American Democracy v. the Social: Healthcare System

Social democracy is a system in which the elected representatives that is the government take decisions and run social programs like Health care of the public, insurance of the jobless people, safety programs, welfare of the society and pensions. Social democracy is completely based on socialism, about the peaceful and evolutionary changes of the society established by the political processes (Social Democracy). On the other hand, American democracy is different from social democracy. In the American democracy, there is no such rule of having health care for its citizens. There are several other countries in which the government works for the benefit of the people; they provide health care to their citizens and many more. They try to work for the welfare of the citizens, but there is no such theory in the American democracy.

The system of United States is different from the other countries such as Europe, France, Japan, Germany and many more, because these countries imply high taxes on their citizens and provide all the other benefits free of cost. They do not have to pay for the health care, education and so on, even they are provided with many other benefits. But in the American democracy people are financed for everything such as for the college tuitions, health care, etc. and they get what they can afford. In the United States health care resources are scarcely paid (Singer, 2009). In most of the hospitals, health care is privately allowanced at high rates. In the public sector and the hospital emergency rooms, patients have to wait for a long time for their time to come because doctors are paid at low rates also discourage and do not treat the poor patients properly and on time (Valdrez, 2011).

Providing adequate health care services to the public patients is being denied since a very long time and is still continued and those who can afford proper medication is provided with the proper services and those who cannot afford have to live in the way they are. Also in the book “American Public Policy: Promise and Performance” the writer has discussed many topics regarding the American democracy, the difficulties faced by the public and how it effects their daily life. “Health care has always been a decisive concern and the government of United States is huge and complex” (Peters, 2010). The book also provides information a few main issues in the United States such as the health care system, environmental policy, tax policy, educational system, social security and a few other social issues for the welfare of the public (Peters, 2010).

The reason behind the rationed health care services is that the economy of the country, which does not support the taxes and do not raise funds for the health care system. The government should raise funds for the health care systems. The European and several other countries are paying high taxes in return of which they are getting the health care and other services and the Americans are not paying high taxes but they have to spend their own money to secure the health care the fewer amounts which they earn is being used for their own security (Pratt, 2003). The American public has to pay taxes for the things which they buy, while on the other hand they also have to pay other finances which are sometimes not affordable for them, due to which the public of the United States is facing problems and as they cannot provide their families with the proper health care services the people of the United States are dying (Singer, 2009).


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