Kiddies Online, Inc. Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy Notice

The privacy policy statement that will be developed in the following paragraphs is effective for all the officially registered and acknowledged web sites that are integral parts of, or are affiliated with, the company Kiddies Online, Inc. The purpose of this privacy policy statement is to inform the current and the potential users of the Kiddies Online, Inc. web site about the ways in which we collect your personal, identifiable or non-identifiable, data, how we use them, and how we can ensure their protection against revealing them to the public (Department of Trade and Industry, 2009).

The current privacy policy statement contains the information for both the children as the major target costumers of our company, and for their parents. Kiddies Online, Inc. respects the privacy of every human being, and this statement is issued to ensure our customers that their personal data are used ethically and only for their own benefit.

Personally Identifiable Information Collection

Children under the Age of 13

Operation of our web sites, or the web sites of our partners, will occasionally request your registration to access a service of a point of the site. Often, the registration involves gathering the personal information that, apart from the username and the password you choose, might include your real first and last name, age, sex, address, job, hobby, etc (Barnard, 2009). As Kiddies Online, Inc. deals with selling toys to children, its privacy policy is developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) developed by the Federal Trade Commission (2009).

This act requires the web sources to agree the collection of children’s private information with their parents prior to the very collection process (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). According to the requirement of COPPA, we provide the link to the current privacy policy statement on every page of our web site together with the notice stating that the web site resorts to collecting the private data of its visitors. Based on COPPA, children under the age of 13 cannot register at our web site without the consent of their parents (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). As well, the creation of public profiles in our site is limited to people of above 13 years of age as the COPPA demands it (Barnard, 2009).

As well, our web site excludes any possibility of involving a child into any game or other activity that requires giving personal data as a condition of participation or victory (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). Basically, the allowance for the children under 13 involves the web site requirement for their parents to consider the privacy policy of our web site and fill in the form in which parents officially agree to the use of our web site by their children.


Again, according to the requirements of COPPA, our web site carries out its private information collection activities with children under 13 years of age only on the basis of their parents’ consent (Barnard, 2009). This fact provides parents with the effective means of controlling the use of the personal information provided by their children to our web site, limit or eliminate any personal data if such necessity arises (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). In more detail, our web site provides flexibility to parents’ decisions. For example, our site allows revealing the username of the visitor to the third party without any legal or financial liability.

Based on COPPA requirements, parents can limit or cancel this option thus forbidding revealing any personal data of their children to any third party (Barnard, 2009). Moreover, parents have access to all activities of their children in our web site and can either refine or eliminate the personal data the child might have provided to us (Federal Trade Commission, 2009).

Presenting this wide range of opportunities for children and their parents, our web site ensures, and is legally liable, for preserving the personal data collected from our users, especially children under the age of 13, confidential and secure (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). We have the TRUSTe Children’s Seal, according to COPPA Safe Harbor program requirements, which proves that our web site is a secure source where your children can leave their personal data and be sure that if they do so their data will be secure from any violations of privacy (Federal Trade Commission, 2009; TRUSTe, 2009).

Non-Personally Identifiable Information Collection

Children under the Age of 13

The policies of our web site involve the collection of the non-personally identifiable information as well. The items that might be categorized as belonging to this group of data include the user’s hobbies, musical or food preferences, buying history and habits, the information about the Internet providers the costumer uses to access the Kiddies Online, Inc. web site, etc (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). The non-personally identifiable information might be shared with the marketing department of the Kiddies Online, Inc., companies that cooperate with KOI in delivering its goods to the customers, including UBS.

Children can only leave the non-personally identifiable information after it is permitted by their parents and the official consent is provided to Kiddies Online, Inc. At the same time, our web site presents an option for its users to operate anonymously at the site and skip giving any non-personally identifiable information that might be requested as a part of being involved in a simple opinion survey carried out at our web site at the moment. Thus, we present the complete freedom of either giving or not giving us your non-personally identifiable information (Federal Trade Commission, 2009).


Our web site presents the parents with the wide opportunities of controlling the process of providing the non-personally identifiable information to us by their children. First of all, as an obligatory condition of accessing our web site we have the request of parents’ consent for personal data provision and emphasize specifically that the parents should be well aware of the fact that the non-personally identifiable information is not required, only requested for provision at will (Federal Trade Commission, 2009). By this step, we want to make sure that the parents do not perceive out web site as a tool of retrieving the personal data of their children and their own.

You are free to use our web site according to your purposes and in case if any personal data are requested you may choose not to provide them. By this privacy policy statement, we want to stress once again that any personal data our web site might request are gathered for the purposes of providing our customers with better services and goods based on their preferences. We request your data to benefit you, and we ensure the security of your private information.

Other Sensitive Information

Naturally, as a business web site we need to operate with other sensitive informational items among which the financial data of our customers. In this respect it is important to notice that our web site requires the visitors to post the numbers of their credit cards in case if they completing a purchase online. However, we stress the fact that it is the only case when the number of the customer’s credit card can be requested.

If while accessing our web site you have observed a request to enter the credit card number of any other piece of especially sensitive and important data, we will be thankful if you report this case to us though the Contact Us menu point on the home page of our web site. To avoid the cases of privacy infringement, Kiddies Online, Inc. uses the SSL software that allows our web site to establish the secure connection to your IP address and block any possible intrusions to your computer during the operations involving credit card number request.

Notice for Parents

More specifically, our web site provides the opportunity for the parents to review, update or delete your or your child’s personal account information or its part. To do this, a parent has to access the home page of our web site, fill the registration form having the username or password by which his/her child is registered, click the Edit Account menu point and make the necessary modifications. This task is facilitated by the provision of the child’s username and password to his/her parents as soon as the latter’s consent is obtained. While providing their consent, the parents also provide the e-mail address to which the above mentioned data are sent. Thus, in case of necessity parents can access and modify the accounts of their children. NOTE! This policy concerns only the parents of children who are under the age of 13.

Kiddies Online, Inc. is the company oriented on bringing as much benefit to its customers as possible. This point in our privacy policy statement is designed to show how we care about our customers’ privacy. In case if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the ways parents can monitor their children’s personal data use, we are eager to discuss them and possibly integrate some of them into our modified privacy policy statement (Federal Trade Commission, 2009).


Having no actual opportunity to request and obtain the direct written or typed consent from every user from all over the world, Kiddies Online, Inc. considers that all the users that visit our web site and access its various sections agree on the rules and regulations of the use of private information stipulated in this privacy policy statement. At the home page of our web site, Kiddies Online, Inc. stipulates clearly that it is obligatory to consider the privacy policy statement.

If a visitor continues to operate the site after entering it, the consideration of the statement is regarded as completed, and it becomes a fact that this visitor understands the privacy policy statement and agrees with all its details in full. In case if the visitor is a child under the age of 13, he/she needs to present the parents’ consent for using the site and acknowledging its policies. Once the user’s consent is obtained, Kiddies Online, Inc. is not considered liable in any way for the privacy concerns of its visitors.

Additional Information

The current privacy policy statement is designed in accordance with the following privacy policy checklist:

Stage Activity Checked
Introduction Clarity, specificity, laconic language +
Collection What, how, and why is collected +
Use Use of personal data explained +
Disclosure Rules of data disclosure stated clearly +
Marketing Personal data use in business possible +
Security Ways to secure personal data stated +
Contacts Contact information is provided +

Special Remarks and Contact Information

The development of this privacy policy statement is the result of Kiddies Online, Inc. work on ensuring the privacy and security of its customers. Kiddies Online, Inc. is fully responsible for following all the provisions of this privacy policy statement and is legally liable for any violation of the latter from its side (Department of Trade and Industry, 2009). Kiddies Online, Inc. reserves the legal right to change, modify, or create a completely new privacy policy statement provided that the company notifies all its customers about this step not later than a month before the actual effective date of the new privacy policy statement (CPA Australia, 2004). In case if you have any other questions about the company and its privacy policy statement, we will be glad to help you when you contact us:


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