Domestic Health Policy of American Government

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Domestic policy is the critical area for the evaluation of any government as it influences all ordinary citizens’ lives and well-being. However, considering the current polarization of American society, it is incredibly complicated to provide a fair and unbiased assessment. Still, some conclusions are supported by most experts regardless of their political preferences. The most crucial domestic issue faced by the current presidential administration is the unprecedented health crisis. Unfortunately, this is also regarded by many professionals as the greatest failure of the federal government. The latest data indicate that over 280,000 Americans have died of coronavirus, and the number of cases is approaching fifteen million (CDC COVID data tracker, 2020). These grief statistics are largely due to the improper actions of the presidential administration. Initially, the government failed to admit the seriousness of the crisis and implement a large-scale testing program. The President even admitted, “deliberately misleading the public on the dangers of the virus” (Haltiwanger, 2020). Such an approach demonstrated the poor handling of the health crisis by the federal government, which negatively affected millions of citizens.

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Although the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented hardships for the Americans, the overall handling of the economy before it can be considered as the greatest success of the current administration. First, the unemployment rate dropped to a fascinating level of below four percent in early 2020 despite the widespread opinion that such a figure could not be achieved (Smith, 2020). Second, the continuous growth of annual gross domestic product and booming stock markets indicated the overall strength of the economy (Jones, 2020). Finally, the real median household income increased by almost ten percent during the three years starting from 2016 (Smith, 2020). It is evident that the pandemic has ruined all these achievements, but it cannot be included in the review since no country in the world managed to pass this crisis without critical financial losses. Therefore, the management of economic development can be viewed as an example of a significant domestic issue successfully handled by the federal government.


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