74 Democracy Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Democracy Research Paper Examples

  1. Democracy: Pluralist Theory and Elite Theory
    This paper looks at the differences between the two theories of democracy and endeavors to demonstrate that the pluralist theory is favored over the elite theory.
  2. Government: United States Constitution and Democracy
    This paper will objectively discuss how the US Constitution reveals an ambient view of democracy, the transformations in the US government for a democratic America.
  3. American Democracy v. the Social: Healthcare System
    Social democracy is a system in which the elected representatives that is the government take decisions and run social programs like Health care of the public, safety programs.
  4. African Political Parties` Endeavour for Implementation the Democracy
    The paper showes African political parties struggles to integrate multi-party democracy in their countries and International community involvement to institutionalize the politics.
  5. The Essential Concepts and Principles of Democracy
    There are essential principles, like the rule of law and the respect of human rights, that are critical to the development of democratic governance.
  6. E-government and Democracy
    E-government and democracy integration has expanded democratic space where citizens can express their feelings and aspiration without fear.
  7. Democracy: Durbin’s, Duckworth’s, and Krishinamoorthi’s Positions
    The purpose of this paper is to describe Durbin’s, Duckworth’s, and Krishinamoorthi’s positions as well as to analyze several aspects of their personal life.
  8. Representing a Democracy of Florida
    When considering the current political environment of Miami, one will realize that it is represented by its senators M. Rubio and R. Scott, who belong to the Republican Party.

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  1. Modernization and Discrete Measures of Democracy
  2. Media, Democracy, and Government Action: Prevention vs. Palliation in the Time of Cholera
  3. The Success That the United States Made in Solving Issues About Democracy
  4. Political Theories and Ideology of Liberal Democracy
  5. Platos Republic: The Emergence of a Tyranny From a Democracy
  6. The Corporate Power and the Negation of Democracy in Modern Organizations
  7. The Role and Importance of Democracy in Managing International Crisis and Conflicts
  8. Satisfaction With Democracy and Perceived Performance of the Welfare State in Europe
  9. Policy Dynamics and Inefficiency in a Parliamentary Democracy With Proportional Representation
  10. Self, Legitimacy, and Democracy in Habermas and Connolly
  11. The American Oligarchy and the Pretense of Democracy
  12. Native American Societies and the Evolution of Democracy in America 1600-1800
  13. Media Use and Satisfaction With Democracy: Testing the Role of Political Interest
  14. Power and Persistence: The Indigenous Roots of Representative Democracy
  15. Modern Democracy and Its Impact on Society
  16. Relationship Between Prosperity and Democracy
  17. The Need for Ethical Leadership and Governance in Democracy
  18. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy Politics
  19. The Democracy and Separation of Powers in the United States
  20. South African Economic Policy Under Democracy
  21. Religious Fundamentalism and Global Politics in Barriers to Democracy
  22. Understanding Political Theology and Its Application in the Canadian Democracy
  23. The European Economic and Social Committee: Towards Deliberative Democracy via a Functional Assembly
  24. Optimal Government Finance and Democracy in Developing Countries
  25. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the American Model of the Liberal Democracy
  26. Social Democracy and Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1950-2010
  27. Social Democracy and Market Reform in Australia and New Zealand
  28. The Psychology and Politics of Dysfunctional Democracy
  29. The Conflict Over Democracy and Whether People Should Vote or Not
  30. Capitalist Democracy and Violence in France and England
  31. American History: Hierarchical Democracy in the United States
  32. Policy Compromises: Corruption and Regulation in a Democracy
  33. Traders, Teachers, and Tyrants: Democracy, Globalization, and Public Investment in Education
  34. Political Democracy and Economic Growth: Pooled Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Evidence
  35. Monetary Political Business Cycles: New Democracy Setting in Russia
  36. Public Sector Capital and the Transition From Dictatorship to Democracy
  37. The Benefits for the Democracy in Public Participation During the Presidential Nomination Process
  38. Understanding the Ideal Democracy in the United States According to the Framers
  39. Challenging the Degeneration Thesis: The Role of Democracy in Worker Cooperatives
  40. The American Woman and Democratic Society in Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
  41. The Main Causes Behind the Development of Democracy in Ancient Greece
  42. The Contradiction Between Capitalism and Democracy in the United States

❓ Democracy Research Questions

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  1. Will Democracy Guarantee Freedom?
  2. How the First Amendment Rights Have On Advancing Democracy?
  3. Why Did Russia Not Move Towards Democracy?
  4. How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy?
  5. How Did Hindenburg Undermine German Democracy in 1925?
  6. How Media Influences Our Democracy?
  7. How Free Trade Can Help Convert the ‘Arab Spring’ Into Permanent Peace and Democracy?
  8. What Are the Unique Traits of Athenian Democracy?
  9. How Far Are the Electoral Rolls in India Ideal for a Democracy?
  10. Why the Presidential System Is Better for Our Democracy?
  11. How Far Had Britain Moved Towards a Full Democracy by 1928?
  12. How Effective Was Athenian Democracy?
  13. What Makes Democracy Succeed or Fail?
  14. How Political Parties Harm Democracy?
  15. How Democracy Has Changed the Modern Day Form of Democracy?
  16. Why Populist Democracy Promotes Market Liberalization?
  17. Why Was Japan Able to Build a Successful Democracy?
  18. Why the United States Is Not a Democracy?
  19. What Comes First, Agricultural Growth or Democracy?
  20. How Democracy Has Made a Grand Mark on Humanity?
  21. How Liberal Democracy Justifies Power and Privilege on Accident Birth?
  22. How Does Socrates Vision of Athenian Democracy Differ From That of Pericles?
  23. Does the Islamic Movement Threaten the Democracy Gained in the “Arab Spring”?
  24. How Does Direct Action Undermine Democracy in the UK?

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