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📝 Trade Research Paper Examples

  1. Why Do Nations Engage in International Business?
    The environments and culture of a country are the major aspects that influence business and people’s readiness to get involved in one.
  2. The World Trade Organization
    The World Trade Organization is an international body that was established to facilitate global trade by promoting liberalization and articulating globally accepted trade rules.
  3. Mexican Drug Cartels
    The paper discusses drug trafficking in Mexico and drug cartels effect: rampant violence, heightened corruption, human rights violation, impact on public health, human trafficking.
  4. International Political Economy
    International political economy has emerged as an academic discipline of political sciences that analyzes the relationship between economics and international relations.
  5. International Trade: Advantages and Disadvantages
    One of the main drivers of national economies around the world is good and reliable international trade partnerships.
  6. Globalization and International Trade in History
    The global trade commenced long ago with the initial trade activities involving the exchange of goods with goods, commonly known as the barter trade.
  7. The US Foreign Policies on China
    This research explores matters related to China’s border disputes, currency, trade, security, diplomacy, energy, governance, and other emerging issues from a realism perspective.
  8. The Rise of China and Its Effects on the US
    This paper focuses on the effects of the rise of China on US-China relations as it promotes economic development in the US and has an influence on US foreign policy.
  9. Mexico's Globalization and Democratization
    This paper analyzes Mexico's place in the international wave of democratization as the resurgence of the global wave facilitated the realization of democratization in Mexico.
  10. The World Trade Organization for the United States
    The World Trade Organization is an international organization with global operations and is charged with the responsibility of handling rules of trade among member countries.
  11. World Trade Organization Role in International Business
    This paper gives a comprehensive discussion as to the benefits and setbacks of World Trade Organization membership so as to reinforce the assertion that the WTO is mostly beneficial.
  12. Hegemonic Power Transition from Britain to the US
    This paper analyzes the factors characterizing the shift of hegemony from Britain to the US and the likely replacement of the US as hegemony in the future.
  13. Reducing Drug Trafficking in the United States
    Fighting drugs from the origin, partnership, and initiating policy changes are crucial strategies that will eliminate the vice.
  14. The United States' Internationalist Foreign Policy
    The United States has tried internationalism before and it has yielded positive results. However, if it pulls out now, emerging powers like China will fill the vacuum.
  15. Iran’s Foreign Policy Toward the United States
    This paper focuses on the relations between the USA and Iran on the international, state, and individual levels as the relations between the Eastern and Western worlds.
  16. International Relations Questions: United Nations Organization
    The essay describes the role and activities of the UN on the world stage, as well as the popular revolutions in Libya and Tunisia-Egypt.
  17. Future Role of the International Monetary Fund
    The IMF plays an important role in stabilizing the global economy and its member countries are demonstrating sustainable growth and initiating its reform.
  18. A Strategy of Primacy in the International Relations
    The strategy of primacy is an extension of the realist school of thought in international relations. Countries need to protect their interests in international affairs.
  19. Gulf Cooperation Council vs Gulf Union
    With the formation of a union, the Gulf States would have to present uniform foreign policies. Such policies would increase the influence of the GCC in regional and international affairs.
  20. The World Trade Organization
    The creation of WTO was the result of the globalization process and the demand to make trading operations between the countries more secure and safe.
  21. European Union Policies as to Human Rights
    The European Union has come up with policies to assist and guide its operations. This paper will discuss the policy areas in which the European Union engages.
  22. Gulf Cooperation Council's Regional Integration
    The Gulf Cooperation Council has several other structural features that include: young and rapidly growing labor force, high reliance on foreign labor and a large public sector.
  23. The European Union-China's Trade Relationship
    The study explores the trade relationship between the EU and China with a focus on the existing challenges of making it sustainable.
  24. International Governmental Organizations and Institutions
    Nationalism and its underlying push factors has come to be recognized as the main regulators of the authority exercised by the superpowers in the period after the second world war.
  25. Historical Overview of North American Free Trade Agreement
    The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between the three northern countries that is Canada, Mexico and United States of America.
  26. American Foreign Policy in Colombia
    US foreign policy in Colombia came as a result of the massive consumption of illegal drug substances in the US. The United States saw this as another security threat.
  27. International Political Science. Globalized Economy
    A globalized economy is expected to bring some balance or equilibrium as more countries try to assert themselves as major contributors to international trade.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Trade

  1. Relation Between World Output And International Trade Volume, And The Overall Trade Pattern
    The intention of this research is study to explore the relationship between world output on the one hand, and international trade volume on the other hand.
  2. Agricultural Subsidies and the Controversies Over Them at the Doha Round of WTO Negotiations
    The essay aims to decribe the problem of the agriculture subsidies and the controversies over them at the Doha round of WTO negotiations.
  3. Pros and Cons of Canada's Relationships With US
    The purpose of this article is to prove that bilateral relations are largely beneficial to the United States and Canada, despite their diplomatic differences and trade imbalances.
  4. Third World Countries Place in International Relations
    The third-world countries' situation is described by high dependency and debt burdens to the developed world, unfavorable terms of trade, and unfair policies and pricing mechanisms.
  5. Bilateral Relation Between Mexico and USA
    The United States has been at the forefront of assisting, Mexico by providing an alternative to drug business by encouraging other economic activities to develop Mexican economies.
  6. Canadian Political and Environmental Security
    Canada is currently vulnerable to the threat of espionage, terrorism, and global warming; the last one is however a global threat but it highly impacts Canada’s national security.
  7. Is Australian Foreign Policy Now Independent?
    This paper is based on the point of view that Australia's Foreign Policy has not achieved independence as has always been sought.
  8. Impact of Economic and Financial Globalization on the Sovereignty of States
    Globalization and the rise of supranational organizations have watered down the concept of state sovereignty because of their immense influence on foreign policy.
  9. China's Contribution to the Growth of Global Trade
    In the mid-20th century, China began to open its economy and lift restrictions on production activities. The shift to a free-market approach opened China's manufacturing sector.
  10. The US and Canadian Intra-Industry Trade
    Increases in the intra-industry trade between the US and Canada led to enhanced productivity in the Canadian manufacturing sector.
  11. Why Capitalism Started in Europe and Dominated the World
    This line of argument holds that as city residents accrued enough primitive capital, they started reinvesting in production.
  12. Utopia: Ideal State Basic Principles
    This paper will discuss the creation of a country named “Utopia” with the description of governing bodies, political, social, economic structure, and domestic and international concerns.
  13. Impact of the Indian Ocean on the United Arab Emirates
    This paper will address the question of how the contemporary culture of the UAE was influenced by its connection to the Gulf's Indian Ocean.
  14. Exporting Deals Between the UK and South Africa: The Advantages and Disadvantages
    World Trade Organization is actually a transformation of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs formed in the year 1947 for the promotion of world trade at the global level.
  15. Federalism: Challenges and Debates
    The development of theoretical concepts and generalization of the experience of various ways of implementing the ideas of federalism is of great practical interest at present.
  16. International Trade and Its Benefits to Canada
    Investment into infrastructure is a tool that can help both businesses and governments support the investment into the private sector, especially within emerging economies.
  17. China-US Trade War and Impact on Global Community
    In this essay, the issue of the Sino-American trade war will be explored, followed by the provision of personal opinions and overall impact on the global community.
  18. Trade Partners of France
    The value of French exports represents more than one-fifth of GDP. France imports mostly such products as machinery, chemicals, traditional industrial goods, such as textiles.
  19. Letter of Credit in the International Trade
    The application of the letters of credit as minimizing tools in the risks involved in international trade has developed to a large extent over the past decades.
  20. Comparative Advantage in International Trade Relations: China and Australia
    A company should be able to produce a particular product in quantities that meet or satisfy the local demand before resorting to exportation.
  21. Stolberg’s Categories of Intensity
    The focus of this essay is to identify and discuss the top Chinese and American interests in Africa and to answer whether these interests are compatible or competitive.
  22. Do Arms Sales Make the State and People More Secure or Less Secure?
    This paper will discuss the explicit as well as implicit reasons for increasing arms sales. To whom and how arms are providing security are questions to be asked.
  23. International Law and Politics in the Bin Laden Raid, 2011
    Because Bin Laden presented continuing, imminent threat, the U.S. had every reason to secretly enter Pakistan and slay him to ensure human safety and security.
  24. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Foreign Policy
    For India, the pandemic is a reason to introduce more lenient foreign trade policies but also an opportunity to exercise soft power abroad and reinforce its role in the region.
  25. Brexit: Essence, Context, and Consequences
    The work illustrates the importance of applying international law in the field of trade relations. The UK's exit from the EU has led to the need to create new treaties and agreements.
  26. The New Government of Cronad
    The chosen governing style for the country will be democracy, which means that the people of Cronad will have a say in how their country is ruled.
  27. Is China Paying Lip Service to Its World Trade Organization Obligations?
    Whether China is shirking off its World Trade Organization Obligations obligations is a legal question and a political analysis is not the best fit to answer that question.

✍️ Trade Essay Topics for College

  1. International Trade And Finance
    International trade is the buying and selling activity between two nations. This is met by challenges, including the different laws.
  2. Port Botany: Functions, Ownership and Management
    In this essay, a brief introduction to Port Botany in terms of its geographical location and the services it offers, type of cargo handled, dock labour system will be presented.
  3. The U.S. Political System
    The Congress is the legislative arm of the U.S. government that was established under provisions of the constitution of the country in 1789.
  4. International Business and Supply Chain Management
    International business can take the form of foreign trade, trade in services, portfolio investment or direct investment. Foreign trade involves trade in tangible imports and exports.
  5. The American-Israel Political Action Committee
    The paper analysis the main aim of the lobby group to counteract actions being committed by the Middle East, especially Iran and Palestine.
  6. International and Local Trade Laws Impact on the UAE Commerce Rates
    The paper investigates the impact that international and local trade laws within the UAE as well as between UAE and its foreign trade partners have on the intensity of trade.
  7. Trade Between Europe and Asia
    The world has recently rebounded from a period of global downturn just. One of the regions that have led to the global economic recovery in Asia.
  8. The Common Market of the European Union
    The common market is an implication of the EU whose objective was to cut down or bring into the end of trade barriers thus increasing cooperation among the involved members.
  9. Trade-in Goods and the World Trade Organization
    This paper shall discuss the history of contemporary international law, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the legal aspects that control world trade and the WTO.
  10. World Trade Organization and Chinese Legal System's Functional Convergence
    The World Trade Organization was established as an institution that would help liberalize and supervise international trade.
  11. Policy Paper: AGOA, History of the Act
    The main objective of this paper is to analyze a policy paper of the US government. The paper looks at the African Growth and Opportunity Act or AGOA.
  12. Genetically Modified Organisms: Legal Issues
    This paper will argue about how states engage in business through Genetically modified organisms and how states adhere to the provisions of the World Trade Organization's accords.
  13. Sustainable Development Agendas
    Sustainable development agendas can only be attained if the world admits it is the responsibility of all humans at the individual, corporate, government, and international levels.
  14. Free Trade Agreement in Australia
    Over the last two decades, Australia has made several efforts to enter into negotiations and develop FTAs with a number of regions, including some Asian nations, the US.
  15. Purchasing Power Parity Theorem
    The paper evaluated if an arbitrage opportunity exists between the United States and the United Kingdom. The results show that no arbitrage condition exists between the countries.
  16. Performance of Eurozone - Problems
    Europeans require finding ways to rescue the single currency and think about the benefits that can be obtained from it, it is not easy to find a way out keeping.
  17. International Trade and Trade Tariffs
    A country’s economic stability or instability is determined by various factors in the economy, which guide the economic goal of a country.
  18. International Trade Issues Policies for Turkey
    This paper explores the importance of the country’s trade to its economic growth as a way of understanding the international trade issues and policies for Turkey
  19. The Effect of Unfair Competition Laws on Global Trade
    This piece of work seeks to give an in depth discussion of international business law and the different aspects associated with it.
  20. The World Trade Organization Customs Value Agreement: The Valuation of Imported Used Vehicles
    Based on the World Trade Organization Customs Valuation Agreement, there are six different methods that can be used for determination of the customs value of used motor vehicles.
  21. Regional Trade Agreements in the WTO Regime
    This paper examines the characteristics of regional trade agreements under the WTO regime, listing the largest and most famous economic agreements of this type.
  22. North American Free Trade Agreement's Pros & Cons
    The endorsement of NAFTA was a major milestone in international trade for Canada, Mexico and the United States. The agreement has had both negative and positive effects.
  23. Relations Between the United Arab Emirates and Russia
    Russia and the United Arab Emirates are involved in diplomatic relationships since 1971 but the increase in the development of the bilateral relationships is observed since 2003.
  24. Internationalizing Retail. IKEA Companies
    critically analyzed the internationalization of the two retails namely the home depot and IKEA companies who both attempted to get into the international retail market.
  25. Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization
    The report discusses the WTO's dispute settlement process, the Uruguay Round, the current settlement process, and specific cases that take a long time to resolve.
  26. World Trade Organization Membership Impact
    The paper investigates a case study of Saudi Arabia on the topic of the impact of WTO membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council Member Countries.
  27. Competition Policy and Law in Australia
    This report focuses on the legal dynamics surrounding the two supermarkets’ price wars by analysing Australia’s anti-competition laws.

👍 Good Trade Essay Topics to Write about

  1. International Trade Issues
    The international finance is it covers almost every facade of life especially in this era integration, which is making the international markets to be very competitive.
  2. Common Currency for Gulf Cooperation Council
    Currently, there is only general agreement among Gulf Cooperation Council states that there is a need for the adoption of a common currency in the GCC.
  3. Legal Significance of Fob and Cif Contracts in the International Trade
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the legal significance of FOB and CIF contracts in the context of the international trade of goods.
  4. The Optimal Set of Policies for Australia
    This paper outlines the optimal set of policies for Australia to deal with the rise of China and argues the case to support those policies.
  5. The Central American Integration System's Strategic Analysis
    The Central American Integration System (SICA) was established in 1991 as the restored organizational structure for Regional Integration in Central America.
  6. Theory and Practice of International Relations
    Diplomatic relationships and foreign policies on sustainability and accountable leadership are used by international institutions to influence interstate interaction.
  7. Trade in the Sociopolitical Context
    The notion of trade has always been central to the overall patterns of socio-political development and international relations.
  8. Federal Trade Commission Privacy Policy Program
    The paper is a Federal Trade Commission assessment that gives a clear picture of the agency’s efforts to perform its mandate of enforcing consumer protection regulations.
  9. Trade Adjustment Assistance Policy in the US
    The purpose of this paper is to review the Trade Adjustment Assistance policy implemented by the USA in order to support companies damaged by the increasing levels of imports.
  10. Should the US Government Reduce Military Funding?
    Reducing the funds for the military may cause negative consequences for the U. S. and the global economy and provoke various casualties among the functional army divisions.
  11. The Significance of Labor Unions
    The paper states that trade unions play a vital role in the promotion of a functional organizational culture and the welfare of the employees.
  12. The Obama and Trump Administrations Compared
    This paper will compare and contrast two presidents in the country, the 44th and first president of African origin and the 45th President, Donald Trump.
  13. Advantages and Disadvantages of BREXIT to the UK
    This paper discusses BREXIT's advantages (such as the UK reclaims its sovereignty) and disadvantages to the UK (such as loss of foreign direct investment).
  14. US-China International Issues and Economic Interdependence
    This paper will reflect on the conflict between the United States and China from the viewpoint of economic interdependence.
  15. Intergovernmental Organizations: European Union
    The paper aims to research the works of the EU to the member states by focusing on the effects it has resulted for the recipients and the prevailing cons and pros.
  16. Silk Road: Spreading Culture via Trade
    Despite having been created primarily for trade between China and other countries, the Silk Road also enhanced cultural diffusion via trade.
  17. China’s New Silk Road for Trade and Implications
    The overview of the topic of China's New Silk Road's implications for trade in Europe unveiled the relevance of the issue to the contemporary geopolitical situation.
  18. Normalization and Peace in the Middle East
    Normalization is touted as the best pathway to peace in the Middle East. There are core issues that are ignored by certain parties to the conflict.
  19. The United States' Embargo Against Cuba
    The infatuation with dictatorship from Batista's government led to the revolution led by Fidel Castro. It is the cause of struggling terms between the US and Cuba.
  20. International Organizations: Role in the Modern World
    The world is governed by international organizations that seek to solve conflicts through negotiations rather than force.
  21. World Trade Organization: Global Trade
    World Trade Organization (WTO) is an entity that deals with rules of trade between nations globally. Its goal and objective are to help producers of commodities.
  22. Case Studies of International Trade Law
    According to the Montreal Convention, the fact that an air carrier issues an Air Waybill containing certain information does not cushion it from taking liability.
  23. Aspects of Changes to the NAFTA
    The paper states that the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement made three changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994.
  24. China-United States International Relations
    It is crucial that China-U.S. relations, free from confrontation and antagonism, continue to develop in a spirit of mutual respect and beneficial cooperation.
  25. The Latin American Union's Objectives and Policies
    The major objective of the Latin American Union is to promote, project, and protect the members' economic and cultural heritage, social development, and political stability.
  26. Political Risks of Trading in Thailand
    Thailand lies on both democratic and authoritarian leadership. Thailand's political unrest and coups are critical concerns to local and foreign businesses operating in the region.

🏆 Best Trade Essay Titles

  1. Barriers: International Trade and Free Trade
  2. Accounting for the New Gains From Trade Liberalization
  3. Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements
  4. Achieving Fair Trade Through a Social Tariff Regime: A Policy Thought Experiment
  5. African Regional Agreements: Impact on Trade With or Without Currency Unions
  6. Adjustment, Employment Characteristics, and Intra-Industry Trade
  7. Aid for Trade and International Transactions in Goods and Services
  8. Fair Trade and Its Effects on Society
  9. Comparing Nursing Infrastructure and Outcomes
    Collective bargaining is an approach that has been used for over a century now to protect the rights of both parties.
  10. Benefits From Unrestricted International Trade
  11. Alternative Optimal Trade Policies in the Presence of Foreign Input Monopoly
  12. Alliances and the High Politics of International Trade
  13. Resources in the Field of Psychology
    An authoritative resource in psychology is the peer-reviewed journal Applied Psychology: Health and Wellbeing (IAAP).
  14. Absolute Advantage Theory and Its Relevance to International Trade
  15. Aid-For-Trade and Export Performance of Developing Countries
  16. Absolute Advantage and International Trade
  17. Aspects of Cap-and-Trade Policy in the US
    The paper states that cap-and-trade programs have proved to be more effective due to the ability to improve energy applications by leveraging emissions.
  18. Abenomics, Yen Depreciation, Trade Deficit, and Export Competitiveness
  19. Free Trade and Its Effects on Society
  20. Accounting for the China and U.S. Trade Imbalance: An Ownership-Based Approach
  21. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
    The paper highlights factors, that the ACCC has to put into consideration before taking legal action against a trader with reference to previous cases of Australian federal courts.
  22. Alliances, Preferential Trading Arrangements, and International Trade
  23. Benefits and Long Term Repercussions of Free Trade
  24. Adjustment Costs and the Sequencing of Trade Liberalisation

🎓 Trade Writing Prompts

  1. Alexander Hamilton and Free Trade
  2. Adjustment Costs and International Trade Dynamics
  3. Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  4. Alternative Scenarios for Trade Liberalization
  5. Vietnam’s Economy and Foreign Trade in 2020
    While many countries were experiencing difficulties in the economic sphere, Vietnam’s GDP increased by 2.9% in 2020.
  6. Bilateral Free Trade Agreements and Customs Unions
  7. About the International Trade Policy of China
  8. Agglomeration and Trade: State-Level Evidence From U.S. Industries
  9. Afghanistan and China Trade Relationship
  10. The Lack of People Interested in Skilled Trades in America
    This paper aims to investigate the lack of people interested in skilled trades, assess the underlying factors, and outline feasible solutions to the issue.
  11. Accounting for Chinese Trade: Some National and Regional Considerations
  12. Against Free Trade: Neoclassical and Steady-State Perspectives
  13. International Trade and Valuable Marketing
  14. Affinity and International Trade
  15. Trade and Production Possibilities
    The paper describes how trade affects the production possibilities frontier and other factors that can expand the production possibilities frontier.
  16. Aid for Trade and Export Diversification in Recipient?Countries
  17. All-Around Trade Liberalization and Firm-Level Employment in China
  18. Accounting for the Differences Between Gross and Value Added Trade Balances
  19. Bilateralism, Multilateralism, and the Quest for Global Free Trade
  20. Ethical Branding and Fair Trade
    Many marketing strategies concentrate on the origination, development, realization, and popularization of a unique, original and successful brand in most companies.
  21. Alternative Strategies for Trade Policy Reform
  22. Adjustment Costs and Gradual Trade Liberalization
  23. English Language’s Role in International Trade
    English is the major language dominating in the area of international trade and helping humanity to make considerable achievements in the area of economy and business.
  24. Agglomeration and Economic Development: Import Substitution vs. Trade Liberalisation
  25. Aid for Trade and the Political Economy of Trade Liberalization

❓ Trade Research Questions

  1. Can Bilateralism Ease the Pains of Multilateral Trade Liberalization?
  2. Does External Trade Promote Financial Development?
  3. Can Trade Policy Help Mobilize Financial Resources for Economic Development?
  4. Are Fair Trade Goods Credence Goods?
  5. Does Deep Integration Promote Trade Development?
  6. Can Free Trade Agreements Reduce Economic Vulnerability?
  7. Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Blocs?
  8. Can Monetizing Trade Lower Welfare?
  9. Are Export Promotion and Trade Liberalisation Good for Latin America’s Poor?
  10. Is Chinese Trade Flows Different?
  11. Are Economists’ Traditional Trade Policy Views Still Valid?
  12. Does Exchange Rate Stability Increase Trade and Capital Flows?
  13. Can Free Trade Guarantee Gains From Trade?
  14. Can Comparative Advantage Explain the Growth of U.S. Trade?
  15. Are the Trade Deficits of Less Developed Countries Stationary?
  16. Does Economic Development Impact the Foreign Direct Investment-Trade Relationship?
  17. Are All Trade Policies Created Equal?
  18. Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal?
  19. Can Interindustry Wage Differentials Justify Strategic Trade Policy?
  20. Can Compensation Save Free Trade?
  21. Are Inequality and Trade Liberalization Influences on Growth and Poverty?
  22. Does Corruption Discourage International Trade?
  23. Does Exchange Rate Stability Increase Trade and Welfare?
  24. Are the Forces That Cause China’s Trade Surplus With the USA Good?
  25. Are Africa’s Currency Unions Good for Trade?
  26. Can Bilateral Trade Agreements Help Induce Free Trade?
  27. Does Corruption Facilitate Trade for the New EU Members?
  28. Does Exchange Rate Volatility Discourage International Trade?
  29. Are All Trade Agreements Equal?
  30. Does Financial and Trade liberalization Drive Private Investment in Pakistan?
  31. Can Bilateralism Ease the Pains of Trade Liberalisation?

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