Police Report: Robbery

On July 15, 2010, at around 8:25 am, I received an emergency call from an overwhelmed victim that she was being robbed. According to her call, she had been robbed at 4949 Cherry Hill lane; an area close to her home. As usual, my team and I moved swiftly and arrived at the scene at approximately 8:45 am. We found the victim laying on the ground, terrified, and cried with tears all over her face. Fortunately, she was uninjured but seemed bewildered by the unpleasant incident. She seemed to be in her early twenties, and approximately 5.5 feet tall.

My crew and I proceeded with our cop duties by examining and collecting any available pieces of evidence or hints. In as much as the victim looked frightened, I had to question her about the incident. Fortunately, her compliance was followed by a vivid description of the robbery incident that boosted our investigation. In proceeding to question the patrol officers, I learned that they never saw the incident thus could not locate the direction taken by the victim. However, with the help of the public and the victim, we managed to collect crucial information that may help catch the suspect.

According to the victim’s report and the investigations we carried out, the victim’s name was Mrs. Alice berry, and she worked for a pharmaceutical company next to the city square. I further confirmed that the scene occurred at 4949 cherry hill lane, just a few blocks from the victim’s place. Additionally, I noted that the victim was ambushed at around 8:15 while standing at a bus station waiting for a cab to drop her in town.

My extensive questioning and investigation proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the crime committed was a robbery. Additionally, investigations pointed at a male white suspect, masculine in nature, and had a tattooed body. The suspect was tall; approximately 6’, and had a black sleeveless T-shirt. He had long brown trousers with black pants that protruded outside his trouser. Furthermore, the suspect wore a black ski mask that perfectly covered his whole face.

According to the victim, the suspect held a weapon in his hand and threatened to use it in case of noncompliance. After a fruitful investigation, I learned that the weapon used by the suspect was a switchblade. I also discovered that robbery was exclusively performed by one individual (suspect) who later fled on foot. The investigation points at a professional robber who knows how to plan and execute his criminal acts.

I discovered that the suspect only used the weapon to threaten the victim, but never, in any way, intended to injure her. The suspect only grabbed and threatened the victim as part of the robbing process. I further noted that the robbery was successful, and the suspect fled with quite a several valuables. The robber targeted and snatched valuable and light commodities thus pocketed them and hurriedly left the scene.

The victim lost quite a several things following the robbery incident. I discovered that the commodities as a gold ring with a small bury wristwatch, a 14 karat gold necklace, and a wallet containing fifty dollars. Investigations also indicate that the robber knew some info about the victim; he knew the victim’s behavior, accessories, and cash.

I am still carrying out further investigations and questionings regarding the case. Until now, I have not yet identified the suspect, but with the gathered information am confident that the suspect will soon be captured and brought to justice. My team and I remain optimistic that the commodities will be recovered, despite the challenges.

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