116 Barack Obama Research Topics & Essay Examples

Famous for 44th President of the United States
Born August 4, 1961
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson, (m. 1992)
Occupation Politician, lawyer, author
It’s interesting that Obama was the first African-American president of the United States.

📝 Barack Obama Research Paper Examples

  1. Iran’s Nuclear Program
    The paper considers Iran’s Nuclear Program and international politics towards it, applicable methods to control it, political consensus and agreements on the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  2. The US Foreign Policies on China
    This research explores matters related to China’s border disputes, currency, trade, security, diplomacy, energy, governance, and other emerging issues from a realism perspective.
  3. East China Sea: US and Chinese Foreign Policies
    This essay compares how the United States and China approach the East China Sea regarding Japan’s occupation, and the effects that they have had over the region.
  4. Stopping Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants
    The paper claims that President Obama should stop the deportation of undocumented immigrants because they are important to the growth of the American economy.
  5. Is the Current US Policy in the Middle East Effective?
    The twentieth and twenty-first century US policies in the Middle East have somehow concentrated on oil resources in the region.
  6. The Body Language and the Last Presidential Election
    During the February 12 debate held in Austin, Clinton displayed over 16 different hand and facial gestures in just about three minutes.
  7. Is the Democratic Party the Labour Party of the U.S.?
    The Democratic Party and the Labour party: comparison and contrast, whether the Democratic Party can be viewed as the United States’ version of the United Kingdoms’ Labour Party.
  8. Political Campaigns: The Use of the Internet
    The use of the internet can be justified to have encouraged the level of accountability in the political set up that has worked to the advantage of the public.
  9. Obama’s Presidential Campaign Strategy
    Successful political campaigns must have a strategy that includes social media and database marketing. As voters shift to digitalization to increase social contact.
  10. Barack Obama’s Speech Analysis
    The effectiveness of the speech relied on such important elements as allusions, oratorical resonance, patriotic associations, and the inclusion of himself as a character in the narrative.
  11. How Political Ideology, Organized Lobbying Are Impacting Reform Efforts
    The term rationing has been used as a dirty word but president Obama has urged governors to avoid using the word since it might trigger hostile reactions.
  12. America’s Great Political Divide
    Stepping into the new position of a President, Barack Obama faced one of the biggest financial crises in US history.
  13. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    The pre-election campaign of Barrack Obama went under the slogan of drastic changes in all spheres of the public, economic and political life of the country.
  14. A History of Presidential Signing Statements in the United States
    Signing statements are controversial, facing negative Congressional response, including committee hearings, largely leading to the decrease of signing statements.
  15. Alex Seitz-Wald vs. Kerry Bolton’s Conspiracy Theory Perceptions
    Bolton’s “The conspiracy theory as a personality disorder” and Seitz-Wald’s “Why people believe in conspiracy theories” present the utmost similarities regarding conspiracy theories.
  16. Healthcare Reform in the USA
    This paper is intended to work out the alternative measurements between the healthcare policy from the period of Bill Clinton’s administration and the administration of Barak Obama.
  17. The US Drug Policy Development
    The drug policy issues provoked active public debates, but still, there is no single idea on the effectiveness of this or that approach to developing the drug policy.
  18. Kaepernick's Protest: Analysis of True Meaning
    In an August 2016 NFL preseason, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the US Anthem.
  19. Barack Obama’s Political Doctrine and Its Elements
    Obama questioned the necessity of the presence of the US in the Middle East. He believed that the resources invested in the region were not worth the benefits gained from it.
  20. Religion & Vote for Obama Relationship
    This paper tests the nature of the relationship between religious people attending church services and the votes cast for Obama in the 2012 election.
  21. Barrack Obama's Leadership Skills and Style
    President Barrack Obama is leader who has portrayed great leadership skills with an almost perfect combination of emotional intelligence competencies.
  22. Bold, Centered, Upper, and Lower Case
    This paper aims to identify the aspects of the NSC model that make it practical and compares the national security approaches of George H. W. Bush and Barack Obama.
  23. Analysis of the Killing of Osama Bin-Laden
    The paper analyzes the killing of Osama Bin-Laden in more detail to understand whether President Barack Obama acted lawfully.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Barack Obama

  1. Disseminating the Presidency of Obama and Trump
    The significance of the paper is that it demonstrates political leadership through a comparison of the administrations of the two most recent US ex-presidents.
  2. Major Shifts in African Americans’ Issue
    Different political and social groups translate contradicting views on the problem, as seen in the actions of Obama's and Trump's administrations.
  3. The Obama and Trump Administrations Compared
    This paper will compare and contrast two presidents in the country, the 44th and first president of African origin and the 45th President, Donald Trump.
  4. Development of Policy-Making Models
    An excellent policy must first get the passageway onto the political plan where there are contending speculations on how issues work towards the plan.
  5. Presidential Authority: Operation Geronimo Case Study
    The paper states that President Obama had the legal authority to order Operation Geronimo and execute the plan.
  6. The Legality of Obama's Decision to Kill Osama bin Laden
    During a war, the government often has to make complex, serious, and conflicting decisions that can greatly affect the well-being of the country and the course of the war.
  7. Operation Geronimo and Presidential Authority
    The paper argues that President Obama had the legal authority to issue and implement "Operation Geronimo" order according to domestic and international laws.
  8. The Special Relationship between the United States and Israel
    From the very beginning, the White House intended to achieve a solution to the Palestinian problem based on the coexistence of two states - the Israeli and the Palestinian.
  9. President Obama Had the Legal Authority to Order Operation Geronimo
    Operation Geronimo was seen as controversial after implemented, that's why discourse regarding legitimacy does not hold any credibility since it does not take the extent of the threat.
  10. Barack Obama's Legal Authority for Geronimo
    Obama's responsibility for putting into action the plan for Operation Neptune's Spear was justified domestically and met with disagreement within the framework of international law
  11. Obama's Legal Authority to Order Operation Geronimo
    This paper analyses the legal authority that was invested in President Barrack Obama to spearhead this operation.
  12. Barack Obama as a Leader: Positive and Negative Sides
    One of the most important political leaders of the 21st century for the USA is Barack Obama, who was the President of the United States from 2009 to 2017.
  13. Presidential Authority in Operation Geronimo
    According to the constitutional scheme, the president could direct the National Command Authority to use armed force against Al Qaeda, including Osama Bin Laden.
  14. President Obama's Operation Geronimo and Its Legality
    President Obama had the legal authority to order and execute Operation Geronimo under Constitutional law as the Commander-in-Chief and international laws of armed conflict.
  15. Affordable Care Act's Aims, Benefits, and Challenges
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was an important document that changed the American healthcare system and introduced new terms of medical insurance to the population.
  16. The United States' Embargo Against Cuba
    The infatuation with dictatorship from Batista's government led to the revolution led by Fidel Castro. It is the cause of struggling terms between the US and Cuba.
  17. President Obama and the Operation Geronimo Execution
    President Obama's actions during Operation Geronimo, including execution, can be regarded as countering terrorism.
  18. The Constitution in Famous American Speeches
    President Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X revealed their attitudes toward the Constitution in their speeches and raised important debates in society.
  19. The Authority of President Obama in Operation Geronimo
    The paper indicates that President Obama authorized operation Geronimo because he complied with domestic and international laws.
  20. President Obama’s Legal Authority in Operation Geronimo
    Due to the US's direct involvement, one can argue that President Obama had the legal authority to order the execution of operation Geronimo overseas.
  21. Discussion of "A More Perfect Union" Speech
    A More Perfect Union' is a well-developed speech, following all necessary factors for persuading the audience.
  22. The Presidency of Barrack Obama
    The paper states that there were many problems that President Barrack Obama faced when he entered the presidential office in his first term.

🏆 Best Barack Obama Essay Titles

  1. Barack Obama and Jobs Act
  2. Barack Obama’s Views on Environmental Policies
  3. U.S. Foreign Policies in the Middle East
    The end of the Cold War impacted the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in some ways. This paper explores how the Post-Cold War period influenced the US program in the Mid-east.
  4. President Barack Obama State of the Union Address
  5. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Third Presidential Debate
  6. Barack Obama and Affordable Care Act
  7. The President Barack Obama Biography
  8. Obamacare, Its Advantages and Disadvantages
    The observed positive outcomes support the viewpoint that the Obamacare reform is effective to improve the healthcare system in the United States.
  9. President Barack Obama’s Legacy
  10. Leadership Styles and Tactics of Barack Obama
  11. The Use of Main Means of “Connecting Parts” by B. Obama
    A More Perfect Union” written by Barack Obama is a very important article urging the Americans to think over the problem of racism and to unite the whole nation.
  12. Barack Obama and His Political Propaganda
  13. Successful Leadership Barack Obama
  14. Personality Psychology on Same-Sex Marriage Debates
    In the article, the author discusses how personality psychology helps to understand the different opinions people have on the same issue.
  15. President-Elect Barack Obama’s Economic Policies
  16. Transforming America for the Best in the Speech of Barack Obama
  17. Barack Obama’s Leadership Style Analysis
    Obama was considered both a transformational and servant leader who could impact American society by bringing positive changes into numerous fields.
  18. The Troublesome and Complex Legacy of Barack Obama
  19. The Way Barack Obama Makes Use of Rhetoric Language
  20. Barack Obama Community Center’s Change Issues
    The paper attempts to address the various issues of the Barack Obama Community Center, employing an innovative solution using the IMAGINE approach for macro change.
  21. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: First Presidential Candidate Debate
  22. Barack Obama and Asia-Pacific Economic
  23. U.S. Economy and Barack Obama’s Economic Plan
    President Obama is trying to recover the economy of the US. He wants that the wealth should not be a stagnant asset and should be divided among the population of the US equally.
  24. The Foreign Policy Legacy of Barack Obama
  25. The Public Speaking Skills of Barack Obama
  26. Barack Obama and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
  27. African American President Barack Obama

✍️ Technology Essay Topics for Barack Obama

  1. The Problems and Leadership Skills of Barack Obama
  2. The Federal Government Under Barack Obama
  3. Background and Beliefs: Barack Obama
  4. Legal and Illegal Immigration for the U.S. Economy
    The number of illegal immigrants among the US population has increased from five million to approximately twelve million in the past decade.
  5. The Barackavellian: Machiavellian Policies Used by Barack Obama
  6. The Early Life and Career of Barack Obama
  7. Barack Obama Acceptance Speech at the Democratic National
  8. The United States President Barack Obama Congress Changed Health Care
  9. President Barack Obama’s National Drug Control Strategy
  10. Analysis of Barack Obama Inauguration Speech
  11. Barack Obama and Donald Trump the Reform of Immigration
  12. Barack Obama and African American President
  13. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Second Presidential Debate
  14. The Adoption of the Affordable Care Act in the State of Florida
    The advantages and disadvantages of the Florida authority’s approach to the ACA will be analyzed. It will also discuss the influence of this attitude on the stakeholders.
  15. The Enlightenment and the Presidency of Barack Obama
  16. Barack Obama and Dr. King and Continuing Hope
  17. The Strength and Weakness Barack Obama
  18. Barack Obama’s Views on the Trade System
  19. The Centralist Political Philosophy of Barack Obama: Useful Fictions
  20. President Barack Obama’s Communication Style
  21. Approval Ratings Fall for Once Popular President Barack Obama
  22. Barack Obama and American Economy

❓ Barack Obama Research Questions

  1. What Has Barack Obama’s Election Victory?
  2. How Does Barack Obama Engage His Audience?
  3. Why Should Barack Obama Be President?
  4. What Is the Link Between Barack Obama and the Bush Tax Cuts?
  5. Has President Obama Changed the Nature of US Foreign Policy?
    Obama has transformed the nature of US foreign policy, but the change is not exhibited evenly in the policy. This is because certain aspects of the policy have remained intact.
  6. Is Barack Obama Leading Change in the U.S.?
  7. What Jobs Did Barack Obama Do Before He Was President?
  8. How Does Barack Obama Use Language to Create Impact in His Speech?
  9. Which Are the Rises and Success of Barack Obama?
  10. How Has the Current Economic Crisis Changed Barack Obama’s Plans and Policies for the United States?
  11. How Does Media Coverage of Barack Obama Differ in the U.S. and the UK?
  12. What Are Barack Obama’s Views on the Trade System?
  13. Did Barack Obama Deserve to Win the Nobel Prize?
  14. How Has Barack Obama Impacted America?
  15. How Will Barack Obama Change the United States of America?
  16. What Theme Does President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech Have?
  17. What Is Barack Obama Most Famous For?
  18. Why Do We Celebrate Barack Obama?
  19. Where Did Barack Obama Grow Up?
  20. What Is the Link Connection Barack Obama and the Democratic Party?
  21. What Is the Difference Between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton?
  22. What Does the Way Barack Obama Makes Use of Rhetoric Language?

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