The China-Africa Alliance and Its Benefits

Impact of Relationships & Alliances

Greetings, today I would like to examine the benefits of alliances between nations on the example of the China-Africa alliance. There are several key advantages that can be gained from such a relationship. By assisting African countries with their national defense forces, China stabilizes their economy, allowing it to bolster their trade potential (Benabdallah). This notion leads to an opportunity to conduct joint operations, share the military experience through professional training programs, and ensure easier access to key locations. Moreover, since China has plans for increasing its military presence on the African west coast to counteract piracy, such alliances give it access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Tactical Advantage

In its actions on the African continent, China currently pursues several objectives that give an advantage to both China and its African allies. Loans, donations of equipment, and support with creating sound logistics provide means for increased defense capability as much as shared military training (Zhixiong 110). Current measures taken by China in Africa assist it with the protection of its commercial assets that are being exposed to pirates. For the resolution of this issue, China aims to take gain a better location to maintain a sufficient naval force (Asian News International).

Operational Advantage

China-Africa operations also aim to assist the latter with peacekeeping efforts. China’s assistance remains confined to promoting the self-defense capabilities of African countries (Zhixiong 113). To prove its intentions, China respects African countries’ decisions and actions, allowing them to act autonomously and only offering support when asked to (Zhixiong 114). Such an alliance brings a new perspective on operations for both partners during their joint operations. Zhixiong states that China upholds the image of being “inclusive, impartial and genuinely multilateral” when assisting its African allies (113). China focuses on abstaining from interventions that can be seen as an intrusion into the personal decisions of its allies.

Strategic Advantage

As China continues to actively pursue a dominant position over several African countries, there are apparent goals that it attempts to achieve through such an intervention. First and foremost, the location of most activities, both commercial and military, conducted by China in Africa is the west coast (Asian News International, 2021). Already having built several bases and planning to significantly expand their number, China wants to ensure that its allies improve their military performance and are able to prevent militarized conflicts within their borders. The pursued lack of armed conflicts would be beneficial for all involved sides, as China seeks to ensure that each power is respected equally and valued for its input.

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