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Latest Politics Essay Examples

Catch up on the freshest political science essay samples to gain ideas and inspiration for your own writing.

International Relations

UAE Foreign Policy and Association of Energy Sources

In the period that preceded the discovery of oil in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the country was relying on crop growing, cattle rearing, aquaculture, and seafaring. However, this situation changed with the discovery of oil about five decades ago. The last 40 years have seen the country shift from...

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International Relations

International Community Within the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Introduction Throughout the long-term history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the international community made significant efforts in seeking solutions for its resolution. The UN and the Western authorities were the core players in the peace-seeking process, and it is considered that they defined the direction in which the events of the...

International Relations

Ole Wæver and the Idea of Securitisation

The main source chosen for this paper is the book titled Regions and Powers: The Structure of National Security by Barry Buzan and Ole Wæver. In the book, the authors explore the concept of securitisation from the historical perspective examining the domains of its structure according to various theoretical approaches...

International Relations

The US Foreign Policy vs. Soviet Domestic Failures

In December 1991, the Soviet flag over the Kremlin was replaced by the symbol of new post-Cold War era—the Russian tricolor (White 54). Decades after a sudden disintegration of the Soviet Union, historians are still arguing whether policies and actions of communist leadership or Western diplomacy or other reasons such...

International Relations

The Kashmir Conflict and the India-Pakistan Rivalry

Introduction Efforts to provide a resolution to the rivalry between India and Pakistan have so far been unproductive. The disagreement has resulted in a fortified insurgence in Kashmir leading to the formation of the Kashmir conflict. Wyman argues that the enmity between Indo-Pak republics is among the most long-lasting rivalry...

Public Policy

Federalism and COVID-19 Response in the United States

Introduction The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has provoked unprecedented attention to federalism in the United States and other federal-based systems, such as Mexico, India, and Germany. The US’s federal system assigns power to multiple government levels, mainly national, state, and local administrations. The established structure creates autonomous control levels, which...


“Tactical Urbanism 2: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change” by M. Lydon

Author’s Main Ideas The article on “Tactical Urbanism 2: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change,” presents Mike Lydon’s ideas on what he considers the best steps that a government should take in transforming community neighborhoods. Through their actions, the outcomes will have significant effects on the projects that people embarked on at...

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UAEs Authority Youth Empowerment Policy Research

It can be stated that the political, economic, and social sustainability of a country and the empowerment of youth are interrelated phenomena. Intra-state situations influence the shaping of many of a generation’s unique traits, but it is the youth who decides the country’s future. The UAE government has adopted seventeen...

International Relations

Mainstream Immigrant Integration Policy in France

After the French riots of 2005, the problem of the immigrant groups has become more critical than ever for the French population. Numerous researchers carried out studies in order to identify the problems of the national immigration policy that led to these riots. A closer examination of this problem made...

International Relations

US Custom and Border Protection Agents Securing Borders

Running head: Border Mid Border security is important in enhancing security and promoting internal peace in a country. Many countries across the world encounter insecurities that result in mass killings of their citizens. The United States (US) Custom and Border Protection (CBP) is one of the most important organs in...


Organization of Emergency Management

Introduction Natural disasters occur on Earth more and more often, bringing death and suffering to people, destroying the economy, and damaging the environment. A hurricane is an extremely fast and strong, often destructive and long-lasting air movement. It is one of the most powerful forces of the elements and its...


The Supreme Court of the United States: Powers and Limits

Introduction The supreme court of the United States is the top judicial organ according to article three of the country’s constitution. As a result, the court has judicial powers over other courts in the country including the federal and state courts. The court is tasked with various judicial and constitutional...

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International Relations

Cognitive and Psychological Factors in Foreign Policy Making

Introduction Foreign policymaking is a complex process that demands considering a number of factors, including psychological and cognitive factors. The current international system is complicated implying that foreign decision-makers should take into consideration the interests of all actors before coming up with policies. In many states, policymakers are involved in...

Public Policy

The Issue of Increasing Environmental Sustainability in the UK

Environmental Problems and Causes in the United Kingdom The country that will be focused on this study of sustainable futures and environmental problems is the United Kingdom. According to research conducted by Power (2003) on the environmental issues that affect the low-income communities in the UK, Power noted that the...

Public Policy

The Intervention Health Policy: Controlling the Spread of Tuberculosis

The intervention at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital aimed at the control of the spread of Tuberculosis targets mainly individuals that are homeless and may not be able to complete the treatment. Among the factors identified as the leading causes for drug-resistant Tuberculosis is the deviation from the strict 6 to...

Public Administration

Limestone County Virtual School: Overview

Introduction There have been growing demands for effective government management at all levels. Successful public administration is hinged on the achievement of efficiency and innovation in providing public goods and services (Hodgkinson et al., 2017). Successful public administration practitioners identify problems facing citizens effectively and provide interesting interventions (Shafritz &...

Public Policy

Political Costs and Repealing the Affordable Care Act

Elected legislators must balance multiple priorities in their political decision-making, the highest of which is to ensure re-election. This tendency can be seen in the unsuccessful efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Regardless of their views on health care, legislators on both sides were mindful of the political...

Military Leadership

The Military Core Values

Core values refer to the basic elements that are used by individuals while performing their daily activities. The military core values are significant because they form a strong teamwork culture, respect, and excellence (Rose par. 2). As a result, the army is strengthened and enables soldiers to adapt and overcome...

Public Policy

Summative Assessment: Case Conferences

The purpose of the paper is to define and discuss the role of case conferences. The essay will focus on a specific scenario and use it to analyse the roles involved in case conferences and the process of decision-making. The paper will also examine the legal framework applied in the...