The Military Core Values

Core values refer to the basic elements that are used by individuals while performing their daily activities. The military core values are significant because they form a strong teamwork culture, respect, and excellence (Rose par. 2). As a result, the army is strengthened and enables soldiers to adapt and overcome different workplace adversaries.


According to Spall, being loyal involves bearing true allegiance and faith in a country’s constitution and the army (par. 6). A loyal soldiers should support and devote themselves to leadership. Wearing a military uniform is an example of expressing loyalty.


Spall defines duty as the ability to accomplish different tasks in the military (par. 7). Soldiers should fulfill their obligations by ensuring that shortcuts, which might compromise the final products, are not used.


Spall explains that respect involves treating other people properly and appreciating their contributions (par. 8). Soldier needs to have self-respect and invest their best in the military because it helps them trust and appreciate others.


Soldiers should have other people’s interests at heart without expecting gain or recognition (Spall par. 9). Selflessness enables soldiers to determine ways of adding extra effort to benefit others.


Soldiers should implement the army values in their daily activities. Spall explains that honor is acting, carrying out, and living the military core values (par. 10).


According to Spall, integrity involves doing morally and legally right actions (par. 11). The adherence to moral principles helps a soldier to develop integrity and build trust with others.

Personal Courage

Spall explains that a soldier should face adversity, fear, or danger with courage (par. 12). Personal courage is built by standing up for what is right and acting honorably.

In conclusion, loyalty, integrity, duty, respect, personal courage, and honor are the army’s core values. These values are important because they guide soldiers to do what is right and overcome the daily challenges in the workplace. Moreover, army core values promote a peaceful co-existence between the military people and the outside world.

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