Concepts of Democracy and Wealth

Indeed, there are many imperfections and vulnerabilities that democracy as a political system has. When certain factors of democracy are abused or overemphasized, this may lead to the deformation of democracy into other forms of political ideas such as ochlocracy or oligarchy. Therefore, it is essential to identify imbalances in the existing democratic systems because they may threaten democracy as a whole. The described case of abusing the democratic system to obtain more power is a trend seen in the United States and some other countries.

The United States’ political system, both internally and externally, is driven by liberal ideologies. As an industrialist country, the United States depends on importing firm inputs and exportation of finished products. Therefore, people who possess wealth have much more significant influence and are favored by the political system. It can be argued whether the acquisition of power by the wealthy minority can limit the rights and freedoms of the poorer minority. Ideally, with a lack of corruption, the equality of all citizens is ensured, but practically there are instances where wealth and power provide exclusive treatment to the ones that possess it.

However, the trend is common in most developed countries. Modern world politics can be significantly influenced by realism ideals (Smolnikov, 2018). Realist ideologies explain global politics the way they are in real terms. The centerpiece of political life, according to realists, is power. There may be other intervening factors, but world politics revolve around power and how the state uses it. States are the key players in the international systems. Therefore, the elites of each state who have wealth and power can, to an extent, affect international politics as well.


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