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Politics Essay Examples for Free

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Latest Politics Essay Examples

Catch up on the freshest political science essay samples to gain ideas and inspiration for your own writing.

Capital Punishment

Death Sentence: Legalizing Global Capital Punishment

It is no secret that capital punishment has always been a topic surrounded by controversies in many humanitarian disciplines such as philosophy, law, and sociology. It is mainly due to its relation to other paramount social themes such as the sacredness of human life and its cost, the power of...

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Capital Punishment

The Expediency of the Death Penalty

First of all, in order to define the expediency of the death penalty in particular cases, it is necessary to understand what kind of crimes justifies the offender’s murder. From a personal perspective, a person’s life should be given if another life was taken by him – in other words,...

Capital Punishment

Why the Death Penalty Is Wrong

Capital punishment has posed a moral dilemma that is attracting conflicting opinions from various scholars. Capital punishment is based on the assumption that justice for particular offenses can only be attained by putting the prospective perpetrator to death. In modern times, capital offenses usually comprise murder, crimes against humanity, genocide,...

Capital Punishment

Researching of Capital Punishment

Introduction First Lady of the United States and actress Nancy Davis Reagan once said, “I believe that more people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.” Even though capital punishment is frequently considered immoral and inhumane, it may prevent or mitigate the chance of serious crimes, including...

Capital Punishment

Discussion of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is too harsh discipline, no matter what the person has done. It was invented in ancient times for the legal destruction of hazardous criminals and all people who did not fit into society for any reason. An experimental theory of solving global problems took root cause of society’s...

Capital Punishment

Human Fallibility in Capital Punishment

Human fallibility will always be present in capital punishment cases, regardless of the objectivity of the process or the distance that jurors put between themselves and the person on trial. The first issue is the underlying human bias. Each person has it and it cannot be consciously eliminated. In the...

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty: Lethal Injection in California

Summary In the USA, unlike in Europe, there is such a punishment for people who have broken the law as the death penalty. Although many states have stopped performing it, the majority, including California, still impose the death sentence on felony defendants. There are several ways of performing the death...

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Political Ideology

Political Participation in Christian Worldview

Before discussing how my participation in Indonesian politics can be evaluated through the lenses of the Christian Worldview, it is important to mention that the latter is not a fixed set of rules. Indeed, Bible is quite open to various interpretations, and therefore there is no unity in opinion on...

International Relations

Developing System for Refugees of War and Conflict

Currently, the most severe crisis connected with the issue of refugees is the Syrian refugee crisis, fueled by the start of the Civil War in 2011. Thousands of people have fled the fighting to neighboring nations by May 2011, with countless more displaced within Syria. When troops invaded and fought...

International Relations

Canada and Liberal Internationalism

Liberal internationalism is not the same as neoliberalism or market fundamentalism. The goal of liberal internationalism is to build an open world economy without negatively affecting social welfare and employment stability. Liberal internationalism, by definition, combines two somewhat different strands: liberalism and internationalism. Internationalism focuses more on ideas of world...

International Relations

Aspects of North Korea Showdown

Introduction North Korea’s success in developing nuclear weapons is a serious international problem. Sanctions are being imposed to solve it, negotiations are being organized, and summits are being held, but it is impossible to get out of the Korean crisis. There are many jokes and anecdotes about this, one of...

Public Policy

Fines for Lack of Insurance in Americans

Insurance, on the one hand, is a medical decision concerning an individual. On the other hand, a public event aimed at preventing infection and complications. In addition, it is a public health measure and an activity to ensure that people’s health is maintained. Insurance can be considered an effective public...

International Relations

The Fight of the USA, Russia and China for the Title of Supremacy

Introduction At the current time, there are three countries with significant differences that all fit the role of the supreme leader. According to the theoretical concept of systemic wars, specific war cycles could predict the time of the next conflict. The conflict occurs as a result of collected tension, and...

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American Government: Checks and Balances

Similarly to the government structure established globally, the American government consists of three key branches, namely, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial ones (Lawton, 2020). The specified approach to the separation of powers allows maintaining the principles of democracy. By ensuring that the approach toward managing legal and political...


The Confrontation Between the Ontario Government and Indigenous People

I feel very involved in the confrontation between the Ontario government and indigenous people, and I sincerely hope that this conflict transforms into cooperation. Our society is multicultural, and I strongly believe that the government should provide equal opportunities to people of any background. However, unfortunately, indigenous people have suffered...


Permanent Campaign and Its Effect on Governing Process

Introduction A political campaign has become an essential part of the political process in the United States and most other democratic states across the world. Political campaigns provide voters with the necessary information about candidates, so they can make their choice on a person who can represent them in Congress...


Political Endorsement and Its Potency

Generally, voters quickly acknowledge to pollsters that candidates’ stances on issues influence their votes much more than their attributes. According to the article by Morning Consult (2018) on measuring the potency of political endorsement, my perspective is that political endorsement matters because every person has a different perception that affects...


The Strategy of the National Popular Vote Movement

In the United States, election contenders are nominated directly through popular votes. But for the vice president and the president are not directly chosen by the people. Instead, they are selected through a process referred to as Electoral College by ‘elector’. The United States constitution dictates the procedure of using...


Texas Political Events: Lyle Larson’s Resignation

An article published on October 13, 2021, announces that the Texas state representative Lyle Larson will not be competing for another term in 2022. The Republican state official represented House District 122 in San Antonio, and it was previously suggested that he would not continue his career as a state...


Texas Political Events: Abortion Ban

The article by Ellingson et al. discusses the infringement of women’s reproductive and birthrights following the enactment of Senate Bill 8. Lasswell’s definition would suggest that, since September 1st, anti-abortion groups and medical professionals in Texas have obtained a legally viable reason to deny the procedure if the fetus’ heartbeat...


Low Voter Participation in Democratic Countries

Low voter participation poses considerable threats to the basis of democratic countries as many groups of people may have no representation in their governments, which eventually leads to social tension. Although the presidential elections of 2020 in the USA were characterized by the highest voter turnout since the 1910s, it...