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    👍 Impromptu Speech Topic Generator: the Benefits

    🤝 User-friendlyEnjoy a simple and intuitive interface.
    💸 Free to useDon’t waste your money & time watching ad videos.
    ⏰️ FastJust add the keywords and get a list of ideas.
    🎓 Made for studentsUse the tool that was specifically designed for students.

    ✅ Impromptu Topic Generator: Why Use It?

    1. The impromptu topic generator is quick and as easy as possible. It is a valuable benefit when the deadline is pressing and you are almost out of time. The entire search process will not exceed 5 minutes, including when you read through the results.
    2. It generates random topics in any subject area. All you have to do is select the direction of thought and press the button.
    3. The impromptu speech topics generator has an extensive database of titles. You will always have something to choose from. Otherwise, you can try another search request.

    🕺 Impromptu Speech: What Is It?

    An impromptu speech is all you say after being asked to congratulate someone at a birthday party.

    It is a funny joke you suddenly decide to share with your friends.

    And it is your answer during a viva exam. This spoken genre happens whenever a person speaks without preparation or with very little time to do so.

    Why do we need impromptu speeches? There are 2 answers.

    • In everyday life, 99% of what we say is non-prepared, although we don’t mind it. We become stressed only when a special occasion requires public speaking, i.e., delivering a speech in front of an audience. For example, you may be asked to speak up at a wedding, anniversary party, or even baby shower.
    • In middle school and later on, teachers will often suggest you give a comprehensive answer. It mostly happens at oral examinations or when a professor wants to highlight the importance of preparation. But in any case, the assignment trains your social skills, self-reliance, and improvisation abilities.

    📝 How to Prepare for an Impromptu Speech

    Choose a topicSometimes the topic becomes clear from the occasion or the teacher’s question. But when you are supposed to come up with the subject immediately, there are two ways: brainstorming or our impromptu topic generator.
    Draft the key pointsDon’t think about how to start here. A tiny piece of advice: the more you stress over the first words, the less time you’ll think about the main body. Get into the action and note the main ideas you want to share.
    Memorize the pointsThe point here is to make sure you won’t have to read from the paper. Underline the most important word in each line. You’ll embellish them with details during the speech itself.
    Quickly think of a hookDid you know that a good first line and a memorable ending are the secrets of an effective speech? We will give you some valuable ideas below.
    Take a deep breath & start speakingSay what you’ve prepared as a hook. Then move on to your key points. Try to dedicate the same time to each of them so that the speech sounds structured. When you are done, improvise a take-home message for the conclusion.

    💡 30 Impromptu Speech Topics

    1. Why are lies the most helpful thing in the world?
    2. A thoughtless youth is a way to thoughtful adulthood.
    3. The efficiency of chocolate ice cream against depression.
    4. Will my cat eat me if I die?
    5. Women empowerment: how to achieve complete equality?
    6. If you need to open a new door, find a new key.
    7. The monsters in our heads: Why is the darkness so scary?
    8. Would there be obese people if suddenly all the sugar on the planet disappeared?
    9. Why being a child is so difficult.
    10. Should Americans elect their president directly?
    11. The more expensive our phones become, the fewer friends we have.
    12. Why is the bed the “total recall” place?
    13. What would I ask Santa to bring me for Christmas if he existed?
    14. Are there any advantages in Communism?
    15. The source of our fear: Why clowns are uncanny.
    16. Men are more talkative than women, but they are ashamed to admit it.
    17. Patriarchal myths in Disney stories.
    18. Geopolitics is a thing of the past.
    19. What I did last summer: How not to spend a vacation in high school.
    20. Psychology doesn’t work because we are all unique.
    21. We lie to ourselves more often than to other people.
    22. A good friend is someone with whom we carry on more profound conversations.
    23. Common sense is not as common as we may think.
    24. What are the advantages of democratic form of government?
    25. You can be too busy watching the rain or reading a book.
    26. Why are some subjects worse than others?
    27. How social media rob our lives.
    28. Unfortunately, Cinderella’s shoe would fit many other girls in real life.
    29. Pop icons are all the same.
    30. Social issues: will people ever stop smoking?

    Need more? Use the impromptu topic generator featured above on this page.

    ⭐️ Impromptu Speech Format: 3 Possible Structures

    Find below 3 possible templates that will help you quickly structure an impromptu speech.

    5 Ws Structure

    5 Ws are the best when you need to make a persuasive speech or motivate people to do something for you.

    • Who does your statement refer to?
    • What are your common goals with these people?
    • Where is or will the process take place?
    • When will it all happen?
    • What do you expect as a result?

    PREP Structure

    PREP is the best structure for any “paragraph” of your speech.

    • Point: Make a clear statement about your impromptu speech topic.
    • Reason: Why did you think of this point?
    • Example: Illustrate it with several examples.
    • Point: Make a concluding remark.

    STAR Structure

    STAR is the best for a job interview and other work settings.

    • Situation: Where are you now?
    • Task: What have you done?
    • Action: Which actions did you do to complete the task?
    • Result: Outline the consequences and their benefits.

    🎣 Impromptu Speech Starters: 4 Ideas

    Under the conditions of time pressure, the possible choice of hooks is limited. You would be very successful if you recall a quote, fact, or statistics that match your impromptu speech topic. Still, you want to produce an impression. What can you do here?

    1. Start with a story.

    Everyone likes stories. Have you noticed that famous public speakers often start their speeches with something fun, weird, or exemplary? Tell about your personal experience, something you heard from a friend, or read in a book. Such things help to establish contact with the listeners.

    • Ask an interesting question.

    It shouldn’t necessarily be a rhetorical question. If circumstances permit, you could interact with the audience. For example, ask them who has never been abroad or eaten porridge (certainly, related to the topic). This technique also helps to save time and think of what you’ll say next.

    • Use a “what if” or “imagine that” phrase.

    What if we’re all blind? Imagine you have never seen a child in your life. These fit-all hooks will make everyone think about your words and look forward to what you’ll say next.

    • Keep silent.

    Ten seconds of silence can tune up the speaker. Moreover, they will attract the audience’s attention, as people mostly expect you to start the speech right away.

    📌 Impromptu Topic Generator FAQ

    What Is an Impromptu Speech?

    An impromptu speech is held with no or little time for preparation. You learn that you are expected to deliver a spontaneous speech minutes or even seconds before you stand up and start it. This oral genre is popular at public meetings, solemn events, birthday parties, and job interviews.

    What Topic Should I Do for a Short Impromptu Speech?

    If you know your audience, select something interesting for everyone. If your listeners are too diverse or you see them for the first time, choose something fun that inspires you at the same time. You will always deliver a more efficient speech while speaking about something you enjoy.

    What Are Some Good Impromptu Topics?

    • Humans will be the cause of the world’s ending.
    • Housework should be paid in a couple.
    • Why can’t we enjoy our lives to the full extent?
    • Videogames don’t make us more aggressive; society does.
    • Is it possible to save all the childhood friends?

    How to Give Impromptu Speech on Unfamiliar Topics?

    • Don’t panic and realize it is ok to feel nervous before speaking publicly.
    • Evaluate how much time you have for the speech.
    • Divide the time into sections and dedicate each to explaining one point.
    • If you don’t have enough points to describe, use something you know well, which is the closest to the speech topic.

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