172 Army Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Army Research Paper Examples

  1. Women Inclusion in the United States Army
    The inclusion of women in ground combat branches in the US Army has been an acutely transforming step forward for decades to come.
  2. Balance of Power Between Iraq and Kuwait
    The balance of power is sufficient for testing the Iraq and Kuwait war. It shows that the nations were self-interested. Iraq wanted to improve its economic situation.
  3. The War in the Middle East and Iraq
    The paper will point out the major events in the Middle region that lead to U.S. war with Iraq and I will focus on the aftermath.
  4. Why Does the Number of Sexual Assault Continue To Increase Throughout the Army
    Cultural stereotypes, alongside the consumption of alcohol and drugs, are the most common contributors to the issue of sexual harassment and violence in the military.
  5. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    This paper will discuss the main foundations and their role in forming the foundation of leadership in the Army.
  6. Women at War: Barriers and Difficulties
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the military and female soldiers as well as to analyze the difficulties and barriers that women in combat face nowadays.
  7. Broadening Assignments Employment in the United States Army
    Through the Broadening Assignments, the Army provides soldiers with opportunities and promising career development, to acquire unique skills and be mentally and physically strong.
  8. Multi-Domain Operations of Army
    The idea of Multi-Domain Operations describes how the U.S. Army should operate in a wide variety of settings and domains.
  9. Roles of Non-Commissioned Officers in the US Army
    NCOs with a rich knowledge base and a broad set of skills can provide the most benefit and ensure that the operation will be successful.
  10. Leadership in the U.S. Army
    Military leadership is aimed at influencing the Army members by providing motivation, direction, and purpose to accomplish the mission.
  11. Military Reserve: History, Function and Purpose
    The federal government, through the department of defense, has remained committed to ensuring the reserve individuals are competent and ready for emergency duties.
  12. How the U.S. Army Maintains the Professional Status
    The US army maintains its professionalism through its doctrine of discretional judgment. Efficiency is the primary principle that drives the military which protects the country.
  13. Women in Combat Roles in the US Army
    If women are allowed to participate in combat roles, popularize the notion and prove to society that they are just as capable of fighting for their country as men are.
  14. What Should the Army Do With the Increase in Its End Strength?
    The army should consider utilizing the extra increased end strength to match the ARFORGEN model and increase the Army National Guard end strength ceiling.
  15. Negative Effects of Military Conscription
    The paper’s goal is to explain that military conscription would make the United States witness adverse consequences, including violating free will, increased crime rates, etc.
  16. Army Sustainment Functions of the Sergeant Major and the Commander Sergeant Major
    This article focuses on the role that the sergeant major and the commander sergeant major play in the modern army.
  17. The Challenges Related to Broadening Assignments
    The issues associated with broadening experiences include the limitations they put on the Soldiers’ career development, the lack of practical knowledge.
  18. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the foundation of army leadership and what is expected of military chiefs.
  19. The Importance of Respect in the Military
    Understanding the essence of customs and courtesies is essential in ascertaining the importance of respect in the military.
  20. Non-Commissioned Officer 2020 Strategy in Army
    The purpose of this essay is to reflect and analyze the changes in the army in connection with the role of a non-commissioned officer in its structure.
  21. The Foundation of Army Leadership: Attributes and Competencies
    The foundation of Army leadership includes attributes and competencies that a person should possess to fulfill the leadership role effectively.
  22. Servant Leadership Within the Army
    Servant leadership involves not just the management of people, but the respect and embodiment of their interests.
  23. Army Values and Recommended Adaptation Approach
    Army values are critical in developing a progressive and disciplined force of soldiers. Ethical values are objective in maintaining an environment of respect among individuals.
  24. The Militarization of Outer Space
    The international space laws and treaties present only diplomatic approaches to deter future militarization of space.
  25. Functions of AMEDD NCO Corps
    This paper discusses the impact of multiple long-term deployments on soldiers, and the effectiveness of Battlemind Training in transitioning home.
  26. Military Transformation in United States
    The paper analyzes Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMT) and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) as some of the shifts the military has adopted to have an advantage.
  27. Army: Problems of Organizational Development
    The purpose of this article is to consider the organizational development challenges faced by a brigade commander using The 56th Heavy Brigade Combat Teams as an example.
  28. Egypt Protester’s Trust of the Army Over the Police
    The Egyptian population mistrusts the police and trusts the army because the police give highly uncertain arrests and punishments.
  29. “The AG Corps Force Development Update” Article by Galassie
    The article “The AG Corps Force Development Update” by Galassie describes the development of a new human resource program for the new units, the Brigade Combats Units.
  30. The Adjutant General's Corps and Its Representatives
    The Adjutant Generals Corps is a branch of the United States military whose mandate is to provide a wide range of services including administration.
  31. Unification of the United States Armed Forces
    The United States unified Army and Air Force, and the Navy and Marines Force is the idea that should be realized by the United States government.
  32. Aspects of Civilian-Military Linkage
    Civilian-military linkage is a vital issue, which goes hand in hand with the social, political, and economic well-being of an established and mature nation.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Army

  1. The U.S Army Readiness: Philippines and Afghanistan
    For decades, the US Army has participated in many battles across the globe. This paper will look at the American soldiers’ readiness during the Philippines and Afghanistan battles.
  2. Prerequisite Expository Essay. Realities of Change
    When talking about the US Army’s values, the first thing that comes to mind is the acronym LDRSHIP. This acronym’s seven letters stand for the seven core army values.
  3. Duty as the Army Value: An Overview
    Representing a complex hierarchy with a specific mission and several objectives, the army needs to be guided by a clear and effective set of principles.
  4. The Foundations of US Army Leadership
    US Army leadership comprises a combination of democratic foundations and values to enhance competencies in administration, development, achievement, and change.
  5. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test
    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test has to be taken by military recruits. It is aimed at determining if a person is suitable for service in the U.S. Army.
  6. Recruiting Practices in the United States Army
    This paper highlights the most important aspects of the recruitment system, and the recruitment processes of the American Army.
  7. The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model
    In this case study, the US Army organization’s output factors are put under analysis based on the Nadler-Tushman Model, for identifying the importance.
  8. The US Army Training & Doctrine Command's Features
    Evaluating the activities of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command includes analyzing its key development areas, its structure and the processes that it accomplishes.
  9. Army Values Overview and Analysis
    Army Values go back in history, and all soldiers must go through detailed training during Basic Combat Training to learn and practice living by these values
  10. Foundations of Army Leadership
    Effective guidance, when appropriately provided, can significantly increase the morality of the soldiers, impacting the success of various military endeavors.
  11. Foundation of Army Leadership. Development of Leadership Self-Efficacy
    The apprenticeship program provides mentoring opportunities hence bringing out more responsible and effective army leaders.
  12. Moral Motivation of Military Officials for Engaging in Torture
    The following paper aims at exploring the progress made in recent decades and, more importantly, determining the reasons for the separate occurrences of violence.
  13. Job Redesign Strategy for a Procurement Technician of the U.S. Army
    Ensuring safe storage and security of the U.S. army’s financial resources in documents is vital for procurement technicians.
  14. Servant Leadership and Its Role in the Army
    This essay eventually investigates the overall idea and impact of servant leadership. The theory's primary aim is to accomplish an environment dependent on common trust.
  15. Army Leadership Foundations
    It is safe to say that the army is one of the primary and necessary government institutions. This paper describes and investigates the foundations of the US Army leadership.
  16. Accountability and Communication in the US Army
    The essay has presented a detailed explanation of what roles accountability and communication occupy in the US Army
  17. Foundations of Army Leadership
    The principles of clarity of purpose, direction, and motivation serve as the basis for very solid army leadership.
  18. Servant Leadership and Followership in the Army
    The purpose of this paper is to identify common and distinctive features of servant-leadership and followership in the army.
  19. The Intelligence War in the Gulf
    The Persian Gulf War, commonly referred to as the Gulf War was a combat operation waged against Iraq by a coalition force comprised of 40 nations.
  20. The Foundations of Army Leadership
    With proper leadership foundations, the Army may become steadier and achieve an exceptional level of resilience in both subordinates and their leaders.
  21. Accountability and the Leadership in Army
    The purpose of this essay is to describe five ways in which a soldier can be accountable in the Army: accountability to superiors, subordinates, peers, oneself, and the country.
  22. Foundations of the Army Leadership and Its Features
    According to the foundations of leadership, a good army leader should possess such attributes as army values, competence, discipline, humility, and Warrior Ethos.
  23. Respect in the Army Importance
    This essay examines the role of respect in the U.S. Army and discusses its importance among soldiers of any position.
  24. Foundation of Leadership for the U.S. Army
    The paper states that an Army leader should be assigned carefully since the success of the whole Army strongly depends on the leader's success.
  25. US Army Training & Doctrine Command
    This study examines the direct transition of military leadership traits into civilian organizations while systematization of transferable traits desirable in business.
  26. The Importance of Establishing Private Military Company
    The paper argues when the war is introduced to society literally as the act of an affair, it is crucial to adequately distribute the national needs in the army inventories.
  27. Foundations of U.S. Army Leadership
    The purpose of this essay is to explore the elements that form the basis of the army leadership in the United States and the connection with the state's government.
  28. Should the US Government Reduce Military Funding?
    Reducing the funds for the military may cause negative consequences for the U. S. and the global economy and provoke various casualties among the functional army divisions.
  29. Colin Powell: Military Operations vs. Army Values
    There have been cases when leaders have conducted tactics or operations that may seem contrary to the Army Values, as well as to the leaders’ personal values.
  30. Sexual Assault in the US Army
    The current paper discusses that the statistics on sexual assault in the US Army remain at the same level from year to year.
  31. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    The paper argues military policy is an essential element of general political and foreign administration activities aimed at ensuring national security of the state.
  32. Army Leadership Competencies
    Army Leadership Competencies are what makes a competent Army leader, and all of them have to be applied to meet the requirements and challenges of the leader’s work.

✍️ Army Essay Topics for College

  1. The Foundation of Army Leadership and Emerging Challenges
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the foundation of Army leadership, this notion means the responsibility of officers to timely address emerging challenges.
  2. Why We Should Have One Year of Mandatory Military Service
    Military service is a type of federal public service, which is the professional service activity of citizens in military positions.
  3. The Foundations of Army Leadership
    Army leadership presents itself as a mixture of several unique leadership styles. It is based on the strict hierarchical structures implied in armies around the globe.
  4. Aspects of Army Leadership
    An essential part of a successful military operation is leadership, which addresses diverse factors and utilizes several techniques and methods.
  5. Procedure for Leading Troops in the Army
    Troop Leadership Procedure is practiced by leaders to prepare soldiers for combat that's why it is imperative to understand the aspects of this procedure.
  6. The Army Combat Fitness Test and Its Development
    One of the key problems that have led to the emergence of the Army Combat Fitness Test is the deteriorated training of the military.
  7. The Reasons Why the United States Should Not Have Leave Afghanistan
    When the United States Army left Afghanistan several months ago, it seemed like the end of political tensions; however, in reality, it was its deterioration.
  8. Foundations of Army Leadership
    Leadership in the military setting allows soldiers to develop discipline, resourcefulness, and professionalism.
  9. Core Army Attributes: Mentorship Attitudes
    The given assessment report will primarily focus on core army or military attributes, which are critical to assess based on recent evidence from the literature.
  10. Leadership in the Military: Building Integrity
    With the emphasis on integrity as the foundational criterion for building a leadership framework, one can attain impressive success in managing the troops' performance and behaviors.
  11. Foundation of Army Leadership: Lead, Develop, and Achieve
    This paper examines the foundation of army leadership by discussing the three core competencies of an army leader, including leading, developing, and achieving.
  12. History of Air Defense Artillery in 2000-2020
    Air Defense Artillery (ADA) is a separate branch of the United States Army that applies anti-aircraft weapons like surface tor missiles.
  13. Becoming a Competent Leader: The Be-Know-Do Model in Army
    Becoming a competent leader in the army is a long process that includes the development of personality, which requires strength of mind and daily work on self-improvement.
  14. President Obama's Operation Geronimo and Its Legality
    President Obama had the legal authority to order and execute Operation Geronimo under Constitutional law as the Commander-in-Chief and international laws of armed conflict.
  15. Combating Narco-Traffic in Peru
    The present report investigates the principles of civil affairs in the Army’s Special Forces within the context of the Peruvian narco-traffic in the VRAEM area.
  16. Accountability and Army Leadership Model
    Accountability is a crucial factor that contributes to the Army leaders’ growth. The components of the Army Leadership Model will be implemented if accountability is applied.
  17. Military Budget Cuts: Main Problems and Consequences
    Defense budget cuts significantly harm the military as a social institution, and the personnel and jeopardize economic stability and attitudes toward the state.
  18. The Technological Progress and the Transformation of Leadership in the US Army
    This research aims to analyze the development and implementation of technologies in the United States Army, as well as the evolution of the approach to military leadership.
  19. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    In the army, the priority is an authoritarian leadership style and a lack of attention to interpersonal relationships.
  20. The United States Army's Business Model Canvas
    The vital strategy of the U.S. Army is to deploy the organization's resources effectively and accordingly to internal and external changes, capabilities, and opportunities.
  21. Hassan Ali Khayre: The Greatest Prime Minister
    Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre is a great politician who has already achieved significant results in a number of fields such as the restoration of the army.
  22. UAE Armed Forces' Human Resource Management Strategies
    United Arab Emirates Armed Forces were started in 1971 to unify seven separate emirates. It is considered to be one of the best-trained, militaries in the Middle East.
  23. Military Technology from the War of 1812 to the Desert Storm
    Military technology has evolved over the past century, with a notable shift toward the use of technologies allowing for greater precision and a much more devastating effect.
  24. Recruiting and Retention in the Canadian Military
    The current paper discusses the main problems with recruitment and retention that the Canadian Armed Forces faces, and the ways to solve them.
  25. Rank Requirements for Occupations of the Canadian Armed Forces
    It is not enough to be a professional to apply for a job in the military because all positions in the Canadian Armed Forces are linked to a certain rank.
  26. Foundation of the Army Leadership
    Army leadership includes history, loyalty, founding documents, accountability, and evolution to function successfully.
  27. Mission Command Principles in Operation Anaconda
    Operation Anaconda might serve as a perfect example of perfect task execution as well as mistakes that can help eliminate tactics in other military operations.
  28. Analysis of the Army Writing Rules
    Army writing should minimize the probability of misunderstanding, for which reason both the form and the content of texts should correspond to the principles of writing.
  29. Military Recommendations to Improve the Army
    Throughout exploring vast research on recommendations for improving the military performance and preparation of troops, five key areas can be distinguished.
  30. The Principles of Mission Command in Operation Anaconda
    Mission Command is an army philosophy of command, which is the basis for the management of soldiers and the direction of their activities.
  31. Political Concepts in “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli
    Many aspects of an ideal prince, described in "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli, such as strong political will, are still existing today.

🏆 Best Army Essay Titles

  1. Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia
  2. Civilian Job Specifications and the Army
  3. Army and Air Force Exchange Services Product Mix and Advantage
  4. American Revolutionary War and British Army
  5. The Irish Republican Army (IRA)
    The Irish Republican Army was a nationalist organization under the leadership of Michael Collins that was made up of the remnant of rebels after the Easter Rebellion of 1916 in Ireland.
  6. Army Strategies, Campaign, and Battles of the Civil War and Reconstruction
  7. Army Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Strategy
  8. Human Resource Strategy for the U.S. Army
  9. Allegations Against the Kosovo Liberation Army
  10. World War II People in “Hitler’s Army
    Bartov’s “Hitler’s Army: Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich” contains some valid ideas, but overall it sounds significantly affected by author’s political biasness.
  11. Accountability and the Army Values
  12. Colombian Terrorist Activity Columbian National Army
  13. Going Through Tests for the United States Army
  14. General Ulio Adjutant General of the Army
  15. The American Revolution: The USA History
    The American Revolution played a pivotal role in the history of the USA. The main stage of the revolution was the War for the Independence of the United States.
  16. Contemporary Leadership Challenges Facing the U.S. Army
  17. Army Promotion System Failures
  18. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  19. Army Accident Reporting Process
  20. Operation Anaconda and Mission Command Principles
    In spite of the challenges faced by the U.S. forces, they have managed to accomplish the goals of the operation due to the application of the six principles of Mission Command.
  21. American Citizen and Former U.S. Army Soldier
  22. Army Problem Solving Model and the Rapid Decision Making and Synchronize
  23. Baron von Steuben’s Impact on the Continental Army
  24. Army Strategic Planning Guidance

🎓 Army Writing Prompts

  1. Changes That Would Benefit Eighth Army and the Enlisted Soldiers
  2. Army Ranger Tactics and Strategy Corporate
  3. American Revolution Women British Army
  4. American Army’s Abroad Actions
  5. American Civil War and Union Army
  6. Imperial Logistics: The Making of the Terracotta Army
  7. Army Reserves and the Army National Guard
  8. Global Combat Support System-Army
  9. Continental Army and How It Was Supplied With Both Men and Equipment
  10. United States Army Recruitment Training and Compensation
  11. Army Rangers History Until World War II
  12. Algeria, the Army, and Independence
  13. Conflict Management Methods in the US Army
    Conflict management is the process of resolving conflicts at a workplace to improve the effectiveness of an organization.
  14. Army Officers Learn From the Military Decision Making Process
  15. Bangladesh Army and Its Development
  16. Civilian and Active Army Personnel Management Policy Differences
  17. Army Training Requirements and Resources System
  18. Salvation Army’s New Strategic Operational Management
    The essay aims to provide a strategic analysis of the Salvation Army’s predicaments and provide recommendations for the future to solve the above-mentioned problems.
  19. Alexander the Great Persian Army Empire
  20. British: British Empire and Main Army
  21. Benito Mussolini and the Italian Army
  22. Army Alpha Testing Groups

❓ Army Research Questions

  1. What Can the United States Army Do to Improve on Enforcing Hearing?
  2. How the German Army Defeat France in 1940?
  3. How the Viet Cong (VC) and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) Won the Vietnam War?
  4. What Makes the Army a Subculture?
  5. What Army Leadership Consists of a Field Manual?
  6. How the Salvation Army Got Its Start?
  7. What Army Recruiters Will Not Tell You?
  8. How Far Was Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Responsible for the Failings of the British Army in 1916 and 1917?
  9. What Should the Army Do With the FCS Program?
  10. What Do the Army Values Mean to Me?
  11. How the Russians Managed to Defeat Napoleon’s Grand Army?
  12. How the Continental Army Win the War?
  13. What Effect Did Valley Forge Have on the Continental Army?
  14. What Made the Roman Imperial Army So Strong?
  15. How Were the Aztec Army, Aztec Religious Beliefs, and Human Sacrifice Linked Together?
  16. How Far Did the New Model Army Contribute to the Defeat of the Royalists in 1645-46?
  17. What Makes the Army So Organized and Effective?
  18. Does the Current Army Promotion Board Structure Create Bad?
  19. How Far Did the New Model Army Contribute to the Defeat of the Royalists in 1645-46?
  20. What Should the Army Do With the Future Combat System Program?
  21. How Accountability Ties Into the Army Values?
  22. How Far Was the Weakness of the Army the Main Reason That the U.S. Failed to Win in Vietnam?
  23. How Important Was the Army in Shaping Revolutionary Change in England 1642-1653?
  24. How the Army Manages Transformation?
  25. How Can Titan Armoured Vehicle Launch Bridge Benefit Indonesian Army Engineers?
  26. How Korean Film, the Host, Portrays the Essential Distrust With the U.S. Army in Korea?
  27. How Important Was Haig’s Role in the Successes and Failures of the British Army From 1916-1918?
  28. How Can Mobile Technology Be Integrated With the Army?
  29. What Makes the Army a True Profession?
  30. How Did the Jewish Partisans Accomplishments in the War Impact the Morale of the Jews and the German Army?
  31. How Chewing Gum Violates the Seven Army Values?

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