Youth Involvement in Political Processes

Young people make a significant and influential part of the population. Their participation in social and political processes can greatly determine their outcome. Nevertheless, it is known that youth usually do not seek involvement in formal political life, leaving it to the older generation (Earl et al., 2017). More likely, this part of the population will take part in a protest, peaceful rally, or volunteer. Even though young people are often not involved in such processes as voting, they show themselves and defend their opinion in other activities.

Involvement is a factor in increasing political participation, shown through an interest in particular events or issues. It has several forms, but they all imply a desire to engage in the process and a certain amount of energy dedicated to it. Various factors influence the political involvement and social activity of young citizens. External reasons are socio-economic conditions, as well as the political situation in the country, and internal are related to the peculiarities of education, personal character traits, and other similar factors. Thus, the country’s situation, as well as the understanding of the importance of participation, determine the degree of young people’s involvement in various political processes.

I agree that being involved means interest as well as the effort invested in anticipating a specific outcome. The reason for law participation in processes such as voting may be difficulties in noticing personal contribution. For me, being a volunteer is inspiring, as I feel the usefulness of my efforts. Some problems concern me more than the rest, which is determined by my values. In such cases, I can take part in a peaceful protest or support opinion in other ways, such as petitions. For example, in the social sphere, I consider prejudices and unequal opportunities unfair and will advocate equality. In ecology, I am sure of the injustice of destroying defenseless animals, and I strive to support their protection. Thus, the primary motivator for me is a sense of justice and personal concern.


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