Proposal and Presentation for Giving Grant


The main event is the social responsibility of the Los Angeles police department. This department is involved in helping the youth from less privileged sections of the city. This objective will be achieved if the department invests its resources in the school sections of this poor community. The department believes that this will not only help the local community, but it will also reduce the levels of crime reported in these areas.

Project description

After the analysis of crime patterns within its jurisdiction, the Los Angels police department recognized that education of its residents is very crucial in crime prevention as it makes them rational as they are able to discern that indulging in criminal activities has more negative consequences than benefits. It is also the role of this department to take part in social responsibility activities such as aiding schools in the poverty ravished sections of the city by raising money via activities such as golfing. The maintenance of public safety and the well-being of its members all round are the core reasons why these departments exist (Collins, Ricks & Meter, 2000).

The Stakeholders

In order to achieve the set objective, the collaboration of Los Angeles police department and the Los Angeles Unified School District is attained. The collaboration of these two departments is expected to ensure that they work hand in hand to achieve the objective of helping schools within the less privileged areas in Los Angeles.

Project justifications

The two identified departments have a social responsibility of ensuring that crime in the society is deterred. The departments know that empowering the less privileged in the city will break the vicious cycle of crime as the society members are able to access schools with better facilities which will translate into more quality educational levels for the residents (Schaffer, 2000; Ward, 2008). This project will make sure that more children access quality education thus deterring their chances for indulging in criminal activities.

The Collaboration with LAUSD

The diversity that is exhibited in these two departments that are collaborating to help the under privileged children of Los Angeles demands effective collaboration. The police department will be the financing arm of the project while the LAUSD will be the beneficiary department. It is expected that the LAUSD will select the underprivileged schools that will receive the funding.

Proposed usage for the grant

The money that has been pledged will be used in such a way that will earn more income to enable financing of a worthwhile project. The money as budgeted will cater for the following activities. First, the money will be used to organize for a golf tournament that is expected to generate more money that will come in hand in helping achieve the department’s vision of helping the less fortunate in the city inner cores. The money has been used to develop a website. This website is expected to play a leading role in ensuring that the ultimate goal of this initiative is achieved.

Justification for this approach

There are a number of reasons that motivated the masterminds of this initiative. Among them is that many of the schools in the city inner core are in a dilapidated state. Therefore, the quality of education that is being accessed by the youth of these areas is below average and, therefore, the need for someone to step in. This is because crime rates are inversely related to the levels and quality of education that is accessed by the residents (Pavone, 1999). This realisation of this relationship motivated the police department to come up with ways that would salvage the situation through a golf tournament that raises the money required to ease the situation. The use of golf tournament in the past has been successful because it has a multiplier effect.

The reasons why the police department donates its money to the schools is because it believes that by channelling this money through schools, the money will benefit the society more than if the money was invested in other projects. It is believed that schools play a more crucial role in ensuring that the whole society changes and thus, it may have a major impact in the reduction of the crime levels in the society. The upgrading and the betterment of education in these schools does not only promise the reduction of crime rates in the future, but also promises the youth a brighter future and careers.

Organization of the golf tournament

The golf funding raising tournament will be held at the Wood Hill country club. The event organisers have come up with a number of competition events that are expected to attract competitors. These events include: hole-in-hole, putting contest, the closet to the pin that will attract both men and women, the longest drive event, the 50/50 hole drive event and lastly the pin up golf poker tournament.

Event revenue collection strategies

The LAPD desire to help schools in the inner cores of the Los Angeles requires a huge capital commitment to attain the targeted goals. In order that these goals are met, the department had to come up with good strategies that would be used to raise the required amount. It is the intention to raise more money that motivated the police department to organise for a golf tournament.

The golf tournament is expected to raise money by categorising the sporting activities from the amount that each participant is expected to pay so to get a chance to play. The tournament organisers have also come up with different categories of sponsors with each category attracting a given fixed deposit. For instance, the event bronze sponsor is expected to raise a minimum of $1500.

Prizes given to the event winners

In order that the event will be more appealing to the participants, the event organisers arrange for some prizes that will be awarded to the winners of all the events. The awarding ceremony will be done in a banquet that has been organised in a glamorous way. The ceremony shall be hosted by a sporting celebrity. The outstanding performers are expected to be given sponsor recognition plagues from the events host. These prizes are expected to motivate the participants to be aggressive. This will translate into making the event more jovial and inclusive to all the participants.

The event website creation

The LAPD is expected to create a website for the golf tournament and the social responsibility event. The department should call in some of its ICT personnel to aid in the development process. The developed website will play a crucial role in the event awareness creation and monitoring of the possible turn up.

Justification of the event’s website

One of the major objectives of the golf tournament is to raise money that will be used to improve the status of schools in the inner towns of Los Angeles. This event will require that the department creates a lot of awareness of the tournament as much as possible. The website is expected to create that awareness. It expected that through this website, the department will interact with all those interested in taking part in this noble project.


In conclusion, it is evident that the grant is projected to be sank in a project that aims at generating revenues for a bigger course. The projected approach is expected to bring a lot of social value in that its impact will be felt over several generations. According to the Council of Europe, (2002), education is a futuristic investment that can be used to deter crime in the society. In this regard, the two stakeholders should make it their prerogative so that the success of the project is guaranteed.

The occurrence of the social responsibility by the police department has a lot of benefits to all the stakeholders in the society. The community will reap the benefits of accessing better education for their children and the crime rates are expected to reduce drastically, especially when the generation that will benefit with this project eventually clear with their schooling years.


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