United States as a Promoter of Freedom


The United States has always been viewed as a protector and promoter of freedom by a section of the global society while others view it as an abuser of freedom. The United States prides itself as a free world where citizens can exercise their rights through votes and other means without the fear of government repressions. According to Marron, the country has also been keen on supporting other countries around the world to achieve full freedom from any form of oppression (p. 78). During the period of Cold War, the country gave an image of a supporter of freedom at a time when its main rival, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic a leadership concept where the government tightly controlled every element of socio-political and economic development (Khalilieh, p. 50). In the recent times, the United States has faced criticism as a country that does not genuinely support the freedom around the world. Its critics argue that the country is keen on protecting its interests in the global society and is often willing to ignore human rights if its foreign policies are compromised. Despite these criticisms, many others still believe the United States is the largest protector and promoter of freedom in the global society. Although sometimes it may be forced to use military force to achieve these goals, such actions are often driven by the desire to promote a global society where people have the capacity to define how they are governed. The researcher believes that during the scope of this class, the United States has been a promoter and supporter of freedom.


Since it gained its independence in 1776, the United States has been keen on promoting rights and freedom of its citizens. Marron (p. 75) notes that the founding fathers of the nation insisted that every American citizen deserved to enjoy the freedom that they fought for against the colonial powers. Racism was a major impediment for a long time as there was a deeply entrenched opinion that people of color were inferior to the whites. Making progress towards something positive may require some time. First, the country was able to abolish all firms of slavery and slave trade. It took a long, but finally all American citizens, irrespective of their race, gender, or religion, were able to vote as long as they reached the right age of voting. More recently, the country made a major milestone when the first African American, President Barack Obama, was elected to the highest office in the land. In this essay, the focus will be narrowed to the more recent period during this course. It will be necessary to discuss how the country has been a protector and promoter of freedom both locally and in the global society.

Promoter and Protector of Freedom within the United States

The United States has been keen on promoting freedom for all its citizens. As Khalilieh observes, the country can only promote freedom globally if its citizens feel that they are free from all forms of oppression (p. 67). Over the last 10 months, there has been a Democratic Party primary election, and the way it was conducted epitomizes the freedom that citizens enjoy. The nomination process attracted some of the wealthiest Americans, veteran politicians, and women. No one was discriminated against on the basis of their age or any other demographic classification. Joe Biden, a prominent politician, has emerged as the chosen candidate for the party in a primary election that had one of the richest persons in the United States, Michael Bloomberg. It was a demonstration that one cannot use personal wealth to gain political favor because Americans are financially liberated. Unlike in other countries where elections are marred by voter bribery, this society understands the significance of voting their preferred candidate irrespective of their gender or financial capacity.

The global society has been grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic over the past five months. One of the ways of fighting the disease is through physical distancing to cut off the spread (Ratcliffe). As such, many countries, including the United States have introduced curfew as the best way of promoting physical distancing. However, the way in which it is implemented in the United States is significantly different from the approach taken in many other countries. In China, law enforcement agencies have been using brutal means to punish those who are found breaking curfew rules. The same practices have been witnessed in India (Ratcliffe). In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte gave the police an order to use lethal force against those who are breaking curfew laws. These draconian laws are witnessed in the United States. Instead, government authorities have explained to the citizens the significance of keeping the physical distance and advised everyone to stay at home (Kilgore, p. 44). It is a demonstration of a society where people are free and when a pandemic strikes, the government works closely with its people to find a solution instead of using force.

Promoter and Protector of Freedom in the Global Society

In the global society, the United States has demonstrated its commitment to support freedom of people. The trade restrictions that it has placed on North Korea show its desire to liberate the people of this country from the yolk of oppressive leadership. The country has been under the leadership of one family for several decades (Garey 38). In the modern society, people have learned the importance of electing their leaders as the best way of participating in leadership. However, North Koreans have no capacity to enjoy such freedom. As such, the United States has come out to condemn the kind of leadership that this country has adopted.

In Iraq, the United States is spending billions of dollars annually to support peace and freedom of citizens. There has been a desire for the country to pull out its troops from the region as it would help reduce the cost and eliminate cases of deaths of American soldiers. However, the leadership of this nation understands that such an action would lead to the emergence of insurgents that can easily topple the current government and restore repressive rules. As such, it is willing to spend its resources to ensure that there is peace in the region. Nicolás Maduro Moros, the president of Venezuela, has been accused of violating the rights and freedom of its citizens. The United States government has placed various trade restrictions against the country because of the oppressive regime. President Maduro recently arrested two Americans, accusing them of planning a coup in the country. However, the American government has not responded aggressively to such provocations. It has not used its massive military might against Maduro’s regime. It understands the fact that Venezuela is a sovereign state.

The United States has been accused by a section of the global society as an abuser of freedom. Some of the prominent cases that have been identified are the elimination of Libyan Supreme Leader, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi and President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Before the elimination of these two leaders, the two countries were relatively stable and they enjoyed economic prosperity (Winnifred, p. 89). However, the death of these leaders has plunged them into socio-political and economic turmoil. Actions that were taken by the United States and its allies to promote peace and freedom in these countries yielded a complete opposite of what was desired. Although these claims may be true, cases leading to these events justify actions taken by the United States. Currently, the country is spending a significant amount of resources in both countries to help them overcome the political and economic challenges they face.


The United States is a promoter and protector of freedom both within the country and in the global society. The existing laws and policies have created a platform where people can elect their leaders and criticize them when they feel that they are failing to deliver on their promise. The government does not use repressive laws to achieve its goals even during a major global pandemic when other nations are using the military and police against their citizens. The law protects the rights and freedom of all Americans. Globally, the country has been keen on promoting freedom of people from oppressive rules. It has supported democracy in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America where some leaders still use draconian laws to remain in power and oppress citizens.

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