Joe Biden’s Vision: Political Change


The concerns of the American citizens who supported Donald Trump regarding the victory of Joe Biden and his following course of action are conditional upon the dubious efficiency of the proposed initiative. According to the President-elect, his principal intention is to “heal a nation torn apart by deep political and racial divisions” (Easley). However, this plan contradicts the current situation in the country, and the practical implementation of such a program will require a compromise between the parties, which is unlikely to be achieved (Bro). Therefore, the United States will witness a change in the political landscape of President Joe Biden’s vision due to the lack of agreement on economic and societal issues.


The ideological stance of Joe Biden is underpinned by the concept of equality in all its forms. Thus, he states that opportunities should be evenly distributed between the people of the United States regardless of their “gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, zip code, or income” (“The Biden Plan to Guarantee Government Works for the People”). From this perspective, he interprets his duties as a President to be related to the overall improvement of the citizens’ lives. Despite the seeming reasonability of this intention, its formulation on the official website is negative, particularly towards Donald Trump’s decisions. This fact leads to the creation of tension between Biden and Trump’s supporters.

The plan aimed at guaranteeing the benefits of the government’s work for people is focused primarily on the analysis of the previous president’s actions rather than the proposal of actual measures. From this point of view, Biden’s plans do not appear to be productive for the elimination of disparities between various population groups. Instead, they are aimed at such issues as corruption, financial conflicts of interest, and the lack of accountability standards, for which he blames Trump (“The Biden Plan to Guarantee Government Works for the People”). Therefore, the first challenge which Biden will face is the opposition of Trump’s supporters since the new plan seems to address the alleged problems created by the previous president rather than gaps in his administration.

Public Opinion and Attitudes

Another aspect of the matter is public opinion and attitudes, and it has a tremendous impact on the promotion of Biden’s program. The well-known scheme represented by one candidate accusing another candidate of destroying “the very fabric of society” to gain popularity is a method, which does not increase the credibility of his words (Bro). As can be seen from the official information from Biden’s website, it was the approach selected by the president-elect (“The Biden Plan to Guarantee Government Works for the People”). Subsequently, these decisions will be used against him in case if the implemented measures will not be as efficient as he predicts.

Moreover, the division of the country as the principal source of problems and the inability to cope with them is associated with the lack of personal responsibility rather than politics. Hence, most people do not see the reconnection of all population groups as a result of political measures (Bro). This position is underpinned by the concept of democracy, according to which many are denied justice, and the situation cannot be changed by “returning to normal means,” as Biden proposes (Bro). Therefore, the attitudes of American citizens represent another obstacle to the implementation of the designed program in its current state.

Political Behaviors

The final aspect creating the possibility of the failure of Biden’s initiative is the political behaviors of the parties. He presents numerous contradicting statements in his publications and thereby enhances the opposition’s unwillingness to cooperate. Thus, for example, the issues, which were not resolved by Donald Trump, include the pandemic, subsequent economic anxiety, and societal unrest (Easley). The spread of coronavirus infection with more than 235,000 deaths in the country was confirmed to be one of the reasons why 82% of Biden’s supporters voted for him (Deane and Gramlich). However, Biden pays much more attention to financial matters, which contradicts the original intention. In turn, the economic revival will be complicated by the division of the government with the control of the Senate by Republicans and the presence of the majority of Democrats in the House (Easley). As for societal unrest, the attention of Biden’s supporters to the issues of race and their neglect by Trump’s administration is also challenging for future decisions (Deane and Gramlich). Therefore, the political behaviors mentioned above require a compromise while there are no means for achieving it.


In conclusion, the United States will face the problem of the parties’ opposition, which will lead to Biden’s inability to change the situation without readjusting his vision and plans. The unfixed challenges from the Trump administration will increase his vulnerability in terms of the intention to heal the nation since the enhanced political division will be the principal obstacle on the way. Thus, the negativity of the new president towards his predecessor and the perceived failure of the government to ensure equality expressed by the citizens will contribute to the need for a change. In this way, Biden’s campaign agenda with a focus on financial matters is not an optimal solution in this situation.


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