Representing a Democracy of Florida

A democratic environment needs to be sustained by the people that serve their demographics best and are capable of fostering diversity and creating equal opportunities for community members. However, to select the people that suit the specified position best, voters need to familiarize themselves with the policies that their electives promote and the ideas that they support. When considering the current political environment of Miami, Florida, one will realize that it is represented by its senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, both of whom belong to the Republican Party.

To balance the political context created by Rubio and Scott, one might want to consider Stephanie Murphy as a Republican representing the needs of the Miami community. Apart from providing an opportunity to promote diversity in the Miami senate, the choice of the specified candidate is expected to allow representing ethnic and racial minorities of the city and the state in a more accurate manner. Namely, the needs of vulnerable groups are expected to be met in a more effective way.

Remarkably, Murphy used to address a range of issues associated with national security prior to becoming a member of the Florida government. According to aaa, these were the September. 11 attacks that shaped her willingness to contribute to the safety and security of citizens. The specified factor played a huge role in Murphy’s determination to dedicate a number of years of her service to enhancing the levels of the U.S. defense system and, therefore, ensuring the security of its citizens (“Rep. Stephanie Murphy,” 2019). The specified experience can be considered important baggage for a member of the Congress since it provides a very clear account of the issues that one needs to address as a politician in the contemporary political framework of the state.

In addition, the political experience that Murphy possesses is not restricted to her being a member of Congress. Having been a part of the Democrat Party for a while, she has developed significant insight into the challenges of the current political environment, the problems of political representation that numerous minorities are facing, and the strategies that could be used to increase the extent of visibility of vulnerable groups.

The insight into investment and government affairs that Murphy has developed while working in the specified sector is also worthy of mentioning as a critical asset of her as a candidate. A profound and meticulous understanding of how the financial assets of the state are allocated and managed is needed to ensure that the available monetary resources are allocated in a way that helps to meet the needs of all citizens. Specifically, as a Congress member, one has to ensure that the areas such as education, healthcare, and legal enforcement are funded sufficiently to provide the services of the needed quality to the target population. In addition, as a Congress member, one has to be aware of how current financial trends are utilized to make financial projections for the future management of the budget. The specified insights are developed when performing the roles and responsibilities of a member of the investment and government affairs industry. Specifically, the risks associated with the financial market, changes in the currency exchange, the factors affecting the fluctuations of the exchange rates, and other numerous factors that determine the efficacy of state policies.

In addition, the fact that Murphy has experience in studying business theory is also indicative of her prowess in the realm of economy. Indeed, according to the existing records of her accomplishments, Murphy has taught business theory at Rollins College (“Speech: Rep. Murphy commencement address,” 2018). The background in business studies also implies that the solutions offered by Murphy to some of the current socio-economic and sociopolitical concerns are going to be firmly rooted in reality. Namely, the approaches that she as a member of the Congress will provide to the improvement of some of the current approaches toward creating financial and economic policies.

In addition, the extent of education that Murphy has received should also be seen as an important factor in choosing her candidacy as the most suitable one for Congress. Namely., Murphy’s Master of Science degree in the area of Foreign Service makes her knowledgeable enough to address important issues of home and foreign policy, such as the issues on immigration and the associated concerns of minorities that constitute a substantial part of the American population. In addition, the specified background will allow Murphy to approach the complicated topic of illegal migrants in the context of Miami, Florida, as well as in the U.S., in general.

The areas listed above reflect the ideology of the selected candidate quite accurately. Namely, the choices that Murphy has been making in her progress as a politician have been quite representative of the key democratic values and principles. For instance, her policy toward ethnic and racial minorities, as well as vulnerable groups in general, has been evocative of the traditional Democratic stance on meeting the needs of the representatives of minority groups.

The specified characteristics are also of particular interest since they make one wonder how Murphy will seek to represent citizens n Congress after being promoted. Indeed, after considering the current advances in managing socioeconomic and sociocultural issues, as well as the extent of political representation of minorities, one will have to agree that the levels of security and well-being of the said groups are desperately low. In addition, the recent health-related concerns, namely, the rapid spread of the pandemic and the drastic economic consequences that it has entailed, have led to the drop in the extent of security among American citizens, in general, and minority groups, in particular. The specified issue has been especially poignant for Miami, Florida, where the rates of poverty and economic imbalance have been quite high (“Murphy: Congress missed the point with watered-down resolution on anti-Semitism,” 2019). Thus, the introduction of a new force and a set of innovative ideas that Murphy may bring will likely have a positive effect on the current situation and improve the levels of well-being among poverty-stricken members of the Miami population.

Out of the three candidates mentioned above, Murphy seems to offer a more interesting and fresher attitude toward the current sociopolitical context of the specified setting. As a politician, she provides a balance to the current opinions within the local government, which appears to be predominantly Republican, male, and white. With her level of expertise and experience, murphy will be able to make a difference in how people see ethnic and racial minorities, which is the main reason for continuing the support for the specified member of the Congress. Overall, as a representative of the Democrat Party, Murphy will be able to provide a new approach toward handling some of the issues that have been developing in the Miami community such as the rising rates of poverty, social and economic inequality, and public health concerns.


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