Human Resource Management in Public Administration

The hiring and recruiting process in public personnel

The most important function of the Human Resource department of any organization is that of selecting, hiring, and recruiting personnel to the organization. This process is very lengthy, but in a nutshell, it could entail the following:

  • Drawing up the job description- The Human Resource manager lists down the qualifications required to be met by the person to fill the post.
  • Advertisement of the post(s) to be filled-This can be through an internal memo or the public media such as newspapers and websites.
  • Shortlisting- This is done after the applicants have made their applications keeping in mind the job description and requirements.
  • Screening/ Interview.
  • Selection.
  • Recruitment of successful candidates.
  • Employee orientation.
  • Probation and confirmation.

Policy and the various types of policy

A policy generally refers to a standard or tenet to direct resolutions and attains rational result(s). There are various policies involved in human resource management but the main ones include;

Recruitment- This process ought to be fair and just eliminating all forms of discrimination.

Health, Safety, and Wellbeing- The environment to which the employees are subjected should not pose any risk to their health and safety.

Workforce Management- The employees should be efficiently managed as human beings and not as machines.

Behavior and Conduct- Workers are required to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable.

Performance, Development, and Promotions- Employees should be appraised whenever there is a need to do so.

Leaving- There should be procedures to be followed during the termination of the employment contract by either party.

Collective bargaining process

Collective bargaining essentially entails negotiating the terms of the employment contract between the employer and a representative of the employees such as a union. Collective bargaining gives the unions the chance to express their views with regard to job benefits, improved working conditions, and better wages for member employees. The unions, however, tend to represent collective bargaining based on arguments that everyone is entitled to the freedom to speech, assembly, and press.

Concepts of Lewin, Herzberg, Maslow, and McGregor in relation to organization theory and leadership

McGregor argued that employees are broadly grouped into two, those belonging to theory X (authoritarian and dislike work hence have to be motivated) and those belonging to theory Y (Participative and work to them is as natural as play hence need no motivation).

Abraham Maslow on the other hand proposed the hierarchy of needs whereby if a need is not satisfied then it needs motivation.

Herzberg emphasized Maslow’s concept whereby he suggested that the higher levels of the hierarchy demanded motivation since they cause the most satisfaction.

Lewin’s Field Force Theory stresses the fact that cultural differences should not be a hindrance in employment and that employees need motivation at different stages of their time in the organization.

What federal employees are forbidden to do regarding ethics?

Federal employees are permitted to take part in political management as well as political campaigns but are, however, forbidden to the following with regard to ethics. They are forbidden to use their official authority as a way of interfering with elections. They are also not allowed to engage in any political activity when in official uniform, using government’s assets such as vehicles, while on duty, or when in any government offices. The federal employees are also forbidden to use the other employees to carry out other tasks during the official working hours.

How ethics are implemented

Ethics are implemented through the establishment of rules and regulations that are to be applied to the respective people.

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