Applying the MARS Model to a Police Article

Individual conduct can be elucidated by unfolding different comportment in an organizational setting and proposing a vital archetypal of individual conduct and its insinuations. Equally, this model emphasizes four features that directly influence worker conduct and concert: motivation, ability, role perceptions, and situational aspects. Worker enactment will agonize if one of the norms worsens. For example, an enthusiastic worker who understands his work task (role perceptions) and has adequate possessions (situational variables) will scuffle to perform well if they lack the essential acquaintance and abilities. The MARS model is a vital model of specific behavior and upshots. MARS models are elements that directly influence worker behavior and performance outcomes.

Concerning the two Prince Albert police officers who were deferred pending investigation rejoinder due to the death of a child, their ability to submit their duties well must be questioned. In any country, the work of a police offer is to make sure that the public members reinforce the laws (Saskatoon, 2022). For any organization to do well, when an issue arises regarding their employees, they are suspended first or given a compulsory leave to investigate what led to duty misconduct.

Ability points us in the way of attitudes or natural talent. Worker capability and the compatibility of work with employees are dignified by ability. Employees will better understand their jobs and perform them as efficiently as possible if they apprehend their roles. Workers understand what to achieve and how to advance because they grasp the importance of perception. External and internal components make up situational factors. The consumer desire and economic conditions influence external elements, whereas time, human resources, budget, and work facilities influence internal aspects.

The Prince Albert police offer that their ability to execute their duties well in securing the cause of violence in the family where a child was later found was never good. Even though it is not clear whether they are the ones who killed the 13-month-old child, they are the ones who were on duty, and they had visited the area where the child is said to have been killed. Through the report issued by the Public Complaints Commission investigation, it is good to append the suspects who are on duty to allow for reasonable investigation because all people must be treated equally.

Prince Albert Police were the first police officers who were called to a home where a 13-month-old baby was later discovered dead in which the father was charged with murder. Sensibly, the police officers were the key suspects who would provide robust evidence as to what led to the child’s death. The ability of the police officers would have rescued the child from dying had they executed their duties well. Since they had responded to the initial calls according to the reports by Public Complaints Commissions investigation, they were able to account for how the child was later found dead upon visiting the child’s home.

Regarding the decision by Police Chief Jonathan Bergen as directed by the Public Complaints Commissions investigations, to suspend the police officers, it showed that both parties could suspend the officers. Equally, the ability showed how the Police Chief Jonathan could direct another police officer to execute their duties well without suspicion. Rationally, the two police officers who were suspended could still rescue themselves from being suspended by arresting the father of the 13-month-old baby to avoid the ramifications of being suspected of the cause of the child’s death.

Concerning the investigation of the matter or the cause of the death was being handled, it can be concluded that there is a lack of motivation among the police officers. The Prince Albert Police officers were suspended from their active duties was not fair to the individual police officers. The arrests of the child’s father, who had various murder allegations, would automatically conclude that the Prince Albert Police officers were innocent to the killings of the child. However, it was good to suspend the police officers until the evidence and facts were adduced for a fair ruling that would reassure the public.

Motivation is a psychological process that explains the degree of commitment to a goal and the perseverance with which it is pursued. Motivation is a state of mind that rouses a being to execute a deliberately implemented performance. Even if a person is compelled to perform something he does not enjoy, the forced actions will be unproductive and inefficient. Motivation is well-defined as the internal forces that impact the path, strength, and perseverance of voluntary conduct. According to Rayat & Gupta (2021), three wants motivate people: the need for achievement, the need for connection, and the desire for power. Relating to the suspension of the Prince Albert Police offers, literally could either yield or not yield any results in getting the evidence or facts to the child’s death.

Conversely, it was a motivating factor to the public domain, as people would demand those involved in any crime scene to be released of their duties if they are employed. Equally, as per the rule of law, employees cannot continue to hold on to the public offices when they are suspected of having committed the crime. Until they are proven non-guilty, they will be suspended for a reasonable investigation to be done. Still, if the officers had murdered the 13-month-old baby, they would in any way tamper with evidence by killing key witnesses.

The motivation factor was only applied for the public members to recognize the efforts of the Police Chief. According to Riyanto et al. (2021), motivation is a course that describes the strength, path, and determination with which individuals strive to achieve their objectives. According to Rayat & Gupta (2021), motivation is a mental procedure that enhances and points behavior toward achieving objectives. The innate power can influence one’s motivation within a person or an individual, but external inspiration can also influence motivation. On the other hand, motivation indicates the individual’s response to inspiration. Persons are motivated by numerous reasons or desires towards a specific goal. Reasons are made up of several drives, such as work, attainment, power, integrity, and desires. Equally, this applied to the two police officers as the locals were now motivated to give complete information regarding the innocent child’s death.

The article about the Prince Albert police officers is essential to the public as it paves ways and enlightens people on the rule of law. The rule of law is that when people are suspected of having been involved in any crime that leads to the death of a person, they must be taken into account. Similarly, this is what happened to the police officers through the initial calls to the home where the murder happed. The degree of lucidity with which a worker comprehends his function and what is expected of him while the incumbent is called role perception. Suppose a person’s incentive and ability are wasted on things that are not obligatory while other required tasks are ignored. In that case, the person’s motivation and ability will be wasted. Similarly, this can be explained by how well employees understand their specific responsibilities and judge their performance.

Regarding the role perception of any employee in an organization, the employees must consistently execute their roles accordingly. Equally, this model of MARS is applied in the case surrounding the murder of the 13-month old child. The way the two police officers responded to the calls from the home of the Kaij Brass showed how they performed their roles. Even though things went against them as they were suspended from their active duties pending investigation probe to the murder, they indeed knew their roles. Logically, their role is to make sure that there is no violence, and if there is violence, they will make all means possible for peace to be restored.

The article of the Prince Albert Police Officers is analyzed by the MARS model in which Police Chief Jonathan executes the ability of the police officers. Jonathan shows his ability to release other officers of their duties if they are not following their duties. Equally, the decision motivated public members to give complete information when engaged in providing clear facts and evidence regarding the murder incidence of the 13-month-old baby.


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