97 Police Research Topics & Essay Examples

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πŸ“ Police Research Paper Examples

  1. The Use of Force by Police
    The training of law enforcement officers involves a variety of skills, which include the use of force in particular situations to restore law and order.
  2. US Local, State and Federal Police Agencies
    Policing system in the United States is different from the ones applied in other countries because it includes three levels: local, state, and federal.
  3. Police Brutality Towards Protesters in USA
    Since independence, the country has witnessed a number of cases where civil rights groups take off to the streets to protest against some of the issues considered oppressive.
  4. Police Corruption, Motivation, and Accountability
    This paper explores the police corruption issue, the motivation behind this behavior, how it can be combated and discusses why corruption is not a necessary aspect of police work.
  5. Policeman of the World: the Way to the World Dominance
    The USA has long played the role of the world policeman successfully and contributed to the restoration of peace in many regions.
  6. Servant Leadership in Police Organizations
    This paper discusses servant leadership and its application in police organizations. Servant leadership has benefited many successful companies and could be applied in police organizations.
  7. Education for Criminal Justice and Police Socialization
    While the judicial system has a substantially long history, education and further professional training for judges and prosecutors appeared only at the start of the 20th century.
  8. The Reputation of Law Enforcement: Negative Impact of Police Violence
    The present research seeks to establish an association between police violence and the poor reputation of law enforcement.
  9. The Current Policing Strategy of the New York City Police Department
    Nowadays, the necessity to discard the current policing strategy of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is becoming evident both for authorities and citizens.
  10. Police Misconduct: Factors That Lead to the Vice
    This study recognizes that the factors leading a police officer to misconduct are a complex mixture of internal and external to the police officer at any one time.
  11. Police Brutality against African Americans in America
    The situation reveals the problem of racial discrimination and the ineffectiveness of the justice system that is supposed to protect the civil rights of all.
  12. The Concept of Police Corruption
    This paper will explore the concept of police corruption, with a focus on criminal cops that engage in criminal behavior as active law enforcement officers.
  13. The Importance of Keeping Police Systems Open
    Special attention should be paid to the importance of keeping systems open in today's world. The police department must be adaptable to the changing environment.
  14. Police Patrolling Methods in the United States
    For a society to ensure that law and order are maintained among its citizens, police must show their presence among the subjects through regular patrols.
  15. Police Officer Training
    Policeman is a profession where constant interactions with people required, every police academy graduate should be a good psychologist and should have great communicative skills.
  16. Implications of Use-of-Force for the Future of Police Management
    For police management, it is often a case of walking a fine line between protecting victims by suppressing armed suspects or imposing limitations on officer actions.
  17. Metropolitan Police: SWOT Analysis Report
    The purpose of this report is to assess the relationships between the Metropolitan Police and community-based organizations.
  18. Police Training in the United Kingdom
    Police learning, roles, development, and training curriculum in the UK, is based on the national Learning and Development skills framework plan.
  19. Police Report: Robbery
    This article is a police report on the robbery of a girl that took place at a bus stop, describing the circumstances of the incident and the signs of the robber.
  20. The Connections of the Principles to Modern Day Policing
    The policing field has its origin in England (Champion, 2005) and has developed through the ideas of Sir Robert Peel and his peers.
  21. Racist Notions of Certain Communities in Police Subcultures
    The essay presents discussions on community policing relative to the prevalence of racist notions of certain communities in different police subcultures.
  22. Ethical Problems in Police Work
    Most of the mistakes that arise from the law enforcement sector are those concerning discretion, honesty, loyalty, and duty.
  23. Police Cooperation and Administration in Europe
    This paper will highlight the importance of restructuring of policies in the European police forces to embrace new techniques among intercultural human resource management.
  24. Police Role Descriptions in the Media
    The public expects police officers to serve with courage and honor. The media criticizes them for their mistakes.
  25. Contemporary Community-Oriented Policing
    The articles included in the annotated bibliography provide a thorough study of such phenomena as community-oriented policing (COP).
  26. The Work of the Modern American Police
    The work of modern police has improved compared to the past, which speaks, in particular, about the quality of their education.

πŸ† Best Police Essay Titles

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  1. Advantage and Disadvantage Being a Police Officer
  2. Civilian Accountability and Minimize Police Brutality
  3. Crime Reduction and Prevention of Police Enforcement
  4. California: Police Organization and Trends
  5. Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure
  6. Analysis and Application-Police Encounters With Suspects
  7. Criminology and the Effects of Police Brutality
  8. Global and Nationwide Disputes of Police Brutality
  9. America and the Transformation Into Police State
  10. Conflicts Between the Police and the People
  11. Accountability for Police Misconduct
  12. Difficulties Facing Today’s Police Chiefs
  13. Collective Bargaining Among the Police Force
  14. Entrepreneurial Police and Drug Enforcement Policy
  15. America’s Police Officers Changing Roles
  16. Enhancing Traffic Police Performance in Egypt
  17. Conflict Between Police and African American Community
  18. Estimating Police Effectiveness With Individual Victimisation Data
  19. Dealing With Small Town Police Departments
  20. Consent for Search While Police Custody
  21. Efficiency and Managerial Performance in Police Units
  22. Factors That Cause the Police of Racial Profiling
  23. Ethical Issues Surrounding Police Corruption and Discretion
  24. Correlation Between the Police Shooting and the Violent
  25. Current Police Vehicle Pursuits Policies and Procedures
  26. Field Practice and Experience Within the Police Department
  27. Ethnic Fragmentation and Police Spending: Social Identity and a Public Good
  28. Community-Based Policing Police Public Crime
  29. Evidence Obtained Improperly During the Police Interviews
  30. Correlation Between Police and Crime Rates
  31. Crimes Scenes and Evidence Gathering Underpin Every Police
  32. Criminal Justice System and the Police Force
  33. Educational Requirements for Police Officers
  34. Evaluating Police Department Organizational Structures
  35. Emotional Intelligence and Burnout of Police Officers
  36. False Information Surrounding Police Use of Lethal Force
  37. Eight Police Officers Allegedly Partake in Gun Smuggling Scheme
  38. Early Police Community and Their Focus on Minority Communities
  39. Corruption Within the New York Police Department
  40. False Information Surrounding Police Use of Lethal Force

❓ Police Research Questions

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  1. Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Buffer Stress Reactivity and Stress Recovery in Police Officers?
  2. Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  3. Can the Police Reduce Domestic Violence?
  4. Are the Police Forces Treating the Citizens of the United States Fairly?
  5. Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?
  6. How Could the Ethical Management of Health Data in the Medical Field Inform Police Use of DNA?
  7. Are Racial Profiling and Police Discrimination an Issue?
  8. Are Body Worn Cameras Causing Police Officers to Hesitate?
  9. Are More Minority Police Officers Needed?
  10. How Do African Americans Perceive the Police?
  11. Can You Imagine Being a Police Officer?
  12. Does Community Policing Lead to Less Abuse of Police Authority Thesis?
  13. How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  14. Are Offender Profiles Useful in Police Investigations?
  15. How Are African American Police Officers Socialized?
  16. How Does Police Brutality on Children Affect How Society?
  17. Can Police Deter Drunk Driving?
  18. How Does Budgeting Differ From That of Police Departments?
  19. Can Racially Unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination?
  20. How Has Computer Technology Changed in the Courts and Police Departments?
  21. How Can the Police Improve Knowledge Management?
  22. Can Sex Workers Regulate Police?
  23. How Can the Police Secure Public Legitimacy?
  24. How Are Computer Forensics Used in Police Investigations?
  25. Does Police Behavior Have to Change?
  26. Does the Police Force Reform Actually Mean Militarization?
  27. Are Body Cameras Fighting Police Misconduct?
  28. Are Women More Effective Police Officers?
  29. Are Police Officers Learning Enough?
  30. Is Police Consistently Using Excessive Force?
  31. How Has the Role of the Police Changed?

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