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Need to create a correct thesis statement for your paper? Try the thesis corrector that we offer! This online tool will help you formulate a perfect thesis.

Works for informative, descriptive, expository, explanatory, and persuasive essays
e.g. Liberal democracy is the best form of government
e.g. It ensures the representation of various social groups
e.g. Some scholars argue that autocracies are more manageable
e.g. It ensures the representation of various social groups
(e.g., direct democracy)
(e.g., representative democracy)
(e.g., are forms of government)
(e.g., direct democracy is the earliest form of democracy)
(e.g., representative democracy is a later form)
Result for analytical thesis statement

✅ Thesis Statement Checker Benefits

🦄 IntuitiveFollow the prompts and look at the examples.
💸 Free to useDon’t pay anything or waste time watching ad videos.
📝 MultipurposeMake a thesis for an essay, report, or research paper.
🎓 SmartAdd the necessary information and enjoy the result.

❓ Why Use This Thesis Statement Corrector?

  1. This tool generates custom-made thesis statements for any essay type. It considers all the details required for a unique and correctly formulated thesis.
  2. It will satisfy the needs of newbies in academic writing. They will appreciate the “Show Example” feature. The generator’s free option illustrates what a good thesis should look like and allows to compare it with the user’s result.
  3. Experienced researchers will like how the thesis statement corrector does its job with minor adjustments. It can accelerate the work on a complicated PhD thesis.
  4. The tool is simple and low-maintenance. All you need is this link and internet connection. The software automatically generates the best sentence structure.
  5. This thesis corrector doesn’t require any payments or registration. Just enter your findings and press “Make Your Thesis” button.

🎓 What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence or cluster of sentences that demonstrate the writer’s assertion about the text. It mentions the essay’s central idea and states the author’s insight about it.

Why Is a Thesis Necessary?

Imagine you were a member of a jury at court. You listen to a lawyer’s opening argument. In this speech, the most critical thing for you is whether the lawyer thinks the accused is guilty or not. You also expect to learn how they plan to convince you.

Think of the future reader of your essay as a jury member. They would prefer to know what the text argues before reading too far. Thus, a good thesis statement aims to make the reader think: “The author wants to convince me. I’m not sure if I’ll agree with them, but I shall see how they make the point.”

Check Your Thesis: What It Is Not

It is NOT a “yes” or “no” sentenceFor example, the essay assignment says: “Was the invention of nuclear weapons the principal cause of the Cold War?” Writing: “The invention of nuclear weapons was not the principal cause of the Cold War, but one of the many other reasons.” would be a “no” answer, not a thesis statement.
It is NOT an opinion “The Cold War is the worst international conflict after WWII” is an opinion. Never use superlatives like “worst,” “best,” “the most important,” etc., in a thesis statement.
It is NOT a topic“The causes of the Cold War” is a topic, let alone that it is a sentence fragment.
It is NOT a factual statement“The Cold War began because of the international tension after WWII and the invention of nuclear weapons” is a fact.

🚀 4 Ways to Correct & Check a Thesis Statement

You can correct a thesis statement infinitely, and it is not about grammar or syntaxis. There is no “best and final” version because the ideal is unattainable. Still, we will suggest several approaches to proofreading your key sentence. Besides, you can equally use them to learn how to write a thesis for an argumentative essay.

#1: Check if Your Thesis Can Be Argued

Make sure it is a thesis statement, not a statement of fact. An expository paper also can have an arguable thesis. However, it is not as evident as in argumentative or persuasive genres. Share your thoughts about the topic in a clear and concise manner, but never forget to make it debatable.

Incorrect thesisIn Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the author demonstrated the desire for vengeance.
✔️Correct thesisIn Shakespeare’s Hamlet, vengeance is a positive notion because Medieval people considered it an obligation after the murder of a close relative.

#2: Check if Your Thesis Is Neither Too Broad nor Too Narrow

An effective thesis should balance between encompassing irrelevant things and being so specific that the argument in the essay becomes impossible. With a too broad thesis, you will lack the direction to develop the text. You reword the topic but fail to make a claim. Consider the examples below, where the improved variant acquired a point in the argument.

Incorrect thesisWilliam Shakespeare’s plays describe many psychological problems.
✔️Correct thesisMadness is the recurrent theme in William Shakespeare’s tragic plays that depict reality’s irrationality and disorder.

#3: Check if Your Thesis Is Clear Enough

You can easily mix a vague thesis statement with a broad one (described in the previous point). The difference is that vague statements lack clarity. As a rule, they take the form of author’s observations or an inarguable fact. In the example below, the word “prominent” is too subjective and general. Specifying how exactly he gained his fame, and which characters the essay will analyze would improve the situation.

Incorrect thesisShakespeare was a prominent playwriter who gained fame by creating relatable characters.
✔️Correct thesisThe characters of King Lear, Hamlet, and Lady Macbeth showcase are relatable even today, showing Shakespeare’s mastership as a playwriter.

#4: Check if Your Thesis Has a Purpose

A thesis statement reflects the purpose of writing. Do you plan to inform, entertain, or persuade the readers? Depending on the answer, the thesis should change accordingly. The essay’s purpose dictates the word choice of the statement. Besides, it would be best to preserve this overall tone throughout the paper.

Incorrect thesisFriendship is a crucial relationship for the characters of Hamlet.
✔️Correct thesisThis essay aims to prove that friendship is the only healthy relationship for the characters of Hamlet.

📌 Thesis Statement Checker FAQ

What Is the Correct Format for a Thesis Statement?

The format of a thesis statement is one or a maximum of two sentences long. It should be placed at the end of the introduction and be discernible. It is allowed to start the thesis with a formula “This essay aims to…” or “This text explores…”

How to Write a Correct Thesis Statement?

  1. Refer to the topic.
  2. State your opinion.
  3. List the reasons why you think so.
  4. Write the entire paper.
  5. Edit the draft version, considering the findings and possible changes in your opinion.
  6. Correct the thesis statement using a correction tool.

What Are the 3 Parts of a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement in essay writing consists of three pillars:

  1. The analyzed topic (very brief: several words will do);
  2. The author’s assertion regarding the issue (i.e., what the writer thinks about the problem);
  3. Justification (facts explaining why the opinion is correct).

What Are the 4 Rules for a Good Thesis Statement?

A correct and effective thesis statement should have the following four features:

  1. Raise a debatable issue;
  2. Show which side the author has taken in the debate;
  3. Convey one central idea (if it is an extensive research project, it may include several thoughts);
  4. Be focused and limited to a narrow issue.

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