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📝 Conflict Research Paper Examples

  1. International Relations: Should the U.S. Intervene in Syria?
    At the moment, the crisis in Syria is characterized by the regime’s steady loss of command and intrinsic rivalry among the regional powers.
  2. US and Middle East International Relations
    The history and the last events on the world arena showed that the sphere of the international relations in the Middle East represents one of the most discussed and politically sharpened issues in the world politics.
  3. Conflict in Syria
    This paper explores the various dimensions of conflict in Syria including its background, participants, effects, challenges, international reaction, and future prospects.
  4. The World Trade Organization
    The World Trade Organization is an international body that was established to facilitate global trade by promoting liberalization and articulating globally accepted trade rules.
  5. Naming the Arab Countries the "Middle Countries"
    The expression of the term ‘Middle East’ is largely a label developed by the western world about their perception of the Arabs and the Arab world.
  6. Natural Resource Curse
    African nationalities will continue suffering from the "natural resource curse" if the international community does not mediate.
  7. International Society and Relations
    The international society can be comprehended from 3 conceptions: the pluralist vs. solidarist, the practical vs. purposive associations, and the Ottoman problem.
  8. Politics: Iran and Saudi Arabia's Regional Balance of Power
    The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been the main cause of instability in the Persian Gulf. This conflict has elicited debates internationally among Western countries.
  9. International Law for Intergovernmental Organizations
    The newer approach to international law defines it as a powerful force able to enforce policies and confer obligations on sovereign countries and intergovernmental organizations.
  10. Iran and the Western World' Relation
    This paper argues that Iran is using its present power and influence in the affected countries to obtain a better deal in its negotiations with the Western countries.
  11. Karl Marx's Ideas: Society Alienation and Conflict Theory
    The paper regards Marx's theories and teachings as progressive because they are directed at searching for balance in society and for the resolution of long-lasting conflicts.
  12. The United Nations Security Council and Its Power
    The Charter of the UN requires the Security Council to perform specific obligations to facilitate the execution of the role of maintaining global peace.
  13. The Conflict in South China Sea
    One of the major territorial disputes that are yet to be resolved is the conflict in South China Sea. The maritime conflict in the South China Sea has existed for over the decades.
  14. East China Sea: US and Chinese Foreign Policies
    This essay compares how the United States and China approach the East China Sea regarding Japan’s occupation, and the effects that they have had over the region.
  15. China: Military Transformation and Regional Impact
    This paper highlights the reasons behind the concerted efforts by China to strengthen its military. It lists the regional repercussions that may result from this transformation.
  16. Iran’s Foreign Policy Toward the United States
    This paper focuses on the relations between the USA and Iran on the international, state, and individual levels as the relations between the Eastern and Western worlds.
  17. International Relations Questions: United Nations Organization
    The essay describes the role and activities of the UN on the world stage, as well as the popular revolutions in Libya and Tunisia-Egypt.
  18. Is the Current US Policy in the Middle East Effective?
    The twentieth and twenty-first century US policies in the Middle East have somehow concentrated on oil resources in the region.
  19. Israel-Palestine Relationship and State Interests
    This paper outlines the current Israel-Palestine relationship, explains the objectives and preferences of Israel, and explores the interests of the state in various spheres.
  20. Foreign Policy Analysis of International Conflicts
    This paper is focused on the in-depth investigation of the existing methods of foreign policy analysis using specific international conflicts as the background for the research.
  21. Nation-State Characteristics
    A nation-state is a state that acquires its political identity from the sovereign service that it offers a particular country.
  22. Realist and Liberal International Political Economy
    My goal in this paper is to outline the realist and liberal theoretical approaches to the international political economy.
  23. Policeman of the World: the Way to the World Dominance
    The USA has long played the role of the world policeman successfully and contributed to the restoration of peace in many regions.
  24. Security Challenges in the GCC Countries
    One of the most recent conflicts posing significant threats to regional security emerged among Qatar and the neighboring states including Saudi Arabia and its main allies.
  25. United States-East Asia International Relations
    The present report will examine the arguments that oppose the idea that the US should remove or reduce its military powers in East Asia.
  26. Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
    The British emphasized on maintaining a large military establishment in Palestine to enforce the draconian immigration policy.
  27. Violations of Palestinians Rights in Israel
    The Israel-Palestine conflict has been characterized by a series of various events ranging form the emergence of armed struggles to periods of negotiations and even with periods of preparation of further conflicts.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Conflict

  1. China and Taiwan Relations
    The long-run effect of the US support of Taiwan may degenerate to an inconceivable political conflict in the Chinese region.
  2. Reading Critique on Theories on International Relations
    The paper aims to analyze the approaches of realists and pluralists (liberalists) on the issues of law, as well as international legislative regulations.
  3. The Role of the United Nations in Peacekeeping
    According to the UN, peacekeeping is understood as a way of assisting nations affected by conflicts to develop conditions that facilitate sustainable peace.
  4. Israeli Entrepreneurship’ Contribution to Peace in the Gulf Countries
    Analysis of how Israeli entrepreneurship in the fields of water desalination systems, and military defense contribute towards peace and stability in the political order of the GCC.
  5. International Organizations and Interstate Cooperation
    The main purpose of the article is to find out why the States use international organizations (IOs) and what key attributes formal organizations have.
  6. How International Law Prohibits the Use of Force
    International law is aimed to restrict the use of force or the threat of force, still, there are laws, regulating the principles of fair war and the principles of self-defense.
  7. Is Conflict the Natural Outcome of Interaction?
    This essay will examine the state and interaction in the international system in order to answer the question of whether conflicts between states can be avoided.
  8. Political Science: President Trump's Speech
    President Trump’s speech addresses numerous key issues adversely affecting the attainment of fundamental goals.
  9. Trump's Conflicts of Interest Since Taking Office
    The paper covers the effort of a watchdog non-profit organization to document and keep track of President Trump’s actions.
  10. Middle East Democratization
    Democratization can be understood as the process by which a political organization becomes democratic in its ruling. Democracy remains to be the most effective form of governance.
  11. Regional Security Cooperation in Ethiopia
    The United States has enough reasons to increase security power in Ethiopia, relying on its past relationships, recent social changes, and humanitarian potential.
  12. An Analysis of Maritime Boundary Disputes Between Two States
    This essay seeks to illustrate how the dispute between the two nations (State A and State B) listed in the statement of facts can be resolved.
  13. Vertical and Horizontal Federalism in the Us
    Historically, the U.S. federal system has a dualistic nature, there have been two forms of federalism in North America — horizontal and vertical ones.
  14. The Concept of Conflict and Cooperation
    Human beings will not lead the world to destruction, as McNamara stated, as the modern international system has a significant number of institutions to confront it.
  15. International Law and Politics in the Bin Laden Raid, 2011
    Because Bin Laden presented continuing, imminent threat, the U.S. had every reason to secretly enter Pakistan and slay him to ensure human safety and security.
  16. Arab-Israeli Relations
    The Arab-Israeli conflict is a confrontation between several Arab countries, on the one hand, and the State of Israel with the Zionist movement, on the other.
  17. Theory and Practice of International Relations
    This research paper seeks to explore such an aspect as power transition and how it dictates modern global relationships, goals, and expectations.
  18. Government. Illegal Immigrants and National Security
    All policies for illegal entry of immigrants and border security should be reformed with a new line of attack on how to keep drug lords, human trafficking from entering the US.
  19. Exploring the Concept of Just War
    The concept of just war holds that in some cases, war, despite being inhumane and retrogressive, is the only viable means of achieving peace and protecting human rights.
  20. The Militarization of Outer Space
    The international space laws and treaties present only diplomatic approaches to deter future militarization of space.
  21. African Conflicts and Critical Problems
    The most critical problems of Africa are the ones of Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  22. The Geneva Conventions: Aims and Importance
    The Geneva Conventions aimed at protecting the rights of the minority groups within war zones like women and children who are vulnerable to moral evils like rape.
  23. Whose War Is It? How Canada Can Survive in the Post-9,11 World?
    The book "Whose War Is It?" extends on the unwillingness of the Canadian government to fortify the military power and capabilities of their armed forces.
  24. Conflicts of Interest: Disclosure Dilemma for Arbitrators
    This paper examines the conflict of interest in terms of the position of the arbitrator in the dispute and his decision to disclose or keep certain information secret.
  25. Private Military Contractors: Law and Operations
    Private military contractors offer security services that are akin to those offered by the military department employed by the government but in a limited way.
  26. Relations Between the United Arab Emirates and Russia
    Russia and the United Arab Emirates are involved in diplomatic relationships since 1971 but the increase in the development of the bilateral relationships is observed since 2003.
  27. A Dual-Solution Criterion in International Law Application
    This paper recommends a dual-solution criterion (which is hinged on the entity approach) for solving the dilemma of international law application.

✍️ Conflict Essay Topics for College

  1. Dialogue as Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
    Without mutual understanding and flow of communication, the said means are rendered inapplicable. The non-violent methods of settling conflicts are discussed in this paper.
  2. Conflict and Resolution in Government
    Conflict resolution mechanisms are indispensable to an ambitious government. This paper provides an insight into conflict resolution within government organizations.
  3. Police Institutions: Racial and Ethnical Issues
    The minority racial and ethnic groups perceive the police institutions to be under the control of the white majority population.
  4. Public International Law: Osama Bin Laden Killing
    The research concerns the issue of whether killing Osama bin Laden by military forces of the United States of America was lawful under international law.
  5. Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization
    The report discusses the WTO's dispute settlement process, the Uruguay Round, the current settlement process, and specific cases that take a long time to resolve.
  6. United Nations Security Council
    This paper examines cases where the UN Security Council has been able to maintain peace and security around the world, as well as cases where it has not been able to do so.
  7. United Nations: From Creation to the Present Day
    The purpose of this article is to discuss the reasons and goals for the creation of the United Nations, as well as to review progress in achieving these goals.
  8. Barack Obama’s Political Doctrine and Its Elements
    Obama questioned the necessity of the presence of the US in the Middle East. He believed that the resources invested in the region were not worth the benefits gained from it.
  9. Alliances and Strategic Partnerships in 21st Century
    Alliances and strategic partnerships will only continue to benefit the mobilization posture of the U.S. as new threats continue to emerge in the era of great power competition
  10. Holbrooke’s Decisions in the Peace Agreement of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    The complexity of decisions Holbrooke made to resolve the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina is difficult to criticize because of ethnic and political problems.
  11. The Kashmir Conflict and the India-Pakistan Rivalry
    The disagreement has resulted in a fortified insurgence in Kashmir leading to the formation of the Kashmir conflict.
  12. International Community Within the Arab-Israeli Conflict
    The conflict between Israel and Palestine has an impact on the socio-economic and political environment on both regional and global scales.
  13. Threee Modern Military Conflicts
    Citizens play a significant role in the resolution of political and ethnic conflicts that emerge in various nations across the world.
  14. The Role of Russia in the Syrian Conflict
    An analysis of the historical relationship between the two countries reveals that the Russian position has not changed as far as the Syrian conflict is concerned.
  15. Theory and Practice of International Relations
    Diplomatic relationships and foreign policies on sustainability and accountable leadership are used by international institutions to influence interstate interaction.
  16. The Success of the US’ Foreign Policy Goals in the Middle East Since 1956
    In relation to other world powers that had colonized the region, the U.S. was regarded to be popular and respected all through the Arab world
  17. Nelson Mandela: A Historical Case Study of Negotiations
    In the history of humanity, the relations between people, groups, and nations have always been mediated by negotiation and conflict resolution.
  18. Iranian Relations With Azerbaijan and Armenia
    Iran’s current position toward the Nagorno Karabakh issue has shown the state’s propensity toward Realism in its foreign policy.
  19. Conflicting Interests of Social Spending on the Elderly and Children
    When the government spends more money on the elderly than on kids, it regrettably threatens the latter's future.
  20. UAE Winning a Seat in the Un Security Council
    UAE's bid at the UNSC non-permanent seat is a winning bid. This is because it is the only nation from the Arab bloc that has submitted its candidature.
  21. The Intelligence War in the Gulf
    The Persian Gulf War, commonly referred to as the Gulf War was a combat operation waged against Iraq by a coalition force comprised of 40 nations.
  22. Colonialism, Ideology, Ethnicity, Religion, Social Class, and Legitimacy in Africa’s Politics
    The African continent is the home to various cultures and states, many of which struggled to stabilize their policies in the post-colonial period.
  23. The Effectiveness of the United Nations’ Peacekeeping Mission Armed Conflicts
    Within the last few years, the effectiveness of the United Nations has been called into question and greatly criticized.
  24. Just War Theory: The Conflict in Iraq
    Discussing the outcome and consequences of the intervention in Iraq, it isn't easy to find reasons to justify U.S. actions.
  25. Barriers to Peace from the Israeli Perspective
    In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one of the main barriers to peace from the Israeli perspective is its unwillingness to compromise over occupied territory.
  26. The United States and Iran Disagreement
    This essay aims to consider in detail the conflict between the United States and Iran, its impact on governments, and find the most appropriate solutions.
  27. Conflict and Power Relationship in Society
    The understanding of the dynamics of conflict and power enables the development of strategies that can foster an effective relationship between law enforcement and citizens.

👍 Good Conflict Essay Topics to Write about

  1. The US Role in the Palestine-Israeli Conflict
    In this paper, the relationship between Israel and the US will be scrutinized to understand how Israel has a surpassing power over Palestine in the Palestine-Israel conflict.
  2. US-China International Issues and Economic Interdependence
    This paper will reflect on the conflict between the United States and China from the viewpoint of economic interdependence.
  3. Postcolonialism Theory in Understanding Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict
    This paper aims to analyze the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict by applying the postcolonialism theory in the context of their common Soviet past.
  4. Conflicts in London and the Middle East: Nonviolent Approach
    When applied to the conflicts in London and the Middle East, the nonviolent approach could take the form of peaceful political dialogue and civil resistance.
  5. The Fight of the USA, Russia and China for the Title of Supremacy
    This essay will discuss the possible threats from two of the most prominent competitors of the United States for the title of supremacy: Russia and China.
  6. Developing System for Refugees of War and Conflict
    The paper discusses ways of establishing robust refugee systems, which include enabling people to seek asylum and fair examination of their asylum applications.
  7. Presidential Authority in Operation Geronimo
    According to the constitutional scheme, the president could direct the National Command Authority to use armed force against Al Qaeda, including Osama Bin Laden.
  8. President Obama's Operation Geronimo and Its Legality
    President Obama had the legal authority to order and execute Operation Geronimo under Constitutional law as the Commander-in-Chief and international laws of armed conflict.
  9. Reconciliation from Just War Theory Perspective
    Thus, when addressing the notion of reconciliation after the battle, besides spiritual dilemmas people go through, they are faced with complex mental health issues.
  10. Lessons of Vietnam in Afghanistan and Iran Conflicts
    The frustrating experience of Vietnam is indelibly etched in the minds of the American military system, which gave them three main lessons for the future.
  11. The Israel-Palestine Crisis and Conflict
    The paper highlights the Palestine-Israeli conflict and its policy implications for United States interests in the Middle East.
  12. Failure to Halt the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994
    This paper seeks to find the answer to the question of why did the international community fail to halt the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, but did intervene in Libya in 2011.
  13. The Mexican American War Impacts on the Military
    The current paper indicates that the Mexican American War provided several invaluable lessons for the American military and beyond.
  14. The Technological Progress and the Transformation of Leadership in the US Army
    This research aims to analyze the development and implementation of technologies in the United States Army, as well as the evolution of the approach to military leadership.
  15. Nuclear Weapons Capabilities for International Peace
    The overall thesis of the entire research paper is that the use of nuclear weapons is indeed a tool of deterrence, although this influence may gradually cease to be relevant.
  16. Hassan Ali Khayre: The Greatest Prime Minister
    Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre is a great politician who has already achieved significant results in a number of fields such as the restoration of the army.
  17. China-Japan Political Conflicts and Economic Interdependence
    China and Japan do not allow their different views on politics and interaction to affect their economic progress negatively.
  18. Normalization and Peace in the Middle East
    Normalization is touted as the best pathway to peace in the Middle East. There are core issues that are ignored by certain parties to the conflict.
  19. International Conflicts and Human Behavior
    The conflict between the U.S and the Taliban has existed for a long due to terrorism and disagreement between Afghanistan and the United States.
  20. The Management of International Relations
    The management of international relations in the contemporary globalizing world necessitates finding solutions that would satisfy all parties involved.
  21. Conflict and Power: Law Enforcement and Citizens
    Law enforcement officers' capacity to utilize their power is exacerbated by their frequent interaction with relatively powerless and disenfranchised individuals.
  22. Military Conflicts' Impact on Cognitive Functions
    The paper states that military conflicts result in the severe destruction of individual cognitive functions, resulting in multiple disorders.
  23. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Global Conflict Tracker
    The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also known as the contest for Palestine, in its present state is a threat to people's safety.
  24. The Authority of President Obama in Operation Geronimo
    The paper indicates that President Obama authorized operation Geronimo because he complied with domestic and international laws.
  25. Differences Between Preventive and Preemptive War
    A preventive war is a military, diplomatic, and strategic action taken to attack an enemy in the soonest possible time period to generate the greatest advantage.
  26. Racial Background of Mass Incarceration in the US
    The US has the highest number of people incarcerated compared to any other country in the world. Many people are detained because of their racial background.
  27. Institutional and Sovereign Authority in World Politics
    This paper analyzes how gaps between sovereign states and institutions contribute to conflict and possible solutions, including forming alliances, collective security, etc.

🏆 Best Conflict Essay Titles

  1. African American Korean American Conflict
  2. Capital Mobility, Distributive Conflict, and International Tax Coordination
  3. Blood Diamonds: International Policy Options for Conflict Resolution
  4. Arab Israeli Conflict Prime Minister
  5. Andrew Jackson and His Leadership in Military Conflict
  6. Conflict Management in Eastern and Western Culture
    This paper tackles community conflict, it dealing with conflict management in western and eastern cultures and then proposes a conflict management program in communities.
  7. 20th Century Time: Conflict and Turmoil in the World
  8. Building Democracy After Conflict
  9. Borrowing Support for War: The Effect of War Finance on Public Attitudes Toward Conflict
  10. Civil Conflict and Conditional Cash Transfers: Effects on Demobilization
  11. Building Social Sustainability: Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Conflict Management
  12. America’s Most Devastating Conflict
  13. Border Conflict Between the US and Mexico Throughout the Years
  14. Syrian Arab Spring: Conflict Evolution and Solutions
    From the very beginning of the Arab Spring in Syria in March 2011, there were only two parties to the conflict – opposition and the countries supporting them.
  15. Borrowing Trouble: Sovereign Credit, Military Regimes, and Conflict
  16. Balancing Peace With Justice in the Aftermath of Violent Conflict
  17. Azerbaijan Conflict and Oil Supply in America
  18. Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research: Relational and Physical Aggres
  19. Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy
  20. Avoiding Violence and Conflict Between Police and Citizens
  21. The Arab-Israeli Conflict’s Examination
    On May 14, 1948, only a day after Israel was declared a state, the armies of five Arab nations invaded the newly created country.
  22. Aid, Exchange Rate Regimes and Post-conflict Monetary Stabilization
  23. Arming Opposition: Measuring the Effect of Arms Transfers on Internal Conflict
  24. Aid, Policy, and Peace: Reducing the Risks of Civil Conflict
  25. Breaking the Links Between Conflict and Hunger in Africa
  26. Bosnia and International Conflict Strategies
  27. Civil Wars and the Global Conflict Map
  28. Asian Americans and African Americans’ Racial Conflicts
    In the last three decades, America has recorded a notable increase in the number of racial discrimination cases against African Americans as well as Asian Americans.
  29. Child Soldiers: The Role of Children in Armed Conflict
  30. Civil Conflict, Federalism and Strategic Delegation of Leadership
  31. American and Iraqi Conflict and Death Count
  32. Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Effects of Marital Conflict
  33. America Creates Criminal Law Out of Social Conflict
  34. American Conflict Throughout History and the Changes in the Government
  35. Building Peace After Armed Conflict in Bosnia
  36. Cold War – Importance of Communication Ethics During the Conflict
    The following discussion aims to illustrate the importance of communication ethics with reference to Cold War that is an important historical event.
  37. Aid, Policy, and Growth in Post-conflict Societies
  38. Aid for Peace: International Financial Institutions Help Prevent Conflict
  39. Aiding Conflict: The Impact of US Food Aid on Civil War
  40. Armed Conflict: World Issue Which Is on the Agenda
  41. Economic Shocks, Conflict and the Slave Trade
  42. Capital Cities, Conflict, and Misgovernance
  43. America’s Political Conflict Over Obamacare
  44. Arms Transfer Dependence and Foreign Policy Conflict
  45. Anglo-Dutch Conflict Over North America

❓ Conflict Research Questions

  1. Can Conflict Unite and Divide People?
  2. Does Aid Cause Conflict in Pakistan?
  3. Does the Current Conflict Between the West and Islam Confirm or Contradict?
  4. Does Strategic Commodities Price Respond to US Partisan Conflict?
  5. Does Political Conflict Hurt Trade?
  6. How Can Social Class Help Us Understand Conflict in Contemporary Britain?
  7. How Has Conflict Impacted Afghanistan?
  8. Are Trade Integration and the Environment in Conflict?
  9. How Can Political Trust Be Built After Civil Wars?
  10. Does Partisan Conflict Predict a Reduction in US Stock Market Volatility?
  11. Does Ideology Cause Conflict, or Is It Just an Exacerbating Factor?
  12. Does the Way Civil Wars End Affect the Pattern of Post-conflict Development?
  13. How Has the Armed Conflict in Colombia Affected the Quality of Life of People, Especially in Rural Areas?
  14. Does Partisan Conflict Predict a Reduction in US Stock Market Volatility?
  15. How Has Conflict Between the CIA and FBI Exacerbated US Government Interests?
  16. How Ethnic Structure Affects Civil Conflict?
  17. How Are Elections Impacted by Production, Economic Growth, and Conflict?
  18. Does Third-Party Trade Reduce Conflict?
  19. Does Fiscal Policy Differ Between Successful and Unsuccessful Post-conflict Transitions?
  20. Does Partisan Conflict Impact the Cash Holdings of Firms?
  21. How Does Class Conflict Affect Society and What Are Its?
  22. Does Higher Inequality Lead to Conflict?
  23. Conflict Can Have Tragic Consequences for Ordinary People?
  24. How Does Violent Conflict Affect Investment Location Decisions?
  25. Does Nationalism Inevitably Breed Rivalry and Conflict?
  26. Does Nuclear Deterrence Work in Preventing Conflict Politics?
  27. Does Conflict Beget Conflict?
  28. How Does War and Conflict Affect the Population of a Country?
  29. Does Partisan Conflict Deter FDI Inflows to the US?
  30. How 17th Century Rulers Viewed Conflict?
  31. Does Islam Encourage Conflict and Terrorism?

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