Democracy and Efforts to Emphasize It

Democracy is a form of government that stresses the common people’s ability to participate in political processes. The reasons to emphasize democracy and promote its further spread are numerous and relate to its links to the situation with human rights. Democracy aims to put a stop to systems in which one can become a leader “by reason of birth, lot, wealth, or violence” (Huntington, 1993, p. 6). Thus, democracy should be emphasized to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of the nobility and the situation in which political moves and legal decisions further promote gaps between social groups. Therefore, democracy can prevent reductions in citizens’ ability to influence large-scale decision-making processes and express their political vision.

Next, democracy needs to be emphasized to protect people’s right to participate in political life by eliminating any unjustified limitations on voting rights for people possessing specific characteristics. The process of democratization may include the expansion of political procedures and rules to ensure the representation of previously excluded populations, which makes democracy protect human rights (O’Donnell & Schmitter, 1986). Democratization can facilitate the inclusion of specific underprivileged groups in political processes, such as in the case of women’s suffrage, which makes it critical.

Finally, democracy and efforts to emphasize it are of ultimate importance since they promote the establishment of accountable authorities. In contrast to liberalization, true democratization involves ensuring people’s ability to exercise the rights that make the rulers accountable to them (O’Donnell & Schmitter, 1986). The accountability and answerability of authorities can be listed among the prerequisites of social development and decisions to promote the well-being of the majority, not only the upper class. With that in mind, democracy is drastically important since the fear of losing voters’ support can help to prevent the abuse of power and unjust political decisions.


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