Mount Clemens City Commissioner

Dr. Goodnough’s intent to become the City Commissioner in the City of Mount Clemens is based on the vision and goals of reinventing the city to address the needs of a diverse community. The vision is that Mount Clemens should develop as a city with a range of opportunities for the youth to receive high-quality education and stable employment, as well as for other citizens to get needed support and assistance, especially when belonging to disadvantaged categories. Dr. Goodnough’s vision and philosophy are based on the professional experience obtained in educational institutions, food services, and community organizations in the city and county.

The goals and priorities for reinventing Mount Clemens are grounded in this stated vision, and they should be listed and discussed in detail. The first goal is to find rather innovative ways to bring more new revenues to the City of Mount Clemens through increasing investment and economic opportunities for citizens, including the youth, and through developing a detailed plan for the city’s financial growth. The realization of this complex goal will be successful when developing and implementing smart projects for the youth’s education, employment, and economic growth, and the first step on this path is the completion of the Analysis Plan with projections for different periods.

The second goal to accomplish is to cooperate with the officials in order to increase and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in the City of Mount Clemens. One more goal to focus on is to find innovative approaches to decreasing homelessness in the city through proposing new programs for supporting these people. It is also necessary to increase and guarantee access to general and special services for people with mental illnesses.

These goals come directly from the needs of Dr. Goodnough’s base, which includes diverse community members of different ethnicities and ages. Thus, Dr. Goodnough speaks and acts referring to the interests of African Americans, women, minors, the youth, people with mental illnesses, homeless people, veterans, and disadvantaged individuals, who need support and assistance. The focus on the needs and interests of these community members is explained by Dr. Goodnough’s personal and professional experience, and it provides the direction for the creation of the city development plan and related programs.

As a city commissioner and a leader, Dr. Goodnough is prepared to realize the stated goals that are also grounded in personal goals and the vision. A city commissioner needs to remain community-minded when developing and implementing certain projects and programs that are oriented toward making the city better, smart, innovative, and effective for the youth and other citizens. The wide reference to the interests of the youth, their education, and programs, projects for them, which is observed in this plan, can be explained by Dr. Goodnough’s priorities, beliefs, skills, and experience. Thus, Dr. Goodnough has great experience in working with students and examining their needs and interests in order to be able to participate in reinventing the City of Mount Clemens to make it innovative and full of opportunities.

Therefore, much attention should be paid to examining the experience of other cities in developing and providing education-oriented services for the youth in order to make their experience diverse and applicable to real-life situations. In this context, there is a clearly determined need for the development of effective youth programs in order to promote their education, knowledge, skills development, and access to job positions. It is possible to reconsider the experience of other cities in the county and states in promoting opportunities for the youth and adapt the most effective programs and strategies for the application in the City of Mount Clemens.

Additionally, it is also necessary to develop programs for underserved groups of the population in Mount Clemens, including veterans, people with mental illnesses, and homeless people. The development of special service programs for them is also the priority in the context of realizing the reinvention plan to boost progress and growth for Mount Clemens. Thus, the key idea is that education programs and community service initiatives can be discussed as best used when they are provided to underserved and disadvantaged people to address their needs.

The realization of these goals and the development and implementation of the programs will be possible if the goal for improving revenue streams is accomplished in the most efficient manner. In order to address this objective, it is necessary to determine all the possible areas for the attraction of more revenues for the purpose of covering the city’s needs. Some popular ways of attracting revenues include the promotion of art projects that require sponsorship, crowdfunding, the development of innovative and smart educational projects, as well as community participation projects. It is also important to note that this goal specifically involves the provision of increased access to economic opportunities, especially for the youth in terms of their employment problem.

The realization of all these discussed goals and projects requires the presence of highly developed leadership skills in order to achieve success and contribute to the community. Dr. Goodnough’s experience in performing at senior-level management positions, as well as a leader, mentor, and supervisor position, is extremely important in order to organize the change process to reach the set goals.

When referring to the experience of leading employees, students, and co-workers, it is possible to apply the transformational leadership approach to changing the environments in which the community of Mount Clemens lives for better, in order to build and offer more opportunities for the youth, disadvantaged people or underserved individuals with limited opportunities. As it is obvious with reference to Dr. Goodnough’s resume, the use of skills in transformational leadership has allowed for achieving success in the professional career and realizing personal goals. These skills can also be successfully utilized when working as a city commissioner in order to contribute to the well-being of the community members.

It is possible to accentuate that Dr. Goodnough has a clear vision regarding the further development of the City of Mount Clemens in order to contribute to its progress. Being a committed citizen of the city, Dr. Goodnough is interested in adding to the development of this community in order to make sure that young people have wide opportunities to realize their potential here without leaving the city and finding better variants.

Therefore, the plan and goals are concentrated on offering young people more opportunities for their education, development, and progress. Dr. Goodnough has the experience of working with the youth, and this aspect provides the implications for using the insights and strategies in developing effective programs at the community or city level.

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