68 Federalism Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Federalism Research Paper Examples

  1. Federalism and Its Impact in the United States
    This paper evaluates the concept of federalism. It traces its origin and examines its utilitarian value to the people of the US.
  2. What Is Federalism?
    Federalism refers to a system of political authority where diverse states are integrated under one central government and power is shared between the national and central governments.
  3. Civil Rights: Freedom of Speech
    Federalism’s beneficial impact on a citizen’s freedom of speech created a chain-reaction of positive outcomes that resulted in the enhancement of people’s civil rights and civil liberties.
  4. Federalism and Trump’s Approach to Immigration
    Trump’s time in office has radically changed the tone of public debate over the issue of American immigration.
  5. Federalism: Challenges and Debates
    The development of theoretical concepts and generalization of the experience of various ways of implementing the ideas of federalism is of great practical interest at present.
  6. Vertical and Horizontal Federalism in the Us
    Historically, the U.S. federal system has a dualistic nature, there have been two forms of federalism in North America — horizontal and vertical ones.
  7. Hurricane Katrina, COVID-19, and Federalism
    Katrina and the COVID-19 outbreak both demonstrated that federalism can serve as a reason and pretext for the federal government to do little to address large-scale emergencies.

🏆 Best Federalism Essay Titles

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  1. Federalism and Democratic Transitions: The “New” Politics of the Governors in Brazil
  2. Economic Globalization and the Shifting Boundaries of German Federalism
  3. Federalism and American Politics
  4. American Federalism and Intergovernmental Innovation in State-Tribal Relations
  5. Decentralized Fiscal Federalism Revisited
  6. Distinguishing Between Federalism, Unitary, and Confederate
  7. American Federalism Supreme Court
  8. Early American History: Federalism and Anti-federalism
  9. Canadian Federalism Threatened Quebec Canada Nationalism
  10. Capital Punishment and Federalism
  11. Federalism and the American System of Government
  12. Economic Crisis and Fiscal Federalism in Italy
  13. Federalism and Decentralization: Ownership Rights and the Superiority of Federalism
  14. Australian Federalism and the Convention of Responsible Government
  15. Federalism and South Africa’s Democratic Bargain
  16. Direct Democracy and Local Public Finances Under Cooperative Federalism
  17. Constitutional Politics and Federalism
  18. Federalism and Governmental Relations
  19. Federalism and Fiscal Policy: The Politics of Equalization in Canada
  20. American Government Federalism According to the Rationale of the Founding Fathers
  21. Environmental Policy, Federalism, and the Obama Presidency
  22. Adapting Federalism: Indigenous Multilevel Governance in Canada and the United States
  23. Federalism and European Union: A Political Economy Perspective
  24. American Federalism and Regional Policy
  25. Beyond the Financial Crisis: The Future of Fiscal Federalism in the United States
  26. Environmental Policy and Fiscal Federalism
  27. Civil Conflict, Federalism and Strategic Delegation of Leadership
  28. Civic Virtue, the American Founding, and Federalism
  29. Communism, Federalism, and Freedom
  30. Federalism and Incentives for Success of Democracy
  31. Federalism and Horizontal Equity Across Switzerland and Germany
  32. Decentralization, Competition and the Efficiency of Federalism
  33. Federalism and Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  34. Federalism and Economic Development in India
  35. Brazil: Fiscal Federalism and Value Added Tax Reform
  36. Differences Between Dual Federalism and Cooperative Federalism
  37. E-Taxes and Federalism: The Internet E-conomy Is Virtually
  38. Analyzing the Arguments for and Against Federalism Politics
  39. Citizen Attitudes Toward Issues of Federalism in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  40. American Federalism and Question of Civil Liberties

❓ Federalism Research Questions

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  1. What Are the Five Features of Federalism?
  2. How Has Indian Federalism Done?
  3. What Is the Main Purpose of Federalism?
  4. What Makes Strong Federalism Seem Weak?
  5. What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism?
  6. What Is the Opposite of Federalism?
  7. Does Fiscal Federalism Promote Regional Inequality?
  8. What Are the Characteristics of Federalism?
  9. Does Federalism Matter?
  10. What Is Not a Benefit of Federalism?
  11. Does Federalism Weaken Democratic Representation in the United States?
  12. How Federalism Protects Future Generations From Today’s Public Debts?
  13. What Explains the Paradox of Tobacco Control Policy Under Federalism in the U.S. and Canada?
  14. How Federalism Changed the Nation?
  15. How Has Federalism Changed Since the Ratification of the Constitution?
  16. Who Controls Federalism?
  17. What Role Does the “Federalism Bonus” Play in Presidential Selection?
  18. How Have Federal Mandates Effected the Ideas of Federalism?
  19. What Is Federalism?
  20. How Does Russian Federalism Work?
  21. What Are the Differences Between “Separation of Powers” and “Federalism?”

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