International Organizations Assignment

There are multiple approaches for Secretary Blinken to address the developmental assistance, humanitarian engagement, and working with the IGO/NGO communities in the New Foreign Policy Consensus for the United States. The criticisms of past U.S. approaches toward aid, assistance, or development programs can be acknowledged through the direct mentioning of the issues. The overhead cash costs, inadequate food providence, and policymaking concerns for the IGO/NGO organizations can be described with the evidence showing that they are being addressed (U.S. Development Policy Initiative 2017). For example, the costs for logistics and employees involved in the international humanitarian programs can be pointed out as irreplaceable.

The Secretary can include the details of working strategies for the Peace Corps as a positive American influence in the world. The speech might provide information and statistical data about how the taxpayers’ donations are utilized, emphasizing the entire nation helps to address such issues as HIV/AIDS treatment (Peace Corps 2021). Moreover, the IGO/NGO organizations’ activities might be viewed through the lenses of the COVID-19 pandemic so that it would be clear how the United States contributes to solving the global problem. For example, the United States offers additional humanitarian support for the organizations and provides protection equipment like masks and gloves.

The Secretary needs to articulate moral principles and fundamental human rights in the speech about the U.S. policies in the global influence. Indeed, mentioning that each citizen has the freedom of thought and choice regarding the political views, the United States has always been the nation that strived to achieve beneficence for all (O’Rourke 2021). The global need is the field where the interests’ polarization must appear, and the chance for the aid interventions to improve the world is worth giving.

The “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine” is the crucial international norm that prevents humanity from starting deadly wars, genocides, and other crimes against humanity. The Secretary’s speech can include the United States’ contribution already made in the Middle East, mentioning the peace missions in Iraq. The moral problems of such interventions are the risks’ worth for the American military and difficulties in interpreting the interventions for other countries (O’Rourke 2021). Practically, politics often prevent peaceful missions from the complete appliance, and the Secretary can mention it as the emerging need for change.


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