Donald Trump’s Solutions to America’s Problems

The United States is undergoing an era of controversial and threatening developments. Despite the polarization of citizens based on the affiliation to one of the two major political parties, the overall population agrees on most current issues. Not only is such compliance a sign of surrendering to the majority opinion, but it also undermines the noble premise behind differentiating between Republicans and Democrats. The level of mass delusions in the field of political affairs is unprecedented. Donald Trump is ready to end the vicious tendency of unifying American opinion by explaining the real problems the US is facing.

The first worrying expression of mass disillusionment is the rising belief in immigrant innocence. This is a dangerous viewpoint as it ignores the repercussions of admitting non-US citizens into the country. The immigrant arrival is directly associated with the rising crime rate, while it is commonly and undoubtedly mistakenly attributed to police violence. A staggering number of individuals voice their concerns that reinforcing the US-Mexico border with troops is unnecessary. Moreover, they also seem to believe that the Trump wall is a waste of money and time while entirely dismissing the enormous positive effects that enhancing the border has on society.

People who adopted the moderate view on immigration are blindsided by the unjustified criticism of foreign countries. The European leaders complain that America purposefully closes the entrance to immigrants and refugees, while some states of Europe actively invite foreigners and even help them adapt. President Trump points to Germany as an example of immigration policy failure. Chancellor Merkel’s decisions did after all lead to the increase in the German workforce and greater cultural segregation, which immigrant sympathizers refer to as diversity.

The Trump Administration does everything on its part to ensure the absence of foreign talent in the American labor market. Only the United States origin and upbringing can deem people worthy of being employed by an American company. Therefore, border restrictions will continue to minimize the threat of immigrants supplanting jobs. Nobody should forget that the American population grows older, and the inflow of younger foreigners can worsen the confrontation between the generations.

Another burning issue is America’s place in the international arena. China is often underestimated as a threat to the national security of the United States. The most recent and obvious expression of Chinese danger is the COVID-19 pandemic. The public ought to remember that China is responsible for the spread of the disease into the US, not the falsely criticized American healthcare. As the virus is Chinese in origin, it is evident that a tighter border policy is essential in keeping the population of the US in good health.

Moreover, the World Health Organization’s stance on the threat of the virus creates panic and worsens the publicity of governments. Not only does WHO take advantage of the US financial aid, but it also neglects to investigate the origin of the pandemic, thus concealing the Chinese fault. Therefore, Trump is right in dismissing WHO as an authority on healthcare issues. President Trump has ceased the funding and announced the withdrawal from the organization as a punishment for its mishandling of the pandemic.

Internally, the United States is experiencing rising unlawfulness and toxic propaganda. Particularly, the followers of the Black Lives Matter urge the government to undercut the funding of police, thus opting for the increase in violence and unlawful behavior. Not only do the protesters precipitate violence and destruction by arguing against the supposed police brutality against African Americans, but they also promote extreme socialist ideas of treating all people equally. Trump wholeheartedly supports the community of color by isolating them from the negative influence of the far-left sentiment.

Altogether, it is evident that the United States is in deep internal and external crisis. Jealous of the American lifestyle, immigrants attempt to illegally cross the border and overtake American jobs while engaging in criminal activities. China has allowed the spread of the virus and is being protected by the World Health Organization, which also uses American funding to stimulate worldwide panic. A large percentage of the population has started to turn to extreme socialism while supporting Black Lives Matter, which harms the black community. Donald Trump responds to these issues and outlays the actual state of domestic and foreign affairs of America.

I chose Donald Trump as the target of this satire because of the prevalence of his political leanings in the ongoing election campaign. Trump is known for his numerous controversial statements, which have gathered a lot of criticism. Yet, he still possesses a large base of supporters, many of whom credit his actions. This article uses irony as the primary satirical technique in relation to Trump’s stances on immigration, China, COVID-19, and Black Lives Matter. His decision-making in these spheres is ridiculed as ineffective and not reflecting public opinion. Moreover, the article shows that Trump’s stubborn support of his own policies does not resolve any of the issues, but in reality creates more problems in the future.

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