310 Military Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Military Research Paper Examples

  1. Nuclear Power in Iran
    Despite resistance from certain countries, Iran has gone ahead to test and launch some of its nuclear missiles.
  2. US and Middle East International Relations
    The history and the last events on the world arena showed that the sphere of the international relations in the Middle East represents one of the most discussed and politically sharpened issues in the world politics.
  3. Mexican Drug Cartels
    The paper discusses drug trafficking in Mexico and drug cartels effect: rampant violence, heightened corruption, human rights violation, impact on public health, human trafficking.
  4. Iran’s Nuclear Program
    The paper considers Iran’s Nuclear Program and international politics towards it, applicable methods to control it, political consensus and agreements on the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  5. China’s Relations With North Korea
    The bilateral relations between the People’s Republic of China and North Korea have existed for several decades. North Korea considers China as one of its allies.
  6. Politics: Iran and Saudi Arabia's Regional Balance of Power
    The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been the main cause of instability in the Persian Gulf. This conflict has elicited debates internationally among Western countries.
  7. The US Foreign Policies on China
    This research explores matters related to China’s border disputes, currency, trade, security, diplomacy, energy, governance, and other emerging issues from a realism perspective.
  8. The Rise of China and Its Effects on the US
    This paper focuses on the effects of the rise of China on US-China relations as it promotes economic development in the US and has an influence on US foreign policy.
  9. China’s National Interests and Regional Relations
    China relies on its national interests and acts according to them because it the concept, vital to the sphere of foreign policy and shape its regional relations.
  10. Iran and the Western World' Relation
    This paper argues that Iran is using its present power and influence in the affected countries to obtain a better deal in its negotiations with the Western countries.
  11. US Military Involvement in Mexico’s Drug Wars
    The relationships of the United States and Mexico are developed in different directions and regulated by a number of laws and regulations.
  12. China’s Foreign Policy and Its Development
    China became one of the leading economies in the world. China has employed a capitalist sort of economic development, which emphasizes on the maximum utility of human resources.
  13. Women Inclusion in the United States Army
    The inclusion of women in ground combat branches in the US Army has been an acutely transforming step forward for decades to come.
  14. China: Military Transformation and Regional Impact
    This paper highlights the reasons behind the concerted efforts by China to strengthen its military. It lists the regional repercussions that may result from this transformation.
  15. China: The Next Superpower?
    This paper discusses the status of China in global perspective and China emerging in economic, political, and military influence to support them to become the next superpower.
  16. Iran’s Nuclear Program and American Foreign Policy
    The paper argues that the US should collaborate with other countries in thwarting the nuclear development program of Iran to increase the efficiency of its foreign policy.
  17. Military Humanitarian Intervention and International Law
    This paper will examine a hypothetical scenario of military humanitarian intervention in violation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution.
  18. Is the Current US Policy in the Middle East Effective?
    The twentieth and twenty-first century US policies in the Middle East have somehow concentrated on oil resources in the region.
  19. Israel-Palestine Relationship and State Interests
    This paper outlines the current Israel-Palestine relationship, explains the objectives and preferences of Israel, and explores the interests of the state in various spheres.
  20. Nation-State Characteristics
    A nation-state is a state that acquires its political identity from the sovereign service that it offers a particular country.
  21. Iran’s Nuclear Program and US President’s Position
    One of the most contentious issues today is Iran’s nuclear program. This report highlights the US President’s position regarding the nuclear disputes between Iran and Israel.
  22. Balance of Power Between Iraq and Kuwait
    The balance of power is sufficient for testing the Iraq and Kuwait war. It shows that the nations were self-interested. Iraq wanted to improve its economic situation.
  23. United States-East Asia International Relations
    The present report will examine the arguments that oppose the idea that the US should remove or reduce its military powers in East Asia.
  24. Mandatory Military Service in the United States
    More commonly called as ‘the draft’ or mandatory military service, conscription has already been utilized in the United States and is presently being observed in several countries.
  25. The War in the Middle East and Iraq
    The paper will point out the major events in the Middle region that lead to U.S. war with Iraq and I will focus on the aftermath.
  26. Foreign Aid Policies in Afghanistan
    Political analysts on the global platform have increasingly questioned the motive of aid meant for development and growth purposes to the less developing countries and countries on recovery paths.
  27. American Foreign Policy in Colombia
    US foreign policy in Colombia came as a result of the massive consumption of illegal drug substances in the US. The United States saw this as another security threat.
  28. International Law Without World Government
    Concurrent sessions of this essay shall identify and analyze reasons that make International law believers emphasize having a world government.
  29. US Foreign Policy: Flaws and Contention
    This paper will try to discuss the US foreign policy flaws and contentions using three journal articles about US foreign policy with accompanying summary of the various sources consulted.
  30. Pros and Cons of Canada's Relationships With US
    The purpose of this article is to prove that bilateral relations are largely beneficial to the United States and Canada, despite their diplomatic differences and trade imbalances.
  31. International Relations Theory and International Law
    Theories of international relations and International law provide a basis on which states relate with each other.
  32. The UN Policy: Dispute in the East China Sea
    In the policy paper, the UN provides contextual data on the dispute in the East China Sea, analyzes it and similar cases, and proposes possible policy options and recommendations.
  33. Women at War: Barriers and Difficulties
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the military and female soldiers as well as to analyze the difficulties and barriers that women in combat face nowadays.
  34. The US Navy: Organizational Behavior
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of various organizational areas on the organizational behavior of the US Navy.
  35. The Marine Corps as the Best Choice for Those Who Want to Join the American Disciplined Forces
    The military is one of the options available to many young people who want to protect and serve the United States while earning a good salary.
  36. Israeli Entrepreneurship’ Contribution to Peace in the Gulf Countries
    Analysis of how Israeli entrepreneurship in the fields of water desalination systems, and military defense contribute towards peace and stability in the political order of the GCC.
  37. Roles of Non-Commissioned Officers in the US Army
    NCOs with a rich knowledge base and a broad set of skills can provide the most benefit and ensure that the operation will be successful.
  38. Is Conflict the Natural Outcome of Interaction?
    This essay will examine the state and interaction in the international system in order to answer the question of whether conflicts between states can be avoided.
  39. South China's Contingency Intelligence Augmentation Plan
    The Sino-American relationship is incredibly complex in the modern-day, consisting of a strong military and intelligence apparatus with differing national interests.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Military

  1. Leadership in the U.S. Army
    Military leadership is aimed at influencing the Army members by providing motivation, direction, and purpose to accomplish the mission.
  2. The Concept of Mission Command
    The purpose of this paper is to define and describe the concept of mission command and evaluate the opportunity of its use in practice as a senior non-commissioned officer.
  3. The Donovian Forces' Influence on the USA
    The U.S. military is affected by the efforts of the Donovian forces in undermining its military activity. This could have significant consequences for the war.
  4. How Does Influence Affect Unit Readiness?
    One of the key attributes that ensure that the intended objectives are realized of any military unit is that of readiness. Influence is an attribute that dictates performance.
  5. Dictators in Latin America: How They Come to Power
    Dictatorship has become a part of Latin America history ever since the times of revolutions. Some dictators created stability.
  6. Military Reserve: History, Function and Purpose
    The federal government, through the department of defense, has remained committed to ensuring the reserve individuals are competent and ready for emergency duties.
  7. Sexual Harassment and Assault in Military Settings
    Sexual harassment and sexual assault are major issues in military settings, which destroy and ruin the lives of many victims involved.
  8. How the U.S. Army Maintains the Professional Status
    The US army maintains its professionalism through its doctrine of discretional judgment. Efficiency is the primary principle that drives the military which protects the country.
  9. Military Sealift Command: Strategic Plan Proposal
    The mission of Military Sealift is focused and value-driven in a bid to support the nation by delivering supplies and conducting specialized missions across the world’s oceans.
  10. Women in Combat Roles in the US Army
    If women are allowed to participate in combat roles, popularize the notion and prove to society that they are just as capable of fighting for their country as men are.
  11. Jomini vs Clausewitz
    The main task of this essay is to clarify differences, and which of these two theorists is more relevant today.
  12. What Should the Army Do With the Increase in Its End Strength?
    The army should consider utilizing the extra increased end strength to match the ARFORGEN model and increase the Army National Guard end strength ceiling.
  13. Regional Security Cooperation in Ethiopia
    The United States has enough reasons to increase security power in Ethiopia, relying on its past relationships, recent social changes, and humanitarian potential.
  14. Differences between the Four Types of Authorities
    There are four types of authorities: policy, statutory, budgetary , and execute authorities. This essay discusses the most significant differences between them.
  15. Negative Effects of Military Conscription
    The paper’s goal is to explain that military conscription would make the United States witness adverse consequences, including violating free will, increased crime rates, etc.
  16. Satellites Communication: Military Application
    Using the satellite, the military personnel can be able to effectively stage the terrorist attacks and monitor any threats.
  17. Warfare in the 21st Century and Operational Law
    The paper discusses the nature of warfare in the 21st century and the key challenges it presents for operational law.
  18. International Law and Politics in the Bin Laden Raid, 2011
    Because Bin Laden presented continuing, imminent threat, the U.S. had every reason to secretly enter Pakistan and slay him to ensure human safety and security.
  19. Is China’s Rise a Threat for the United States
    China and the US are two states possessing nuclear weapons, so a military conflict is impossible or will be prevented by other countries.
  20. Authoritarian Leaders and US Foreign Policy
    In this paper, the US foreign policy, its support of the authoritarian leaders, and their possible positive roles on the world stage will be considered.
  21. Civil-Military Relations in American History
    The military needs to share part of their autonomy with the civilians to regulate their selfish and illegal operations.
  22. The Challenges Related to Broadening Assignments
    The issues associated with broadening experiences include the limitations they put on the Soldiers’ career development, the lack of practical knowledge.
  23. Sir Robert Peel’s Position on Policing
    The purpose of this article is to review Sir Robert Peel's position on policing as well as current issues in the criminal justice system.
  24. Mandatory National Service Program in the United States
    This paper states that mandatory service would impose on the citizens’ freedom of choice, make them miserable, and place them under a financial burden doing more harm than good.
  25. An Analysis of the Mungiki Vigilante Group in Kenya
    Failure employ military intervention may see Kenya experiencing rebel terror similar to what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia.
  26. Concepts of Global Positioning Systems for Defense
    This paper will discuss information about concepts of the global positioning system emphasizing its use in defense.
  27. Drug Problem in the US Navy and Naval Criminal Investigative Service
    The report specifically purposes to capture the drug problem in the U.S. Navy and evaluate some of the measures of the Criminal Investigative Service for fighting the problem.
  28. Military Information Support Operations
    The primary goal of Military Information Support Operations is to employ information to alter the perceptions and behavior of foreign authorities and individuals.
  29. The Foundation of Army Leadership
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the foundation of army leadership and what is expected of military chiefs.
  30. The Importance of Respect in the Military
    Understanding the essence of customs and courtesies is essential in ascertaining the importance of respect in the military.
  31. Army Values and Recommended Adaptation Approach
    Army values are critical in developing a progressive and disciplined force of soldiers. Ethical values are objective in maintaining an environment of respect among individuals.
  32. Women in Elite Combat Units
    The given paper will prove those female soldiers should be considered for recruitment because women make up a great number of those eligible to serve; they are not physically weaker.
  33. The Problem of Humanitarian Interventions in the South Africa
    The problem of peacekeeping and humanitarian intervention as a part of it has not been unambiguously resolved so far since arguments against it gain more and more popularity.
  34. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy Affecting Military Readiness
    The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy" (DADT) doesn't allow members of the US military to divulge their sexual orientation especially if they are bisexuals or homosexuals.
  35. The Militarization of Outer Space
    The international space laws and treaties present only diplomatic approaches to deter future militarization of space.
  36. Military Modernization in Indonesia
    This article examines Indonesia's military modernization from the perspective of democratization theory, international political economy, and terrorism.
  37. Whose War Is It? How Canada Can Survive in the Post-9,11 World?
    The book "Whose War Is It?" extends on the unwillingness of the Canadian government to fortify the military power and capabilities of their armed forces.
  38. The Benefits of Mandatory Military or Public Service
    Mandatory public service gives the nation a variety of benefits, including profits for the government and a number of opportunities for the individual.
  39. The Matter of Private Military Contractors and Blackwater: For and Against
    Blackwater is one of the companies that had a heavy presence in Iraq during the American-led invasion. This company was contracted to provide security in addition, to other services.

✍️ Military Essay Topics for College

  1. Functions of AMEDD NCO Corps
    This paper discusses the impact of multiple long-term deployments on soldiers, and the effectiveness of Battlemind Training in transitioning home.
  2. Military Transformation in United States
    The paper analyzes Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMT) and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) as some of the shifts the military has adopted to have an advantage.
  3. The United Nations Peacekeeping Failures
    This paper will identify the causes of the failure of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Rwanda, Darfur, and Srebrenica.
  4. The Adjutant General's Corps and Its Representatives
    The Adjutant Generals Corps is a branch of the United States military whose mandate is to provide a wide range of services including administration.
  5. Private Military Contractors: Law and Operations
    Private military contractors offer security services that are akin to those offered by the military department employed by the government but in a limited way.
  6. Non-State Actors and Criminal Networks
    NGO was formulated by the UN. It is associated with organizations that are working independently without government influence or guidance.
  7. Unification of the United States Armed Forces
    The United States unified Army and Air Force, and the Navy and Marines Force is the idea that should be realized by the United States government.
  8. Aspects of Civilian-Military Linkage
    Civilian-military linkage is a vital issue, which goes hand in hand with the social, political, and economic well-being of an established and mature nation.
  9. Pan-Asianism Movement and Geopolitics
    Pan-Asianism represents a movement with aim of liberating Asia from foreign occupation. The main phase of cooperation was for a longer time represented by Japan and China.
  10. Public International Law: Osama Bin Laden Killing
    The research concerns the issue of whether killing Osama bin Laden by military forces of the United States of America was lawful under international law.
  11. The U.S Army Readiness: Philippines and Afghanistan
    For decades, the US Army has participated in many battles across the globe. This paper will look at the American soldiers’ readiness during the Philippines and Afghanistan battles.
  12. President Trump’s Approach to Foreign Policy
    President Trump has worked to reduce the presence of American forces outside of the nation throughout his time in office.
  13. Followership vs. Servant Leadership in Military
    In the army, leadership is the capacity of influencing other people by providing them with a purpose, direction, and encouragement for accomplishing a specific goal.
  14. The Foundations of US Army Leadership
    US Army leadership comprises a combination of democratic foundations and values to enhance competencies in administration, development, achievement, and change.
  15. Alliances and Strategic Partnerships in 21st Century
    Alliances and strategic partnerships will only continue to benefit the mobilization posture of the U.S. as new threats continue to emerge in the era of great power competition
  16. Neorealism vs. Neoliberalism: Comparative Analysis
    The neoliberalism and neorealism debate has remained dominant in the International Relations theory over the past few decades.
  17. The Military Core Values
    The military core values are significant because they form a strong teamwork culture, respect, and excellence.
  18. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test
    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test has to be taken by military recruits. It is aimed at determining if a person is suitable for service in the U.S. Army.
  19. Threee Modern Military Conflicts
    Citizens play a significant role in the resolution of political and ethnic conflicts that emerge in various nations across the world.
  20. The US Army Training & Doctrine Command's Features
    Evaluating the activities of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command includes analyzing its key development areas, its structure and the processes that it accomplishes.
  21. "Military Chaplains and Religious Diversity" by Kim Hansen
    Kim Hansen’s book "Military Chaplains and Religious Diversity" indicates the concern towards the growing religious diversity in the country and its impact on the US military.
  22. The Importance of Devoting One’s Life to Issues that Help Others
    This paper discusses the importance of devoting one’s life to issues that help others and an example of a person willing to assist the entire population – the military.
  23. Professionalism and Ethics in the Military
    The given essay will comment on why professionalism and ethics are significant for the military and how it is possible to promote them.
  24. The Shift in Power: Advantages and Disadvantages
    The paper focuses on the growth of the military as an important aspect of the expansion of the executive branch.
  25. Moral Motivation of Military Officials for Engaging in Torture
    The following paper aims at exploring the progress made in recent decades and, more importantly, determining the reasons for the separate occurrences of violence.
  26. Gender Differences in Military Negotiations
    This paper aims to identify gender differences in military negotiations to explore the ground for equality between men and women.
  27. The Role of Military Force Today
    The article “The Changing Face of Power” contains interesting observations on the nature of power in the 21st century, and that military force no longer embodies absolute power.
  28. Army Leadership Foundations
    It is safe to say that the army is one of the primary and necessary government institutions. This paper describes and investigates the foundations of the US Army leadership.
  29. Military Leadership: The Role of Communication
    Leaders in the military have to apply the best communication tactics to ensure that all members are informed, well supported, and guided to complete their operations efficiently.
  30. “U.S. Airstrikes Target Iran-Backed Militias in Syria...”: Summary
    According to the article “U.S. Airstrikes Target Iran-backed Militias...”, the U.S. initiated military actions against Iran – the first military campaign under President Biden.
  31. Accountability and Communication in the US Army
    The essay has presented a detailed explanation of what roles accountability and communication occupy in the US Army
  32. The Intelligence War in the Gulf
    The Persian Gulf War, commonly referred to as the Gulf War was a combat operation waged against Iraq by a coalition force comprised of 40 nations.
  33. Reasons to Live Off Military Base in Okinawa
    I would prefer to live off a military base while being stationed in Okinawa, Japan. First of all, I consider the factor of living accommodations and space.
  34. Respect in the Army Importance
    This essay examines the role of respect in the U.S. Army and discusses its importance among soldiers of any position.
  35. Primary Source Analysis: Major Problems in American Military History
    In the primary document, General William Mitchell discusses the issue of air forces within the United States military.
  36. Women in the Military: Deductive and Inductive Arguments
    Deductive reasoning can be applied to the issue of women in the military by means of proceeding from premises surrounding the topic to a logical conclusion.
  37. US Army Training & Doctrine Command
    This study examines the direct transition of military leadership traits into civilian organizations while systematization of transferable traits desirable in business.
  38. Military Readiness: Unit Training
    The paper discusses readiness. It is a term used in the United States that refers to the production, deployment, and sustainability of military forces.

👍 Good Military Essay Topics to Write about

  1. The Importance of Establishing Private Military Company
  2. Should the US Government Reduce Military Funding?
  3. The Civil-Military Relations in the US and Russia
  4. Colin Powell: Military Operations vs. Army Values
  5. Analysis of the Killing of Osama Bin-Laden
  6. Sexual Assault in the US Army
  7. Colin Powell’s Political and Military Leadership
  8. 2019 China Military Power Report Description
  9. The Foundation of Army Leadership
  10. Comparison and Contrast between Servant Leadership and Followership
  11. Why We Should Have One Year of Mandatory Military Service
  12. The Foundations of Army Leadership
  13. The Life of Colin Luther Powell
  14. “Explainer: Why Is the Military Taking Control in Myanmar?”: Article Analysis
  15. State as a Dominant Actor in International Politics
  16. Nature and Performance of Indonesia’s New Democracy
  17. The Military Mindset: Leveraging in Business Environment
  18. The Tactical Combat Casualty Care Information System
  19. Core Army Attributes: Mentorship Attitudes
  20. Leadership in the Military: Building Integrity
  21. Obama's Legal Authority to Order Operation Geronimo
  22. Foreign Policy in States’ International Relations
  23. President Obama's Operation Geronimo and Its Legality
  24. Strategic Estimate of the Baltic Region
  25. China's Military Threat to the United States
  26. The China-Africa Alliance and Its Benefits
  27. Military Service as a Profession
  28. Operation Anaconda: Mission Command Strategies
  29. The Military Power of the American President
  30. American Military Strategies in Afghanistan
  31. Lessons of Vietnam in Afghanistan and Iran Conflicts
  32. Operation Anaconda: Deadliest Days for US Troops in Afghanistan
  33. The Civil Affairs Association, Federal Tax and Spending Policy
  34. Military Equipment Accountability and Responsibility
  35. The Israel-Palestine Crisis and Conflict
  36. The Mexican American War Impacts on the Military
  37. Military Budget Cuts: Main Problems and Consequences
  38. Admiral Arleigh Burke's Leadership Style Analysis

💡 Essay Ideas on Military

  1. The Technological Progress and the Transformation of Leadership in the US Army
  2. The Foundation of Army Leadership
  3. Nuclear Weapons Capabilities for International Peace
  4. Intelligence, Legitimacy, and Covert Operations
  5. International Relations and Self-Help Capability
  6. Forging Joint Operations for the US Military
  7. Veterans Day 2021 in the United States
  8. Preparation of Military Leaders
  9. The Management of International Relations
  10. The Military Mindset Leveraging into Business
  11. UAE Armed Forces' Human Resource Management Strategies
  12. Military Technology from the War of 1812 to the Desert Storm
  13. Military Ethics and Decision-Making
  14. Communication in American Military Practice
  15. The Importance of Communication
  16. Recruiting and Retention in the Canadian Military
  17. Operation Anaconda: Lessons for the U.S. Military
  18. Rank Requirements for Occupations of the Canadian Armed Forces
  19. Foundation of the Army Leadership
  20. Should the US Take Action Against Dictatorial Regimes?
  21. Military Conflicts' Impact on Cognitive Functions
  22. Time Management in US Law Enforcement and Military
  23. The Rise of China: A Threat to the Existing World Order
  24. The Authority of President Obama in Operation Geronimo
  25. President Obama’s Legal Authority in Operation Geronimo
  26. Military Mindset of Post-9-11 Veterans for Business
  27. Motivation Program (IBP) for Employees in the Military Industry
  28. Differences Between Preventive and Preemptive War
  29. American Governmental System as Reflection of Power Balance Within Society
  30. Military Recommendations to Improve the Army
  31. Why Has the World Been Slow to Stop the War Between Ukraine and Russia?
  32. Marxism: Understanding the Times
  33. Political Risks of Trading in Thailand
  34. "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" by John Mearsheimer
  35. Institutional and Sovereign Authority in World Politics
  36. Military Intelligence as a Joint Function
  37. Understanding the Principles of Mission Command During Operation Anaconda
  38. The Principles of Mission Command in Operation Anaconda

🏆 Best Military Essay Titles

  1. American Military Power House and Global Threat
  2. Brazil’s Dictatorship and Military Regimes
  3. The American Revolutionary War – US Military History
    The American Revolutionary War transpired between 1775 and 1783. During this period, there were constant conflicts between the American states and the British Crown.
  4. Comparing the Military Leaders of the Civil War
  5. Collection Process Intelligence Information Military
  6. War Against Terrorism: The US Military Strategy
    The US military strategy is aimed at free access to cyberspace and global resources because it will allow the prevention of terrorist ideology dissemination.
  7. Account for the Military Defeat and Collapse of Nazism
  8. Accountability for Personal Items in the US Military
  9. Effects of Substance Abuse Amongst the Military
    Soldiers have over the years continued to test positive for drugs during the normal urine tests that are done in the military despite the measures that are put into place.
  10. Career Earnings and Retention of U.S. Military Physicians
  11. American Military Force Should Be in Bosnia for Peace Keeping Processes
  12. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy on Gays in Military
    The U.S. Army Forces are currently under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which governs the conduct of homosexual personnel.
  13. Child Abuse Within Military Families
  14. British Military Measures and the Restriction
  15. The Veterans and Mental Health Initiatives
    Existing initiatives, such as those promoted by the American Public Health Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs, aim to provide medical benefits.
  16. Causality Between Economic Growth and Military Expenditure
  17. Arguments Against United States Military Involvement in Afghanistan
  18. A Gap in Equity Related to Mental Health Access for Veterans
    Mental and psychiatric diseases, which can cause depression, are prevalent illnesses among military members and troops.
  19. Climate Change and the Politics of Military Bases
  20. American Military Presence Abroad During Anti American Sentiment
  21. Access to Healthcare in Military Health System
    The Military Health System is a well functioning organization that is instrumental in healthcare activities to U.S. Military personnel retired or active.
  22. Accounting and Legal Aspects of Military Fee Administration
  23. American Military Interests and Economic Confidence in Spain Under the Franco Dictatorship
  24. Pros and Cons of Joining Military and Going to College
    This paper aims at developing a critical understanding regarding the pros and cons of either joining the army or continuing with a college education immediately after high school.
  25. Civil Conflict and the Military Conflict
  26. Armed Forces and Challenging Military Situations
  27. White Collar Crimes: The College Admission Scandal Case
    The paper states that White Collar crimes are the illegal use of personal official powers or financial resources to achieve profit.
  28. Afric European Aggression, and Had Military Invasion
  29. Against Reinstating the Military Draft

🎓 Military Writing Prompts

  1. Comparing the Civilian Health System and the Military Health System
  2. American Military Intervention Against Isis
  3. Importance of Counseling in Military Couples
    Counseling is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy marriage in military families because it enables consistent communication.
  4. American Military Retaliation for Terrorism
  5. Alliances, Internal Information, and Military Conflict Among Member-States
  6. Readjustment After Military
    The paper describes how emotionally traumatic experiences in the army contribute to poor quality of life after reentering society.
  7. Civil War Settlements and the Implementation of Military Power-Sharing Arrangements
  8. Australia’s Economic and Military Contribution in the First World War
  9. Importance of Counseling in Military Couples
    The lack of communication between a military couple caused by the service adversely affects the moral and psychological climate of the family.
  10. Army Officers Learn From the Military Decision Making Process
  11. Abigail Adams and the Second President of the Military
  12. Effects of Secondary Ptsd in Military Families
    Veterans with PTSD fail to address their mental health concerns, instead, transferring their trauma to their family members and creating an intergenerational trauma.
  13. Challenges Military Children Face in School
  14. Changing the Military With Servant Leadership
  15. Transitioning From the Military Into Civilian
    Transitioning from the military into civilian life is associated with painful experiences. A case study by Grimell offers data on analyzing the dialogical self in transition.
  16. All Eighteen-Year-Olds Should Be Required to Perform Military Service
  17. Career Sources for Military Communications Specialists
  18. Leadership Styles in Business and Military
    Exploring the culture and leadership of an organization enable researchers better understand efficient leadership in an institution.
  19. America Needs New Ideas for the Economy Not Only for Military Benefits
  20. American Military and the Social and Economic Life of the Americans
  21. Strategic Leadership in Military and Business
    It is vital to analyze different approaches to strategic leadership and recognize their importance in the modern business world.
  22. 17th Century Burmese Military Rations
  23. Civil Service and Military Service Pensions in China
  24. American Revolution Military Strengths and Weaknesses
  25. Leveraging Military Leadership Traits Into Business
    The leader’s ability to influence people enables him to exercise power and authority, characteristic of modern military leadership. The leader’s ability to influence people enables him to exercise power and authority, characteristic of modern military leadership.
  26. 17th and 18th Century European Military Education
  27. African American Military Regiments During the US Civil War
  28. Argument Against Military Intervention for Humanitarian

❓ Military Research Questions

  1. Does Military Spending Promote Social Welfare?
  2. Are Military Recruiters Going Too Far?
  3. Are Military Drones Both Essential and Ethical?
  4. How British Military Measures and the Restriction of Civil Liberties Prompted the Americans to Rebel?
  5. Are Russian Annual Military Drills a Warning for NATO?
  6. How Current Military Approach Reduces the Risk of Sexual Assault?
  7. Does Development Aid Increase Military Expenditure?
  8. Does Military Spending Nonlinearly Affect Economic Growth in South Africa?
  9. How Does Military Jurisdiction Deal With Marijuana Now?
  10. Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education?
  11. Can Military Force Promote Humanitarian Values?
  12. Does Sexual Harassment Still Exist in the Military for Women?
  13. Does Military Pressure Boost Fiscal Capacity?
  14. Does the Military Turn Men Into Criminals?
  15. Are Women Cut Out for Military Combat?
  16. Are Military Regimes Really Belligerent?
  17. Does Military Spending Crowd Out Social Welfare Expenditures?
  18. Does Military Expenditure Increase External Debt?
  19. How China Builds Military Base in Afghanistan?
  20. Does Military Spending Impede Income Inequality?
  21. Does Military Expenditure Matter for Inflation and Economic Growth?
  22. Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discrimination?
  23. Does Peacetime Military Service Affect Crime?
  24. How 9/11 Changed Our Military?
  25. How Are Computers Used in Military?
  26. Does Military Spending Explode External Debt in Pakistan?
  27. How Did the Development of Atomic Weapons Affect Military Theory?
  28. Does Military Spending Matter for Long-run Growth?
  29. Does the U.S. Economy Require Military Spending?
  30. How and Why the U.S. Military Is Unprepared at the Outbreak of Hostilities?
  31. Can Compulsory Military Service Increase Civilian Wages?

🪖 Military Topics for Discussion

  1. The Role of Military Forces in National Defense
  2. Military Strategy and Its Influence on Geopolitical Relations
  3. The Impact of the US Military in Iraq
  4. Benefits of Strategic Thinking to a Military Officer
  5. Military Technology Advancements and Modern Warfare
  6. Alcohol Abuse in the Military: Effects and Causes
  7. The Role of the Military in Combating Climate Change
  8. Military Recruitment and the Challenges of Attracting New Talent
  9. Political Effects of Military Interventions: The Influence on Global Relations and Domestic Policies
  10. The Impact of Military Budgeting on Defense Capabilities
  11. Military Alliances: Strengths and Weaknesses
  12. The Role of Military Intelligence in National Security
  13. Infectious Diseases in Military Deployments: Outbreaks, Prevention, and Control
  14. The Impact of Military Interventions in Conflict Zones
  15. Military Ethics and the Conduct of Armed Forces
  16. Understanding the Psychological Effects of Military Operations
  17. The Use of Military Drones in Contemporary Warfare
  18. Military Conspiracy in the US and Its Effects on the Country’s Economy
  19. The Role of Women in the Military
  20. Military Operations in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
  21. Cyber Warfare and Its Implications for Military Defense
  22. The Evolution of Military Tactics: From Ancient Warfare to Modern Strategies
  23. Military Leadership and Its Influence on Unit Morale
  24. Gay Men and Women in the Military Progress
  25. The Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities
  26. Military Modernization Programs and Defense Capabilities
  27. Importance of Military to the World
  28. How the Current Military Approach Reduces the Risk of Sexual Assault
  29. Military Counterterrorism Efforts and Global Security
  30. The Role of Military in Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution

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