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📝 Democracy Research Paper Examples

  1. State and Local Government Comparing
    The United States of America as a whole subscribes to representative democracy. Direct democracy gives the citizens a chance to have a say in the running of affairs in the state.
  2. American Government and Politics
    The debate on federalism in the USA has been ongoing for more than a century. Some criticize this type of political system as it restricts people’s (as well as states’) rights considerably.
  3. Liberal International Relations Theories and Global Security
    Liberal international relations theory emphasises on the role of the different social interest and values of states, and their significance in global politics.
  4. Democracy: Pluralist Theory and Elite Theory
    This paper looks at the differences between the two theories of democracy and endeavors to demonstrate that the pluralist theory is favored over the elite theory.
  5. India and China Political Systems Comparison
    India and China are complex political systems which are both fragmented and characterized by serious flaws. Both China and India have excessive overlap in policy making functions.
  6. Mexico's Globalization and Democratization
    This paper analyzes Mexico's place in the international wave of democratization as the resurgence of the global wave facilitated the realization of democratization in Mexico.
  7. Effective and Limited Government
    Democratic states follow the majority rule in making decisions. This paper highlights the importance of combining administocracy and a powerful executive in a democracy.
  8. Government: United States Constitution and Democracy
    This paper will objectively discuss how the US Constitution reveals an ambient view of democracy, the transformations in the US government for a democratic America.
  9. The United States' Internationalist Foreign Policy
    The United States has tried internationalism before and it has yielded positive results. However, if it pulls out now, emerging powers like China will fill the vacuum.
  10. American Democracy v. the Social: Healthcare System
    Social democracy is a system in which the elected representatives that is the government take decisions and run social programs like Health care of the public, safety programs.
  11. Citizens' Role Within the Rule of Law
    The rule of law is an essential part of any democratic society. This work reviews the roles of individuals within the rule of law systems and evaluates their significance.
  12. The U.S. Judicial General Appraisal
    To the concern of this paper, the adequacy of the judiciary is discussed only in so far as the democratic component is concerned.
  13. Legislative Process, Administration of Government, and Law and the Court
    This paper describes an attempt to unearth the scope of three structures of democratic governments in the USA and Canada.
  14. Political Parties, Interests and Pressure Groups
    Political parties are organizations formed to attain political power in governments. This is usually achieved through an electoral system where they campaign and are elected.
  15. Political Science: Legislative Process
    The main role of any legislative arm of government is to amend and formulate laws. For most governments, the legislature's role is usually defined by the constitution.
  16. African Political Parties` Endeavour for Implementation the Democracy
    The paper showes African political parties struggles to integrate multi-party democracy in their countries and International community involvement to institutionalize the politics.
  17. John Locke v. Thomas Hobbes: Government Role in Human Society
    Hobbes and Locke were the English philosophers who attempted to explain the foundations and role of government in human society, contributing to social contract theory development.
  18. Possibility of Data Theft Attempts by the Eastern Nation While COVID-19
    The article that is discussed in this essay concerns the possibility of data theft attempts by the Eastern nation.
  19. Electoral College: Good or Bad
    The Electoral College is the voting system used in the US, and it was established in 1788 through Article II of the US Constitution.
  20. The Essential Concepts and Principles of Democracy
    There are essential principles, like the rule of law and the respect of human rights, that are critical to the development of democratic governance.
  21. E-government and Democracy
    E-government and democracy integration has expanded democratic space where citizens can express their feelings and aspiration without fear.
  22. Democracy: Durbin’s, Duckworth’s, and Krishinamoorthi’s Positions
    The purpose of this paper is to describe Durbin’s, Duckworth’s, and Krishinamoorthi’s positions as well as to analyze several aspects of their personal life.
  23. Representing a Democracy of Florida
    When considering the current political environment of Miami, one will realize that it is represented by its senators M. Rubio and R. Scott, who belong to the Republican Party.
  24. Tocqueville and the Idea of America Moving toward Communism
    Since the evolution of the political thought is defined to a degree by the factors outside of political influences, estimating the development choices of avenues is a challenging task.
  25. The History of Political Science in Canada
    The government is a smaller entity than the state is, and it is composed of the executives whose actions adhere to the legal proceedings of the state.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Democracy

  1. Democracy in the United States of America
    The established system is instrumental in achieving this goal, and American democracy will remain a role model for other countries and nations.
  2. What Is a State: Evaluation of Academic Sources
    The state consists of three outlining elements: legitimacy, a monopoly on violence, and given territoriality. Nowadays the majority of societies are governed by modern states.
  3. Normative Nature of Founding Principles and the Foundations of Bureaucratic Ethics
    The lack of democratic governance may result in repressive forms of governance, in such a scenario, there is likely to be a shortage of bureaucratic ethics.
  4. Martin Luther Jr. "Jail Letter" and Aung San Kyi’s Democracy Excerpt
    This paper therefore compares and contrasts the ideas presented by Martin Luther King Jr and Aung San Suu Kyi while in pursuit of justice.
  5. What Is Civil Society?
    Varying in autonomy and power, civil societies are populated in organizations such as faith-based organizations, trade unions, self-help groups, community groups, among others.
  6. Middle East Democratization
    Democratization can be understood as the process by which a political organization becomes democratic in its ruling. Democracy remains to be the most effective form of governance.
  7. The Shifting Nature of American Democracy
    The political divide in the US has been driven by two visions. Jefferson believed voters had to be educated so as not to be deceived by the false promises of the elite.
  8. Democracy and Efforts to Emphasize It
    Democracy and efforts to emphasize it are of ultimate importance since they promote the establishment of accountable authorities.
  9. Dilemmas of the Turkish Political System
    This paper examines the Turkish political system, which seeks to reconcile many choices in this complex society.
  10. Dahl’s “How Democratic Is the American Constitution?”
    Dahl's main achievement in this book is that he has singled out and substantiated undemocratic elements in the United States Constitution.
  11. The US Election 2020 and South Asia Geopolitics
    This paper will evaluate the impact of the US election 2020 on South Asia geopolitics, especially in India, Pakistan, and China.
  12. Choice of Candidate and Demographic Characteristics of a Voter
    Voter’s decision on the choice of a candidate is often influenced by the characteristics of the candidates. These traits can be both personal and demographic to the voter.
  13. Compulsory Voting: Is It Compatible With Democracy?
    Some people are convinced that compulsory voting is an integral part of democracy, and as many people as possible should express their appreciation or disagreement.
  14. Democratization Processes That Have Reshaped Societies
    This paper examines how democratization processes have reshaped modern societies and the authority structure of modern democratic systems.
  15. Democracy: Unites States of America
    The new political map of North and South America was formed in the 19th century as a result of the Atlantic Revolutions and subsequent political and social processes.
  16. The US Involvement in the Iranian Coup
    The 1953 coup, which resulted in the overthrow of a democratic government, had a negative influence not only on the Middle East countries but also affected the West.
  17. The Failure of Democracy in South America
    This post aims to explore the reasons why both left-leaning, particularly socialist, and conservative governments have failed at consolidating democracy in the region.
  18. Comparison of Democracy Levels in Uruguay and Venezuela
    Democratic institutions face difficult times in winning back the confidence they have lost in the recent past in many countries worldwide.
  19. The New Government of Cronad
    The chosen governing style for the country will be democracy, which means that the people of Cronad will have a say in how their country is ruled.
  20. Political Institutions in Turkey: Analysis
    The paper discusses the political institutions in Turkey, the key players who influence them, the elements which include the economic, cultural, and international factors.
  21. Voting: Democracy, Freedom, and Political Agency
    The practical implementation of democracy is possible only through elections and voting. Democracy is ensured by free voting and the presence of a representative system.
  22. Democracy and Western Cultural Values Worldwide
    Democracy has long been outperforming non-democracies in both social and economic terms. However, democracies currently cannot be established in all countries worldwide.
  23. Populist Movement and Its Essential Attributes
    The contribution to the development of the U.S. agricultural sector, political democracy, and the Progressive Movement constitute the main attributes of the Populist Movement.
  24. Sharansky’s Experience vs. The Current Conditions in the Country of Iran
    This paper compares and contrasts Sharansky’s experience in the Soviet Union and the current conditions in the country of Iran.
  25. Political Participation and Voting as Democracy Features
    The election of government bodies and the regular holding of free and fair elections are some of the most striking indicators of the actual democracy of the political system.

✍️ Democracy Essay Topics for College

  1. Why Should the United States Abolish the Electoral College System?
    The paper argues on why despite its remarkable resistance to change and the ever-growing unpopularity, America’s Electoral College political institution should be abolished.
  2. Military Modernization in Indonesia
    This article examines Indonesia's military modernization from the perspective of democratization theory, international political economy, and terrorism.
  3. Representative Democracy and Its Constituents
    The issue of representation dates back to early forms of government and representation in government, the House of Representatives, or the senate.
  4. Cold War, International Relationship With War According to Gaddis
    According to Gaddis, it was the revolution in a global transportation system that crippled America’s most strategic assets which were used in controlling wars.
  5. Democracy vs. Other Types of Government
    The government is made up of systems and people such as administrators and legislators among others whose main role is to ensure proper governance of the state.
  6. Interest Groups in the American Democratic System
    The paper discusses that interest groups have drawn an ongoing controversy over their place in the American democratic system.
  7. Discussion of Democracy Assignment
    The paper discusses Anderson's article that the purpose of politics is to serve the people, hence, people hold intrinsic value.
  8. Has the US Government Become More of or Less of a Republic, a Confederation, or a Democracy
    This essay will define the terms the republic, confederation, and democracy and illustrate whether the United States became more or less close to the definition of each term.
  9. Democratic and Authoritarian States
    The essay discusses dissimilarities between democratic and authoritarian states with reference to general power distribution patterns.
  10. Plutocratic Type of Governance, Based on Reich’s Book
    This paper discusses the plutocratic type of governance, based on Reich’s book “Just Giving: Why philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better?”
  11. American Political Development
    Civil society has an important task to play in the present state policy, which can no longer be adjusted to solve current problems.
  12. Democracy in the US: Is It Real Today?
    Support for democracy in the United States of America is decreasing every year, which raises the question of whether America is a genuine democratic state.
  13. Proposed Changes to the Political System of the USA: Constitutional Integrity
    The current affairs in the political system of the United States indicate a significant disruption in the interpretation of the Constitution.
  14. “Democracy and Collective Identity in the E.U. and the USA”: Article Analysis
    The main thesis of the article “Democracy and Collective Identity in the E.U. and the USA” is the European Union needs participatory democracy to shape collective national identity.
  15. The United States Is Not Really a Democracy
    Several political decisions from the government and an insufficient election system show that nowadays, the United States is not a democracy.
  16. Nature and Performance of Indonesia’s New Democracy
    In Indonesia, democracy was lost during Suharto’s leadership. During this period, there was authoritative leadership in Indonesia.
  17. The United States as an Imperial Power
    Although it prides itself as the most vocal proponent of democracy in the world, the United States exhibits several characteristics, which distinguish it as an imperial power.
  18. Political Science, Human Rights, and Citizenship
    The political theory encompasses the assessment of the political practices and the general society. It also involves the examination of political views and values.
  19. The Source’s Ideological Perspective
    The source’s ideological perspective demonstrates that adherence to democratic principles might be challenging and result in unpopular decisions criticized by the majority.
  20. Democracy Description as a Political System
    Democracy is a term that is applied to describe the political system of government, an idea, and concept based on the principles of popular power.
  21. Permanent Campaign and Its Effect on Governing Process
    The paper argues that although there are negative implications for permanent campaigning, it remains to be an integral part of the American political system.
  22. Social Democratic Welfare State
    Social democracy is a political system where the government provides certain socio-economic rights and entitlements that are for the benefit of the community.
  23. The Topic of Democracy in Various Speeches
    The current paper is going to present a thorough analysis of three political speeches held by John F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, and Ronald Reagan, respectively.
  24. Democracy and Tyranny in the United States
    The main fears of the author regarding US democracy include the inevitable existence of conflicting needs and the flaws of human nature, which lead to the emergence of tyranny.
  25. The Canadian Political Culture and Democracy
    The political culture and democratic beliefs of Canada are massively responsible for the many actions the state undertakes on behalf of its people.

👍 Good Democracy Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Tunisia's Current Political Situation
    The paper states that Tunisia heralded and had a complete success of the Arab Spring revolution in 2011, which wept North African and Middle Eastern countries.
  2. How Democratic Was the New Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
    The new US Constitution, developed in 1787 and ratified in 1788, was a crucial step toward establishing democracy in America.
  3. A Case for the Abolition of the Electoral College
    Although the Electoral College was conceived to bar imprudent individuals from voting, it should be abolished due to its distinctive undemocratic feature.
  4. Backsliding of Democracy: Examples and Preventive Measures
    Decreasing democracy manifests through crackdown on media, false information, uprooting civil liberties, massive arrests, and disrespect for institutions, among other factors.
  5. Indonesian Politics and Its Major Tendencies
    The report discusses the major trends in Indonesian politics. Indonesia made substantial progress in ensuring human rights and liberties.
  6. Why Does Democracy Work and Why Doesn’t It?
    The concept of democracy, notwithstanding its ever-growing topicality in modern society, is not as easy to explain as it may seem to be.
  7. The Right to Vote in the USA Throughout the History
    The right to vote in the US affected slaves in political and moral respects since it affected their enjoyment of being part of political processes and enjoying human rights.
  8. The United States' Embargo Against Cuba
    The infatuation with dictatorship from Batista's government led to the revolution led by Fidel Castro. It is the cause of struggling terms between the US and Cuba.
  9. Researching the Concept of Democracy
    The issues of democracy have been discussed for several thousand years, but a definition of this concept with which everyone would agree has not been found.
  10. Democracy: Equality of Income and Egalitarianism
    One of the main concepts in democratic theory is equality. Countless scholars theorize about the impact of inequality, especially economic and political ones, on democracy.
  11. The Struggle for Democracy: How Politics Captures People's Interest?
    In general, at least the perceived involvement of Americans is quite high, especially when compared to interest in politics in other countries in the world.
  12. The Equality of Income or Wealth Depending on Democracy
    Egalitarianism is a concept based on creating a society with equal social and civil rights for all members. Egalitarianism underlies the programs of various political parties.
  13. Concepts of Democracy and Wealth
    The paper identifies imbalances in the existing democratic systems because they may threaten democracy as a whole. It is a trend seen in the United States.
  14. Abolishing the Electoral College
    The varying amounts of voting power under the electoral college contradict the American ideal of democracy and equal representation.
  15. Changing Parties in Brexit Britain
    The political party association in the 21st epoch book expounds more on the changing trends of civil groups across the world.
  16. Democratic Traditions in Early American Colonies
    The colonial experience influenced the future United States' political and social beliefs embedded in the Constitution.
  17. Is Democracy the Best Form of Government?
    Democracy is not the best form of government for all the world’s inhabitants. It is not a panacea for all of the world’s troubles but rather an instrument.
  18. The Struggle for Democracy: Bureaucracy
    Bureaucracy is one of the most controversial and provocative topics in political science. State officials apply this system of government to make vital decisions.
  19. Safeguard of Democracy Is Education
    Democracy is a political system based on the principle of the people's collective will, through which all important decisions for the community are made.
  20. “The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin
    “The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin reflects on the topic of limited resources and suggests that some problems may remain technically unsolved.
  21. Analysis of Democracy in the USA
    The state apparatus of America has been influenced by revolutionary wars, conflicts with First Nations, and the peculiarities of social interaction.
  22. Political Risks of Trading in Thailand
    Thailand lies on both democratic and authoritarian leadership. Thailand's political unrest and coups are critical concerns to local and foreign businesses operating in the region.
  23. Social Democracy vs. Social Policy
    Social democracy suggests diverse ideas and directs future development, while social policy swallows these suggestions and tries to implement them in the best way for people.
  24. Democracy as a Socio-Political Phenomenon
    Democracy, as a socio-political phenomenon, is associated with equality, whether the right to vote, expression of will, religious affiliation, or other freedoms.
  25. Why Does the End of One Dictatorship Often Lead to the Start of Another Dictatorship?
    A dictatorship is a form of government wherein one person or group of people has unlimited power without effective constitutional restraints.

🏆 Best Democracy Essay Titles

  1. Modernization and Discrete Measures of Democracy
  2. Media, Democracy, and Government Action: Prevention vs. Palliation in the Time of Cholera
  3. The Success That the United States Made in Solving Issues About Democracy
  4. Political Theories and Ideology of Liberal Democracy
  5. Platos Republic: The Emergence of a Tyranny From a Democracy
  6. The Corporate Power and the Negation of Democracy in Modern Organizations
  7. The Role and Importance of Democracy in Managing International Crisis and Conflicts
  8. Satisfaction With Democracy and Perceived Performance of the Welfare State in Europe
  9. Policy Dynamics and Inefficiency in a Parliamentary Democracy With Proportional Representation
  10. Democracy: Evolution of the Political Thought
    First of all, for this essay, it is necessary to define the term Democracy. Democracy is a procedure related to decision-making, which is inclusive of all members of the society.
  11. Self, Legitimacy, and Democracy in Habermas and Connolly
  12. The American Oligarchy and the Pretense of Democracy
  13. Native American Societies and the Evolution of Democracy in America 1600-1800
  14. Edmund Morgan: The Views of American Democracy
    One of the evidence in the American history is that freedom and slavery expanded simultaneously, which is not possible under normal conditions.
  15. Media Use and Satisfaction With Democracy: Testing the Role of Political Interest
  16. Power and Persistence: The Indigenous Roots of Representative Democracy
  17. Modern Democracy and Its Impact on Society
  18. Management and Leadership Theories, Models and Methods
    This paper will discuss leadership and management theories, leadership types, effectiveness among families, and advantages and disadvantages.
  19. Relationship Between Prosperity and Democracy
  20. The Need for Ethical Leadership and Governance in Democracy
  21. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy Politics
  22. The United States Constitution
    This work examines what types of powers are given to the national government by the Constitution and studies the issue of The Equal Protection Clause, part of the US Constitution.
  23. The Democracy and Separation of Powers in the United States
  24. South African Economic Policy Under Democracy

🎓 Democracy Writing Prompts

  1. Religious Fundamentalism and Global Politics in Barriers to Democracy
  2. Understanding Political Theology and Its Application in the Canadian Democracy
  3. The European Economic and Social Committee: Towards Deliberative Democracy via a Functional Assembly
  4. Optimal Government Finance and Democracy in Developing Countries
  5. The State Voter Suppression Law
    The state voter suppression law is one of the nominal U.S. historical frameworks enhancing discrimination across dynamic races.
  6. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the American Model of the Liberal Democracy
  7. Social Democracy and Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1950-2010
  8. Social Democracy and Market Reform in Australia and New Zealand
  9. The Psychology and Politics of Dysfunctional Democracy
  10. The Conflict Over Democracy and Whether People Should Vote or Not
  11. Capitalist Democracy and Violence in France and England
  12. The Democratic Style of Leadership
    The democratic style of leadership is the most efficient ruling strategy. It promotes effective interactions in an organization or government.
  13. American History: Hierarchical Democracy in the United States
  14. Policy Compromises: Corruption and Regulation in a Democracy
  15. Traders, Teachers, and Tyrants: Democracy, Globalization, and Public Investment in Education
  16. Political Democracy and Economic Growth: Pooled Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Evidence
  17. Monetary Political Business Cycles: New Democracy Setting in Russia
  18. Public Sector Capital and the Transition From Dictatorship to Democracy
  19. The Benefits for the Democracy in Public Participation During the Presidential Nomination Process
  20. Understanding the Ideal Democracy in the United States According to the Framers
  21. Challenging the Degeneration Thesis: The Role of Democracy in Worker Cooperatives
  22. The American Woman and Democratic Society in Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
  23. The Main Causes Behind the Development of Democracy in Ancient Greece
  24. The Contradiction Between Capitalism and Democracy in the United States

❓ Democracy Research Questions

  1. Will Democracy Guarantee Freedom?
  2. How the First Amendment Rights Have On Advancing Democracy?
  3. Why Did Russia Not Move Towards Democracy?
  4. How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy?
  5. How Did Hindenburg Undermine German Democracy in 1925?
  6. How Media Influences Our Democracy?
  7. How Free Trade Can Help Convert the ‘Arab Spring’ Into Permanent Peace and Democracy?
  8. What Are the Unique Traits of Athenian Democracy?
  9. How Far Are the Electoral Rolls in India Ideal for a Democracy?
  10. Why the Presidential System Is Better for Our Democracy?
  11. How Far Had Britain Moved Towards a Full Democracy by 1928?
  12. How Effective Was Athenian Democracy?
  13. What Makes Democracy Succeed or Fail?
  14. How Political Parties Harm Democracy?
  15. How Democracy Has Changed the Modern Day Form of Democracy?
  16. Why Populist Democracy Promotes Market Liberalization?
  17. Why Was Japan Able to Build a Successful Democracy?
  18. Why the United States Is Not a Democracy?
  19. What Comes First, Agricultural Growth or Democracy?
  20. How Democracy Has Made a Grand Mark on Humanity?
  21. How Liberal Democracy Justifies Power and Privilege on Accident Birth?
  22. How Does Socrates Vision of Athenian Democracy Differ From That of Pericles?
  23. Does the Islamic Movement Threaten the Democracy Gained in the “Arab Spring”?
  24. How Does Direct Action Undermine Democracy in the UK?

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