Capital Punishment and Arguments Against

Crime and justice have significant impacts on society. The two terms have been widely discussed in the history of the judiciary. Different countries have various ways of dealing with crime. There are degrees of punishment for offenders depending on the crimes they have committed. Even so, capital punishment is not ideal. Life is precious, and no one should be killed because of their mistakes. When the word capital punishment is mentioned, the idea that comes to most people is death. Although capital punishment has been abolished in some countries, such as Canada and Britain, others like the US still practice it in some states. Justice systems that support this punishment are cruel to offenders since they deny them the right to live. When viewed from the perspective of morality and effectiveness, capital punishment is not recommendable.

There is no sufficient evidence giving a correct explanation of where capital punishment started. However, archival records show that it has existed for a long time. People are advocating for measures such as educational programs that encourage capital punishment. Although it comes with few advantages, human life is precious, and nothing should justify death. Even if people engage in crime, they still have their fundamental rights; capital offenders should be treated with dignity. Constitutionally, rights are duties or responsibilities entitled to an individual by the state, and every constitution in this world accommodates the right to live. From a critical perspective, capital punishment is revenge because it is grounded on the retributive justice theory commonly known as ‘An eye for an eye punishment.

The different forms of capital punishments given are very inhumane. In the past, stoning was used in many places where the offenders were subjected to an array of stones, which could incapacitate and kill them. Forms of capital punishment included burning offenders and chopping heads (Linebarger 26). These forms of corporal punishment were terrifying because of the nature offenders were executed. Although capital punishment can effectively deter crime, the method is not suitable since capital offenders continue to rise. This means that capital offenders do not fear anymore because some suffer from mental issues that need counseling. This brings the need to use the right approach when handling capital offenders other than punishing them.

Capital punishment is not effective in discouraging people from engaging in crime. Many people decide to engage in crime because of mental trauma and psychological challenges that cannot be solved by capital punishment but rather through counseling. Life is full of mystery and questions, such as what should be done to someone who has killed another? The answers to such controversial questions can be answered through beliefs or knowledge. The accuracy depends on specific individuals. For instance, faith is not appropriate since it’s something personal. Beliefs in a given scenario can be different for different individuals. What someone thinks is right can be wrong from the perspective of another person? If capital punishment was effective, the number of capital mistakes should have been reduced. However, it keeps increasing.

The death penalty is the most extreme form of punishment a person can get after committing a crime. However, the death penalty comes with an exorbitant cost more than life in prison. Capital punishment is not an effective crime deterrent method because of the expenses associated with it. Specifically, the trial process that leads to someone receiving capital punishment costs roughly $720,000. Execution using the lethal injection procedure costs more than $350,000. After the trial has been completed and the person has been executed, the total cost for the whole process is approximately 24 million. $ 100,000 of that figure could have been saved if a person was placed in prison for life. It is easier to ask why the governments cannot end capital punishment to save on wasted time and money. It is said that most crimes are increasing, and 40% are planned in that the people facilitating them are fully aware of the consequences. Although many people have received capital punishment, it has not prevented them from engaging in crime. Capital punishment has been active and ongoing for centuries; however, nothing good can be attributed. Many taxpayers’ money is spent on executions, yet other people still commit similar crimes.

Furthermore, many people have been wrongly convicted. This is one of the reasons why capital punishment should be outlawed. Nearly a third of all the cases involve wrongful convictions. Sometimes, there are false eyewitnesses, inadequate defense systems, false confessions, and evidence issues considered when making decisions on capital punishment. Although some people advocate for capital punishment, many are against it because there is a lack of enough evidence that it is an effective method to prevent crime. Capital punishment should be abolished and other techniques employed when fighting crime.

Arguments against capital punishment are quite beneficial. Approaches other than capital punishments can resolve some challenges. People struggle with mental challenges that push them to act abnormally. Killing such people will be of no benefit; instead, there is a need to identify their worries and assist them in coping. Some approaches can only give a short time solution to a problem. Above all, human beings can judge, but God has the final say. Capital punishment should be abolished because of its brutal nature. There are better ways that can be used to handle capital offenders.

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