123 Donald Trump Research Topics & Essay Examples

Famous for 45th President of the United States
Born June 14, 1946
Political party Republican (1987–1999, 2009–2011, 2012–present)
Spouse(s) Ivana Zelníčková, (m. 1977; div. 1992), Marla Maples, (m. 1993; div. 1999), Melania Knauss, (m. 2005)
Occupation Politician, businessman, television presenter
It’s interesting that Trump’s political positions have been described as populist, protectionist, isolationist, and nationalist.

📝 Donald Trump Research Paper Examples

  1. The US and China Geopolitics: Topical Issues
    The analysis of current events related to the relations of the United States and China has helped to apply the concepts and terms of the course to real-world events.
  2. Battle for the Supreme Court and the 2020 Presidential Election
    The death of ruth Ginsburg has brought a lot of ambiguity to the upcoming election, but any change in the current situation is good news for Donald Trump.
  3. Electoral College: Good or Bad
    The election of every American president depends on the votes of the Electoral College. This model has been in place to prevent any form of mob rule.
  4. Federalism and Trump’s Approach to Immigration
    Trump’s time in office has radically changed the tone of public debate over the issue of American immigration.
  5. The First Presidential Debate 2020: President Trump Versus Biden
    The first presidential debate held on September 29, 2020, pitted the incumbent Donald Trump with presidential candidate Joe Biden.
  6. Donald Trump's Solutions to America's Problems
    Donald Trump is ready to end the vicious tendency of unifying American opinion by explaining the real problems the US is facing.
  7. Re-Election of Donald Trump
    The purpose of this article is to consider the factors that can influence the re-election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.
  8. Should We Consider Trump a Populist?
    A populist signifies an individual, mainly a politician, who seeks to please the ordinary folks who have fears that their issues are overlooked by the recognized elite leaders.
  9. Political Science: President Trump's Speech
    President Trump’s speech addresses numerous key issues adversely affecting the attainment of fundamental goals.
  10. Trump's Conflicts of Interest Since Taking Office
    The paper covers the effort of a watchdog non-profit organization to document and keep track of President Trump’s actions.
  11. Checks and Balances: Procedure Study
    Checks and balances are procedures that prevent the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. government from abusing power.
  12. White House Ethics and Its Effect on American Institutional Ideals
    This paper presents how the President and the White House's policies affect key government institutions and international relations.
  13. US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
    The Trump Doctrine is the key reason why the American apathy to the situation in the Middle East seemed to be so strong .
  14. Students Reaction to the Presidential Election Results
    A significant portion of the US electorate was moved by the announcement of Joe Biden's triumph and took to the streets dancing, honking horns, and banging on pans.
  15. The US Election 2020 and South Asia Geopolitics
    This paper will evaluate the impact of the US election 2020 on South Asia geopolitics, especially in India, Pakistan, and China.
  16. Choice of Candidate and Demographic Characteristics of a Voter
    Voter’s decision on the choice of a candidate is often influenced by the characteristics of the candidates. These traits can be both personal and demographic to the voter.
  17. Trump's Presidential Platform on Healthcare
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the positions of Donald Trump and Joseph Biden on several issues related to the provision of health services in the United States.
  18. 2020 Presidential Election and Political Polarization
    The 2020 election has intensified the polarization and brought to light many problems underlying the current political landscape.
  19. President Trump’s Closure of Mosques Unconstitutional
    An executive order directing the closure of all mosques would be grossly unconstitutional as it would effectively infringe the free exercise of Islam religion.
  20. Trump’s “Zero-Tolerance” Policy Effect
    The family separation policy is part of the immigration policy initiated by the administration of the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Donald Trump

  1. America’s Great Political Divide
    Stepping into the new position of a President, Barack Obama faced one of the biggest financial crises in US history.
  2. US Presidential Elections Impact on the Middle East
    The US Presidential elections have significant impacts on the Middle East, and the effect is different depending on the winner of the vote.
  3. Positions of the Presidential Candidates: What Determined Biden’s Victory?
    The paper presents that Biden has always emphasized that he will primarily focus on solving the internal problems of his country.
  4. Joe Biden’s Vision: Political Change
    The United States will face the problem of the parties' opposition, which will lead to Biden's inability to change the situation without readjusting his vision and plans.
  5. Kaepernick's Protest: Analysis of True Meaning
    In an August 2016 NFL preseason, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the US Anthem.
  6. Trump Administration’s Refugee Policy
    The refugee programs are intended to offer protection and even save the lives of vulnerable people in the conflict region.
  7. Donald Trump Under the Grand Jury's Investigation
    Since Donald Trump became a subject of the grand jury's investigation, employees from his companies were interviewed.
  8. President Trump’s Approach to Foreign Policy
    President Trump has worked to reduce the presence of American forces outside of the nation throughout his time in office.
  9. The 2016 Presidential Campaign and Long-Term Impacts on American Politics
    The candidacies of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 campaigns for the presidential seat opened a new chapter in America's politics.
  10. Trump's Responsibility for Capitol Insurrection
    The state's principal buildings have a special meaning not just as architectural structures but as symbols of the government and its power.
  11. Donald Trump’s Migration Policy: Pros and Cons
    It is difficult to identify positive features of Trump’s migration policy since it has caused much disagreement between the American establishment and the international community.
  12. U.S. Closes Trump-Era Office for Victims of Immigrant Crime
    The article gives a good representation of Trump's system, explanation as why it has been a wrong approach from the start.
  13. How Language Influences Modern-Day US Politics
    Nowadays, in the age of social media, language retains its power in the hands of presidents, who try to use it to their advantage, although not without flaws.
  14. Disseminating the Presidency of Obama and Trump
    The significance of the paper is that it demonstrates political leadership through a comparison of the administrations of the two most recent US ex-presidents.
  15. Major Shifts in African Americans’ Issue
    Different political and social groups translate contradicting views on the problem, as seen in the actions of Obama's and Trump's administrations.
  16. The Obama and Trump Administrations Compared
    This paper will compare and contrast two presidents in the country, the 44th and first president of African origin and the 45th President, Donald Trump.
  17. The Influence on Turkey–United States Relations by Trump and Biden
    The results of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections are expected to influence both Turkey–United States relations and the country’s domestic and foreign policy.
  18. Israeli-Palestinian Relations Under Trump vs. Biden
    President Trump and his administration have been pressing Arab countries, including Palestine, to normalize relations with Israel.
  19. Presidential Elections and Health Care
    Politics significantly determines the quality of health institutions, and many political events may have implications for the health services to the public.
  20. Donald Trump's Campaign in the CNN Article
    The article by CNN called "The raging new Donald Trump campaign starts up where he left off" tries to analyze the recent stunt of ex-President of the US – Donald Trump.

✍️ Donald Trump Essay Topics for College

  1. Failures in the System of Immigrant Detention: The Role of the US Marshals Service
    The paper examines the history behind the US Marshals, the scope of the problem of immigration detention, the disregard for detainees’ mental health.
  2. Reform Voting at the Federal Level, Protect and Enhance Voter Rights
    This paper will look at the problems that have troubled the US electoral system for a long time and will propose solutions to the problems.
  3. Politics of Schools Reopening Guidelines During Covid-19 Pandemic
    The paper analysis different scenarios where politics influence matters concerning education and promoting the parties' popularity.
  4. The Separation of Powers in the US
    In an article for the NYT, Liptak (2019) cites the views of political experts on a hostile situation that has arisen in the relationship between President Trump and Congress.
  5. The Special Relationship between the United States and Israel
    From the very beginning, the White House intended to achieve a solution to the Palestinian problem based on the coexistence of two states - the Israeli and the Palestinian.
  6. Joe Biden’s Pressure to Lift US-China Supply Chain Tariffs
    Every day has new things happening, which results in news arising every day of a human being. There has been so much news being communicated through different media.
  7. The Worship of Big Brother and Donald Trump
    The brutal and crude presidency and behavior of Donald Trump and its worship have a number of overlapping characteristics with the worshiping of Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984.
  8. Clinton and Trump Presidential Debate: Critical Analysis
    The debate that took place in 2016 consisted of a more actual discussion of essential topics, such as domestic issues, including financial arrangements, schools, bipartisan help.
  9. Permanent Campaign and Its Effect on Governing Process
    The paper argues that although there are negative implications for permanent campaigning, it remains to be an integral part of the American political system.
  10. Soft Power of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping
    China has rapidly invested in cooperative development within the international community since President Xi Jinping expressed his intentions to develop Chinese soft power.
  11. Merkel’s Germany and Trump’s Us Stances on Migration Policies
    This short paper will seek to analyze, compare, and contrast these policies based on their functioning, impact, and policy goals.
  12. January 2021 Capitol Insurrection as Social Problem
    The insurrection that occurred on January 6th, 2021, and the events that led to it are some of the most recent examples of American society experiencing an urgent social problem.
  13. The Huge Economic Stakes Behind Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    The government should indulge the public during outbreaks of pandemics such as COVID-19 before enacting measures to curb the spread.
  14. Left- vs. Right-Wing Populism: Similarity and Differences
    The difference between left-wing and right-wing populism is that right-wing populism focuses on the national identity and excludes other identities like refugees and immigrants.
  15. International Relations and Self-Help Capability
    This paper discusses the approaches adopted by nations to establish self-help capability. Kenneth Waltz and Thucydides describe the nature of relations between states.
  16. Expansion of Presidential Power in America
    The topic of the expansion of presidential power is quite controversial. The power of the President of the US has grown over the past centuries.
  17. Donald Trump's Leadership Style Critique
    The leader must use trending concepts to maintain community interest. In Donald Trump's case, he took an aggressive and dominant approach that did not bring the desired results.
  18. Cancel Culture: Term, History, and Examples
    In politics, the term "cancel culture" refers to the idea that people can be easily controlled without sufficient food and entertainment.
  19. Social Networks Used During Presidential Campaigns
    Social networks act as the main communication channel, a brand platform, and the basis for collecting analytics for candidates' headquarters during election campaigns.
  20. Political Concepts in “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli
    Many aspects of an ideal prince, described in "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli, such as strong political will, are still existing today.

🏆 Best Donald Trump Essay Titles

  1. The Presidential Election Campaign: Donald Trump
  2. Donald Trump Political Address: Social Address
  3. Donald Trump’s First Year in Office
  4. Controversial Businessman and Political Figure Donald Trump
  5. Donald Trump’s Controversial Campaign
  6. Donald Trump: 2018 Political Issues Journal Professional
  7. Barack Obama and Republican Donald Trump
  8. The Reasons for the Scrutiny of Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech
  9. Obama and Donald Trump: Political Knowledge, and Dubious
  10. Donald Trump About the Reform of Immigration
  11. Donald Trump’s Business Career Before the Presidency
  12. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and the Future President of United States
  13. Donald Trump and the Presidential Election
  14. Analysis of Donald Trump and the Political Sphere
  15. Donald Trump and Trump‘s Immigration Reform
  16. Country Reputation and Trade Policy Preferences: Donald Trump
  17. The Call for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to Step Down from the Race
  18. The Legalities of School Discipline
    This case highlights the potential legal and ethical issues that emerge when students disrupt the learning environment to protest issues they deem pertinent to their political and social wellbeing.
  19. Donald Trump and the President of the United States
  20. Donald Trump: Entrepreneurial Ability, Both Born and Made
  21. Comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  22. America First! Donald Trump, the Demise of the U.S. Hegemony and Chaos in the Capitalist World-System
  23. Donald Trump‘s Views on Environmental Policies
  24. Donald Trump: The Career and Personal Life
  25. Donald Trump’s Biography and Personal Life
  26. Donald Trump and Undocumented Immigrants
  27. President Donald Trump’s Diplomatic Tour of Asia
  28. Donald Trump: Not the President America Needs
  29. Howard Sterns Surprising Reaction to the Donald Trump Controversy
  30. Donald Trump and His Mass Immigration Deportation Plan
  31. Discrimination against Asian Students on Campus
    Racial discrimination among college students is an issue that is raising concern in our modern society. This study investigates whether there is discrimination against Asian students on campus.
  32. Donald Trump Should Not Be Elected President
  33. Outspoken Demeanor and Strong Personality of the President Donald Trump
  34. President Donald Trump and the Democratic Democracy
  35. Analysis of President Donald Trump Political
  36. Canada’s Trade Policy Options Under Donald Trump
  37. Conflict Theory and Functionalism With the Election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States
  38. Comparing and Contrasting Donald Trump and Barack Obama
  39. Donald Trump‘s Views on the Trade System
  40. Illegal Immigration and President Donald Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy
  41. Analysis of Donald Trump and His Policy
  42. Donald Trump’s Campaign and His Disregard Towards the Environment

❓ Donald Trump Research Questions

  1. Does Donald Trump Have an Effect on Public Opinion?
  2. Why Shouldn’t Donald Trump Be Running for President in the 2016 Elections?
  3. How Will the Election of Donald Trump Affect the Economic Market?
  4. Why Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again?
  5. What Immigration Brings America and How Donald Trump Views It?
  6. Why Should Donald Trump Not Take the Right?
  7. What Will the Future of America Be Like if Donald Trump Is Elected President?
  8. Why Did Donald Trump Run for President and the U.S.?
  9. Can Donald Trump Really President?
  10. Why Should You Vote for Donald Trump?
  11. What Makes Donald Trump?
  12. Why Did Donald Trump Win the 2016 Election?
  13. How Media Influence the Rise of Donald Trump?
  14. What Does Donald Trump?
  15. Are Mexican-American Writers Obligated to Write About Donald Trump?
  16. Has Donald Trump Kept His Word?
  17. How Donald Trump’s English Brought Ridiculous Success?
  18. Does the Republican Establishment Really Want Donald Trump?
  19. Does America Want Donald Trump?
  20. How Does Donald Trump Use the Media?
  21. How Will Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump?

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