The Work of the Modern American Police

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The education and training of young police officers is a vital task: the future of the country largely depends on its implementation. Students should receive many of the necessary physical, mental, and intellectual skills for quality work. Therefore, educational institutions in this area have developed special programs, taking into account all the required factors. For example, San Diego Miramar College allows students to master a wide range of knowledge in the course of training. Graduates of this college can apply for jobs in “local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, court services, and private and industrial security fields” (“Administration of Justice”). However, an essential part of education is the integrity necessary for each police officer. To teach and assess it, the college professors use psychological tests, polygraphs, and other methods. They allow growing quality workers and also make them understand the importance of honesty during their work. Thus, such an education allows future professionals to be sincere and dedicated to work.

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High professional standards are maintained in the work of police institutions. A prime example of such an institution is the Boston Police Department. One of its main goals is “working in partnership with the community to fight crime” (Boston Police Department). Therefore, by assessing and adjusting the communication skills of the employees with all sectors of the population, the department can get a high level of trust among citizens. As a result, they have more opportunities to receive information and investigate crimes. Moreover, this improves the quality of work and reduces the overall crime rate of the city.

Incidents resolved through quality police work can be found in many states. For example, representatives from the Yuma Police Department recently managed to stop a couple spreading the coronavirus pandemic in Walmart by coughing on people (Aaro). For this, both diplomatic and physical skills were applied by the police. Thanks to quality education, they were able to resolve the conflict and punish the perpetrators. Thus, it is possible to conclude that the work of modern police has improved compared to the past, which speaks, in particular, about the quality of their education.

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