A World Without Nuclear Weapon

Currently, scientific and technological progress determines the future of mankind. Discoveries are changing people’s lives and setting a higher bar for development for each generation. The boost of innovations, which started in the previous century, has contributed significantly to the improvement of numerous fields of activity. However, particular inventions are considered to have a destroying impact on society, such as introducing a nuclear weapon. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze why the world would be better off without nuclear arms.

First, it is vital to define the invention and briefly interpret its history. The question of who invented the nuclear bomb has no clear answer. The prerequisite for working on atomic weapons is considered to be the discovery of uranium radioactivity. In 1896, the French chemist A. Becquerel discovered the chain reaction of this element, initiating developments in nuclear physics (Rotblat, 2019). In December 1938, German physicists O. Gan and F. Strassmann were the first to be able to conduct a nuclear fission reaction under artificial conditions (Rotblat, 2019). The USA became the first country to show interest in the new invention. The first tests took place on July 16, 1945, and less than a month later, the United States used nuclear weapons for the first time, dropping two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Rotblat, 2019). Since then, many countries have started to deal with the invention and develop their own nuclear programs.

A nuclear weapon has such power that it can kill thousands of people momentously. This is the worst aspect of this invention because it can be used for murdering innocent individuals. One of the most petrifying tragedies in history was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the majority of the residents turned into ashes in split seconds (Rotblat, 2019). Thousands more died from terrible wounds, burns, and diseases provoked by radiation. Therefore, using atomic arms results in mass destruction and leads to sorrowful tragedies.

Additionally, the long-term effects of nuclear weapon proliferation take a toll on people and the environment. The most widespread impact is a gene mutation. The remnants of atomic bombs on humans, animals, and nature in general cause changes in the DNA, leading to the reproduction of mutated organisms (Rotblat, 2019). For example, pregnant children exposed to radiation would bear a child with deficiencies such as short legs, harelip, and others. Thus, if people care about the prosperity and health of future generations, they should stop using nuclear weaponry.

Furthermore, using and developing atomic bombs complicates the relationship between the governments of different countries such as North Korea, the U.S., Russia, Iran, and Iraq. The states use their nuclear potential as a manipulation instrument. They threaten each other in case of serious problems; however, they consider the possible outcomes and halt their implementation. Consequently, it is a serious manipulation weapon for the countries, which may worsen any relations momentarily.

In summation, nuclear arms are the worst invention humankind could produce because it leads to the deterioration in multiple fields of life. It is the cause of mass destruction, gene mutation, tense relationships between the countries, and the manipulation tool. Hence, its proliferation will further aggravate conflicts and wars unless global organizations strictly prohibit it. It is vital to develop nuclear programs aimed at the development of useful technologies instead of using atomic arms as a war instrument.


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