President Joe Biden’s Job Analysis


The President of the United States is an important figure in international politics. The candidate should have various soft and hard skills to govern one of the most strategically, technologically, and socially advanced countries globally (“For all America’s success in helping Ukraine”, 2022). However, the representatives of the people who have occupied this role have not always performed their duties well, so the public is closely watching the head of state’s performance. In this matter, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is an example of a socially attentive politician, able to implement himself intelligently in global politics.

The Role of the President of the United States

The first reason which supports the fact that the analyzed political figure is efficient refers to his skills in modern geopolitics. With the unstable political situation worldwide, he is doing well in keeping the United States stable. Minor price rises and record inflation, resulting from years of economic processes, are not direct consequences of Biden’s actions. Though, it is the government’s responsibility to actively discuss and raise these issues in the discourse.

The second reason is active communication with journalists from both conventional and independent online media. Regular press conferences, interviews, and honesty in his statements betray the politician’s sincerity. While more autocratic movements continue to operate globally, the figure in question urges people to be freedom-loving and to support civic initiatives (The Economist, 2022). In this way, he tries to gain the trust of the population, which shows that he is democratic and socially responsible toward the people.

A final reason is an interaction with other political parties. While Biden represents the democratic party, he is not inclined to repress opposing political collectives. Moreover, he tends not to express personal animosity towards his fellow citizens, which is a competent approach in politics. From this, one may conclude that political correctness is a great important factor in modern society and the social culture of the youth.


In conclusion, the case study of the President of the United States has determined that he is a responsible individual who is highly beneficial to the social development of the United States and its global politics. His behavior, social image, and attitude toward his direct competitors are the main reasons for this opinion. On the contrary, there are also negative trends, which can be assessed after the end of European tensions and overall instability in the world. Today’s important aspect is the public evaluation to which all government officials need to be subjected to advance democracy in the country and the world.


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