81 Military Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Military Research Paper Examples

  1. US Military Involvement in Mexico’s Drug Wars
    The relationships of the United States and Mexico are developed in different directions and regulated by a number of laws and regulations.
  2. China: Military Transformation and Regional Impact
    This paper highlights the reasons behind the concerted efforts by China to strengthen its military. It lists the regional repercussions that may result from this transformation.
  3. Military Humanitarian Intervention and International Law
    This paper will examine a hypothetical scenario of military humanitarian intervention in violation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution.
  4. Mandatory Military Service in the United States
    More commonly called as ‘the draft’ or mandatory military service, conscription has already been utilized in the United States and is presently being observed in several countries.
  5. Military Reserve: History, Function and Purpose
    The federal government, through the department of defense, has remained committed to ensuring the reserve individuals are competent and ready for emergency duties.
  6. Sexual Harassment and Assault in Military Settings
    Sexual harassment and sexual assault are major issues in military settings, which destroy and ruin the lives of many victims involved.
  7. Military Sealift Command: Strategic Plan Proposal
    The mission of Military Sealift is focused and value-driven in a bid to support the nation by delivering supplies and conducting specialized missions across the world’s oceans.
  8. Negative Effects of Military Conscription
    The paper’s goal is to explain that military conscription would make the United States witness adverse consequences, including violating free will, increased crime rates, etc.
  9. Satellites Communication: Military Application
    Using the satellite, the military personnel can be able to effectively stage the terrorist attacks and monitor any threats.
  10. Civil-Military Relations in American History
    The military needs to share part of their autonomy with the civilians to regulate their selfish and illegal operations.

🏆 Best Military Essay Titles

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  1. American Military Power House and Global Threat
  2. Brazil’s Dictatorship and Military Regimes
  3. Comparing the Military Leaders of the Civil War
  4. Collection Process Intelligence Information Military
  5. Account for the Military Defeat and Collapse of Nazism
  6. Accountability for Personal Items in the US Military
  7. Career Earnings and Retention of U.S. Military Physicians
  8. American Military Force Should Be in Bosnia for Peace Keeping Processes
  9. Child Abuse Within Military Families
  10. British Military Measures and the Restriction
  11. Causality Between Economic Growth and Military Expenditure
  12. Arguments Against United States Military Involvement in Afghanistan
  13. Climate Change and the Politics of Military Bases
  14. American Military Presence Abroad During Anti American Sentiment
  15. Accounting and Legal Aspects of Military Fee Administration
  16. American Military Interests and Economic Confidence in Spain Under the Franco Dictatorship
  17. Civil Conflict and the Military Conflict
  18. Armed Forces and Challenging Military Situations
  19. Afric European Aggression, and Had Military Invasion
  20. Against Reinstating the Military Draft
  21. Comparing the Civilian Health System and the Military Health System
  22. American Military Intervention Against Isis
  23. American Military Retaliation for Terrorism
  24. Alliances, Internal Information, and Military Conflict Among Member-States
  25. Civil War Settlements and the Implementation of Military Power-Sharing Arrangements
  26. Australia’s Economic and Military Contribution in the First World War
  27. Army Officers Learn From the Military Decision Making Process
  28. Abigail Adams and the Second President of the Military
  29. Challenges Military Children Face in School
  30. Changing the Military With Servant Leadership
  31. All Eighteen-Year-Olds Should Be Required to Perform Military Service
  32. Career Sources for Military Communications Specialists
  33. America Needs New Ideas for the Economy Not Only for Military Benefits
  34. American Military and the Social and Economic Life of the Americans
  35. 17th Century Burmese Military Rations
  36. Civil Service and Military Service Pensions in China
  37. American Revolution Military Strengths and Weaknesses
  38. 17th and 18th Century European Military Education
  39. African American Military Regiments During the US Civil War
  40. Argument Against Military Intervention for Humanitarian

❓ Military Research Questions

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  1. Does Military Spending Promote Social Welfare?
  2. Are Military Recruiters Going Too Far?
  3. Are Military Drones Both Essential and Ethical?
  4. How British Military Measures and the Restriction of Civil Liberties Prompted the Americans to Rebel?
  5. Are Russian Annual Military Drills a Warning for NATO?
  6. How Current Military Approach Reduces the Risk of Sexual Assault?
  7. Does Development Aid Increase Military Expenditure?
  8. Does Military Spending Nonlinearly Affect Economic Growth in South Africa?
  9. How Does Military Jurisdiction Deal With Marijuana Now?
  10. Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education?
  11. Can Military Force Promote Humanitarian Values?
  12. Does Sexual Harassment Still Exist in the Military for Women?
  13. Does Military Pressure Boost Fiscal Capacity?
  14. Does the Military Turn Men Into Criminals?
  15. Are Women Cut Out for Military Combat?
  16. Are Military Regimes Really Belligerent?
  17. Does Military Spending Crowd Out Social Welfare Expenditures?
  18. Does Military Expenditure Increase External Debt?
  19. How China Builds Military Base in Afghanistan?
  20. Does Military Spending Impede Income Inequality?
  21. Does Military Expenditure Matter for Inflation and Economic Growth?
  22. Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discrimination?
  23. Does Peacetime Military Service Affect Crime?
  24. How 9/11 Changed Our Military?
  25. How Are Computers Used in Military?
  26. Does Military Spending Explode External Debt in Pakistan?
  27. How Did the Development of Atomic Weapons Affect Military Theory?
  28. Does Military Spending Matter for Long-run Growth?
  29. Does the U.S. Economy Require Military Spending?
  30. How and Why the U.S. Military Is Unprepared at the Outbreak of Hostilities?
  31. Can Compulsory Military Service Increase Civilian Wages?

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