106 Gun Control Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Gun Control Research Paper Examples

  1. Gun Control Issue in the US
    Reports from various sources indicate that majority still assume that gun control should either be supported or opposed in the United States.
  2. The Control of Gun Violence in Public Places
    This paper seeks to analyze the arguments for and against the enactment and enforcement of strict gun control laws in the United States.
  3. Gun Control and Gun Laws
    This paper is an in-depth discussion of the constitutional issues surrounding gun control and gun ownership.
  4. Gun Control in China and US
    This paper examines gun control through a comparison of the different policies that are currently used to regulate the ownership of firearms in China and the United States.
  5. Gun Control as a Controversial Topic in China and US
    The effects of the varying degree of control on gun ownership in China and the United States can help an individual reach an informed position on the issue of gun control.
  6. US Gun Control Insufficiency in Crime Prevention
    The focus of the present US gun control policy is limited to preventing ineligible persons from being permitted to own and use firearms.
  7. Gun Control: Stop Wrong People from Getting a Gun
    Gun control is among the most controversial and hotly debated topics in the United States. Tt is necessary to trace its origins and identify key sides in the debate.
  8. Gun Control Laws in the United States
    It is a well-known fact that gun violence is one of the main causes of death among young people. This paper discusses arguments against the enactment of more gun control laws.
  9. Gun Control and Proliferation in the United States
    To understand the proliferation of guns in the United States, it’s important to have a look at some facts about guns in various U.S. states.
  10. Canadian Firearms Program
    Conceiving and implementing efficient programs to minimize gun violence needs great priority at all levels of Canadian government.
  11. A Tighter Gun Control Policy Is Good for All Americans
    Certain events and shootings recorded in different parts of this country explain why opinion has changed regarding the issue of gun control.
  12. Reasons for a Tighter Gun Control in the United States
    The purpose of this argumentative essay is to present a strong case for implementing additional gun control policies and measures to improve the level of security in the United States.
  13. Laws Regulate Civilian Gun Ownership
    In formulating a gun control policy in the United States, the government should identify the best-suited policy model to facilitate the passage of the bill into law.
  14. Health Policy: Behavioral Health Policy; Gun Control
    The current paper confirms that different nations need to develop requisite policies for regulating the possession of guns to ensure that people do not violate the rights of others.
  15. Analysis of Need of Gun Control
    The gun regulation has been a long-standing problem in the United States that's why the work was written with the aim of studying weapons control.
  16. Gun Control in the USA: Strategy Proposal
    Gun control has been the top plan that has received a considerate emphasis in the media; therefore, a proposal has been raised to put to an end the cases related to firearms.
  17. “The Case for Moderate Gun Control” by David DeGrazia
    The article's main strength is D. DeGrazia's research skills. While he cited many authors from different fields of study, he was always quoted on his arguments' legal and moral basis
  18. Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?
    The article provides fifteen reasons for and against gun control, some of which feature chilling statistics and rather uncommon angles from which one can look at the situation.
  19. Gun Control Effects in the USA
    The presence of diverse evidence on gun control does not allow for a firm stance on how the American government should proceed to reap all the benefits.
  20. "US Gun Policy: Global Comparisons" by J. Masters
    "US Gun Policy: Global Comparisons" article written by Jonathan Masters was found on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) website, where it was initially published.
  21. The Second Amendment and Recent Gun Control Debates
    The debate over gun control involves historians, political scientists, economists, sociologists, government officials, cultural anthropologists, lawyers, etc.
  22. History and Effects of Gun Policy in the US
    The public policy on ensuring everyone's right is met made the U.S. have gun-related murders and mass shootings in public vicinities and schools.
  23. How Decision Makers in Coquitlam Can End Gun Violence
    The people in Coquitlam expect their local leaders to do better and be more effective in dealing with gun violence.
  24. Aspects of Policies of Gun Control
    Among the key issues associated with gun control that has not been covered is that many gun owners in the U.S. own firearms for personal protection.
  25. Gun Control Practices and Criminal Justice Policies
    This paper will explore the available research on gun control practices and examine the historical, existing, and potential legislation in regard to criminal justice policies.

🏆 Best Gun Control Essay Titles

  1. Advocating Gun Control and Background Checks on Gun Owners
  2. Gun Control Laws Throughout the United States
  3. Crime Prevention Program: Gun Control in the USA
  4. A Social Issue: Possession and Use of Firearms
    Possession and use of firearms is contentious. It is a social issue and a debatable phenomenon since some people supports it while others do not.
  5. Gun Control and the Bill of Rights
  6. Mass Shootings and Gun Control
  7. Gun Control and the Amendment of the American Constitution
  8. Gun Control. Firearms and Violent Death in the US
    The topic of gun ownership in the US is often dividing and polarizing. The topic of gun ownership in the US is often dividing and polarizing, splitting the country into two camps.
  9. Alaska and Its Position on Gun Control
  10. Freedom, Rights, and Gun Control
  11. Amendment Freedom and the Threat of Gun Control
  12. Gun Control Laws – Pros
    The main benefit of having gun control laws is restricting who can access these weapons, which can potentially decrease the number of shootings.
  13. Addressing Some Gun Control Myths in Society
  14. Gun Control and the Amendment of the Us Constitution
  15. Opposing Gun Control With the Right to Bear Arms
  16. Aspects of Gun Control in the USA
    The arguments presented in the paper portray that having stricter guns does not surely relate to reducing the incidences of mass shootings and crimes.
  17. Constitutional Law Gun Control
  18. Alternative Proposals for Tough Gun Control Law Is the Solution
  19. New York State Gun Control Laws
  20. America Needs Criminal Control, Not Gun Control
  21. Agency Changes to Gun Control-Right to Carry Policy
    When it comes to resolving the gun control-right to carry policy, reforms to the departmental policy may persuade agencies of the justice system to adopt alternative policies.
  22. Federalists and Early American Gun Control
  23. Federal Law and Gun Control
  24. America Needs Gun Control
  25. Gun Control and Its Effect on the Country

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Gun Control

  1. Countries With More Restrictive Gun Control Laws
  2. Gun Control Laws Should Save Lives
  3. New Gun Control Policy Is Needed
  4. Anti Gun Control Argument
  5. America Does Not Need Gun Control
  6. Comparing Gun Control Laws in Kentucky, USA, and Germany
  7. Gun Control in America
    This paper is an in-depth investigation of the issues surrounding gun control in the United States. Every government discusses the question about the authenticity of gun ownership.
  8. Commonsense Control Not Gun Control
  9. America Doesn’t Need Gun Control at Gun Shows
  10. Effective Gun Control Implementation
  11. Gun Control and Its Effects on America
  12. Problems and Solutions Regarding the Gun Control
  13. Arguing Against New Jersey Gun Control Laws
  14. Strict Gun Control Laws and Homicide
    The paper takes a closer look at facts and past history about gun use and prove that strict gun control laws will do nothing meaningful in reducing homicide in the U.S.
  15. American Citizen’s and Gun Control
  16. Gun Control and Its Effect on the Crime Rate
  17. Gun Control and Ownership in the U.S.
  18. Anti-gun Control: Upholding the Second Amendment
  19. Cultural Evaluation: Japan’s Gun Control
  20. The Debates Against Gun Control
    The question about gun control as necessity or obligatoriness always troubled society. There are still a lot of people who are against gun control. I am not an exception.
  21. Louisiana Needs Gun Control Laws
  22. Gun Control and Its Effect on the United States
  23. America Does Not Need Gun Control

❓ Gun Control Research Questions

  1. Why Should Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?
  2. Should Anti Gun Control Be Banned?
  3. Should Congress Enact Gun Control Laws?
  4. Should America Have Stronger Gun Control Laws?
  5. Should the Federal Government Enforce Stricter Gun Control?
  6. Are the Laws for Gun Control Sufficient or Should There Be More?
  7. Who Really Supports Gun Control?
  8. Should Gun Control Fall Under the Flag of Public Safety?
  9. Is Gun Control Strict Enough in the US?
    The US is one of the countries where mass shootings happen most often. Besides, the lack of gun control leads to more victims of domestic violence and a higher crime rate.
  10. Does Gun Control Infringe on a Persons Constitutional Rights?
  11. Should Gun Control Minimize School Shootings?
  12. Does Gun Control Work or Is the Wrong Issue Being Addressed?
  13. Does Gun Control Actually Control Crime?
  14. Can Gun Control Prevent Mass Shootings?
  15. Should Gun Control Laws Be Tightened?
  16. Should Gun Control Laws Stricter Laws?
  17. Are Gun Control Laws in the U.S. Really Protecting Us?
  18. Does Gun Control Work?
  19. Why America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws?
  20. Does Gun Control Reduce Crime?
  21. Are Stricter Gun Control Laws Needed?
  22. Gun Control: Does It Reduce or Increase Crime?
    The need for gun possession should be weighed and relevant decision making. These measures will ensure the safety of human life; after all, life lost cannot be replaced.
  23. Does Gun Control Lower Crime Rates?
  24. Does America Need Tighter Gun Control or Is the Problem Intrinsic to Society?
  25. Can Gun Control Keep Us Safe?
  26. Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?
  27. Can Gun Control Solve the Epidemic of Gun Violence Today?
  28. Should Gun Control Stop the Bad Guys?
  29. Should Gun Control Laws Be Stricter?
  30. Why Should Gun Control Be Critically Restricted by the Lawmakers?
  31. Why Should Gun Control Be Lessened?
  32. Should Gun Control Laws Affect People for the Better?
  33. Why Should Gun Control Be Blamed?

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