Recruiting Practices in the United States Army

Organization of the US Army

The United States Army plays a unique role in the safe and protection of the country as it provides all possible land forces in case they are required. The organization of the modern US Army trains real soldiers and makes leaders from them who are always there to serve the American nation. American military forces are properly organized and present the necessary service meeting the requirements of the nation and its government by protecting the states most properly. The main mission of the national American Army is to win the wars and support commanders in the national conflicts. The modern American Army consists of divisions, corps, brigades, and different battalions providing their service worldwide. It also provides special institutional missions to train and raise the quality of American military forces.

Recruiting Organization Processes

The development of the perfect recruiting model is a very responsible and important issue. The recruitment processes in military organizations are very sophisticated. The development of the proper commands depends on the methods worked out for this and the particular research carried out. The best recruitment strategies developed within the organization always lead to improvement in the general organizational processes. It is very important to select the necessary candidates who can be responsible for the employees’ hire.

The most important aspects in the recruitment system of the American Army are the following:

  • To develop recruitment strategies;
  • To work out proper selection practices;
  • To find effective advertising medium;
  • To use different agencies to improve recruitment systems at different levels.

The recruitment processes of the American Army organization cover the following steps:

  • The development of the necessary recruitment assistance program to improve the strength of the service and provide some costs which are necessary for its development;
  • To work out particular steps to select qualified applicants;
  • Recruitment system effectiveness lies in providing personal motivation for the applicants and development of special tests for training evaluation.


To improve the recruiting methods of the US Army it is important to highlight the following recommendations for this:

  1. To provide performance management and evaluation of the existing disputes and problems;
  2. To provide necessary quality assurance focusing on the quality and training of the services;
  3. To increase efforts and costs spent on the improvement of the recruitment system of the US Army.

Thus, it is necessary to stress that the effective recruitment system of any organization requires certain systematic improvements and the development of particular methods and issues for this.


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