The Los Angeles Police Department

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Security is an indispensable human need that must be guaranteed by state agencies and individuals. All developed nations invested a lot of resources to promote peaceful existence among their citizens. In addition, they sacrificed their efforts to ensure there was security for human beings and their investments. Without security, no one will dare invest their resources and risk exposing their hard earned money to robbers (Corwin 2003). The Los Angeles Police Department is one of the highly ranked police forces in the world as discussed in this essay.

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This department is commonly known as LAPD. Even though there is a long history leading to the formation of this force, there are substantial marks left by its staff wherever they work. This force is located in Los Angeles, California and has about ten thousand police officers. Their criminal justice procedure stands out among all others due to the processes involved. The process begins from the time a crime is committed. There are various ways of informing the police department about criminal activities. A victim may call the number 911 or visit one of their branches and report a crime. Alternatively, there are many police patrolling the city on foot and by car; therefore, may come along incidences that merits their attention.

The investigation process is a vital criminal procedure in this department. The Police Crime Scenes Investigation Department cordons the crime scene to avoid anyone tampering with evidence (Rayner 2009). They collect possible clues that will aid them to begin investigations to reveal the suspect and cause of the incident. After conducting initial investigations, the police request for search warrants if there is the need for further investigations. However, if the evidence is destroyed or the crime is currently ongoing they do not have to request for a search warrant. After the search warrant is given they conduct investigations by interrogating suspects, forensic analysis of specimens found around the crime scene and using sniffer dogs to guide them.

The LAPD has sufficient policemen trained to investigate various issues relating to drugs, murder, robbery, accident among others. In addition, this department has boats, helicopters, planes, horses, dogs, ambulances, vans, trucks and patrol cars that help maintain law and order in Los Angeles. After collecting sufficient evidence and having sufficient reasons that a crime has been committed the police may arrest suspects before or after filing charges against them (Hall 2008). Consequently, the suspects are put on pre-trial or trial in order to evaluate if there is enough evidence to charge them. In cases where there is inadequate evidence, the suspect may be placed in police custody until when the police collect enough evidence to prove their case against the suspect. For that reason, the crime investigation process is the main criminal justice procedure since it forms the basis for justice. This process establishes the relationship between the suspect and the crime (Anon 2010). It offers clues regarding the motives of the crime and enables victims to take defensive steps in the future. The success of this process determines the department’s credibility and public trust.


Even though controversy abounds about this department and how police officers mistreat civilians, there are various reforms taking place to ensure it offers quality services. In addition, more funds are required to equip this department with modern equipment to fight criminal activities and maintain law and order in Los Angeles.


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