135 Freedom Research Topics & Essay Examples

đź“ť Freedom Research Paper Examples

  1. European Union Policies as to Human Rights
    The European Union has come up with policies to assist and guide its operations. This paper will discuss the policy areas in which the European Union engages.
  2. Political Ideologies: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism
    There are various political ideologies which vary in the application in different societies. Political ideologies discussed in this essay are liberalism, conservatism, and socialism.
  3. Civil Rights: Freedom of Speech
    Federalism’s beneficial impact on a citizen’s freedom of speech created a chain-reaction of positive outcomes that resulted in the enhancement of people’s civil rights and civil liberties.
  4. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a major breakthrough in the history of human rights. It became the bedrock document of the international human rights system.
  5. Governments’ Power in Society and Citizens’ Freedom
    This essay serves to compare and contrast the governments’ extent of power in the modern and ancient society while drawing heavily on the works of some of the great philosophers.
  6. United States as a Promoter of Freedom
    The law protects the rights and freedom of all Americans. Globally, the country has been keen on promoting freedom of people from oppressive rules.
  7. The Role of Liberalism in the Empire of Brazil
    The paper emphasizes the role of liberalism in the empire of Brazil and states that among the two major political powers, Liberals and Conservatives, Liberals prevailed.
  8. The USA Patriot Act Overview and Analysis
    As many citizens and legal experts have argued, the PATRIOT Act violates the fundamental rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’s first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights.
  9. “Security and Freedom” Article by Nicholas Kristof
    In “Security and Freedom,” Kristof argue that after September 11, 2001, President Bush steamrolled the civil liberties of some people, especially Muslims.
  10. White House Ethics and Its Effect on American Institutional Ideals
    This paper presents how the President and the White House's policies affect key government institutions and international relations.
  11. President Trump’s Closure of Mosques Unconstitutional
    An executive order directing the closure of all mosques would be grossly unconstitutional as it would effectively infringe the free exercise of Islam religion.
  12. The Idea of Republican Theory
    The republican theory calls for the criminal justice system and the stakeholders to make informed decisions in protecting individuals in the society.
  13. US Political Systems: The Virginia Plan
    The Virginia Plan that was prepared by James Madison became the working model of the Constitution of the United States.
  14. The Bill of Rights Freedoms: Benefits and Drawbacks
    The right to a speedy and public trial is covered by the Sixth Amendment to the constitution that also enforces the right to a lawyer and the right to a trial by an impartial jury.
  15. Canadian Police Powers
    The legal rights under the Charter of Freedoms also stipulate that citizens should not be subjected to any cruel or unfair punishment while they are under police custody.
  16. Voting: Democracy, Freedom, and Political Agency
    The practical implementation of democracy is possible only through elections and voting. Democracy is ensured by free voting and the presence of a representative system.
  17. Sharansky’s Experience vs. The Current Conditions in the Country of Iran
    This paper compares and contrasts Sharansky’s experience in the Soviet Union and the current conditions in the country of Iran.
  18. Bill of Rights in Australia
    Australian political system is believed to be one of the most tolerant and democratic in the modern international community.
  19. The European Convention on Human Rights and the the Human Rights Act 1998
    The Human Rights Act 1998 was aimed at meeting the basic requirements suggested by the articles introduced by the European Convention on Human Rights.
  20. Christian School’s Appeal on the University of California, San Francisco Case
    In the case, the US Supreme Court rejected the Christian school’s appeal. The California-based schools wanted courses containing religious basements included in learning.
  21. The International Human Rights Law
    According to international law, human beings are entitled to enjoy full human rights by virtue that they have been born.
  22. The Social Contract: Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau
    The objective of this paper is to explore the specifics of the representation of the conception of the social contract in the works of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau.
  23. The U.S Army Readiness: Philippines and Afghanistan
    For decades, the US Army has participated in many battles across the globe. This paper will look at the American soldiers’ readiness during the Philippines and Afghanistan battles.
  24. Capitalism: The Good, the Bad, and the Greedy
    Many people associate capitalism with such a human feature as greed. Interestingly, some believe that socialistic societies have nothing to do with greed.
  25. Political Sciences: American Religion
    The significance of the month of December, 1620 is omnipresent in the American religious culture, this is because the pilgrims, who arrived in Massachusetts.
  26. Libyan Embassy Attack – Whose Responsibility Is It?
    With the killing of the ambassador of the US to Libya, the question of the capacity of Libya to protect people’s rights gets even further questionable.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Freedom

  1. Moral Motivation of Military Officials for Engaging in Torture
    The following paper aims at exploring the progress made in recent decades and, more importantly, determining the reasons for the separate occurrences of violence.
  2. The First Amendment in Modern Society
    For the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to stay true to its initial purpose, it is necessary to expand its reach and protect the freedom of expression of all U.S. citizens
  3. The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Press
    The First Amendment is a highly important legislative element of the United States Constitution, which protects two major institutions and rights.
  4. Democratic and Authoritarian States
    The essay discusses dissimilarities between democratic and authoritarian states with reference to general power distribution patterns.
  5. Difference Between Liberal and Marxist Understandings of Human Freedom
    Marxist and Liberalist ideas are not compatible with the modern forms of political governance since they were developed and implemented at critical historical times.
  6. Analysis of the Primary Sources: The American Dream
    The paper explores the similar and distinctive the American Dream, drawing on primary sources Lincoln and Franklin to highlight the differences between eras and society.
  7. Political Liberalism in Brazilian Case
    In Brazil, the concept of liberalism was grasped and employed by the state's bourgeoisie and elite for their own corrupt goals, ultimately influencing the country's future.
  8. War, Liberalism, and International Relations
    Societies grow and develop by certain rules and beliefs. Large categories of belief created to better direct actions and thoughts of people are called ideologies.
  9. Arendt’s and Marx’s Political Perspectives
    Hannah Arendt was one of the seminal political thinkers, who provided an account of the understanding of human activities. She is interested in viva activa.
  10. State Constitution vs United States Bill of Rights
    This essay will explore the New Jersey state power compared to the federal power of the Bill of Rights of the United States of America (USA).
  11. Norwegian Legislation & EU Legislation
    EU legislation directly or indirectly impacts the laws of its member and becomes an integral part of each member's legal system.
  12. America as a Just Society from John Locke’s Perspective
    There are many issues caused by impairments in the justice system that stop American society’s progress toward reaching the state of a just society.
  13. Backsliding of Democracy: Examples and Preventive Measures
    Decreasing democracy manifests through crackdown on media, false information, uprooting civil liberties, massive arrests, and disrespect for institutions, among other factors.
  14. Politics: The Development of Anarchist Views
    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Mikhail Bakunin are two of the greatest thinkers who have contributed to the development of anarchist views and beliefs.
  15. The Canadian Charter and Its Influence Over the Government
    The Charter limited the Canadian government as the practices of the parliament or legislatures can be disbanded by the Supreme Court.
  16. New Nationalism and New Freedom
    The Presidential Election held a place in 1912 was the beginning of the argument between two political parties because New Nationalism and New Freedom both desired to lead the country.
  17. Regulation of Social Media Platforms as Public Utilities
    This paper discusses the speech laws and approaches employed by the United States to prevent the restriction of individuals' freedom of speech on social media platforms.
  18. Researching the Concept of Democracy
    The issues of democracy have been discussed for several thousand years, but a definition of this concept with which everyone would agree has not been found.
  19. The 14th US Congressional District of New York and Its Representative
    From the demographics, and socio-economic facts, 14th Congressional district of New York is an ethnically diverse and one of the fast-growing within the New York state.
  20. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights With Examples
    This paper discusses civil liberties and civil rights with examples, and whether a person's civil liberties should ever be intruded on to protect another’s civil rights.
  21. "Complexity, Economics, and Public Policy" by Durlauf
    This paper aims to provide the analysis of the article "Complexity, economics, and public policy" by Steven Durlauf from the perspective of political science.
  22. Political Science, Philosophy & Social Criticism
    The most basic and widespread description of this phenomenon is the understanding of freedom as independence from the desires and opinions of other people.
  23. The United States as a Nanny State
    The last twenty years have seen the freedom of the American people get eroded by binding court decisions, policies, and laws established by both state and local governments.
  24. Freedom of the Press in the United Arab Emirates
    The authorities in the United Arab Emirates monitor and limit the mainstream press and online forms of social media.
  25. Protecting Civil Liberties in a Pandemic
    This research paper discusses the issue of how the COVID-pandemic limitations curbed civil liberties and freedoms.

🏆 Best Freedom Essay Titles

  1. The American Ancestry Winning the Freedom for the Society
  2. Economic Freedom and Government Bond Ratings
  3. Freedom of Expression Should Be Guaranteed
    Freedom of expression is a human right, which describes the right to commune an individual’s ideas and views via the body and/or property to a receptive audience.
  4. Economic and Political Freedom and Modern Democracy
  5. Human Rights and Freedom in Modern Society
  6. Censorship, Freedom of Speech, and Human Rights
    This paper will seek to discuss the different arguments of different authors of different sources on the issue of censorship and violation of human rights.
  7. Civil Society Membership and John Locke’s Views Upon Consent, Equality, and Freedom
  8. Economic Freedom and Its Effect on Society
  9. Feminism and Women Freedom
    In the 21st century, women have been empowered to take responsibility and control their lives. This paper addresses this sensitive issue of feminism with a focus on women freedom in the society.
  10. Economic Freedom and Market Income Growth at the U.S. State Level at the Top and Bottom
  11. Civil Service and Economic Freedom
  12. The Story of an Hour – Freedom as a Theme
    What is the theme of The Story of an Hour? This essay aims to answer the question. It focuses on the theme of freedom in The Story of an Hour by Cate Chopin.
  13. Economic Freedom and Fulfillment: Evidence From Government Outcomes
  14. Economic and Political Freedom Views
  15. Human Rights Liberty and Freedom
    Human rights have an agreed international standard though a country can increase them depending on its political, social and economic status.
  16. Excitability and Economic Freedom: Evidence From the U.S.
  17. Society Have Been Handed Freedom Which Can Be Taken for Granted
  18. Freedom of Speech in Universities
    The main arguments against freedom of speech in universities are considered a concern for students and respect for their experience of trauma.
  19. Capital Freedom, Financial Development and Provincial Economic Growth in China
  20. Evaluating the Current State of Democracy, Capitalism, and Freedom in the United States
  21. Freedom in the Songwriting Career
    The paper states that songwriting is a career that affects how freedom is viewed in society, it is also one that is affected by freedom rules.
  22. Individual Freedom and Welfare State Policy
  23. Society and Freedom According to Jean Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx
  24. Freedom of Speech: Exploring Proper Limits
    Students should not be limited to expressing themselves as long as their speech is genuine, consistent, and transparent.
  25. Democracy, Economic Freedom and Growth in Transition Economies
  26. Balance Between Good for Society vs. Individual Freedom
  27. Skinner’s Ideas of Culture Based on Human Behavior
    This paper will analyze Skinner’s ideas on cultural design, aspects of punishment and reward, power, education, and government determination will be considered.
  28. Positive Freedom, Markets and the Welfare State
  29. Freedom and the Economic System

✍️ Freedom Essay Topics for College

  1. Political Freedom Within Society in the Works of John Locke, John Stuart Mill, and Jean Jacques Rousseau
  2. Freedom: Sociology and American Society
  3. Fear and Freedom in Human Behavior
    This paper analyzes “From Fear to Freedom”, “The Fear of Freedom”, “Fear. Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm”, and “The Power of Vulnerability”.
  4. Corruption, Economic Freedom and Political Freedom in South America
  5. Censorship and Its Influence on Society’s Freedom
  6. Marx’s Views About Freedom in a Capitalist Societycws
  7. Aiding Economic Freedom: Exploring the Role of Political Institutions
  8. Rights and Freedoms in US
    The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the guide for all criminal law processes within the judicial system. The article specifies the points of human rights and freedoms.
  9. Direct and Indirect Effects of Economic and Political Freedom on Economic Growth
  10. Financial Markets and Economic Freedom
  11. The Freedom From Conforming With Society
  12. Langston Hughes’s Unity, Equality, and Freedom in American Society
  13. Personal Freedom and Its Impact on Society
  14. Freedom, Happiness and Contributions to Society
  15. Freedom in Terms of Certain Groups’ Rights
    Not giving benefits to a certain organization is a contradictory expression of equality, although it is vital to realize what purpose a certain organization has.
  16. Central Bank Independence, Economic Freedom, and Inflation Rates
  17. Democracy and Economic Freedom in a Global Modernization Process
  18. John Locke: Freedom, Equality, and Consent as It Relates to Membership in Civil Society
  19. Economic Freedom, Political Freedom, and Economic Well-Being
  20. Professional Ethics and Individual Rights and Freedoms
    In most cases, workers find themselves torn between individual rights and freedoms and professional ethics. This situation occurs in almost all professions.
  21. The Critical Point of Freedom Between Gift and Corruption
  22. Marx and Rousseau’s Ideas About Freedom and Society
  23. Corruption and the Effects of Economic Freedom
  24. Freedom and Its Effect on Society

âť“ Freedom Research Questions

  1. How Much Is Economic Freedom Necessary for Economic Growth?
  2. How Did the Economic Development of the Gilded Age Affect American Freedom?
  3. Does Really Economic Freedom Matter for Growth in South Asia?
  4. Does Greater Labor Market Freedom Lead To Lower New Home Prices in the U.S.?
  5. Does Democracy Ensure Freedom?
  6. Does Economic Freedom Cause Prosperity?
  7. Does More Democracy Lead to Greater Economic Freedom?
  8. Does America Still Value Freedom?
  9. How the Constitution Endangered Freedom?
  10. Does Economic Freedom Lead or Lag Economic Growth?
  11. Does Development Aid Lead to Economic Freedom?
  12. Does Economic Freedom Influence Major Health Indicators in India?
  13. Does Economic Freedom Promote Human Development?
  14. Who Benefits From Economic Freedom?
  15. Which Provides the Best Conception of Freedom, Liberalism or Socialism?
  16. Does Economic Freedom Foster Tolerance?
  17. How Does Economic Freedom Influence the Relationship Between Government Size and Convergence?
  18. How Economic Freedom Affects Opportunity and Necessity Entrepreneurship in the OECD Countries?
  19. Does Economic Freedom Boost Growth for Everyone?
  20. Does Economic Freedom Matter for Risk-Taking?
  21. How Two Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom?
  22. Does Economic Freedom Foster Banks’ Performance?
  23. Does Economic Freedom Lead To Selective Migration by Education?
  24. How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom?
  25. How Does the First Amendment Protects Freedom of Speech?
  26. Does Growth Further Improve Economic Freedom?
  27. Does Economic Freedom Increase Income Inequality?
  28. Does Economic Freedom Enhance the Impact of Foreign Direct?
  29. How the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Affects the Canadian Politics?
  30. Does Economic Freedom Affect the Production Frontier?
  31. How Consumerism Affects the Meaning of American Freedom?

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