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Public Policy

Freedom of Speech Among Military Men and Women

Introduction One of the public policy issues that face profound controversy is the freedom of speech among the military men and women. The American military characters possess the citizenship identities hence qualifying to enjoy the rights of a common nationality. However, in the case an officer offers in-depth information regarding...

Public Policy

Health Policy for Aboriginals in Australia

Australia. Department of Health. (2013). National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan: 2013-2023. Department of Health. The source provides a piece of information on the Australian government’s strategy on improving life and health conditions for the Aboriginals by providing indigenous people with the same opportunities and access to healthcare...

Public Policy

The Australian Government’s National Health Plan

Introduction National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan is the government policy that has been developed to eliminate the gap in the well-being of the indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The Australian aboriginal society has been facing many issues, and one of them is an access to the healthcare. In...

Public Policy

Legalizing Marijuana by the Federal Government

The library I visited was Dublin City Library in Dublin Civic Center. My study topic entailed the legalization of marijuana under the federal government. The target audience for the study topic were youth, federal leaders, and parents. These individuals can give the best view on the matter. Debates have arisen...

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty Sentencing and Racial Discrepancies

Eighty-five years ago, America’s last public execution transpired in Kentucky and 20,000 people gathered to watch it as a grotesque form of crowd entertainment akin to modern circuitry (Ndulue, 2020). In 2021, the closest contact most people have had with lethal punishment is a controversial topic for discussion. Rates of...

Public Policy

Overcrowding in the Dubai Emergency Department

Policy title The overcrowding of patients in the emergency department in the Dubai government sector Description of Policy Problem There is a problem related to emergency departments in Dubai healthcare. Despite numerous models of care that have been developed to reduce overcrowding and processing time in the emergency room, the...

Public Policy

US Gun Control as a Public Policy Issue

Public policy issue Gun control is a widely debated topic in the United States. However, the law protects an individual right to self-defense, which includes carrying firearms. Right-to-carry (RTC) laws allow civilians to have concealed handguns away from home with or without permits depending on the state. Around 74% or...

International Relations

Nuclear Weapons, Conventional Wars, and International Interventions

Introduction Nuclear weapons occupy a peculiar position in the arsenals of modern nation-states – that is, the limited number of countries that actually have the capacity to develop, maintain and deliver them. On the one hand, they are one of the deadliest, most destructive, and least discriminating weapons at humanity’s...


Stop Voter Suppression and Stand Up for Voters’ Rights

The research paper addresses the topic of voter suppression and voters’ rights. The right to vote is one of the leading indicators of a democratic society. It belongs to a category of fundamental human rights every person possesses. Since the beginning of the 21st century, numerous acts have been passed...

Public Administration

Full Automation in Public Sector Governance

Abstract Ethically, all public leaders have to strive to ensure proper public sector governance. Although the public often holds their leaders responsible for the implications of their governance, it is not a task that can be completed by one person. Due to this, it is common to find Boards that...

Public Policy

Presidency, Bureaucracy, and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is a priority area of policymaking, as well as how it allows for protecting the interests of the state in the international arena. However, the policymaking process is extremely complex due to the influence of many factors and the presence of various actors. While the main actors are...

Political Ideology

The Rise of Hindu Nationalism and Desecularization

Abstract This study aims to explore the impact that Hindu nationalism has had on desecularization in India. Four research questions underpin the current investigation. They explore the roles played by Indian political movements in creating a unified vision of the state, the influence of rising Hinduism sentiments on the country’s...

International Trade

International Trade of the United States

Several global and regional trade agreements help the United States carry out bilateral business with member countries under the complicated and ever-expanding body of primary law. Through the laws, the U.S. is a member state to certain international and treaties agreements, case laws in trade dispute settlement, and national legislation...

Military Leadership

Analysis of Operation Anaconda Case Study

Introduction Begun and completed in 2002, operation Anaconda became the largest operation held in Afghanistan under United States’ tactical management. The army’s accomplishments and faults that were experienced in terms of the preparation and execution were fully counted by the US army. As a result, this operation positively impacted US...

Military Leadership

Operation Anaconda: Ties to the Seven Principles of Mission Command

Introduction On March 2, 2002, Major General Franklin L. Hagenbeck launched Operation Anaconda to clear al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters from their stronghold in the Shah-i-Kot Valley, Afghanistan. Anaconda involved over 2,000 troops from the coalition members — the USA, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Afghanistan (Geibel,...

Public Policy

Discussion of Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Overview Vehicle Insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect your property interests related to the cost of fixing problems with your vehicle. Such problems can be breakdowns, accident recovery, theft, and damage. The widespread use of automobiles came after World War I, but insurance issues were not raised. There...


Biden Warns of US Peril From Trump’s ‘Dagger’ at Democracy

The article of Mascaro et al. (2022) is dedicated to the issue of democracy in the US. More precisely, the article addresses the one-year anniversary of the riot at the US Capitol initiated by the supporter of the former president Donald Trump. Therefore, the purpose of Mascaro et al. (2022)...

Political Ideology

Political Concepts in “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli

Introduction The current President of the United States is Joseph Biden; he is the American leader, and one may compare it with the “ideal prince” described by Niccolo Machiavelli in 1532 in his work The Prince. The times are different now, and probably not all descriptions from there will be...


Political Division of the United States

The United States has a long history of political division, with the country battling with political fissures. Starting in the 1790s, a conflict emerged between America’s first political parties. These included the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton and the Republicans under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson. The two parties were...

Political Theory

Analysis of Liberalism Aspects

Liberalism does not differ from many other theories in that it establishes that academic research should be based on a commitment to a scientific approach in the process of constructing a theory. This factor contributes to the acquisition of a given approach of a more positivist and socio-scientific side of...

International Relations

Current Situation in Ukraine Analyzed on the Domestic and International Levels

On a domestic level of analysis, one would have to explain the current situation in Ukraine through the factors internal to the country’s political landscape. From a realist perspective, a domestic level analysis reveals that the Western and Russian support for different political forces in Ukraine led to the change...