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Latest Politics Essay Examples

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Devolution Definition and Its Aspects

Devolution refers to delegation of power to lower levels including regional administrations from a centralized government. Sandford (64) posited that devolution occurs through conventional laws without amending the country’s constitution. Therefore, unitary systems of government, which have decentralized authorities through this policy, are regarded as unitary and not federal systems...

International Relations

China–Qatar: Strategic Partnership

Until the 1960s, China’s relationship with Qatar was rather limited because the latter did not have sovereignty at the time. Technically, the state was controlled by the United Kingdom, and its behavior at the time was perceived as pro-capitalist (Smith 1). However, after granting its independence in 1971, Qatar started...


Electoral Systems in Democratic Country

In a democratic nation, one of the rudimentary means for the public is to partake in voting and elections. An electoral system entails a set of rules determining how referendums and elections are carried out and how their outcomes are determined. Voters can involve in the decision-making process pertaining making...


Margaret Thatcher’s Role in Transforming British Politics

Before becoming prime minister, Margaret Thatcher had to try her hand at different positions before she was recognized as a person who changed the political life of the UK. Initially, her public appearances were associated with condemnation of the authorities, as well as demands to change outdated laws of the...

Civil Rights

The Ballot or the Bullet Speech by Malcolm X

The speech The Ballot or the Bullet was made by Malcolm X. He gave the speech in the King Solomon Baptist Church, Detroit, on 12th April 1964. Malcolm X was a civil rights activist, and the speech was aligned with human rights activism. The speaker was rallying the African American...

Military Leadership

Solution to High Military Budget Issue

The military budget seems to be relatively high, and the expenses on the army and weapons do not justify themselves. There is no apparent reason or need to spend the current amount of taxpayers’ money on that field. Instead, the budget could be decreased, and the finances might be redistributed...

Public Services

Multilevel Government Problems Regarding Infrastructure

Introduction Government comprises different departmental levels tasked with specific functions to ensure that the administration is run smoothly and efficiently. In addition to the central tier of the jurisdiction, the provincial and local division of the authority exists to only operate within a particular municipality compared to the national government...

Law Enforcement

Policing: Traditional and Community-Oriented Models

Traditional and community-oriented models have particular advantages and disadvantages. The first model includes call-to-call reaction patterns of the officers during the patrol. The professionalism of the officers is estimated based on the achievements they gain during a particular period: the number of arrests and responses to calls (Archbold et al.,...

Political Ideology

Capitalism and Revolutionary Movements

The capitalist ruling of the world has been criticized and condemned for a variety of reasons, but the violent pursuit of its goals has been at the forefront. Often revolutionary movements went along with the violence that destroyed national ideas and identities. Capitalism began to lead societies because it achieved...

International Law

The Space Tourism: Legal Standards

Two watershed events paved the way for the modern exploration of space. Sputnik’s successful launch in 1957 and Gagarin’s first human space exploration in 1961 represented the most iconic endeavors into the perfect void (Davidian, 2020). Space tourism is often praised as bringing a breakthrough in human access to the...

Political Ideology

McCarthy’s Speech and Anti-Communist Campaigns

Introduction In the era of the Cold War between the two large political camps, namely the United States of America and the Soviet Union, the tensions were omnipresent. In the context of the dominant views that opposed any manifestation of the anti-democratic approach, such streams of opinion as McCarthyism appeared....

International Relations

The United States’ Withdrawal from the Kyoto Accord

Introduction The Kyoto Accord was adopted in 1997 in Japan in response to the global concerns about climate change. The accord was a multinational agreement targeted at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by industrialized countries. The Kyoto protocol suggested that industrialized countries had more greenhouse emissions than developing countries. Therefore, the...

Capital Punishment

The Capital Punishment Debates

Many countries, including the US, have laws that allow the criminal justice system to subject offenders to the death penalty depending on the nature and intensity of the offense committed. A number of inmates have been hanged in the past years following the court ruling that favored capital punishment. The...

Public Administration

China’s Public Administration Processes

Introduction China has preserved a socio-political system that is rare for the modern international community: it is a socialist state. In 1954, the highest representative body of China, which is called the National People’s Congress, adopted the first Constitution. China’s political system has been divided into several levels due to...

Military Leadership

The Impact of Utilization of Women in War

Over centuries, the word soldier has been perceived as a masculine figure in an army uniform. It is an inclusive term for both men and women in the military. Storytelling mentality and history have always favored men as the crafters of the art of war. Women’s contribution to the war...

International Relations

The Environment and International Relations

The author explains the historical background against which the development of an international institutional framework for sustainable development occurred. He highlights the establishment of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) designed to implement the resolutions of the Rio Conference (Imber, 1996, p. 149). Its primary role is the formal coordination...

Political Theory

Justice as Fairness by John Rawls and Nozick

Introduction A variety of perspectives on equity and ethics research entails numerous debates between experts who uphold specific theories and ideas. Prominent philosophers Robert Nozick and John Rawls describe compelling and engaging ideas concerning equity values. They express views of establishing a government based on ethics and justice. “Justice as...

Law Enforcement

The New York Police Misconduct and Corruption

The New York police department dismissed, terminated, or forced individuals to resign, citing police corruption. However, this term challenged established notions of corruption, such as police misconduct. While corruption was defined as a separate form of problem, different from misconduct in the past, the terms are not mutually exclusive and...

Public Policy

Strategies to Solve Wicked Problems

Introduction A wicked problem is a term used to describe public policy issues such as air pollution, bullying, and animal rights. The policies are described with the term wicked because they are aggressive or tricky when solving them. The most challenging issues might appear difficult to solve, and the article...

International Relations Theories

“Why We Will Soon Miss The Cold War” by Mearsheimer

Introduction The capacity to hold power is particularly challenging and fraught with perils. Ultimately, history revealed how many governments rose to prominence through peace and conflict, especially in Europe. The article “Why We Will Soon Miss the Cold War” by John J. Mearsheimer outlines how most countries share bipolar and...

International Relations

The American War in Afghanistan

Combat Outpost Keating, located in the Nuristan Province, in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, was attacked on October 3, 2009, killing eight brave American soldiers. The attack on COP Keating resulted in the Taliban suffering an estimated 150 killed. How did this bloody and brutal war begin? Let me take...