Obamacare Controversy – Issues, Interview Views

Obamacare Controversy

In the United States, the signing of the ObamaCare bill into law was one of the most important public issues. Despite the debate that ObamaCare Act raged on the American public, not all people understood all facts about the scheme. This is what inspired the choice of this topic which is to explore facts about the scheme and explain the controversy behind the largest health plan in American history. This paper seeks to explore the Obama Care scheme and its content by taking views of people and articles on the scheme.

Issues Addressed by the Article

According to Cooper (2013), the philisophy of the bill has been associated with socialism and government control which have been the focus of critics. Cooper (2013) suggests that critics argued that ObamaCare would free-marketmarket economy by limiting the people’s right to choose. The bill has also attracted an equal measure of support, especially among the republican family (Cooper, 2013). This criticism and support were deemed political since both sides represented different political antagonists. However, the law for universal health treatment won Supreme Court validation in a decision that advanced the world’s most ambitious social health policy (ObamaCare Facts, 2013).

Another issue that generates controversy is how to handle pre-existing conditions. These are medical conditions an applicant has prior to a health insurance policy application. Before the Affordable Care Act many insurance companies and small group markets normally denied cover to such applicants. Alternatively, they charged higher premiums or offered limited benefits due to pre-existing conditions. Under the new health plan, the government is aiming at achieving affordable health care for all since people with pre-existing health conditions will be allowed to take health insurance covers. The main selling point of Obamacare is the inclusion of people with pre-existing health conditions but the challenge is the controversy behind the intended purpose.

Weise (2013) states that from 2014, Obamacare scheme will disallow insurance companies from excluding any person with pre-existing health conditions from health cover. This is the cause of the controversy between the proponents of the Obamacare law and the insurance companies. The bill is supported by people who appreciate the incentive to take a health cover when facing health challenges and inherent health conditions (Weise, 2013). The comprehensive health mandates will take place in 2014 which will necessitate a set up of an insurance plan with pre-existing conditions.

Interview Views

According to the person interviewed, the Obamacare scheme presents a burden for the government to handle since the reforms reflect on heath financing and the insurance industry. The interviewed person indicates that Obamacare is managed by the federal government and is offered as an option to private health insurance (ObamaCare Facts, 2013). The person interviewed feels that the government has been working on an already expensive health plans and should not add to another cost burden. However, the interviewed person indicates that Obamacare will be credited for helping low income individuals by expanding Medicare.

Comparison of Views

In relation to the articles, the person interviewed feels that Obama Care will pose a substantial cost for the American Government. However, Cooper (2013) states that Obamacare will be economical for the government by saving money due to reduced long term health care costs. Health costs of all Americans will be covered by a universal healthcare scheme that will essentially assist in decreasing the national deficit (Weise, 2013). The interviewed American also feels that the new bill contains tax credits to make health care affordable. In addition, he feels that the law allows small businesses to claim tax credits when they provide their employees with insurance.

Selected Position and Point of View

Obama Care is a good scheme for the American population due to its consideration of low income earners. A higher proportion of low income earners that cannot manage to pay for health insurance is less fortunate than the wealthy. Despite the fact that the United States has the world’s most expensive healthcare scheme, millions of Americans lack health insurance cover (Weise, 2013). The country’s largest economic sector is healthcare, which is four times bigger than the national defense. Yet millions of Americans cannot manage to pay for their health needs. The sole aim of the Obama Care plan is to help the millions of American families across the economic divide. The scheme will provide healthcare insurance to the middle income and low income Americans in need for the cover.


Position taken is that Obama Care is good for Americans, because the new health insurance law will significantly decrease health expenses and will extend health treatment to Americans. Obamacare will also compel insurers to cover people despite their state of medical condition or pre-existing conditions. Unlike arguments of critics to the bill, the law will not drive the US to socialism, but will instead solve America’s existing health issues.


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