91 Realism Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Realism Research Paper Examples

  1. Nuclear Power in Iran
    Despite resistance from certain countries, Iran has gone ahead to test and launch some of its nuclear missiles.
  2. International Political Economy
    International political economy has emerged as an academic discipline of political sciences that analyzes the relationship between economics and international relations.
  3. Liberal International Relations Theories and Global Security
    Liberal international relations theory emphasises on the role of the different social interest and values of states, and their significance in global politics.
  4. Idealism vs. Realism in International Politics
    Idealism means the creation of peace among nations. Realism is viewed as the balancing of power between two either actual or potential adversaries.
  5. Realism and Idealism in Modern International Relations
    Realism and idealism closely tied to such issues as self-interest and mutual aid. Finally, each of these frameworks is relevant to modern international relations.
  6. Rwandan Genocide and Political Realism in International Relations
    Realism is a very powerful theory that is utilized by scholars to describe the behaviour of states in the international.
  7. Realist and Liberal International Political Economy
    My goal in this paper is to outline the realist and liberal theoretical approaches to the international political economy.
  8. Balance of Power Between Iraq and Kuwait
    The balance of power is sufficient for testing the Iraq and Kuwait war. It shows that the nations were self-interested. Iraq wanted to improve its economic situation.
  9. Order of International Relations
    The theory of international relations (IR) aims at providing conceptual models on which IR can be understood and analyzed in the understanding of happenings around the world.
  10. International Relationships Theories: Comparative Approach
    This paper will discuss some of the theoretical perspectives on international relations; liberalism, realism and English school.
  11. Realist Versus Liberal International Relations Theory
    This work examines different theories of international relations from the point of view of the system of involving participants in international affairs.
  12. International Relations Theory and International Law
    Theories of international relations and International law provide a basis on which states relate with each other.
  13. Reading Critique on Theories on International Relations
    The paper aims to analyze the approaches of realists and pluralists (liberalists) on the issues of law, as well as international legislative regulations.
  14. International Relations Theories: Realism & Green Politics
    Various IR theories such as realism, liberalism, constructivism, and green theory allow people to understand and make sense of particular behavior through different lenses.
  15. The European Union : International Relation Theories
    The EU is an international structure, combining features of several theories. Sharing the structural point of view chooses the best way of existing using liberal or realistic tools.
  16. Marxism and Realism in International Relationships
    In the sphere of international politics, the primary opponent of Marxism was probably political realism - the central IR doctrine during the Cold War.
  17. Realism and Liberalism: Review
    Realism, focusing on national security, stimulated the development of military forces in the countries, which appears to be an integral part of the protection of boundaries.
  18. Political Realism Is the Theory of International Relations
    The basic concepts of diplomacy began to be defined within the framework of a realistic paradigm, and states built their political strategies based on these principles.
  19. International Relations Theories and Human Rights
    The predominant theories of international relations explain the role of human rights in completely different ways.
  20. The Role of Russia in the Syrian Conflict
    An analysis of the historical relationship between the two countries reveals that the Russian position has not changed as far as the Syrian conflict is concerned.
  21. Iranian Relations With Azerbaijan and Armenia
    Iran’s current position toward the Nagorno Karabakh issue has shown the state’s propensity toward Realism in its foreign policy.
  22. War, Liberalism, and International Relations
    Societies grow and develop by certain rules and beliefs. Large categories of belief created to better direct actions and thoughts of people are called ideologies.
  23. American Foreign Policy: International Relations
    The United States of America plays a significant role in international relations, and its foreign policy is paramount for the country and its citizens.
  24. Political Realism for Interpreting International Politics
    The tradition of political realism is rooted in the deep ages, its cognitive principles were in demand in various fields of political science.
  25. Liberalism and Realism in International Relations
    Realism is a theory of power to achieve goals, while liberalism is a balancing force that appears to be more optimistic and cooperative with nation-states.
  26. Perspectives of International Relations Theories on International Terrorism
    Theories of International Relations provide different perspectives and approaches toward global measures of eradicating terrorism.

🏆 Best Realism Essay Titles

  1. Analysis of Realism and the Realist Movement
  2. Realism and the Common Security and Defence Policy
  3. Beyond Rhetoric and Realism in Economics: Towards a Reformulation of Economic Methodology
  4. Political Realism: Machiavelli
  5. The End of the Cold War: Evaluation of Realism and Liberalism
    To get clear understanding of work of the theory of international relations it is very useful to refer to some major political event and to analyze the event in accordance with the given theory.
  6. Critical Realism and the Philosophy of Economics
  7. Post Second World War U.S. Government and Realism Driven Actions
  8. The Emergence and Spread of Socialist Realism in the Former USSR
  9. International Politics and Theory of Realism
  10. Idealism, Realism and U.S. Foreign Policy
  11. Documents of Modern Literary Realism
    The reading chosen as per the requirements of this assignment is the Declaration of the Rights of Woman – 1791 by Olympe De Gouges.
  12. Realism and International Relations
  13. The United States and the United Nations: Toward a New Realism
  14. Politics, Realism, Liberalism and Liberty
  15. Offensive Realism and Foreign Policy
  16. Realism and Its Effects on the World
  17. Theories of Human Nature in Social Psychology
    A significant number of factors that influenced the formation of man and his historical nature led to a situation in which various theories and judgments arose.
  18. Difference Between Idealism and Realism in International Relations
  19. Catholic Realism and the Abolition of War
  20. International Relations’ Preferred Model of Realism
  21. International Theory Realism Liberalism and Constructivism Politics
  22. Critical Realism and the Political Economy of the Euro
  23. International Politics, Globalism, Pluralism, and Realism

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Realism

  1. Cashless Policy and Economic Growth: Beyond Theories, Empiricism to Realism
  2. The International Relations Theory of Realism
  3. Realism: Trumps Domestic Politics
  4. Critical Realism and Econometrics: Constructive Dialogue With Post Keynesian Economics
  5. Politics and Structural Realism
  6. Realism and Its Effects on the War I and World War II
  7. The Current Schools of Criminological Theory in the UK and Canada
    The paper analyzes the new deviance theory, left realism, and the new criminology, have emerged in the UK and Canada to help expound on the complexities of criminology.
  8. International Relations’ Theories Realism vs. Liberalism
  9. Critical Theory and Other Challengers to Traditional Realism in International Relations
  10. Realism and the Concepts of Collective Security and Defense
  11. Realism and Virtual Reality: Images of America‘s Wars
  12. Political Science Idealism vs. Realism
  13. Comparing Political Realism and Feminism in International Relations
  14. Realism and International Politics
  15. The Link Between Realism and the War on Terror
  16. Realism: Main Strengths and Weaknesses in Describing World Politics
  17. Political Theories: Realism and Liberal IR Theory
  18. Realism and the Future of World Politics
  19. Replication, Realism, and Robustness: Analyzing Political Regimes and International Trade
  20. Idealism, Realism, and Marxism in Today’s World of Politics
  21. Realism and the International State System

❓ Realism Research Questions

  1. Whether the Realism School Still Works Today With the Iraq War as the Example?
  2. How Does Realism and Idealism Affect International Politics?
  3. What Is the Role of Realism in U.S. War Against Iraq?
  4. Realism vs. Idealism: How American Foreign Policy Has Changed Since World War II?
  5. Has Sweden Injected Realism Into Public Financial Management Reforms in Partner Countries?
  6. What Are the Basic Tenets of Realism and Naturalism?
  7. Does Realism Still Work in Today’s World?
  8. What Is the Difference Between Realism and Liberalism?
  9. What Is the Link Between Offensive Realism and Foreign Policy?
  10. Why Evolutionary Realism Underpins Evolutionary Economic Analysis and Theory?
  11. How Realism and Constructivism May Explain It Differently?
  12. How Realism Caused the Global Financial Crisis?
  13. What Are the Key Differences Between Realism and Neo-Realism?
  14. Which Structural Realist Theory Offers the Best Guide for Us Policymakers as China Continues to Rise?
  15. How Has Realism Theory Played a Key Role in Israeli and Palestinian Relations?
  16. Why Has Realism Been So Influential in the Studies of International Relations?
  17. What Are the Assumptions of Realism?
  18. What Are the Key Similarities and Differences Between Classical and Structural Realism?
  19. How Are the Elements of Realism Used to Present Believable?
  20. Why Realism Fails Counterinsurgency?
  21. What Is the Difference Between Realism and Neo-Realism?

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