solution when public safety is threatened.
  37. Community Policing: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
    The design of community policing entails a more open relationship between the police and the public which gives the police a more proactive role in the community.
  38. Police Culture and Diversity
    This paper aims to discuss the impact of culture and diversity on law enforcement. It will explore the presence and extent of cultural diversity in law enforcement agencies.
  39. Information Technology Importance in Community Policing
    Information technology has been an enormous help to the police department, as it has made fighting crime fast and easy.
  40. Police and Policing Challenges Placed by Society
    Modern society places a number of important challenges on policing. Such challenges are connected to the usual areas where the work of the police is important.

👍 Good Police Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Evolution of Police Administration
  2. Law Enforcement Misconduct on Communities
  3. The History of Law Enforcement Unit in America
  4. Participative Leadership in Law Enforcement Agencies
  5. Community Policing of Hong Kong and Australia
  6. The Effects of Police Discretion
  7. Benefits of Community-Oriented Policing in Low-Income Neighborhoods
  8. Police Operations: The Technology Used in Policing
  9. Domestic Violence and the Competence of the Police
  10. Police Response to Domestic Violence
  11. Discretionary Situations for a Police Chief
  12. Law Enforcement’s Response to Cybercrime
  13. Law Enforcement’s Response to Cybercrime
  14. Police Influence in the Society
  15. The Virtual Police Department
  16. Police Institutions: Racial and Ethnical Issues
  17. Technology in Law Enforcement Then and Now
  18. The Los Angeles Police Department
  19. The System of American Policing Organizations
  20. The Recruitment into Policing Career
  21. Vancouver Police Department Strategic Plan
  22. How Does Today’s Modern Police Force Combat the “Stop Snitching” Campaign in Inner Cities?
  23. Constitutional Limitations, Relevant Law of Influence
  24. Police: Issue of Job Satisfaction, Hazards and Risks
  25. Law in the Police Service and Meaning of Police Ethics
  26. Death Penalty for Juveniles and Mental Disabilities
  27. Incorporation of Citizens Into Police Administration
  28. The Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Structure
  29. Unethical and Illegal Police Behavior
  30. The Issue of Police Violence and Use of Excessive Force
  31. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Approach to Law Enforcement
  32. Police Departments: Organizational Process
  33. Defunding the Police: Safety for Citizens
  34. Structure and Working of Community-Oriented Policing
  35. Policing in the US: Tactics and Philosophies
  36. Policing Strategy in the United States
  37. Law Enforcement and Police Discretion
  38. Improvement of Police Service to Crime Victims
  39. Should Police Officers Have a College Degree?
  40. Stopping Police Brutality Across the World
  41. Noble Cause Corruption within Law Enforcement
  42. Police and Citizens Collaboration Scenarios
  43. Police Profession: Difficulties, Solutions, and Perspectives
  44. Police and Community Communication and Understanding
  45. The Case of Officer-involved Shooting
  46. The Problem of Authorities' Corruption
  47. Racism and Police Response
  48. The Ethic of Care Principle in Community Policing
  49. Mental Health Counseling for Police Officers
  50. Policing Principles by Sir Robert Peels
  51. Defunding the Police: A Critical Review of the Literature
  52. Pros and Cons of Body Cameras from the Public and Officer Perspectives
  53. Analysis of Policing in the United States
  54. Police Brutality Issue Overview
  55. Police Training Issues: Overview and Analysis
  56. Crimes and Police Officers Number Correlation Analysis

💡 Essay Ideas on Police

  1. Modern Patrol Strategies: The Benefits of Technology
  2. Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Roles
  3. State Law Enforcement Agencies: Centralized and Decentralized Models
  4. Conflict and Power Relationship in Society
  5. The Right to Remain Silent: Brief Analysis
  6. Body-Worn Cameras and How They Affect Law Enforcement Leaders
  7. Retaining Talented and Responsible Employees as an Optimization Plan for the Police Organization
  8. Legal Search and Seizure: Searches and Seizures
  9. Police Officers' Issues in the United States
  10. Criminal Justice System in Relation to COVID-19
  11. Evaluating Data of Feeling Safe in Their Community
  12. Conversation with Atlantic City Police Department
  13. Discussion of Meaning of Police Discretion
  14. Education Trends in Policing and Law Enforcement
  15. Cultural Awareness in Law Enforcement
  16. Low Voter Participation in Democratic Countries
  17. Racial Discrimination in Law Enforcement
  18. The Relationship Between Police and People of Different Backgrounds
  19. The Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: Solving the Problem
  20. The US Justice System Analysis
  21. Police Force Diversification to Address Brutality
  22. Police Brutality in the USA and Its Consequences
  23. Public Perception of the Police Essay
  24. Corruption in the New York Police Department
  25. Improving Native Americans Views on Criminal Justice Specialists
  26. Law Enforcement: The Importance of Diversity
  27. The Police-Community Relations
  28. New York Police Department: The Use of Technology in Community Relations
  29. The Community–Police Relations in the Context of 2020-2021 Mass Protests
  30. Canadian Police: Perception and Attitude
  31. Police Oversight: Preventing the Injustice
  32. Police Professionalism and Ethics in the Community
  33. Ethical Misconduct Cases in Law Enforcement in the US
  34. Public Opinion of the Police
  35. Mutual Respect: Impact on the Police and the Communities They Serve
  36. Baltimore Police Department's Corruption Scandal
  37. Gang Violence and Related Law Enforcement Policies
  38. Police Unions as the Impediment to the Promotion of Reforms
  39. A Public Policy Shift: Body Worn Cameras in Police Force
  40. Introducing Servant Leadership Into Police Organization
  41. Defunding or Abolition of Police
  42. The Law of Search and Seizure: Private Police
  43. Modifications to Implement in Police Systems
  44. Should the US Police Department Be Defunded?
  45. Police's Image and Role in Modern Society
  46. Conflict and Power: Law Enforcement and Citizens
  47. Time Management in US Law Enforcement and Military
  48. Search and Seizure in the Minority Neighborhoods
  49. Police Work and Communication: Police Body Cam
  50. Civil Unrest and Police Department Leadership
  51. The Issue of Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers
  52. The New York Police Department
  53. Racial Background of Mass Incarceration in the US
  54. Modern Technology and Its Impact on Policing
  55. Discussion about Police Defunding

🏆 Best Police Essay Titles

  1. Advantage and Disadvantage Being a Police Officer
  2. Civilian Accountability and Minimize Police Brutality
  3. Police Use of Force and Violence
    Due to the nature of the work, police officers are afforded a considerable measure of discretion. Officers are confronted with a variety of dangerous scenarios.
  4. Crime Reduction and Prevention of Police Enforcement
  5. California: Police Organization and Trends
  6. Media Impact on the Police Image Within the Community
    The paper introduces how the media influences the police image within the community. Media has shown tremendous positive and negative effects on the public perception of police.
  7. Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure
  8. Analysis and Application-Police Encounters With Suspects
  9. Impact of The Boston Police Strike
    The attempt of the Bostonian police to bring changes in their work force led to major changes not only in the police force but also in the American community.
  10. Criminology and the Effects of Police Brutality
  11. Global and Nationwide Disputes of Police Brutality
  12. Racial Profiling by Police in the Contemporary Society
    Many journalists, scholars, and politics now believe that racial profiling should be a part of the broader strategy in the fight against terrorism.
  13. America and the Transformation Into Police State
  14. Conflicts Between the Police and the People
  15. Police Officers Role
    The police play a very critical role in making sure that citizens live peacefully and are able to go about their daily activities without fear.
  16. Accountability for Police Misconduct
  17. Difficulties Facing Today’s Police Chiefs
  18. Collective Bargaining Among the Police Force
  19. Entrepreneurial Police and Drug Enforcement Policy
  20. Internship at Miami Dade Police (Homicide) Department
    The Miami Dade Police Department (MDPD) offers a variety of internships that allow students to have first-hand experiences with police work.
  21. America’s Police Officers Changing Roles
  22. Enhancing Traffic Police Performance in Egypt
  23. Internship in the Police Department
    Internship programs allow graduates and students to exercise what they have learned in real life situations because it gives them a practical experience of what they are learning.
  24. Conflict Between Police and African American Community
  25. Estimating Police Effectiveness With Individual Victimisation Data
  26. Continuing Education for Police Officers
    Continuing education for police officers is a fundamental undertaking that should be promoted across the board.
  27. Dealing With Small Town Police Departments
  28. Consent for Search While Police Custody
  29. Police Ethics and Misconduct
    The code of ethics is released by the college of policing. This institution is responsible for defining the ethical behavior that is expected of members of the police profession.

🎓 Police Writing Prompts

  1. Efficiency and Managerial Performance in Police Units
  2. Factors That Cause the Police of Racial Profiling
  3. The Career of Police Officers
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the career of the police officer, NYPD’s Finest, requirements, salary and benefits.
  4. Ethical Issues Surrounding Police Corruption and Discretion
  5. Correlation Between the Police Shooting and the Violent
  6. Post-Traumatic Growth Among Police Officers
    Effective implementation of Christian counseling has the potential to introduce post-traumatic growth among police officers that are followers of the Christian worldview.
  7. Current Police Vehicle Pursuits Policies and Procedures
  8. Field Practice and Experience Within the Police Department
  9. The Impact of Deviant Behavior by Police Officers
    The police deviance has significant impacts that affect the public such as victimization, and the police unit itself such as police integrity, trust, and respect from the public.
  10. Ethnic Fragmentation and Police Spending: Social Identity and a Public Good
  11. Community-Based Policing Police Public Crime
  12. Police Corruption Issue in the United States
    Police corruption is not unique to a particular state but a widespread problem in the United States. It is seen in myriad forms and continues to run down many police departments.
  13. Evidence Obtained Improperly During the Police Interviews
  14. Correlation Between Police and Crime Rates
  15. Community-Oriented Programs by Police Departments
    Community-oriented policing is the partnership of law enforcement and the communities in identifying and resolving societal issues.
  16. Crimes Scenes and Evidence Gathering Underpin Every Police
  17. Criminal Justice System and the Police Force
  18. Key Approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force
    The paper aims to identify the key approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force and analyze the TQM strategy for defining the pros and cons of the strategy applied.
  19. Educational Requirements for Police Officers
  20. Evaluating Police Department Organizational Structures
  21. Police Power, Government, and Business Regulation
    This paper discussed the power of the government and police to impact businesses in terms of economic and public health challenges.
  22. Emotional Intelligence and Burnout of Police Officers
  23. False Information Surrounding Police Use of Lethal Force
  24. Employee Performance of Abu Dhabi Police
    The purpose of the study is to determine whether employee performance of the Abu Dhabi police is significantly affected by employee attitude.
  25. Eight Police Officers Allegedly Partake in Gun Smuggling Scheme
  26. Early Police Community and Their Focus on Minority Communities
  27. Covenant and Narcissist Leadership in Police Department
    The paper defines narcissistic and covenant leadership and discusses the major traits identifiable in the two.
  28. Corruption Within the New York Police Department
  29. False Information Surrounding Police Use of Lethal Force
  30. Police Organization and Their Roles as They Apply to the Law
    In any society, police organizations play a vital role as they represent the government. Therefore, the police form part of the law enforcement agencies in various communities.

❓ Police Research Questions

  1. Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Buffer Stress Reactivity and Stress Recovery in Police Officers?
  2. Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  3. Can the Police Reduce Domestic Violence?
  4. Are the Police Forces Treating the Citizens of the United States Fairly?
  5. Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?
  6. How Could the Ethical Management of Health Data in the Medical Field Inform Police Use of DNA?
  7. Are Racial Profiling and Police Discrimination an Issue?
  8. Are Body Worn Cameras Causing Police Officers to Hesitate?
  9. Are More Minority Police Officers Needed?
  10. How Do African Americans Perceive the Police?
  11. Can You Imagine Being a Police Officer?
  12. Does Community Policing Lead to Less Abuse of Police Authority Thesis?
  13. How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  14. Are Offender Profiles Useful in Police Investigations?
  15. How Are African American Police Officers Socialized?
  16. How Does Police Brutality on Children Affect How Society?
  17. Can Police Deter Drunk Driving?
  18. How Does Budgeting Differ From That of Police Departments?
  19. Can Racially Unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination?
  20. How Has Computer Technology Changed in the Courts and Police Departments?
  21. How Can the Police Improve Knowledge Management?
  22. Can Sex Workers Regulate Police?
  23. How Can the Police Secure Public Legitimacy?
  24. How Are Computer Forensics Used in Police Investigations?
  25. Does Police Behavior Have to Change?
  26. Does the Police Force Reform Actually Mean Militarization?
  27. Are Body Cameras Fighting Police Misconduct?
  28. Are Women More Effective Police Officers?
  29. Are Police Officers Learning Enough?
  30. Is Police Consistently Using Excessive Force?
  31. How Has the Role of the Police Changed?

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