Implementing Cultural Effectiveness for the Law Enforcement

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The topic selected is ‘Implementing Cultural Effectiveness for Law Enforcement Strategies.’ There is a need for the implementation of culturally effective enforcement strategies. This research proposal will conceptually present the essential law enforcement strategies that effectively implement a cultural change in a given society based on three scholarly articles.

The major research studies, journal articles, major points support the thesis statement.

There is a need for legislation of culture by Barry Reynolds

  • The research will examine how individuals can use to change implementation in cultural society.
  • Changing the cultural law is one of the most difficult aspects faced by police officers across the globe.
  • Culture is a key aspect that drives the behavior of an individual.
  • Visions and values are a culture that promotes the transformations in a person bringing about a change in one activity or another.

Multicultural law enforcement

  • The research will consider the strategies for peacemaking in a diverse society, 4th edition.
  • The police officers and the members of the society seem to have a key interactive aspect among them, as presented in the article.
  • The paper will examine the main interactive perspectives between the police and their civilians.
  • There is a discussion on the multifaceted dimensions of society.

Improving law enforcement

  • The research will consider how individuals can use to improve the type of law enforcement across the cultural competencies by use of continued education.
  • The community has options for the enforcement of the law.
  • There is an essentiality in bringing officers’ training and education to the current police force.

Research Proposal

The research will use a literature review in which individuals will use the three articles mentioned above to extract the data required. Contextually, as the new chief of police, there is a need to discuss the enforcement of cultural change among the citizens in the current generation. Similarly, the idea of the current community experiencing an upsurge of traditional norms diversification, the need to implement cultural effectiveness for enforcing the law still exists. Firstly, legislation of culture is a series that cannot solve the increment in traditional thoughts of people. However, the cultural change can be implemented by the administration taking time to study the civilians’ behavior and coming up with some of the ways that can make them abandon the poor cultural norms (Fletcher, Burnside & Pink, 2019). Since culture is the only aspect that can drive behaviors, any policies implemented under a given culture can greatly increase the efficiency of the individuals. Finally, the article clearly states that the visions and values of an individual undergo a transformational change implying that the civilians can switch their professionals and careers to establish what is required of them. An organization’s key values or company are driven by its culture, which brings about the realization of visions.

Multicultural law enforcement has been presented in the article there is a discussion of the strategies that individuals can use for peacekeeping in a diversified society. The package targets individuals at all levels, including officers, managers, supervisors, directors, etc. As a result, there will be a key focus on the cross-cultural contact that the police officers and their civilians have with their suspects. It will direct the officers on the key ways that they can use to punish their victims or criminals. Additionally, the strategies will facilitate cooperation between the victims and the officers, equalizing the cultural diversity among them. The research will be significant because there will be unity and equalization in using culture and traditional norms among the civilians. Finally, the police officers should understand and respond to the diversity in their woks and some of their changing communities (Fletcher, Burnside & Pink, 2019). Similarly, professionalism includes the necessity for individuals to have greater consideration across their cultures to significantly improve their community cultures.


Comprehensively, the other key aspect is that individuals will use the research to implement cultural effectiveness as a law implementation strategy by improving the execution. In the research, people can utilize various ways to improve law enforcement. The key strategy that people can use includes creating fair and effective policing strategies. The options that the community holds towards the enforcement of law change over time, implying that there is no key strategy that is permanent (Fletcher, Burnside & Pink, 2019). The research will compare the studies from various scholars and develop final ideas about the type of enforcement that police officers can use to serve their citizens. To finalize there is an essentiality in bringing about the education and officer training sessions in the current forces to ensure they understand the current culture and how individuals can implement it easily. The research will utilize all the policing departments to ensure that all the individuals concerned are addressed to prevent future misleads. Conclusively, various scholars and researchers have to be motivated to conduct sample research about culture diversification across an area and its influence on chronic organisms, including humans.


Fletcher, M., Burnside, R., & Pink-Harper, S. (2019). Determining the Level of Cultural Competence of College Police Departments: A Study of Three Different Campuses. Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, 26(1), 6. Web.

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