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Latest Politics Essay Examples

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Public Policy

Social Policies That Have Affected Family Members

Introduction Nowadays, people view policies differently, with one group of people accentuating the positive aspects of a certain regulation and another group not seeing any difference. Yet, it should be noted that there are both beneficial policies and those that seem to have a negative influence on people’s lives. In...

Military Leadership

Army Training Principles Regarding Subordinate Leaders

There are several basic principles when organizing and controlling an army to be followed. Considering them is necessary for the Army to be appropriately structured, motivated, disciplined, and most importantly, successful. Mission command must be lived and trained on a daily basis in order to develop leaders, troops, and units...

Military Leadership

Principles of Mission Command in Operation Anaconda

Introduction What makes a commander’s mission orders authoritative and direct but also adaptive and agile? It is important to note that the principles of mission command are critical in a combat setting and operation. In order to properly understand the core principles of mission command, it needs to be defined....

Public Policy

Abortion Policies in the US, Sweden, Dominican Republic, and Israel

Introduction Over the years, abortion has been a controversial issue in the world. Countries like the US, Israel, Dominican Republic, and Sweden have formulated abortion policies. Sweden has authorized abortion as a social welfare system. For example, the Abortion Act of 1974 states that all Swedish women have the right...

Public Policy

History and Evolution of Policing

The United States has undergone significant policy evolution in establishing its current criminal justice system. America was once a British colony where people like Sir Robert Peel helped established constitutional principles. The policy eras can be divided into political, reform, and community depending on the objective of the activists and...

Public Policy

Nullification of Arbitral Awards in the UAE

Introduction This essay aims to describe the specifics of international arbitration applicable to the United Arab Emirates. Problematic legal situations arising from inconsistencies and contradictions in the judicial codes of the UAE and other countries are considered. Within the framework of international trade arrangements, the Emirates is one of the...

Public Policy

Government Surveillance and Privacy Infringement

Introduction The notion of privacy has become increasingly muddled in the modern world, characterized by the rapid onset of technology. The pandemic of COVID-19 brought a new struggle to the ethical and legal implications surrounding the balance of public health and safety with the right to privacy. Therefore, the question...

Military Leadership

Military World of Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel”

The issue of gender equality is an urgent topic that has become especially rushed in recent years, and, in Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel,” the controversial environments and identities are discussed through the prism of military education. On the one hand, there is a world where cadets have to complete their...

Law Enforcement

Decision-Making Process for a Police Officer

Scenario: You are a state patrol officer, on duty, who has observed a car unable to stay in its lane. When you pull the car over, you realize that the driver is also a state patrol officer who you know well and whose wife has a friendship with your wife....


The Electoral College Abolishment Reasons

Introduction When US citizens vote, they do not elect their next president. Instead, they vote for state representatives who are responsible for selecting the next president through the Electoral College. The Electoral College has been a part of the American democracy for centuries. However, scholars argue that the decision was...

International Law

The Direct Effect (and Supremacy) of European Law

Background The association between the European (E.U.) Law and Member State (M.S.) laws has been underpinned by three Treaties that establish the E.U. Community. The Treaties, EURATOM, ECSC, and EEC, have been central in creating the features that govern the relationship between the two entities. They represent more than a classical...

International Organizations

The History, Status Quo, and Role of the European Union

The creation of the European Union economic and political bloc was an unprecedented and bold experiment in the late-20th century, that few thought would succeed. For nearly three decades, the EU continues to exist, but as outlined in the article by Kaiser (2017), there are two distinct perspectives on the...

Political Theory

Relation Between Morality and Politics

The political relationships between different countries can be understood only by analyzing the basic principles of legislation formation. Many political conflicts can be solved more efficiently when the correlation between morality and politics is researched in detail. Even though this topic is well-researched, within the current political situation, many immoral...

Law Enforcement

Applying the MARS Model to a Police Article

Individual conduct can be elucidated by unfolding different comportment in an organizational setting and proposing a vital archetypal of individual conduct and its insinuations. Equally, this model emphasizes four features that directly influence worker conduct and concert: motivation, ability, role perceptions, and situational aspects. Worker enactment will agonize if one...


Texas Legislative Branch, Redistricting, and Elections

The process of redrawing borders takes place in the country almost every ten years. This is reflected in the change in the original structure of the boundaries of legislative bodies and congressional districts. This process makes sense since the composition of the population changes over a certain period. Therefore, to...

Political Theory

Analysis of Utilitarianism Theory and Its Aspects

Abstract The goal is to demonstrate that utilitarianism theory should not be used when making ethical decisions due to its massive disadvantages outweighing its strengths. Introduction It is important to note that utilitarianism is a consequentialist theory, where morality is derived not from the action or actor but from the...

Public Policy

The Importance of Anti-Stalking Legislation

Legislation is one of the essential principles of the existence of humankind in the modern civilization and society. Thanks to the laws and their enforcement by the executive authorities, society is safe and restricted from criminal activities. One of the manifestations of socially dangerous acts is stalking. This work explains...


President Joe Biden’s Job Analysis

Introduction The President of the United States is an important figure in international politics. The candidate should have various soft and hard skills to govern one of the most strategically, technologically, and socially advanced countries globally (“For all America’s success in helping Ukraine”, 2022). However, the representatives of the people...

International Relations

China-Vietnam: Political Relationships

Asia News Monitor. “Vietnam/China: Vietnam Is Following China in its Economic Development”. Thai News Service Group, Web. The article compared the differences in economic development between Vietnam and China. The article defines that Vietnam follows the development of China with a decade lag (Asia News Monitor). The article illustrates the...

Public Policy

Hispanic Migrants and American Dream: Reflection

Latinos are now not only the most prominent and youngest ethnic group in the United States, but they are also the most dynamic force shaping the future of the United States. Every aspect of American culture, every facet of American society, is now being reshaped by Hispanics. Their culture has...

Public Policy

Influence of Public Opinion on American Politics

Introduction Public opinion has been a significant tool in democratic countries’ politics, including the United States. Politicians have often made numerous decisions depending on public opinion, even when these decisions are contrary to their beliefs. This paper provides an in-depth discussion of how public opinion influences American politics. How Public...