93 Karl Marx Research Topics & Essay Examples

Famous for Karl Marx was a philosopher, author, social theorist, and economist in 19th century.
Born 5 May 1818
Political party Communist Correspondence Committee (until 1847), Communist League (1847–1852), International Workingmen’s Association (1864–1872)
Spouse(s) Jenny von Westphalen, (m. 1843; died 1881)
School Continental philosophy, Marxism
Notable ideas Marxist terminology, surplus value, contributions to dialectics and the labour theory of value, class conflict, alienation and exploitation of the worker, materialist conception of history.

📝 Karl Marx Research Paper Examples

  1. Marxist Processes Analysis
    Marxist analysis describes the circulation of a product or commodity as the starting point of capital. Marx cited money as the most important goal in achieving product circulation.
  2. Social Theory: the Evolution of the Division of Labor Theory
    The theory of division of labor has undergone various evolution from the ancient time to the present. The theory has found its application and use in the present society by a great deal.
  3. Karl Marx's Ideas: Society Alienation and Conflict Theory
    The paper regards Marx's theories and teachings as progressive because they are directed at searching for balance in society and for the resolution of long-lasting conflicts.
  4. Marx’s Reasons of Capitalist Economy Collapse
    This essay will explain the reasons of Karl Marx prediction of a collapse of capitalist economy, it will be mainly on the crises and impacts of capitalist economies.
  5. Karl Marx’s Theory of Exploitation: A Critical Analysis
    The essence of this exercise, therefore, is to develop a deeper understanding of Marx’s ideological perspective as well as the considerations of capitalism in the global market economy.
  6. "The German Ideology" by Karl Marx and Materialism
    Completed in 1846 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, "The German Ideology" succeeds in providing a sound and empirically verifiable alternative to the idealism of Young Hegelians.
  7. Classical Liberalism: Review
    Classical Liberalism is a modern ideology, which is based around a notion of natural rights. It was established in the late 17th and 18th centuries.
  8. Karl Marx's "The Communist Manifesto" Analysis
    Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto is the most famous work of the author, which addresses the issue of class conflict.
  9. Marxism Philosophy, a Constitutional Republic and American Criminal Justice
    This essay demonstrates how the teachings of Marx are useful in revealing the faults of American constitutionalism and the criminal justice system.
  10. Marxism: Speech for the Presentation About Marxism
    The paper will tell about Marxism, its history, fundamental theories, and principles, as well as its significance for the world and science.
  11. Spread of Capitalism, Imperialism and Globalization
    Starting from the late 16th century, European nations, especially Britain, had started overseas occupations starting with the Americas.
  12. The Views of Smith and Marx in Their Works
    This paper discusses Adam Smith's “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” and Marx’s and Engels’ “The Communist Manifesto”.
  13. Ideological Beliefs for Liberals, Marxists, and Conservatives
    The purpose of the paper is to discuss different political doctrines: liberalism, Marxism, and conservatism, and pay special attention to their ideological beliefs.
  14. Arendt’s and Marx’s Political Perspectives
    Hannah Arendt was one of the seminal political thinkers, who provided an account of the understanding of human activities. She is interested in viva activa.
  15. Marxist-Inspired Theory: Why It Is Still Relevant
    The paper discusses Marxist-inspired theory, the ways in which it was different from other theoretical traditions, and why it remains relevant in the 21st century.
  16. The Communist Manifesto: Overview, Purpose, and Significance
    The purpose of the Communist Manifesto was a detailed analysis of the society's structure and the presentation of communist ideas in the authors' vision.
  17. Socialism and Communism According to Marx and Engels
    "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx and Engels discusses three types of socialism: conservative socialism, critical-utopian socialism, and reactionary socialism.
  18. Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber Views on Modernity, Capitalism, and Materialism
    Karl Marx was in defense and criticism of the changes in modernity; he was an outstanding supporter of modernization, arguing that it would bring human liberation.
  19. Mode of Production and Historical Materialism
    Karl Marx's historical materialism turned out to be so ideologically powerful that it has influenced the world for over one hundred and fifty years.
  20. Does Karl Marx’s Critique of Capitalism Still Hold True in the 21st Century?
    The economic system now corresponds to capitalism, which affects all strata of society, making huge gaps between them culturally and socially.
  21. Why Are Societies Unequal: Notes on the Marxist Theory
    The sociologist argued that differences between the two sexes have a negative connotation and should be minimized.
  22. Marx and Waltz Philosophy Comparison
    Ideology is the frame of reference through which an individual sees the world and defined to be the total sum of a combination of values, attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations.
  23. Political Science, Philosophy & Social Criticism
    The most basic and widespread description of this phenomenon is the understanding of freedom as independence from the desires and opinions of other people.
  24. Capitalist System and Its Flaws Analysis
    This paper analyzes capitalism's flaws. The fundamental flaws of capitalism are worker exploitation, capitalistic governments, and consolidation of power.

🏆 Best Karl Marx Essay Titles

  1. Classical Social Theory: Karl Marx
  2. Feminism, Economics, and Karl Marx
  3. The Bourgeoisie and Other Concepts in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto
  4. “Manifesto of the Communist Party” by Karl Marx
    In his work “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, Karl Marx highlighted various elements of his criticism of capitalism, such as the class struggles and wage-labor disparity.
  5. Exchange Process, Money, Commodities, and Karl Marx
  6. Karl Marx: The Division of Labor
  7. Analyzing Singpore’s Low-Wage Workers Using Karl Marx’s Ideas
  8. Karl Marx vs Max Weber: Views on Capitalism
    Marx, and Weber both criticized capitalism, although, Weber’s ideas on class interaction seem to be more applicable today.
  9. Karl Marx and Communist Russia: A Man and a Revolution
  10. History, Revolution, and Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”
  11. Karl Marx: Biography and Synopsis
  12. Contemporary World Economy and the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx
  13. Religion: Understanding a Diverse Society
    In human society, religion is one of the most powerful and influential forces. It has been found to influence several spheres of society like family.
  14. Adam Smith and Karl Marx: Contrasting Views of Capitalism
  15. Feminist Movement and Theories of Karl Marx
  16. Gender and Race Inequality by Karl Marx
  17. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels‘s Communist Manifesto
  18. Karl Marx and His Influence on Society
  19. Theories of Human Nature in Social Psychology
    A significant number of factors that influenced the formation of man and his historical nature led to a situation in which various theories and judgments arose.
  20. Economy, Market, and State According to Karl Marx and Thomas Hobbes
  21. Class System and Alienation Under Capitalism According to Karl Marx
  22. Karl Marx and the Marxist Theory of Political Economy
  23. Historical Materialism and the Economics of Karl Marx
  24. Karl Marx and Marxism of Communism

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Karl Marx

  1. Conflict Within Karl Marx’s Concept of Alienation
  2. Individual, Labor, and Society According to Karl Marx
  3. Class Struggles, and the Value Labor Theory of Karl Marx
  4. Change and the Philosophy of Karl Marx
  5. Poverty or Low Income as a Cause of Crime
    Debates about causes of crime have been raging on and they revolve around economic models of causation that deal with the utility of crime.
  6. Assessing Merits and Limitations of the Ideas of Karl Marx
  7. Comparing Adam Smith and Karl Marx
  8. Karl Marx and His Views on the World’s Social Economic Problems
  9. Capitalism: Karl Marx and Industrial Revolution
  10. Major Historical Influences on Karl Marx’s Materialist Conception of History
    Historical materialism is a term that refers to a methodological assessment of economics, society as well as history. This concept was for the first time articulate by Karl Marx.
  11. Karl Marx and His Critique of Capitalism
  12. Comparing and Contrasting the Ideas of Adam Smith and Karl Marx on the Subject of Capitalism
  13. Analyzing the Communist Party Manifesto by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx
  14. Sweatshops as a Youths and Adults Dream
    These days, providing employees with appropriate working conditions presents a matter of significance. Each person is aware of labor rights, which they are protected by law.
  15. Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx: Legacy on Capitalism and Morality
  16. Conflict Theory, Karl Marx, and the Communist Manifesto
  17. Global Stratification: Karl Marx
  18. Communism and the Failure of the Social Contract for Karl Marx
  19. Financial Crisis in Turkey and Argentina
    The study aims to develop a more profound understanding of the financial crisis in the emerging economies during the period of 1999 to 2001.
  20. Karl Marx and His Radical Views
  21. Critique and Revolution: The Faces of Karl Marx
  22. Karl Marx and Marxism on Modern Thought and Society
  23. Contemporary Muslim Turkey and the Religion Theory of Karl Marx
  24. Describing the Social Scientist, Historian, and Revolutionist, Karl Marx

❓ Karl Marx Research Questions

  1. What Is Karl Marx Best Known For?
  2. Was Karl Marx the Biggest Talker of American Terrorist Socialist Ideals?
  3. Why Was Karl Marx So Disparaging of the Utopian Socialists?
  4. Why Can Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx Be Regarded as Structuralists?
  5. How the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Uses Strong Diction?
  6. Did Karl Marx Believe In Capitalism?
  7. Who Was Karl Marx?
  8. Karl Marx: What’s Wrong With Marxism?
  9. How Karl Marx Accounts for the Industrialization of Society?
  10. What Is Karl Marx’s Theory?
  11. What Was Karl Marx Main Focus?
  12. Does Karl Marx’s Critique of Capitalism Rest on a Fallacious Philosophy of History?
  13. What Would Karl Marx Say About Exploitation in Regards to Child Labour?
  14. Karl Marx and His Theory of Alienation: How It Can Be Applied to Modern Society?
  15. Why Did Karl Marx Invent Communism?
  16. What Were the Main Ideas of Karl Marx?
  17. Why Is Karl Marx the Father of Communism?
  18. Why Did Karl Marx Think Communism Was the Ideal Political Party?
  19. Was Karl Marx History’s Greatest Optimist?
  20. Globalization: What Would Karl Marx Think?
  21. Why Was Karl Marx Against Capitalism?

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