Donald Trump’s Leadership Style Critique

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Donald Trump’s foreign policy during the years of his presidency has influenced the whole world. A number of issues have come to the fore, and communication at the diplomatic level has changed a lot. A businessman and showman, producer and politician, all these are the roles of Donald Trump during his life up to the present moment. He is an active leader who dominates in a social context.

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Trump does not have pronounced qualities of benevolence and empathy, and his approaches to decisions are rather aggressive. As an authoritarian leader, in comparison to the democratic or liberal approach, he makes the majority of decisions and does not allow subordinates to influence this process, is indifferent to the needs, which he considers not important, among subordinates and citizens. At the same time, he is ambitious and inclined towards adventurism. While the ambitious style finds its place in the leadership toolbox, it should be applied in small doses and only when it can actually be successful.

Trump’s ambitions are too vividly manifested and play one of the dominant roles. Considering the application of the Kottler’s concept, Trump skipped several steps during his presidency, did not engage in building a corporate culture and forming a coalition (Lambert 1250). These may be few of the criteria that led to his change as President of the United States, since it is important to apply relevant and effective leadership methods.

In conclusion, the leader must use relevant and trending concepts to maintain community interest. In Donald Trump’s case, he took an aggressive and dominant approach that did not bring the desired results in a democratic society. There were both advantages and disadvantages to his approach to management. Perhaps the use of alternative concepts and techniques would allow him to extend his term as President of the United States.

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