102 Civil Rights Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Civil Rights Research Paper Examples

  1. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 led to the blacks being granted equal rights in the society with the whites. The passing of the Decree was faced with opposition.
  2. Same-Sex Civil Rights and Domestic Partnerships
    Although the Constitution does not support discrimination, LGBT persons are denied most of the basic rights that other members of society enjoy.
  3. Police Brutality Towards Protesters in USA
    Since independence, the country has witnessed a number of cases where civil rights groups take off to the streets to protest against some of the issues considered oppressive.
  4. Civil Rights: Freedom of Speech
    Federalism’s beneficial impact on a citizen’s freedom of speech created a chain-reaction of positive outcomes that resulted in the enhancement of people’s civil rights and civil liberties.
  5. The Process of the U.S. Presidential Elections
    People from all states take part in caucuses to elect delegates supporting their presidential candidate. Civil rights granted by the government are people’s rights to have freedom.
  6. Civil Rights in the United States
    For years, certain social groups were excluded in the United States and did not possess equal civil rights with others.
  7. Opinion on Articles About Political Violence and Civil Rights in the United States
    The source uses evidence to support the following argument: people have the right to peaceful assembly, while the authorities have the right to react accordingly to maintain order.
  8. Civil Rights: The Right to a Fair Trial
    When dealing with criminality, the governments should be able to guarantee each citizen an equal chance to be judged without prejudice, represented, and protected.
  9. Bill of Rights and Challenges for Law Enforcement Agencies
    This paper will look at the roles, and challenges of the federal, state, and local laws, and give some recommendations to the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.
  10. The Issue of Police Violence and Use of Excessive Force
    The use of physical violence is a rather controversial aspect of policing and, thus, requires an in-depth understanding of possible power abuse by authorities.
  11. Policing in the US: Tactics and Philosophies
    This paper provides a discussion of the history and evolution of police structures, their philosophy, and their significance in the civil rights era.
  12. What Joe Biden has Done in His First One-Hundred Days as the President
    This article describes the first 100 days of Joe Biden's presidency, the level of campaign promise fulfillment, and the influence of the Biden administration on US domestic politics.
  13. Evaluating Data of Feeling Safe in Their Community
    To determine whether residents feel safe in their community, it is appropriate to employ a qualitative method of collecting and evaluating data.
  14. Earl Warren vs. William Rehnquist: Differences in Approaches
    Chief Justices Earl Warren and William Rehnquist had different approaches to balancing public order maintenance and individual liberties with regard to criminal procedure.
  15. The Analysis of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 of the United States
    This essay examines the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a policy document used in the integration of Americans of all races into the aspects of the United States' development.
  16. Analysis of Civil Rights Discussion
    The 14th amendment to the United States Constitution granted equal citizenship to all the people born or naturalized in the US, including formerly enslaved individuals.
  17. Conservative Politics and the Shift of the South
    A strategy implemented by Republican candidates like Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater led to a shift that transformed the South into a Republican stronghold.
  18. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights With Examples
    This paper discusses civil liberties and civil rights with examples, and whether a person's civil liberties should ever be intruded on to protect another’s civil rights.
  19. White Identity Politics and New Civil Rights Movement
    Racial inequality and biased population-police relationships remain burning questions in the US. The relationships between the representatives of different groups are complex.
  20. Democratic Regime and Liberation Movements
    A democratic regime ensures that the citizens of a country are treated equally in terms of legislation and can elect their government through voting.

🏆 Best Civil Rights Essay Titles

  1. Achieving Civil Rights Using Non-Violence
  2. Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Policies
  3. Black Culture and the Civil Rights Movement
  4. The Importance of the Civil Rights Movement
    The civil rights movement allowed the diversity of modern America to flourish, as people gained access not only to education but also to medicine.
  5. Black Churches and the Struggle for Civil Rights
  6. Civil Rights and Social Integration of African Americans
  7. Affirmative Action Programs and the Civil Rights Movement
  8. The Civil Rights Movement by Martin Luther King
    This paper highlights how Dr. King championed the watershed events leading to landmark legislation such as voting and civil rights while becoming an example of perseverance.
  9. Analyzing the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War Assignment
  10. Black Resistance During the Civil Rights Movement
  11. African American and Mexican American Civil Rights in Texas
  12. History. Women in the Civil Rights Movement
    The inspiring example of the women, who made a great contribution to the Civil Rights movement, needs to be remembered and used to promote ideas of equal rights in the future.
  13. Equality and Civil Rights for All
  14. Civil Disobedience and Civil Rights Leaders
  15. American Civil Rights Through the Ages
  16. Jim Crow and Civil Rights Movement in America
    This essay examines the injustices experienced by African Americans following the rise of Jim Crow and demonstrates how Civil Rights Movement challenged these injustices.
  17. Activist and Government Action During the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
  18. Freedom Rides: The Civil Rights Movements
  19. Assess the Impact Malcolm X Had on the Civil Rights Movement
  20. American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-1960s
    During the 1950s and 1960s, the United States experienced several movements, which included the civil rights movement.
  21. Alice Walker and the Civil Rights Movement
  22. Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Policies Assignment
  23. American Civil Rights Movement: A Mass Protest Against Racial Segregation and Discrimination
  24. African American Civil Rights Timeline
  25. Civil Rights and Political Action

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Civil Rights

  1. Bob Dylan’s Influence During the Civil Rights Movements
  2. Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Violation
  3. American Black Civil Rights
  4. The Delivery of Health Care Services to People With Mental Health Disabilities
    The delivery of health care services to people with mental health disabilities should be in line with legislation related to civil rights.
  5. Discrimination and Civil Rights in America
  6. Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs: A Double Murder in Mississippi
  7. All Men Are Equal: The Civil Rights Movement
  8. The US Patriot Act and Civil Rights Objections
    The US Patriot Act was enacted for the country’s greater interest to safeguard citizens from terrorist acts. Some claim that the Patriot Act infringes on people’s civil rights.
  9. Civil Rights and the Government of the United States
  10. Angela Davis and the Civil Rights Movement
  11. Civil Rights and Legislation in Mississippi
  12. Employment Law. Civil Rights Act and Sexual Harassment
    Sexual harassment is a mode of sexual discrimination. It is a violation of the Title VII of the civil rights act that was amended in the year 1964.
  13. Black Americans and the Civil Rights Movement
  14. Addressing Civil Rights for African Americans
  15. Affirmative Action and the Civil Rights Act
  16. Violations of Civil Liberties with Government Surveillance
    If government faces threats to national security, it is valuable to balance the need to preserve security with civil liberties.
  17. Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights
  18. Attaining Equality and Civil Rights
  19. Affirmative Action During the Civil Rights Movement
  20. Freedom Riders and the Civil Rights Movement
  21. Is Healthcare a Civil or Human Right?
    This paper seeks to argue out that like any other fundamental human right like food and shelter, health care is a human right and should not be considered a legal right.
  22. Act for the Preservation of Our Civil Rights
  23. Adolf Hitler and Civil Rights Movement
  24. Black America Civil Rights History
  25. Transforming America With the Civil Rights Movement

❓ Civil Rights Research Questions

  1. How Was Civil Disobedience Used in the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. Has America Really Changed Since the Civil Rights Movement?
  3. How and Why the NAACP and the National Urban League Were More Than Civil Rights Organizations up to 1930?
  4. Did Black Power Groups Harm the Struggle for Civil Rights?
  5. Did the Black Power Movement Help or Hinder the Civil Rights Movement?
  6. How Did the Civil Rights Movement Change America?
  7. How Are Organizations Influenced Today by the Civil Rights Era Then and Now?
  8. How Did Minority Groups Struggle for Civil Rights?
  9. Does the Civil Rights Movement Have an Effect on the Way Minorities Are Treated by Authorities?
  10. How Black Nationalism Helped Civil Rights?
  11. How Did Leaders Impact the Civil Rights?
  12. How Did Martin Luther King Death Affect the Civil Rights Movement?
  13. Did Minority Rights Campaigners Copy the Tactics of the Black American Civil Rights Movement?
  14. Was the Civil Rights Movement a Success or Failure?
  15. How Did the Civil Rights Movement Develop After 1961?
  16. Was Martin Luther King Vital to the Gaining of Civil Rights for African Americans?
  17. How Far Was Martin Luther King Responsible for the Civil Rights Movement?
  18. Why Had the Civil Rights Movement Become So Fragmented?
  19. How Cesar Chavez, the Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist, Left a Lasting Legacy?
  20. How Did Kennedy and His Administration Effect the Civil Rights Movement?
  21. How Did the African American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s?
  22. Was Martin Luther King the Greatest Civil Rights Leader of All Time?
  23. Did Black Power Groups Cause Harm to the Civil Rights Movement in America?
  24. How Far Did Martin Luther King Further the Cause of Civil Rights?
  25. Did the Civil Rights Deal Achieve a Great Deal in the 1950-1960s?
  26. How Did Gandhi Influence the Civil Rights Movement?
  27. How Far Has the Importance of Martin Luther King’s Role in the Civil Rights Movement Been Exaggerated?
  28. How Did Martin Luther King Affect the Civil Rights Movement?
  29. Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful?
  30. Who Was More Successful in the Fight for Civil Rights?
  31. Howell Raines and the Civil Rights Movement?
  32. Why Did Black Civil Rights Movement Develop in the 1950s?

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