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Recent Political Essay Samples

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Capital Punishment

The Debates Over the Death Penalty

Introduction The given article argues that the death penalty should not be legally permissible because it does not deter or compensate for the loss experienced by the victim. The author states: “Even when the perpetrator is executed, it is not as though the pain of losing a loved one will...

Public Policy

Parliamentary Debate in “The Abortion Divide” Film

According to women’s first-hand accounts of their unforeseen pregnancies, “The Abortion Divide,” a political Frontline episode, explores the problems surrounding abortion and its contentious history. The issue of outlawing abortion is currently the subject of numerous political discussions in Pennsylvania. By state laws, several abortion providers welcome pregnant persons from...

Public Policy

The Violence Against Women Act Analysis

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a law that was passed in 1994 to protect women from domestic violence and sexual assault. It expired in 2011 but was later reauthorized in 2013 with bipartisan support. The initial failure to renew the VAWA was due to disagreements over its provisions,...


The United States Government’s Branches

Introduction The U.S. Constitution gives Congress, the President, and the Federal courts, in that order, control over the three separate bodies that make up the Federal Government: legislative, executive, and judicial. According to the Tenth Amendment, all rights not expressly delegated to the national government by the U.S. Constitution are...


Analysis of the Article “What Congress Could Do About Inflation”

“What Congress could actually do about Inflation” is an article by Madeleine Ngo (2022), which addresses viable strategies to combat the griming inflation in the US. The rising cost of living caused by inflation has made even meeting basic demands a financial burden for many Americans. In spite of its...


Guiding Principles in State Governments

Guiding principles are concepts and beliefs that serve as a guide for the amount of power a government holds and the role of citizens in the government. The principles determine the way of life of citizens, a nation’s balance of power, and how power is divided in a government. The...


Presidential and Parliamentary Systems

Introduction Considerably, across the world, the parliamentary and presidential systems have transformed modern governments. A presidential system is an administrative category whereby the president serves as the single leader of the executive branch and helps in the provision of political leadership, formulation of public policy, and making state’s authoritative decisions....

Law Enforcement

Police Identification of Mentally Ill Offenders

Introduction A police officer’s ability to identify features of mental illness is critical because it determines the approach they take to resolve disputes. One of the issues that complicate a law enforcement officer’s assessment of mentally ill individuals is the similarity of their symptoms to substance abuse (Bohrman et al.,...

International Relations

United States’ Foreign Policy Analysis

Introduction The United States’ foreign policy has advanced and taken many shapes since the nation gained its independence from the British Empire. Initially, the founding fathers believed that the US should not be involved in international affairs, thus encouraging isolation. However, preceding political views and movements established the US as...

Public Policy

The Governor’s Power Restrictions During a Crisis

Introduction In a time of crisis, the role of the government is essential to protect citizens. During a pandemic or other crisis, the governor will be forced to make what are sometimes unpopular decisions that need to be made quickly (Weissert et al. 398). Further, the governor’s role during a...

Public Administration

Balancing Act: Performance, Equality, and Retention in Public Administration

Performance Management Facts This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of performance management in the field of public administration. Performance has many different meanings. It may be argued that performance can be connected to various non-contextual acts. Associations can range from straightforward, everyday activities like opening a car door to...

Public Policy

Policies Enacted by Politicians in the U.S. to Exclude Asians

Introduction Despite immigrating to the US almost at the same time that white Europeans were immigrating to the New World, Asians never enjoyed the same rights as White Americans until recently. The Asian population in the US increased as they participated in the construction of railway networks across the country....

Capital Punishment

The Capital Punishment Abolition

Introduction Capital punishment has become a controversial subject in the contemporary world, with many countries putting an end to its practice. In some nations, the procedure is not entirely eradicated, like in the United States, where sixty percent of the country’s territories use it in small proportions (Burki 1531). At...

Public Administration

Public Administration: Theory and Practice

In Frederickson’s text in “Public Administration in Theory and Practice” by Raymond W Cox III, Susan Buck, and Betty Morgan, the founder of public administration stated that public administration is the precise and systematic implementation of legislation. Each legal action is an administrative act. The goal of public administration is...

Public Administration

Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Functionality

Abstract The paper’s purpose is to research the pros and cons of FEMA’s exclusion from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The paper also focuses on FEMA’s challenges and possible solutions regarding responding to disasters. The findings state that DHS was created in response to the terrorist attacks in 2001....


The New Deal: Goals, Results, Success

Since Roosevelt took office in 1933, he received recognition from his nation due to his dedication to tackling the Great Depression’s consequences. He proposed the New Deal program to stabilize the economy and resolve unemployment and deflation when many people lived under constant political and economic stress. His campaign irrevocably...


American Congress, Its Structure and Functions

Each state needs specific authorities and institutions that ensure its proper functioning in political, economic, and social terms. The United States serves as an example for many countries due to its well-developed and coordinated power branches. Thus, Congress, including the Senate and the House of Representatives, which represent the legislative...

International Relations

The Growing Rivalry Between the USA and the PRC

Introduction The relationships between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States of America (USA) deserve much attention because of these countries’ power and global domination. The rivalry between states as the primary actors of global politics is predetermined by their authority amount on the global stage (Murphy,...

Military Leadership

Modernization in Tanzania People’s Defense Forces

Abstract Tanzania is one of the developing countries in Eastern Africa. The country is vulnerable to natural pandemics like any other country in the world. Moreover, the country has a population of about 59.7 million according to the recent 2020 statistics. The country is the largest in terms of size...

Military Leadership

Major Clashes Between Military and Civilian Population

Introduction It is no secret that history knows many riots, tumults, commotions, and social unrest cases in which parties to a conflict are society and a state. As a rule, these periods are the moments of the birth of new order in a country, entailing drastic changes and shifts in...

Political Theory

Repressions in China Under Xi Jinping

Criteria for Meeting a Research Question A strong research question is necessary for directing a research article, project, or thesis. It delineates what one wishes to discover and provides their study with a distinct focus and objective. My research paper looks into the subject, Has Repression Increased Under Xi Jinping?...

Political Theory

The Concentration of Power in Equatorial Guinea

Introduction Equatorial Guinea is a country located on the west coast of central Africa. The form of government in Equatorial Guinea can be referred to as a dictatorship (Rupiya, 2020). Equatorial Guinea enjoyed rapid economic development following the discovery of oil in 1995 (Douglas, 2017). However, the Mongomo clan has...


Washington vs. Dubois: Similarities and Differences

The two African America Community leaders shared several differences and similarities. Most of their differences were a result of believing in different philosophies. First, Washington proposed industrial education, and later wrote “Up from Slavery” to educate African Americans1. Conversely, Dubois, who advocated for liberal arts education and authored “The Education...

Military Leadership

Tanzania Peoples’ Defense Forces: The Challenges of Modernization

Background/Introduction The modernization of armies globally is now at the front line of defense. According to Zeigler et al. (2021), the Air-force Wing focuses on various defensive areas1. Tanzania is one of East Africa’s largest and most highly populated countries. The country is developing and has less advanced infrastructure. Being...