Electoral College: Good or Bad


  • The US has a unique electoral process
  • The Electoral College supports such a process
  • The US founders were against mob rule
  • This paper describes the 2016 presidential election
  • It presents a case the Electoral College

The election of every American president depends on the votes of the Electoral College. This model has been in place to prevent any form of mob rule that might affect the welfare of the people. It ensures that a person who gets the majority number of votes become the elected leader. The case of President Trump in the 2016 elections explains how the popular vote does not matter and why the Electoral College is good.

Electoral College

  • The Electoral College represents the people
  • It votes for the best presidential candidate
  • It overrides the popular vote results
  • Despite its effectiveness, it still faces criticism
  • Some people prefer a popular vote model

The United States has an electoral system that is comprised of the Electoral College. Members of this institution cast their votes to decide who will become the next president of America. Such a strategy has received criticism despite the fact that the founders of the nation introduced it to prevent any form of mob rule in the country. Nonetheless, some citizens still support the popular vote initiative since it is capable of representing the true wishes of the people.

  • This model reveals people’s expectations and wishes
  • Citizens are encouraged to cast their votes
  • Winner does not become the country’s president
  • Some people prefer this kind of practice
  • Others prefer the Electoral College over it

The American system allows a popular vote process whereby all citizens get a chance to reveal their interests and expectations. However, the person who wins this vote never assumes power in the country. This kind of situation explains why many people remain divided. This is the case since there are those who consider the Electoral College as the most appropriate and capable of preventing incompetent people from ascending to power.

2016 Elections

  • In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency
  • He garnered 304 votes against Clinton’s 227
  • Clinton won the popular vote in 2016
  • She appeared to be the people’s choice
  • She even questioned the election’s validity

In 2016, Americans had another opportunity to elect a new leader following the retirement of Barrack Obama. According to the popular vote, Hillary Clinton became the winner by a margin of over 2 million votes. However, the final decision by the Electoral College indicated that Donald Trump was the winner (Pilkington, 2020). Despite the emerging questions, it was quite clear that the model had altered the expectations of the greatest number of American citizens.

Trump’s Victory

  • The Electoral College’s decision was final
  • Donald Trump was announced the new president
  • This development explains this body’s position
  • Despite Clinton’s views, Trump received power instruments
  • A similar trend was recorded in 2000

The victory of Donald Trump in 2016 has been referenced since he became president due to the power of the Electoral College. Despite scoring poorly in the popular vote, he was inaugurated and presented with the tools of power (de Mouzon et al., 2018). This is a clear indication that the practice makes it possible for this country to prevent any form of tyrannical leadership. Although some people and leaders might be against the practice, it still remains practical and capable of protecting lives.

Supporting the Electoral College

  • The Electoral College plays a critical role
  • It prevents the people from appointing dictators
  • Popular vote does not guarantee good leadership
  • Electoral College elects leaders based on merit
  • This model will continue to protect Americans

The role of the Electoral College remains undeniable in this country. It has made it possible for the country to avoid electing people who might have bad intentions or planning to become dictatorships. Such a model makes sure that the popular vote winner does not become the president automatically (Pilkington, 2020). This check and balance ensures that politicians of integrity lead the people and make it easier for all citizens to achieve their potential.


  • America’s success is attributable to this model
  • A new approach can be disastrous
  • All people should accept the Electoral College
  • They should consider ways to improve it
  • The practice will promote integrity in leadership

The United States’ electoral process has made it possible for more people to lead high-quality lives. The citizens should embrace and support the Electoral College because it has proved to be effective in the past (Ross, 2019). The case of Donald Trump shows how the country was ready for a new change and economic development.


  • The Electoral College has prevented mob rule
  • This form of leadership can be destructive
  • Americans should continue to support it
  • The practice is good for US’ posterity
  • The process will always make America great

The above presentation reveals that the Electoral College is instrumental in preventing mob rule in the United States. The future of this country depends on this institution’s initiatives and decisions. Those who support it will be making it possible for the US to become a great and prosperous nation.


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