89 Communism Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Communism Research Paper Examples

  1. Nation-State Characteristics
    A nation-state is a state that acquires its political identity from the sovereign service that it offers a particular country.
  2. European Union as an Economic and Political Integration
    There are two types of integration: economic and political integration. The European Union is a classic case of economic integration with measured political integration.
  3. Truman’s Inaugural Address
    In his address, Truman revealed the main ideological differences between confronting powers and elaborated on his foreign policy that was made of four direct points.
  4. Tocqueville and the Idea of America Moving toward Communism
    Since the evolution of the political thought is defined to a degree by the factors outside of political influences, estimating the development choices of avenues is a challenging task.
  5. Classical Liberalism: Review
    Classical Liberalism is a modern ideology, which is based around a notion of natural rights. It was established in the late 17th and 18th centuries.
  6. McCarthyism and its Aftermath
    It is possible to note that McCarthy’s position and political agenda helped him gain popularity and political power.
  7. Marxism: Speech for the Presentation About Marxism
    The paper will tell about Marxism, its history, fundamental theories, and principles, as well as its significance for the world and science.
  8. Transformation to Communism and Societal Problems
    Communism is fascinating in the way that it is humanistic, aiming to improve people’s lives and establish justice for everyone.
  9. The US Foreign Policy vs. Soviet Domestic Failures
    In December 1991, the Soviet flag over the Kremlin was replaced by the symbol of the new post-Cold War era—the Russian tricolor.
  10. Changes in the 20th Century International Politics
    The present paper looks at the most significant issues in international politics in the twentieth century that caused the most significant changes to take place across the world.
  11. Communism and Fascism: An Analysis of the Theory of Self-Control
    Comparing the examples of communist and fascist dictatorships to the current democratic systems can highlight certain areas of concern.
  12. Hernando de Soto’s Opinion on Communism
    Having gotten familiar with Hernando de Soto’s viewpoint on communism, it seems clear that he considered most promises of the left empty and illusory.
  13. Refuting the Advantages of Communism
    Peruvian economist and writer Hernando de Soto have spent decades researching the economics of the developing and post-Soviet world.
  14. Marxist-Inspired Theory: Why It Is Still Relevant
    The paper discusses Marxist-inspired theory, the ways in which it was different from other theoretical traditions, and why it remains relevant in the 21st century.
  15. Socialism and Communism According to Marx and Engels
    "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx and Engels discusses three types of socialism: conservative socialism, critical-utopian socialism, and reactionary socialism.
  16. Building a Communist Society in East Germany
    The paper discusses why did East Germany become the place where the realization of the Marxian utopia of building a communist society was destined to occur.
  17. Rise of Communism in Biblical Perception
    This essay describes the factors that promoted the rise of communism, what hindered its growth, and the biblical perception of resistance to this movement.

🏆 Best Communism Essay Titles

  1. Restricting Communism With the Marshall Plan
  2. Postwar Communism and Its Spread
  3. The Berlin Wall and the Fall of Communism
  4. Communism and Marxist Ideologies and the Soviet Union
  5. Reasons Why Communism Fails in Eastern Europe
  6. Peaceful Transition From Communism in East-Central Europe
  7. Communism and Its Effects on the United States
  8. Political Changes Gave Birth to Communism in Russia
  9. “Manifesto of the Communist Party” by Karl Marx
    In his work “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, Karl Marx highlighted various elements of his criticism of capitalism, such as the class struggles and wage-labor disparity.
  10. America, Communism and the Cold War
  11. Communism Only Works for Urban Society
  12. Poland: Councils Under Communism and Neoliberalism
  13. Relationship Between Communism and Fascism
  14. Democracy and Communism During World War II
  15. Chinese Communism Strengths and Weaknesses
  16. Differences Between Communism and Democracy
  17. America and the Fear of Communism
  18. Communist Nations Divisions During the Cold War
    This essay intends to illuminate the divisions that existed between the communist bloc nations during the cold war.
  19. Six Reasons Communism Fell in the Soviet Union
  20. Europe Undivided: Democracy, Leverage, and Integration After Communism
  21. Communism and Its Effects on Australian Society and Politics
  22. Reasons for the Downfall of Communism in the USSR

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Communism

  1. Individual and State Roles in Communism According to Marx and Engels
  2. The Better Things That Happened After the Fall of Communism in Europe and the U.S.
  3. Political, Social, and Economic Factors Contributed to the Fall of Communism
  4. Communism and the Need for Political Action
  5. The Cultural Revolution in China – Causes and Effects
    This paper will look at the impact of the communist ideology on the Cultural Revolution that marked China from 1966 to 1976. Throughout the Cultural Revolution, Mao relied on the Chinese youth.
  6. Stalin’s Worldview and the Application of Communism
  7. Individual and State Roles in Communism According to Marx
  8. Problems Resulting From the Fall of Communism
  9. Socialism and Communism After Marx
  10. Containing Communism Through CIA Covert Operations
  11. Communism: Post World War II Events
  12. Communism, Mind Control, and Acts of Rebellion for Freedom
  13. Communism and the Political and Economic Theory
  14. Poverty and the Beauty of Communism
  15. Europe’s Challenges After WWII and the Transition Away From Communism
  16. Post-communism: The Road From Democratic Transition to Democratic Consolidation
  17. Russia Communism Power Structure
  18. History and the Rise of Communism in Russia
  19. Karl Marx as the Co-originator of Communism
  20. The Albanian Government: From Communism to Democracy
  21. Individual and State Roles in Communism According to Marx and Engels

❓ Communism Research Questions

  1. How Far Did Soviet Communism?
  2. How Did the Australian Government Respond to the Threat of Communism After WWII?
  3. Why Was Communism Victorious in Vietnam?
  4. Why Is the Transition From Communism So Difficult?
  5. How the United States Contained Communism in the Cold War?
  6. Why Did Karl Marx Think Communism Was the Ideal Political Party?
  7. Why the Vietnam War War an Unsuccessful Effort by the United States Against Communism?
  8. How the Anti-communism Cold War Undermined Some U.S. Freedoms?
  9. How Albania Changed From a Communism to Democracy?
  10. How Did Australia Respond to Communism Both Internationally and Domestically?
  11. Has Communism Been Good for Cuba?
  12. Why Did North Vietnam Embrace Communism?
  13. Why Modern Communism Failed?
  14. Why Does Communism Work for China but Not for Russia?
  15. When and Why Communism Emerged?
  16. How Was America Affected by the Fear of Communism Between 1945 and 1960?
  17. Why Was the USA Unable to Defeat Communism in Asia Between 1965-1973?
  18. How Did Communism Influence U.S. Foreign Policy After WWII?
  19. How Was China Lost to Communism?
  20. How the United States Attempted to Stop the Spread of Communism Post-WWII?
  21. How Far Was Fear of Communism the Main Reason for the Rise to Power of the Nazi Party?
  22. How Did Australia Respond to the Threat of Communism in 1950?
  23. How Far Was the Threat of Communism the Main Reason for Hitler Becoming Chancellor?
  24. Why Did Communism and the Soviet Union Collapse by 1991?
  25. How Was Cuba and China Lost to Communism?
  26. Was Mikhail Gorbachev Responsible for the Fall of Communism in Russia?
  27. How Did Modern Communism Fail?
  28. How Did Communism Succeeding in China Affect U.S. Foreign Policy?
  29. When and Why Communism Emerged?

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