The Bureaucracy Institution

Bureaucracy is a specific system of governing presupposing the use of a certain body responsible for decision and policy-making. It can also be viewed as a framework where the majority of important decisions are taken by appointed officials supervising various areas. The given type of system is defined to maintain uniformity, ensure the stable functioning of organizations, and standardize the methods used by them. The given institution exists in multiple states and is viewed as one of the possible ways to support the further evolution of various entities.

In many cases, bureaucracies can be considered ineffective, wasteful, or even weak forms characterized by multiple procedures needed to achieve a single goal. However, although the criticism might be fair, the given system still remains useful for communities. It is a potent tool employed by governments, managers, or authorities to align the work of thousands of people and establish compatible ways in which individuals’ roles are defined and clearly outlined. It also helps to create a hierarchy that is effective in resolving complex problems and ranking problems considering their scope and urgency.

At the state level, bureaucracies are controlled in several ways. First of all, the president might appoint the heads of departments and other bureaucrats to create a system that meets the current needs of the nation and guarantee its functioning. Additionally, representatives of the other branches of power can affect the work of this system by changing representatives of some agencies or authorities. In such a way, in most cases, bureaucracy is regulated by elected officials as their major duty is to control the functioning of various systems within the state and their ability to cope with emerging tasks.

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