160 Capital Punishment Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Capital Punishment Research Paper Examples

  1. Is the Death Penalty Just and Applied Fairly?
    This paper discusses do people have the right and moral permission to consciously vote on the decision to deprive someone of their life for the acts that a person has committed.
  2. Death Penalty Closure and Crime Rate Effect
    From a certain perspective, it is not hard to view capital punishment as a state-sponsored program geared towards the destruction of people's lives.
  3. Capital Punishment' History
    Those who are against the use of capital punishment made the argument that the threat of capital punishment does not discourage murderers from committing crime.
  4. Death Penalty: Arguments for Abolishing
    This paper argues the death penalty should be abolished since it might lead to injustice, it imposes a financial burden to the society, and it is a barbaric form of punishment.
  5. Death Penalty in the American Judicial System
    In the American judicial system, the death penalty is applied in military and civil proceedings. The sentence is anchored on the Eighth Amendment.
  6. Death Penalty and Arguments For Its Abolishment
    Death penalty caused many debates among legislators, criminologists, journalists. The paper argues that it should either be abolished or reduced to the minimum.
  7. The Contractions of American Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment can be described as the practice of sentencing a person to death after being judged and found guilty for a dreadful crime.
  8. Capital Punishment and Its Moral Justification
    There can be cases when society finds that capital punishment is morally justifiable, even though everyone has the fundamental and inalienable right to life.
  9. Capital Punishment's History and Types in America
    The argument presented in this paper is that capital punishment is a judicial method that presents both controversies and benefits.
  10. Death Penalty, Its Acceptability and Issues
    It is often seen that when more offenders are put to death, it deters capital crimes more effectively than a life sentence.
  11. The Death Penalty Imposition and Rebuttal
    In the US, capital Punishment has been used as the harshest form of retribution for society's most vicious offenses. This paper argues the pros and cons of the death penalty and the scope of the issue.
  12. Public Policy and Governance Issues
    Policy analysis attempts to assess if a policy is worthy of, or convenient for implementation. This is achieved by looking at normative and subjective issues.
  13. The Issue of Capital Punishment in America
    An investigation of the stipulations presented in the 8th Amendment indicates that the death penalty contravenes this part of the U.S. Constitution.
  14. Capital Punishment and Its Ethics
    It is possible to practice the death penalty, but its implications must be tightly limited and regulated. The alleged criminal should not be sentenced to death immediately.
  15. Capital Punishment: Arguments For and Against
    The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the arguments for and against capital punishment presented in two essays.
  16. Capital Punishment Is Ineffective in the US
    The issue of capital punishment is a controversial and debatable one involving different views and perspectives on the effective and protective role of this type of punishment.
  17. Capital Punishment and Crime Deterrence
    The choice of measures that are supposed to deter crime is related to a wide range of issues at the confluence of ethics and other problems in criminal justice.
  18. Capital Punishment Reintroduction in the UK
    The death penalty is what they call the “execution sentence for murder and other capital crimes, serious crimes or grave crimes such as murder, treason, rape and the like.”
  19. Capital Punishment in Australia
    Capital punishment differs greatly from one country to the other. There are countries that have decided to do away with capital punishment and Australia is one of them.
  20. The Death Penalty: An American History and Ethics
    The death penalty is a highly controversial and emotional subject about which most people seem to have strong opinions.
  21. Argument Against Death Penalty
    Death penalty continues to elicit much debate and controversy in both academia and among criminal justice practitioners. There are various moral ethical and religious issues
  22. No Justification for Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment opponents argue that the practice does not deter crime, which statistics reprove. Opponents also deny that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime
  23. The Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty
    This paper argues that the death penalty is not only necessary but also the most efficient means for deterring future offenders.
  24. Capital Punishment: For and Against
    Capital punishment is a procedure that was reached after considering certain factors, the concept of capital punishment is based on the principle of paying life for life.
  25. Capital Punishment in the United States
    Handling criminal offenses is crucial in ensuring justice. The process of punishment should be done swiftly in order to ensure that such crimes are not repeated.
  26. The Death Penalty as a Form of Criminal Punishment
    The article reflects the author's position on the death penalty, and also discusses the readiness of the American judicial system to implement it.
  27. Why the Death Penalty Should Be Legalized in All 50 States
    It is much more rational and equitable to legalize the death penalty in all the fifty states of the US instead of abolishing it.
  28. Is Capital Punishment a Justifiable Action?
    This paper aims to prove that capital punishment is an unjust practice, which cannot be used in modern democratic countries, including the United States.
  29. Jury Sentencing in Capital Cases
    Jury sentencing has been mostly recognized in capital cases to preserve the connection between the modern societal values and the penal system.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Capital Punishment

  1. Death Penalty-Capital Punishment
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss capital punishment and that there are many discriminations and inconsistencies that occur in the judicial proceedings.
  2. The Death Penalty as a Wrong Form of Punishment
    The death penalty is a wrong form of punishment for any human being, for any crime, and the punisher goes unpunished.
  3. Death Penalty: A Controversial Issue
    The death penalty is a phenomenon whose legitimacy, efficiency, and morality still divide society. This essay discusses the pros and cons of the death penalty.
  4. A Utilitarian Approach to Capital Punishment
    A utilitarian approach and ethical analysis of capital punishment show that the advantages of capital punishment outshine its shortcomings.
  5. Death Penalty as an Outdated Crime Punishment
    Capital punishment is still a controversial topic, insofar as for any civilized person death sentence must be abolished in all states due to its inhumane and unjust nature.
  6. Death Penalty in the United States
    The main debate issues are the existence of the right of the state to deprive of life, the political and legal significance and, its expediency in the state legal system.
  7. The Death Penalty and Arguments Against It
    Instead of focusing on the death penalty, we need to put out our resources upfront into prevention so that we can prevent murder in the first place.
  8. The Positive and Negative Aspects of the Death Penalty According to American Law
    This paper looks at both the positive and negative aspects of the death penalty and society’s perception of it.
  9. Death Penalty Debate Revisited: International and Comparative Perspectives
    There have been controversial international perspectives on death penalty most of which revolve around the execution of innocent victims.
  10. Capital Punishment: Pros and Cons
    Capital punishment results in the government choosing to terminate the life of a person reliant on the severity of the crimes that they have committed.
  11. Death Penalty in USA and China
    This paper discusses capital punishment and how it is implemented in both China and the USA by looking in-depth at the historical background legal procedures in both countries.
  12. Death Penalty for First Degree Murder
    The death penalty is lawful in the U.S, which is currently being implemented by twenty-eight states, the military, the federal government, and American Samoa.
  13. Capital Punishment and Deterrence to Crime
    Deterrence of crime entails the effect of stopping potential criminals from engaging in criminal activity on the basis of the expected consequences of engaging in the activity.
  14. Evaluation of the Effectiveness Texas Death Penalty Law
    Texas is leading among states practicing capital punishment for a criminal offense. The conflicts surrounding capital punishment are numerous, with many calling for its abolition.
  15. Capital Punishment Knowledge and Support Correlation
    The research seeks to establish the relationship that exists between knowledge acquisition with support for or opposition against capital punishment.
  16. Research Methods for Criminal Justice in Regard to Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment is one of the most hotly debated issues in the US. About 67 percent of the US citizens supported the administration of capital punishment.
  17. Capital Punishment in the USA
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss capital punishment in the USA and to give Arguments against and in support of capital punishment.
  18. Prevention of Police Misbehavior
    Prevention of police misbehavior is no simple task. Discussions can be held and penalties can be imposed to help prevent cases of excessive force and abuse of power.
  19. The Death Penalty and Its Deterrents
    The death penalty is considered one of the extremely volatile issues in America. The debate on the subject has caused a lot of divisions in American society.
  20. The Death Penalty: Arguments For and Against
    This paper evaluates the pros and cons of the death penalty and comments on the appropriateness of abolishing the death penalty.
  21. Capital Punishment Legislation in Pennsylvania
    The paper will deal with capital punishment in Pennsylvania, it will describe the general state of capital punishment legislation as well as the recent controversies regarding it.
  22. Capital Punishment Debates in the United States
    Formerly, over 80% of the American population supported capital punishment. However, currently there is a strong opposition of capital punishment in the United States of America.
  23. Should Death Penalty Be Banned as a Form of Punishment?
    The following paper suggests a literature review on the topic of the death penalty and justifies why it should not be banned.
  24. The Death Penalty Should Not Be Banned as a Form of Punishment
    The death penalty has helped to curb crime rates, provide a safe environment, and administer justice. The paper will discuss several reasons why the death penalty should not be banned.
  25. The Capital Punishment: Regulation in Human Society
    This paper seeks to prove that the death penalty is an inalienable regulation both in human society in general and in Wisconsin in particular.
  26. Death Penalty for Juveniles and Mental Disabilities
    This paper explores different arguments advanced in four published articles, which investigate the constitutionality of imposing death penalties for juveniles and mentally retarded patients.
  27. Capital Punishment Cases Handled in Los Angeles Policies
    The California State has put in place policies that encourage the administration of death punishment, emphasizing equality for the accomplishment of justice objectives.
  28. The Death Penalty Debate in the United States
    The future of human civilization relies on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct that are to be followed by all members of society.

✍️ Capital Punishment Essay Topics for College

  1. The Death Penalty Abolishment in Modern Society
    This essay aims to highlight the reasons why there is no place for such a severe sentence as the death penalty in modern society.
  2. Is the Death Penalty a Deterrence?
    The death penalty is a promising method of preventing homicides. Potential offenders see benefits from violent crimes such as self-interest and pleasure.
  3. Capital Punishment / Position Paper
    The main alternatives to punishment, particularly the death penalty, to which the state's efforts should be directed are preventive measures.
  4. Why Death Penalty Is Acceptable
    The problem of the debate about whether it is acceptable to the death penalty lies in that it essentially refers to the idea of the legality of taking another person's life.
  5. The Death Penalty in Texas
    The reputation that Texas has earned over the years among other U.S. states due to its current regulations regarding the use of capital punishment is quite shaky and controversial.
  6. Punishment in America and Its Historical Evolution
    Although there has been a shift in recent years towards more lenient punishments, there are still local differences in perspective, mainly expressed in the punishment laws.
  7. Capital Punishment: Arguments For and Against
    The arguments against capital punishment are more convincing because the justice system has been flawed historically, and crimes, including murder, vary in culpability.
  8. Capital Punishment Is a Just Punishment
    The paper states that the debate about capital punishment is a never-ending one that continues to polarize opposing and supporting camps.
  9. Capital Punishment: The Philosophical Perspective
    According to Kant, in the case of malicious killing, the punishment cannot be measured by the amount of deliberate violence over a person's freedom.
  10. Justifying the Abolishment of Death Penalty
    American legislators, public activists, human rights defenders, and others are in acute arguments about what punishment most dangerous and brutal criminals should receive.
  11. Christian View on Topic of Capital Punishment
    As a Christian human life is valuable and no one has the right to be deprived of the value of their life, the offender can be given time to reform or rehabilitate.
  12. Capital Punishment and Arguments Against
    Arguments against capital punishment are quite beneficial. Approaches other than capital punishments can resolve some challenges.
  13. Human Fallibility in Capital Punishment
    Human fallibility will always be present in capital punishment cases, regardless of the objectivity of the process or the distance that jurors put between themselves.
  14. Discussion of Capital Punishment
    The paper discusses death penalty does not help a community because it violates moral norms, does not stop people from committing crimes and may be mistaken.
  15. Researching of Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment may serve as a more frightening factor than a life sentence for potential criminals, reducing crime rates even further.
  16. Why the Death Penalty Is Wrong
    The research demonstrates how unethical capital sentence is. The proponents argue that it is ethical to deprive some people of life if it helps society live peacefully.
  17. Death Sentence: Legalizing Global Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment has always been a topic surrounded by controversies in many humanitarian disciplines such as philosophy, law, and sociology.
  18. Application of Capital Punishment for Crimes Other Than First-Degree Murders
    This paper aims to find the answer to the question of whether capital punishment should be used for crimes other than first-degree murder.
  19. Discussion of Death Penalty Aspects
    The paper argues death penalty is unjust since it affects vulnerable people, such as the underprivileged and mentally ill, who are unable to adequately defend themselves.
  20. Researching of Capital Punishment
    Although capital punishment is believed to deter crime, murder, and facilitate retribution, it is inhumane, brutalizes society, and can be used as a tool for controlling and vengeance.
  21. Death Penalty, Its Feasibility and Legitimacy
    The death penalty as capital punishment in the modern world is seen rather as an unnecessary measure associated with ethical concerns.
  22. Capital Punishment vs. Life Imprisonment for Murderers and Pedophiles
    It is inappropriate to sentence criminals to death in a modern civilized world. Life imprisonment is the most appropriate punishment for murderers and pedophiles.
  23. Death Penalty in Utah Should Be Abolished
    The death penalty should be abolished in Utah because it violates the right to life and also, it breaches the right not to be subjected to torture.
  24. The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment defines sentencing convicted offenders to death for crimes considered most serious and executing that sentence.
  25. Lethal Injection in Uncharted Territory: Reaction to Article
    The article by Salk claims that lethal injection reforms should be revised to be similar to that of human subject research as today they are performed without proper guidance.
  26. Retributive Justice: The 9/11 Attack's Participant
    The paper is dedicated to exploring the case of one of the terrorists who participated in the 9/11 attacks in the US and was trialed and convicted in a US criminal court.
  27. Cesare Beccaria's Attitude Toward the Death Penalty
    Cesare Beccaria considered the death penalty as one of the most useless punishments in terms of effectiveness and usefulness to society.
  28. Death Penalty: The Controversy
    The concept of the death penalty is habitually associated with injustice since it violates human rights, namely the right to life.

🏆 Best Capital Punishment Essay Titles

  1. Capital Punishment: Needless Inhumanity
  2. Capital Punishment: Hypocrisy of the Death Penalty
  3. Off With Their Heads: Terrorism and Electoral Support for Capital Punishment in Australia
  4. Capital Punishment: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
  5. The Death Penalty in “American Society”
    Violent crime on its part is defined as the aspect of criminal activities that involve threats to use violence or within its course violence or force is used to accomplish the mission.
  6. Supreme Court Lobbying for the Push Back of Capital Punishment for Juvenile Offenders
  7. The Controversy That Comes Along With Capital Punishment
  8. Three Arguments Regarding Capital Punishment
  9. The Merits and Pitfalls of Capital Punishment Today
  10. Moral Debate Over Capital Punishment
  11. Prison Has Better Retribution Than Capital Punishment
  12. The Death Penalty: History and Statistics in the US
    The death penalty, or capital punishment, is considered to be a person’s execution by the state law as a criminal punishment.
  13. The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment in the United States
  14. The Two Distinguishable Figures in the Area of Capital Punishment in the US
  15. Criticizing the Most Recognized Reasons for Capital Punishment
  16. Hanging Down Under: Capital Punishment and Deterrence in Australia
  17. Capital Punishment Infringes Upon Human Rights and Should Not Be Reinstated in Canada
  18. Getting Rid of the Death Penalty
    This paper will argue that the death penalty should be discarded since it is unethical, goes against the international norms on criminal penalties.
  19. Capital Punishment: The Ultimate Denial of Human Rights
  20. Capital Punishment: Only Punishment That Fits the Crime
  21. The Righteous Debate Against Capital Punishment
  22. Discussing the Capital Punishment for Juvenile Offenders
  23. Capital Punishment in Europe and Asia
  24. The Controversy Surrounding the Issue of Capital Punishment in the United States
  25. Justice, Euthanasia, and Capital Punishment in Plato’s Republic
  26. Achieving Nothing but Revenge: Research Shows That Capital Punishment Is Unsuitable for Civilized Nations
  27. Capital Punishment: Criminals Can Think Twice or Die Once
  28. Criminal Law: Capital Punishment
    The paper discusses capital punishment. It refers to the legally recognized imposition of death as a penalty and it has been used for a broad selection of felonies.
  29. Philosophers and Capital Punishment: James, Ayer, and Strawson
  30. Reasons the U.S. Should Use Capital Punishment
  31. The Statistics of Capital Punishment in the U.S. and Europe
  32. Death Penalty: The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment
  33. Ethical Concerns About Capital Punishment in the United States
  34. Moral and Ethical Issues of Capital Punishment Since Ancient Times
  35. Debate on the Merits of Capital Punishment
  36. Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life
  37. Capital Punishment and the Risk of Executing the Innocent
  38. Capital Punishment and the Concept of Redemption
    Death penalty as a concept goes against all principles of humanism, is in no way aimed at reforming a criminal, it must be banned from any legal system.
  39. The Different Argumentative Cases of Capital Punishment Throughout History
  40. Race, Capital Punishment, and the Cost of Murder
  41. Capital Punishment: Providing Justice and Closure to the Victims and Their Families
  42. Assumptions Matter: Model Uncertainty and the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment
  43. The Effective and Humane Method of Capital Punishment
  44. Capital Punishment Should Remain an Aspect of the United State’s Justice System
  45. Interest Groups That Support Capital Punishment

❓ Capital Punishment Research Questions

  1. Why People Hate Capital Punishment?
  2. Does the Capital Punishment Have a Role in Civilized Society?
  3. Does Capital Punishment Cheapens the Value of Human Life?
  4. What Role Has Capital Punishment Played in America?
  5. Legal Murder: Why Capital Punishment Is Morally Wrong?
  6. Capital Punishment: Does It Really Improve America’s Justice System?
  7. Capital Punishment: God’s Will or Cruelty of Man?
  8. What if Capital Punishment Never Existed?
  9. Capital Punishment: Why Does the Church Oppose It So Much?
  10. Capital Punishment: Is It Really Necessary?
  11. Capital Punishment: Proper Punishment or a Form of Revenge?
  12. Capital Punishment: Who Are We to Take a Life?
  13. Why Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished?
  14. Does Capital Punishment Really Deter Crime?
  15. Capital Punishment and Human Rights: Does the Death Penalty Breach Human Rights?
  16. How Fragile Are Fragile Inferences? A Re-Evaluation of the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment
  17. What’s Wrong With Capital Punishment?
  18. Capital Punishment: Is Death Penalty Justifiable?
  19. Capital Punishment: Should Execution of Inmates Be Televised?
  20. Can Capital Punishment Ever Be Justified?
  21. Capital Punishment: How Americans See It?
  22. Capital Punishment and Torture: Unconstitutional or Just?
  23. Capital Punishment and the Criminal Justice Field: Fair or Unjust?
  24. Why Should the Government Not Approve Capital Punishment?
  25. What Does Capital Punishment Mean in History?
  26. Why Should Capital Punishment Be Illegal?
  27. Does Capital Punishment Have a Local Deterrent Effect on Homicides?
  28. The Death Penalty: A Punishment for the Poor?
  29. The Death Penalty: Why We Should Have Capital Punishment?
  30. Free Capital Punishment: Good or Bad Public Policy?

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