79 Conflict Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Conflict Research Paper Examples

  1. Conflict in Syria
    This paper explores the various dimensions of conflict in Syria including its background, participants, effects, challenges, international reaction, and future prospects.
  2. Karl Marx's Ideas: Society Alienation and Conflict Theory
    The paper regards Marx's theories and teachings as progressive because they are directed at searching for balance in society and for the resolution of long-lasting conflicts.
  3. The Conflict in South China Sea
    One of the major territorial disputes that are yet to be resolved is the conflict in South China Sea. The maritime conflict in the South China Sea has existed for over the decades.
  4. Foreign Policy Analysis of International Conflicts
    This paper is focused on the in-depth investigation of the existing methods of foreign policy analysis using specific international conflicts as the background for the research.
  5. Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
    The British emphasized on maintaining a large military establishment in Palestine to enforce the draconian immigration policy.
  6. Is Conflict the Natural Outcome of Interaction?
    This essay will examine the state and interaction in the international system in order to answer the question of whether conflicts between states can be avoided.
  7. Trump's Conflicts of Interest Since Taking Office
    The paper covers the effort of a watchdog non-profit organization to document and keep track of President Trump’s actions.
  8. The Concept of Conflict and Cooperation
    Human beings will not lead the world to destruction, as McNamara stated, as the modern international system has a significant number of institutions to confront it.

🏆 Best Conflict Essay Titles

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  1. African American Korean American Conflict
  2. Capital Mobility, Distributive Conflict, and International Tax Coordination
  3. Blood Diamonds: International Policy Options for Conflict Resolution
  4. Arab Israeli Conflict Prime Minister
  5. Andrew Jackson and His Leadership in Military Conflict
  6. 20th Century Time: Conflict and Turmoil in the World
  7. Building Democracy After Conflict
  8. Borrowing Support for War: The Effect of War Finance on Public Attitudes Toward Conflict
  9. Civil Conflict and Conditional Cash Transfers: Effects on Demobilization
  10. Building Social Sustainability: Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Conflict Management
  11. America’s Most Devastating Conflict
  12. Border Conflict Between the US and Mexico Throughout the Years
  13. Borrowing Trouble: Sovereign Credit, Military Regimes, and Conflict
  14. Balancing Peace With Justice in the Aftermath of Violent Conflict
  15. Azerbaijan Conflict and Oil Supply in America
  16. Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research: Relational and Physical Aggres
  17. Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy
  18. Avoiding Violence and Conflict Between Police and Citizens
  19. Aid, Exchange Rate Regimes and Post-conflict Monetary Stabilization
  20. Arming Opposition: Measuring the Effect of Arms Transfers on Internal Conflict
  21. Aid, Policy, and Peace: Reducing the Risks of Civil Conflict
  22. Breaking the Links Between Conflict and Hunger in Africa
  23. Bosnia and International Conflict Strategies
  24. Civil Wars and the Global Conflict Map
  25. Child Soldiers: The Role of Children in Armed Conflict
  26. Civil Conflict, Federalism and Strategic Delegation of Leadership
  27. American and Iraqi Conflict and Death Count
  28. Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Effects of Marital Conflict
  29. America Creates Criminal Law Out of Social Conflict
  30. American Conflict Throughout History and the Changes in the Government
  31. Building Peace After Armed Conflict in Bosnia
  32. Aid, Policy, and Growth in Post-conflict Societies
  33. Aid for Peace: International Financial Institutions Help Prevent Conflict
  34. Aiding Conflict: The Impact of US Food Aid on Civil War
  35. Armed Conflict: World Issue Which Is on the Agenda
  36. Economic Shocks, Conflict and the Slave Trade
  37. Capital Cities, Conflict, and Misgovernance
  38. America’s Political Conflict Over Obamacare
  39. Arms Transfer Dependence and Foreign Policy Conflict
  40. Anglo-Dutch Conflict Over North America

❓ Conflict Research Questions

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  1. Can Conflict Unite and Divide People?
  2. Does Aid Cause Conflict in Pakistan?
  3. Does the Current Conflict Between the West and Islam Confirm or Contradict?
  4. Does Strategic Commodities Price Respond to US Partisan Conflict?
  5. Does Political Conflict Hurt Trade?
  6. How Can Social Class Help Us Understand Conflict in Contemporary Britain?
  7. How Has Conflict Impacted Afghanistan?
  8. Are Trade Integration and the Environment in Conflict?
  9. How Can Political Trust Be Built After Civil Wars?
  10. Does Partisan Conflict Predict a Reduction in US Stock Market Volatility?
  11. Does Ideology Cause Conflict, or Is It Just an Exacerbating Factor?
  12. Does the Way Civil Wars End Affect the Pattern of Post-conflict Development?
  13. How Has the Armed Conflict in Colombia Affected the Quality of Life of People, Especially in Rural Areas?
  14. Does Partisan Conflict Predict a Reduction in US Stock Market Volatility?
  15. How Has Conflict Between the CIA and FBI Exacerbated US Government Interests?
  16. How Ethnic Structure Affects Civil Conflict?
  17. How Are Elections Impacted by Production, Economic Growth, and Conflict?
  18. Does Third-Party Trade Reduce Conflict?
  19. Does Fiscal Policy Differ Between Successful and Unsuccessful Post-conflict Transitions?
  20. Does Partisan Conflict Impact the Cash Holdings of Firms?
  21. How Does Class Conflict Affect Society and What Are Its?
  22. Does Higher Inequality Lead to Conflict?
  23. Conflict Can Have Tragic Consequences for Ordinary People?
  24. How Does Violent Conflict Affect Investment Location Decisions?
  25. Does Nationalism Inevitably Breed Rivalry and Conflict?
  26. Does Nuclear Deterrence Work in Preventing Conflict Politics?
  27. Does Conflict Beget Conflict?
  28. How Does War and Conflict Affect the Population of a Country?
  29. Does Partisan Conflict Deter FDI Inflows to the US?
  30. How 17th Century Rulers Viewed Conflict?
  31. Does Islam Encourage Conflict and Terrorism?

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