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Latest Politics Essay Examples

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International Relations

Mexican-American Interaction: The Mexican Perspective

The United States and Mexico have enjoyed rich diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations for over two centuries. However, the two countries fought sometimes over territories, migration, trade, and even drug wars. The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 was the first armed clash that the United States fought in a foreign land....

International Relations

The US Democracy Promotion in the Middle East

Introduction The National Security and Defense Policy of the United States primarily revolves around the cooperation between the allied countries globally and the efforts to promote democracy in regions with other political regimes. This issue is particularly relevant in the Middle East, where countries such as Syria, Iraq, and South...


The Government’s Role in Increasing Employment

Employment is one of the factors that influence the rate of economic growth. Countries that record high levels of employment have accelerated economic growth. Creating employment positively impacts the economy by improving the gross domestic product (GDP). Therefore, the government has to design and implement appropriate policies that can increase...

Public Policy

Social Welfare Policy: Family First Prevention Services Act

Introduction Legislation refers to the body of statutes enacted by a legislature, which is the common name for a law and usually encompasses both a bill and an act. The term can also be used to refer broadly to any rule that has been legally set down. There are three...

Public Policy

The Public Policy Advocacy Practice

Engaging in sophisticated public policy advocacy is becoming a more prominent and significant aspect of all political systems worldwide. Hence, while arguing for a macro policy, it is crucial to take into account actions like exerting pressure, doing research, collaborating, targeting, establishing credibility, and necessary relationships, as well as influencing....

Public Policy

Limitation of Free Speech in the Community

Introduction Free speech is essential in the community for expressing one’s opinions, thoughts, convictions, and beliefs. Furthermore, free speech permits individuals to genuinely engage in democracy and the development of society by discussing problems that impact citizens’ regular lives frankly and publicly without fear. However, excessive freedom of expression in...

Military Leadership

The Posse Comitatus Act Application in 1992 and 2020

United States law restricts the president from using military troops as the domestic police force. Congressional Democrats enacted the Posse Comitatus Act in the United States in 1878 to stop Republican presidents from using the Army to complete Civil War Reconstruction or engage in civilian law enforcement operations (Doss Jr,...

Military Leadership

Army Leadership Case Study Analysis

Introduction The Valley Forge Winter Camp is one of the most famous events of the American Revolution. General George Washington’s six-month army camp was a significant turning point in the American War of Independence. However, even though, as a result, the continental army from various militias became a single disciplined...

Military Leadership

Weapons in Afghanistan: The Taliban’s Spoils of War

The war in Afghanistan became costly after decades of America’s stay in the country. The mission was intended to defeat the Taliban insurgents, but after many years of war, the Afghani militants were not ready to give up. In addition, the United States was increasingly losing money in a war...

Military Leadership

Operation Geronimo and Presidential Authority

Often the President of the country must make quite brave and severe decisions. This is especially true in cases where national security is threatened. Thus, an example is the participation of President Obama in Operation Geronimo to kill Osama Bin Laden. Therefore, this persuasive essay aims to prove the validity...

Military Leadership

Mission Command Principles in Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan

Introduction In its classical sense, war is an armed confrontation where each side wants to gain an advantage. At the same time, during a military intervention, war, mission, or operation, each participant is attempting to survive. It is significant to observe that when an army intervention begins, its obligatory components...

Military Leadership

Why Leads and Intellect Are the Best Traits of an Army Leader

Introduction By its nature, war is a chaotic and unpredictable situation in which nobody knows what to do and where to run or shoot. Therefore, throughout the millennia, a workable organization of army order has played a crucial role in military success. If the soldiers are not organized and do...

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Transparency Evaluation

Introduction The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for counter-attacking criminal offenses in the United States. Over 200 federal crimes occur in 50 states across America (Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), 2022). Fifty-six federal offices have been set up across the country to supplement the main FBI office in Washington,...

Public Policy

A Systems Thinking Approach to Flood Policies in the US

Climate change and unpredictable weather changes continue bothering Americans and other citizens across the globe. The threat of floods and the necessity to manage natural complexity and social vulnerability are commonly discussed by modern researchers and journalists. The article refers to America’s unique geography and the importance of maintaining people’s...

Public Policy

Stages Within the Policy-Making Process and the General Public’s Participation

Introduction Policy-making is a complex process that involves multiple stages, some of which are available for the general public’s discussion. The existing problems of environmental pollution, expensive healthcare, and unemployment demand the development of new regulations. Moreover, this process poses political, operational, and technical challenges to the government that must...

Public Policy

Importance of Gun Ownership Regulation

The topic of gun ownership in the US presents a complex intersection of different views on violence, safety, and politics. While events such as the recent school shooting in Uvalde draw attention to the issue of gun ownership control, the authorities rarely take any reaction measures to such events, causing...

Public Policy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Police Training

Summary Currently, there are numerous administrative and political issues with regard to the federal government that need to be solved. For instance, the United States deals with challenges in different fields, including national safety, healthcare, education, and social security. The federal government significantly ensures efficient national policies (Wolfe, Rojek, McLean,...

Public Policy

Factors Affecting the Use of Health Services

Under the current conditions of open access to information from numerous databases, an individual can easily be affected by many factors while deciding whether to use health services or not. Among them, the personal, environmental, and social ones should be stressed. Their combination can often lead to inappropriate assumptions regarding...

Public Policy

The Freedom of Information Act and Its Benefits

Introduction According to common belief, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) represents the public’s right to be informed about the different actions of the government. After nearly 11 years of studies and legislation, the Act was finally approved in 1966. Individuals are allowed to use and access records following the...

International Relations

Scholz’s Role in Germany’s Position in the Modern World

Since the reunification and until the modern days, Germany has encountered considerable tribulations. The country has gone through political, economical, social, and cultural changes influenced by the consequences of the World Wars (Orlow, 2018). Notably, Germany can be characterized by a tendency to “advance rapidly in some areas” but fall...

Public Policy

Solutions to Issues Involving Social Security

Introduction When President Roosevelt launched social security in 1935, he did not claim it was meant for citizens to express mutual obligation to each other. However, the president claimed the program was crucial to ensure people access to essential rights, which is critical because necessitous men cannot experience true freedom....