Social Workers in Political Campaigns

Modern political campaigns are all about following social standards and strengthening democracy. Thus, there is a high need for the direct involvement of social workers in politics. The joining political campaigns give them an excellent opportunity to choose a suitable future leader who fits the social standards. During the period of the Great Depression, social workers played a crucial role in assisting those who lost their jobs and properties (Salcido, 1984). Nowadays, social workers are engaged in the decision-making process of any legislature.

Social workers usually seek the solution to particular community problems when they enter the electoral movements. The type of campaign I would support is the one which helps the families in struggle. The strategies I would suggest to promote in campaigns are securing subsidies for veterans, supporting business incentives for an increase of employment seats, and making primary healthcare for children accessible to the public. It is highly important to keep diversity among social workers’ specialties in campaigns to ensure the consideration of all the current problems in society (Popple & Leighninger, 2019). That is why election programs usually have representatives of different spheres. The surveys indicate the passive approach of social workers in politics rather than active involvement. For instance, many of them just follow the latest news and progress of legislation rather than actively campaigning for candidates and working with the media (Rome & Hoechstetter, 2010). Thus, active participation in the elections and communicating with media regarding family struggles and influencing people would be an effective strategy.

Social workers use lobbying in politics to protect the interests of all the groups in the community. I would lobby against the legalization of wide use of weapon in the country. There are many murder cases and accidental deaths due to gunshot wounds in the US (Ritter, 2007). The topic has been controversial, nonetheless, the safety and well-being of the guardians would be improved in case of banning the gun use.

To sum up, any social worker’s principal aim is to achieve justice for the people in poverty and at a disadvantage. Therefore, their place in politics is crucial since they usually fight against injustice and ensure interest of each social group is considered. The lobbying of social workers in electoral campaigns is an effective method to enter the political system. It is essential to call for more active engagement of workers and allow young social workers’ participation.


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