Donald Trump’s Leadership Qualities

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Most people did not welcome the winning of Donald Trump as the president of the United States. They claimed and questioned his leadership ability to manage and execute sensitive state orders. Individuals had different opinions concerning Trump’s potential to lead the country, causing a stir in the nation. Despite the opposition and commotion across the US, he displayed some positive governance traits during his term in office.

First, Trump is a negotiator; he met the North Korean president to discuss the nuclear weapon that was causing tension around the world. Furthermore, he restored peace in the Middle East by engaging them in negotiation. A good leader should have the ability to represent the subject’s interest to enable friendly and peaceful coexistence amongst the people. Secondly, he is authoritative; Trump stated that his foreign policy would completely destroy terrorists to ensure the safety of the country (Hall, 2021). He also promised not to apologize to any enemy of the nation. Both qualities indicate Trump’s positive leadership competency as the president.

Despite the abilities of Trump, he also had some negative leadership qualities. First, he was against criticism; in most cases, the president disagreed with people who tried to criticize his power. Generally, a leader should accept censure to enable rational decision-making when dealing with critical issues. Secondly, he is discriminative; Trump termed African Americans as lazy people (Austermuehl, 2020). A leader should be inclusive and must not rate individuals based on their skin color.

I had expectations about the possibilities of the president initiating war with US enemies because of his firm stand against countries such as Iran. I am surprised how he managed to explore and apply peaceful administration throughout his term. Trump went ahead to meet the North Korean president to ease the tension that I never thought could be possible in relation to his leadership qualities and his ineffective communication skills.


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